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Burglary on the Rue du Rhône in Geneva

The Zenith boutique on the Rue du Rhône
The Zenith boutique on the Rue du Rhône
The Zenith boutique on the Rue du Rhône was broken into last night between 5 and 6 am. Initial observations indicate that the burglars smashed through the front door using a ram-raid vehicle, before making off with the contents of the Boutique’s inside displays. The information gathered onsite by police does not as yet enable them to provide any further details on the event as such, nor on the estimated value of the goods stolen. An investigation is in progress and every effort is being made to render the Zenith Boutique operational again as soon as possible.  The Boutique will therefore as planned be hosting its guests on August 29th for the traditional Geneva grape harvest celebrations.

For additional information: Maud Tiberti – Rue des Billodes 34-36 – CH-2400 Le Locle – Tel. +41 (0)79 870 34 96
Founded in Le Locle in 1865 by a visionary watchmaker, Georges Favre-Jacot, the Manufacture Zenith earned swift recognition for the precision of its chronometers with which it has won 2,333 chronometry prizes in a century and a half of existence: an absolute record in terms of pocket watches, onboard timers and wristwatches. Having earned fame thanks to its legendary El Primero calibre – an integrated automatic column-wheel chronograph movement launched in 1969 and endowed with a high frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour that ensures measurements accurate to the nearest 1/10th of a second – the Manufacture Zenith has since developed over 600 movement variations. All Zenith watches are fitted with an in-house Zenith movement and are developed by the Manufacture in Le Locle. The latter currently stands at the exact spot where its founder built the first company workshop, thus physically embodying a continuity that is a rarity in itself.

JEANRICHARD basks in autumnal colours

JEANRICHARD basks in autumnal colours
JEANRICHARD basks in autumnal colours

Make autumn your best time with three JEANRICHARD models in pure and original hues tuned to those of Nature. The Terrascope is a well-known companion to individuals who seek adventure the world round. It has now cloaked itself in a dark green that reflects onto the dial and the delicately striated rubber strap. It harmonises perfectly with the cushion-style case and large, round bezel. The look is altogether composed, modern and masculine. This vigorous and sportive icon spearheading JEANRICHARD’s striking comeback is also offered in browns, from the dial to the matching calf-leather band.

JEANRICHARD’s 1681 is reviving traditions. Its steel case housing an automatic manufacture movement comes on a Barenia calf-leather strap and a rhodium-plated dial made to reflect the season’s most beautiful lights.
These three watches are water-resistant to 100 metres. And with their unique design and contrasting brushed and polished finishing, they are ideal accessories for those who wish to enjoy autumn, or any other season, in a spirit of discovery, style and elegance. This is JEANRICHARD’s true philosophy of life.

Franco Fontana with a dazzling collection at Istanbul Jewelry Show

Franco Fontana with a dazzling collection at Istanbul Jewelry Show
Franco Fontana i introducing new products for you….
This gorgeous gold and diamond products will be presented at CNR Expo Center date 3-6 October 2013 at Hall 1 booth I2430- J2329.

This autumn Mamuş has prepared new magnificent bracelets for you…

This autumn Mamuş has prepared new magnificent bracelets  for you…
International brand Mamuş has producued  new splendid bracelet models , which will be exhibit at Istanbul Jewelry Show between 3-6 October 2013 , 2 Hall booth M07-09 .

Alex Hepburn showcases “philosophy of life” in her new video

Alex Hepburn showcases
Alex Hepburn showcases "philosophy of life" in her new video
The up-and-coming singer wears an iconic Terrascope timepiece.

JEANRICHARD featured in Alex Hepburn’s video Miss Misery as part of her much-acclaimed debut album Together Alone, following the raving success of her first video Under, with over 12 million views.

British songstress Alex Hepburn launches her second video from the album Together Alone. Titled Miss Misery, the video tells a story of a psychological conflict between two versions of the main character, torn between very disparate scenarios. In the end, the protagonist seems to have found her way, driving away into the horizon.

The strength of the character in the video, but also of Alex Hepburn as a singer, is very much aligned with JEANRICHARD’s axiom of living life to the fullest and allowing new discoveries. More than a watch, it’s a state of mind in which the whole of Swiss watchmaking expertise and traditions are concentrated and represented in the smallest technical detail of JEANRICHARD timepieces. In its wake, the design belongs to a world of innovation without compromise or ostentation.

Directed by Emil Nava, the video’s aesthetic features his signature style, matching cinematic storytelling and intense artist portraits with an edgy, fast-paced cut. Having worked with Jessie J, Ed Sheeran and Rita Ora, his expression is representative of a new wave of filmmakers introducing sleek and sharp creative angles to music
videos of well-known international artists.
The atmosphere in the video has a retro vintage look embodying traditions rooted in centuries past, while still retaining modern and contemporary look, much like JEANRICHARD.
This collaboration reflects both Hepburn and JEANRICHARD’s dedication to all who reject stereotypes and embrace the world with courage and braveness, expressing their own, very unique philosophy.
JEANRICHARD watches have been conceived for all those who enjoy challenges, revel in the unknown, and would like to live their lives to the fullest, savouring the best of each moment. These are the everyday adventurers, who enjoy authenticity and will make no compromises, be that on quality or on design. These are independent spirits who scorn conventions and play by their own rules, travelling off the beaten paths.
The art of life JEANRICHARD timepieces come in four different collections that each pay tribute to the elements of our universe. Terrascope, Aquascope, Aeroscope and 1681. Earth, water, air, plus the fire of passion that has inspired our brand for over three centuries and animated all sophisticated globetrotters on a daily basis.

Precious Metal Guides

Precious Metal Guides
Precious Metal Guides
Shopping for precious metals is not an easy task. The variety of choices and the sky-rocketing cost can make your job more difficult. Before you swipe your credit card, it is important that you are well knowledgeable about the basic characteristics of each metal. The information will help you make wiser decisions on where to invest your hard-earned money.
Gold is the most popular precious metal of all time. It does not rust or corrode and thus, it lasts forever. Its purest form is yellow, soft and easily bendable. But because it is not strong on its own, it is mixed with other metals like copper, zinc, nickel, platinum, silver and palladium. The product is called an alloy and color variations occur. The term “karat” is used to indicate the amount of gold present in a piece of jewelry. Pure gold is 24 Karats. So if you find 18 Karats, it means that it has 18 parts gold and 4 parts made from other metals. Experts recommend a lower grading for a gem-studded setting jewelry as it is more durable and it holds precious gems better.

When buying gold, you should also consider the weight. It is an important indicator for the metal’s price along with the type of construction, means of production and the overall finish of the jewelry.
Platinum is also called as the “noblest” metal because of its pure character. It is a classy and contemporary piece of precious metal that is more rare and valuable than gold. Its malleable character is perfect for intricate and lacy work styles. It is mostly used along with the finest jewelries. The metal is highly “workable” and it is easier to set around a valuable stone. It is the favorite for setting diamond necklaces, rings and brooches as it presents less risk for damages.Overtime, it also holds better than any other metal.Jewelry lovers who want a trendy and sleek look go for platinum. Adventurous gemologists mix it with other metals to produce interesting color. However, the expensive cost leads to limited available styles.

Titanium is among the most expensive and most durable metals around the world. It is very light that it is only about 60% heavier than aluminum and 45% lighter than steel. It is naturally white and thus, jewelers do not have to combine it with other metals to get a bright white sheen. It shows very few signs of wear and tear over the years and still holds up well after several decades. It also requires very little maintenance compared with other expensive metals. Titanium jewelry can be adorned with precious stones and perfect for wedding and engagement bands.
Most individuals who cannot afford platinum, titanium and gold go for silver. It is widely available in many parts of the world and thus, it is more affordable than the others. The metal is elegant and does not require high maintenance. It comes in varying grades so that it will not be impossible to find one that will suit your budget.



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