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Frederique Constant continues partnership with Gwyneth Paltrow as Global Charity Brand Ambassador

Frederique Constant continues partnership with Gwyneth Paltrow as Global Charity Brand Ambassador and presents new charity advertising campaign

Frederique Constant continues partnership with Gwyneth Paltrow as Global Charity Brand Ambassador and presents new charity advertising campaign

FREDERIQUE CONSTANT, the Swiss watch brand is delighted to announce the continuation of its partnership for its third consecutive year with Oscar® winning actress and philanthropist Gwyneth Paltrow as its Global Charity Brand Ambassador.

Since 2016, Frederique Constant has partnered with Academy Award winning actress and philanthropist, Gwyneth Paltrow, as its Global Charity Brand Ambassador. As part of the campaign, Gwyneth chose to align with charity organization, DonorsChoose.org, involved in supporting education for children, making it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need, whether it is through books, school supplies or funding field trips.

ALETTA STAS, Board Executive and Co-founder of FREDERIQUE CONSTANT said, “We are very happy to continue our collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow as our Global Charity Ambassador.” “Giving back is just as important to Gwyneth as it is for us, and thanks to her and our brand’s engagement, we will continue to support DonorsChoose.org educational projects.”


Since 2004, Frederique Constant has donated $50 upon each watch sold from the brand’s Ladies Collections. Together with this, Frederique Constant and Gwyneth Paltrow joined together for an exclusive event to launch the brand’s Lady Horological Smartwatch. A group of young students from the DonorsChoose.org program was invited to participate in a “5000 steps Challenge” conducted by Gwyneth Paltrow alongside celebrity fitness trainer, Tracy Anderson. Frederique Constant was honored to contribute a donation of $50,000 to the DonorsChoose.org organization, specifically towards their movement and sports programs throughout public schools.

“I am very happy to continue my partnership with Frederique Constant and excited to unveil my latest Charity campaign for the brand,” said Gwyneth Paltrow “What’s great about Frederique Constant is their combination of classic style and strong values that I really agree with, but also they have a beautiful commitment to sharing their success by giving back. We are very well aligned in our passion for charity.”

To celebrate the partnership renewal, the Swiss watch Manufacturer unveils its new Charity Advertising Campaign, which will promote the Ladies collections of the brand moving forward. 

The natural beauty of Gwyneth combined with the beauty of Frederique Constant’s Ladies timepieces result in a visually stunning advertising campaign. Frederique Constant wishes the new campaign great success, bringing further support to DonorsChoose.org projects.

About Gwyneth Paltrow

Oscar®-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow, whose 1998 turn in SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE garnered her Best Actress honors at the Golden Globes®, Screen Actors Guild Awards®, and Academy Awards®, is also a decorated author, singer and entrepreneur. In 2011, she won an Emmy® for Guest Actress in a Comedy series for playing substitute teacher Holly Holiday on Glee, and her song, “Coming Home,” from the soundtrack for COUNTRY STRONG, was nominated for an Oscar® (the album went gold). In addition, Paltrow has authored three New York Times Best Selling cookbooks, My Father’s Daughter (2011), It’s All Good (2013), and Its All Easy (2016)—the latter two hit #1.

In 2008, Paltrow founded goop, a lifestyle brand devoted to making every choice count, where food, shopping, and mindfulness collide: In particular, goop has gained acclaim for its focus on health, wellness, and clean eating, as well as its city guides, an insider’s perspective on the very best places to eat, shop, and stay in the world’s most compelling destinations. Goop’s recent ventures include goop Magazine in collaboration with Condé Nast, goop Lab, its first permanent store located in Los Angeles, CA and their bi-annual In goop Health summit. In addition, goop has a tightly edited digital shop, a book imprint and its own product lines, including skincare, fragrances, apparel, bath soaks, and supplements.

Goop also strives to fulfill a mission of helping women reach their full potential and gaining autonomy over their own health. After serving as goop’s Chief Creative Officer since its inception, Paltrow assumed the CEO mantle in 2016, leading the company’s primarily female team of more than 150 to exponential growth. Paltrow also helped facilitate the #metoo movement, as she has always been comfortable pushing important conversations into the mainstream.

Other notable film credits include PROOF (for which she received a Golden Globe® nomination), Wes Anderson’s THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS, Anthony Mighella’s THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY, David Fincher’s SEVEN, the Farrelly brothers’ SHALLOW HAL, Alfonso Cuarón’s GREAT EXPECTATIONS, Douglas McGrath’s EMMA, SLIDING DOORS and Marvel’s IRON MAN franchise.

Source; Frederique Constant

6 Most Essential Things to Remember While Planning Your Wedding

6 Most Essential Things to Remember While Planning Your Wedding
6 Most Essential Things to Remember While Planning Your Wedding

6 Most Essential Things to Remember While Planning Your Wedding

In the run up to your special day celebration, you have to go through the things you probably have never experienced before. In the thick of dos and don’ts, it’s quite possible that you may forget things, which you later realize were very important to consider.

Wedding planning is indeed a cumbersome task but it is not unmanageable, only if you put your detailed eye to the proceedings. It shouldn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful, but fun and excitement instead. From food to décor to guests to even your coveted vows, a careful planning has to be done to make your wedding really memorable. So it boils down to one simple fact – a unique wedding is all about showing your guests and yourself a pretty good time, albeit focusing on some important things during the planning.

Based on the inputs of some pro wedding planners, here is the list of essential things to remember while planning for your big day:

1. Carefully set your budget, and stick to it
Budget poses a necessary constraint as to how much money you can spend in your wedding, else when it comes to throwing a lavish wedding ceremony, sky is the limit. You must have seen many celebrities or wealthy people getting so extravagant in their weddings; they spend millions of dollars with the snap of their fingers. Therefore, setting a budget and sticking to it is very important to start with. Plus, it also allows creativity to take the center stage; you can use your creative side to make up for what only big money pulls off. Make sure to also allocate budget for your “wish list” items that might pop up in final moments. Just aim to never exceed the set budgeted amount.

2. Don’t forget to prepare your guest list before choosing a venue
People close to you and your spouse-to-be are very important for both of you as you want them to witness the joy of your unity. So you need to have a clear idea on the approximate number of guests you are going to invite. You need to make sure there is an ample space for all of your guests before you choose a venue. Your wedding guests will also spend time, money and efforts preparing for your celebration. Many of them might have to take a day off from work, while others may even have to travel from overseas to be part of your special occasion.

3. Pick a convenient and entertaining venue
Now how should your wedding venue be? Since it will be the place where everyone will be gathered, it should be convenient, accessible and entertaining. You wouldn’t want your guests to feel like trapped or bored, where nothing substantial has been arranged for them. So it is only fair that you give them the chance to fully enjoy and relax at your wedding venue. If there are kids, make sure they also enjoy your cordial hospitality. You need to ask a few questions to yourself before finalizing the venue: Does the venue have enough space to comfortably take all the guests? Does it have all the elements to entertain each and every guest? If your guests exceed a certain number, can you rent more restrooms?

4. Make a wise seating plan
Seating chart brings an extraordinary attraction to the wedding venue, and it is something every bride and groom should consider. One of the most significant aspects of seating chart is you allows right guests sit with each other and enjoy one another’s company. This will encourage a smooth dinnertime conversation flow and keep your guests entertained. If one of your guests doesn’t know anyone at the wedding, find them a seat near people with similar interests. Don’t include a singles table! This is an easy mistake to make, but it’s best to avoid sitting all the singles at one table. Varying the tables with couples and singles will make the experience richer.

5. Make sure to include a wide variety of food and beverages
The range of food items on the menu you choose for your wedding will have a lasting impression with regards to the overall arrangement of your wedding ceremony. This makes it one of the more important decisions you’ll make early on along with choosing a venue. Moreover, food and beverages are among the central elements of any celebrations, which is why you want your menu to be delicious and your guests happily gorge on different items. There’s no worse feeling than running out of food, so make sure your guests are well-fed. As far as toast is concerned, you should take care of cocktails, mocktails and signature drinks for your close friends and family. You can also put personalized labels and stickers on water bottles and place them at different locations of the venue. Your guests will love to use them.

6. Keep a check on your timeline
Besides the budget, a timeline is the most important part of planning a wedding ceremony. You need to develop a reasonable timeline and move according to its pace. Running behind the slated schedule will make you miss on many important things, which you cannot afford to do so. Mapping out the due dates on a calendar will definitely help you keep a check on your timeline. Thus, in the final moments of preparation, you will have ample time to go through all the details many times over, and iron out inconsistencies.

MyKronoz ZeTime hybrid smartwatch tops $8M in crowdfunding

MyKronoz ZeTime hybrid smartwatch tops $8M in crowdfunding

Swiss wearable brand MyKronoz breaks worldwide records with its hybrid smartwatch ZeTime, on the sidelines of a challenging Baselworld 2018

ZeTime crowdfunding campaigns raised a staggering total of $8 million in less than a year

On the sidelines of a downsized Baselworld 2018, MyKronoz, the premier watchmaking brand of the smart generation today announces record-breaking crowdfunding results of its hybrid smartwatch ZeTime, with more than $8,000,000 raised in less than a year. The international success of its unique and groundbreaking flagship wearable is followed by the release of a new digital video campaign “I’m a watch; I’m a smartwatch”. After a historic 35-days Kickstarter campaign launched in March 2017, ZeTime has pursued, since then, its crowdfunding journey on a variety of international and local platforms: Indiegogo, Makuaké in Japan, Zec Zec in Taïwan, Wadiz in Korea and on the leading chinese e-commerce website JD.com. Further to this online momentum, MyKronoz has successfully shipped to over 100 countries close to 40,000 backers, who are proudly wearing their hybrid smartwatch everyday. In addition, ZeTime is now available on Amazon as well as at the most prestigious offline retailers worldwide.

With ZeTime, we managed to create a new standard: the one and only hybrid wearable device that perfectly reconciles traditional watch lovers and connected devices’ intenders” said Boris Brault, CEO of MyKronoz. He adds: “Our strong electronic background combined with our Swiss DNA gives us a significant advantage over the watch and wearables industries to develop consumer centric and nicely designed products. In a context of uncertainty weighting on the watch market, and although most of the wearable makers are not attending this year Baselworld, I strongly believe we are developing the right strategy. Combining design, features and affordables price to ensure our company growth and acquire a leadership position.”

MyKronoz ZeTime hybrid smartwatch tops $8M in crowdfundingThe young Swiss challenger to reaffirm its willingness to disrupt a wellestablished industry, puts the consumers at the center of its product development and innovation strategy while learning from the weaknesses of the traditional watchmakers.

To increase consumer engagement and worldwide brand awareness, MyKronoz just released the fun “I’m a watch; I’m a smartwatch” video series. Debuting this week on social platforms, the 6 episodes portray two rival quirky characters who respectively personify the watch and the smartwatch.

About ZeTime: The world’s first hybrid smartwatch with mechanical hands over a color touchscreen, ZeTime offers the classic design of a Swiss timepiece with most advanced features of a smartwatch. MyKronoz’s proprietary ‘Smart Movement’ technology enables ZeTime’s always-on hands to function for up to 30 days with a single charge, ensuring the primary function of the watch – to tell time – is always running. With a retail price starting at $199, the hybrid device is available in two different case sizes (39mm and 44mm) and displays (1.05 inch and 1.22-inch). ZeTime boasts three collections comprising a variety of watch case finishing and bands, to appeal to a wide audience.

MyKronoz ZeTime hybrid smartwatch tops $8M in crowdfundingAbout us: Founded in January 2013, MyKronoz is a Swiss company headquartered in Geneva that designs and develops wearable devices to expand and facilitate the connected experience of the smart generation. Bringing together the essence of watchmaking tradition with innovative technology, MyKronoz offers a full range of affordable and stylish wearables, starting at a price point of $39 only, spanning across 4 product categories: activity trackers, smartwatches, hybrid smartwatches and watch phones, all compatible with iOS and Android. Present in more than 40 countries, carried by major retailers and partners worldwide (Orange, Auchan, Carrefour, Amazon, Best Buy), MyKronoz has sold more than 3 million products and established itself as a fierce challenger to both tech and traditional watchmakers.

MyKronoz is part of BOW Group, a global player in the Internet of Things (IoT), operating worldwide in the wearables, connected vehicles and smart home markets. In July 2015, BOW raised €10 million from NextStage AM in series A funding round and closed in November 2017 its $23.5 million series B funding lead by PM Equity Partner, the corporate venture fund of Philip Morris International.

Media Contact: Annabel Corlay press@mykronoz.com
Source: MyKronoz Press

The surprising new Mathey-Tissot

The surprising new Mathey-Tissot
The surprising new Mathey-Tissot

The surprising new Mathey-Tissot The “1886” limited edition, designed by Eric Giroud, is causing a buzz.

Baselworld 2018. This year, the historical watchmaking brand, Mathey-Tissot, tasked the designer, Eric Giroud, with creating an icon. It marks a glittering comeback into the world watchmaking spotlight, legitimised by some newly surfaced archives and some commendable performances on eBay to boot.

Targeting access through affordability thanks to an attractive pricing strategy, the new Mathey-Tissot “1886” sets itself up as an aesthetic landmark at this year’s edition of the international watch-making fair. A story of pertinence and precision, the history of its design has been catapulted to the forefront of our attention. Indeed, while the 70s appear to be firmly back in fashion, and while many are appropriating and feeding the trend, only a few like Mathey-Tissot can truly lay claim to such absolute legitimacy, owing to the sheer wealth and consistency of its production throughout this period in the brand’s history.

The new “1886”, a celebration of design and purity of line

The famous designer, Eric Giroud, delved deep into the brand’s golden age for his inspiration. He was able not only to extract the aesthetic codes peculiar to MatheyTissot, but also transcend them artistically. Something of a mix between an encounter and a discovery, the resultant “1886” is a watch that prefers to abandon the sporty look in favour of adopting the values of universal elegance championed in the 70s. Three hands, the graphic subtlety of the date aperture, stylish sobriety. Beyond these, we have the gently rounded forms and the superfine precision of the matt sandblasted finish, transforming it into an exquisitely tactile object. And, last but not least, the gently domed crystal and winding crown nestling into the circumference of a powerfully graphical dial, its strong lines softened by the distinctive case-middle with protective horns. The geometry and light-play express, in no uncertain terms, the exquisite softness of a piece that remains nonetheless very present on the wrist.

The surprising new Mathey-TissotA sudden abundance of smoky shades for the “1886” dial

The “1886”, with its soft rounded curves, contemporary visual appeal and organic touches, has suddenly and unabashedly opted for a lively colour scheme. The idea of using smoky shades would have been purely whimsical for designer Eric Giroud if Mathey-Tissot’s past had not already given them historical legitimacy. The legendary colour graduations, Mathey-Tissot’s focal palette, systematically call up and deviate from the customary Pantone colour chart in a bid to remain faithful to the bold aesthetics of the brand’s prestigious past. The smoky green, brown, blue and grey, and, likewise, the deep, reassuring black have been a feature of the brand’s DNA consistently throughout the 130 years of its uninterrupted industrial and manufacturing history. The unique new shades are all as many aesthetic sparks replete with powerful static charge and colour force to electrify the sombre darkness.

“The dials on the “1886” come in Mathey-Tissot’s hallmark smoky colours, lively and original: all as many aesthetic sparks to electrify the sombre darkness.”

Mathey-Tissot “1886” limited edition Technical data

The surprising new Mathey-Tissot1886 pieces with 5 different coloured dials: black, smoky green, smoky red, smoky grey, smoky blue, smoky brown

Movement motorisations: Sellita SW200 automatic mechanical calibre; EG1886A(N/V/R/S/BU/M) Swiss-made quartz calibre

Watchcase: 316L steel with matt sandblasted finish; water-resistant to 5 ATM (i.e. 50 metres)

Winding crown with pushpiece and double seal

Antireflection treated domed sapphire dial crystal, transparent back

Dimensions: 42 mm diameter; 11.8 mm thick; lug-tolug distance 48 mm

Genuine Italian leather crocodile-print strap with deployant buckle.

RRP in CHF: Mechanical version CHF 1,500.00 (ex. VAT), quartz version CHF 500 (ex. VAT)

The surprising new Mathey-TissotFiercely independent for over 130 years

As followers know, throughout its uninterrupted 130-year long history, Mathey Tissot, one of the most legitimate and prolific historical Swiss watchmaking groups, has produced numerous models, with some iconic references scoring regular successes on the pre-worn or new old stock watch markets. Models, such as the Coin Watch, the Elvis Presley, (given by the “King” to his closest acquaintances as an all-access pass to his concerts), or the Type 20 universal chronograph, an aviation-inspired tool watch, are currently performing admirably and reaching increasingly high prices on eBay and other major online sales sites and watch auction sites.

Founded by Edmond Mathey-Tissot in 1886 in Ponts-de-Martel, in the Canton of Neuchâtel, Mathey-Tissot was primarily a watchmaking manufacture renowned for its complicated calibres and prestigious customer base, including the watchmakers Breguet, LeCoultre, Piaget, Henri Moser, Ulysse Nardin, Edmond Heuer, Louis Audemars and Vacheron Constantin… In 2018, more than 130 years after its creation, the maison produces nearly 50,000 watches annually, has just signed a partnership deal with the Italian army, and is creating a buzz at Baselworld 2018 with its “1886” reference, designed by Eric Giroud and available as part of a limited edition at a highly affordable price. Affordable, Swiss made, offering flawless quality, and available in automatic mechanical and quartz versions, what more could you want?


Mathey-Tissot, the legitimacy of a brand

The surprise arrival in 2018 of the limited edition “1886”, with its iconic elegance and daring smoky colour schemes, serve as a reminder to purists and fans of Swiss watchmaking alike that you should never under-estimate an independent brand that is steeped in history and traditional values. For even while its omnipresence on the world’s marketplace could almost make you forget its consistent boldness and creativity, it manages to stay in the international spotlight.

Source: Mathey-Tissot

Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture

Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture
Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture

Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture

Innovation @ Frederique Constant
Innovation is one of our important Brand Values and since it’s beginning in 1988, the Frederique Constant brand continuously innovated.  We invested massively in this domain to offer creativity and outstanding technical features in our timepieces. Every year, Frederique Constant continues to add movements to its in-house collection; and this year is no exception. Designed in keeping with classical watchmaking principles, updated with innovative 21st century techniques, the new Hybrid Manufacture by Frederique Constant combines Swiss Made fine Mechanical watchmaking with Smartwatch functionality.

Revolution in Swiss Watch Industry, Frederique Constant combines three unique technologies ever in Swiss watchmaking. Hence the 3.0, the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture combines:


QUOTE PETER STAS: “We were the first Swiss Watch Manufacturer to introduce the Horological Smart Watch in 2015. Now, we are the first to combine a Manufacture Mechanical Caliber with Smartwatch functionality.

1) Manufacture
The Hybrid Manufacture FC-750 caliber is in-house developed, in-house produced and in-house assembled. The caliber is patented.

Frederique Constant Hybrid ManufactureThe mechanical part of the FC-750 is an in-house automatic caliber with date, set by the crown at 3 o’clock.

  • Automatic winding, 28’800 alt/h
  • Functions: hours, minutes, central second’s hand, date counter at 6 o’clock
  • 42h power reserve

Frederique Constant Hybrid ManufactureThe electronic part of the FC-750 is also in-house developed, in-house produced and in-house assembled by the Brand. This electronic part of the caliber enables the Smart Functions of the Hybrid Manufacture watch.

By integrating the two technologies inside a unique caliber, the technological challenge was to delete the negative magnetic effects between the mechanical and the electronical parts. This is how our highly skilled designers and watchmakers developed and patented a unique anti-magnetic shield case.

The FC-750 Hybrid Manufacture caliber is a revolutionary new caliber combining mechanical and electronical components.

The connection between the watch and the Hybrid Manufacture App is done by the pusher button located on the left side of the watch case.

2) Smart Watch Functions 

Activity tracking: define your objective (# of steps per day) and track your step counting

Frederique Constant Hybrid ManufactureSleep Monitoring: was your sleep deep or light? Did you achieve your Sleep hours objective?

Frederique Constant Hybrid ManufactureWorldtimer (2nd time zone + local 24h time)
Battery indicator
Dynamic coach

3) Caliber Analytics

Inside the caliber, we integrated our proprietary Caliber Analytics functionality, an Algorithm to measure Rate, Amplitude and Beat error. Results are communicated to the Hybrid App via Bluetooth and can be seen in the form of graphs over time.

Once per day at 4.00am, the watch analyzes automatically (no requested action from the user) the health of the mechanical movement. Inside the caliber we analyze the oscillations of the movement with a sophisticated Algorithm. 3 measures are taken and reported: Rate, Amplitude and Beat error.

The results displayed in the App. (Analytics App screen is available in the Hybrid App, on the 5th swiped screen at the top).

Once analyzed, at the bottom of the screen a summary is displayed on the movement’s health check: green=> all is good / red => need to check the watch. If it appears that the mechanical caliber has an issue, we will inform the customers via both the App and via the Cloud.

Rotator Charger Box

The Hybrid Manufacture is delivered into a luxurious wooden winder box offering: 1) a removable charger for the electronical Smartwatch functionality and 2) a winder rotating box that charges the barrel in the mechanical caliber.

Frederique Constant Hybrid ManufactureThe removable charger can be taken out for traveling. By a simple USB cable, the Hybrid Manufacture watch can be charged anywhere out of its wooden winder box.

Source: Frederique Constant Press

KERBEDANZ, Maximus “The world’s largest Tourbillon displays ultra-precision”

The world's largest Tourbillon displays ultra-precision
The world's largest Tourbillon displays ultra-precision

KERBEDANZ, Maximus “The world’s largest Tourbillon displays ultra-precision”

Presented in the media as the world’s largest tourbillon, Maximus by the KERBEDANZ watchmaking brand is a jewel of micromechanical perfection of the highest order. Plus, it has a unique winding system.

Difficult to ignore the media buzz surrounding this gem of watchmaking perfection presented at Baselworld 2017. Its 27 mm diameter tourbillon cage, the world’s largest for a wristwatch, is a supreme achievement that pays tribute to the complicated watchmaker’s art. It defies all understanding with its domed sapphire crystal leaving open to view the intricacies of its mechanism. It blurs the boundaries of feasibility. And yet this pioneer timekeeper, created by master watchmakers endowed with tremendous scientific knowledge and exceptional experience, is not only supremely reliable, but also worthy of the greatest accolades in terms of chronometric precision.

XXL and time measurement Producing an oversized tourbillon cage, almost twice the size of the largest one known and made to date, requires a thorough knowledge of a number of technical parameters, plus the ability to adapt them to the new configuration.

It’s not simply a question of enlarging, or scaling up proportionally. When size extends beyond the usual proportions, the master watchmaker, by definition a purist, must make his calculations from scratch to ensure that the reliability and stability of the mechanism is not only preserved, but also improved upon. He must therefore exercise all his ingenuity in a seemingly impossible task. The challenge involves finding more place inside the tiny space provided within the nonetheless ample 49 mm diameter case of the Maximus for the escapement system. The use of titanium has made the tourbillon cage so accessible in weight for such a large size that it can rotate freely, while losing nothing of its quintessential precision. And that precision is all down to the magical assembly of 415 functional watchmaking components, including 73 comprising the tourbillon cage, which, together, beat at a rate of 2.5 Hertz, i.e. 18,000 vibrations an hour.

The world's largest Tourbillon displays ultra-precisionA technically didactic function For the record, the tourbillon is a mobile carriage, which turns on its own axis and houses the regulating organs of the movement. By adapting to the variations in position linked to this rotational movement, it compensates for the variations in accuracy in a wristwatch due to the influence of gravity on the regular running of the watch, and due to the non-concentric unwinding of the spiral and its point of attachment to the collet. Rarely has the tourbillon served such a didactic function. Thanks to its unusual size and the ability to observe it unimpeded, we gain some valuable insights into this rare mechanism.

The world's largest Tourbillon displays ultra-precisionUltra-precision through subtlety In another bid to increase its chronometric performance, the material chosen for the crafting of the 27 mm diameter tourbillon cage is titanium. The timepiece is thus held harmless against the influence of magnetic fields. Within the cage, an 18K gold flyweight is added to fine-tune the balance of the piece. Furthermore, the featherweight titanium tourbillon cage favours the ratio of balance wheel inertia to cage inertia, thus optimising the piece’s chronometric performance (precision).

The world's largest Tourbillon displays ultra-precision
The world’s largest Tourbillon displays ultra-precision

The moment of inertia of the balance wheel is 400 mg.cm2, which is extremely high for a wristwatch. This lends it great stability and helps to reduce the frictions on the pivots and the escapement. When subjected to shocks, the fixed balance-spring stud has the advantage of preventing any changes in position. The regulator, the organ responsible for the ultra-precise timekeeping of the watch, comprises two systems: a variable inertia balance and fine adjustment. The tourbillon rotates once in 6 minutes only, instead of completing the usual full revolution every 60 seconds, and compensates for the loss linked to carriage inertia.

The world's largest Tourbillon displays ultra-precision
The world’s largest Tourbillon displays ultra-precision

This fascinating mechanism required the design and manufacture of a special balance spring, a rack assembly with finetuning screw, and a balance wheel. When it comes to finishing, the terms applied in fine watchmaking to the lavish decoration gracing the elements comprising a watch, or a calibre, the watchmaker must take care to include polished chamfers, straight-grained sides, circular-grained wheel assemblies and polished screw heads. A work of art, in accordance with the rules of art…

Mechanical calibre with manual winding operated through the back Maximus houses calibre KRB-08, with its giant central flying tourbillon, boasting a straight-line lever escapement and a 27mm cage diameter. Its energy is produced by 4 parallel barrels built around a central wheel mounted on a ball bearing, providing the torque required for powering a tourbillon of such a size. The timepiece beats at a frequency of 2.5 Hertz, i.e. 18,000 vibrations an hour, and its power reserve, which is displayed in a separate indicator, offers a remarkable 54 hours. The piece boasts a total of 415 components, including 73 comprising the tourbillon cage crafted in titanium, weighing 1.35 grammes.

The world's largest Tourbillon displays ultra-precisionKERBEDANZ, putting the sense into beauty An increasing number of seasoned collectors and MIPs (Most Important Personalities), a term applied to a distinctly separate category from the VIPs, are now turning to this watchmaking brand engaged in the pursuit of excellence. Operating out of Neuchâtel, the brand represents the art of complicated watchmaking at its pinnacle. It inherits from a long family tradition of several generations of jewellers, whose skills are visible in the extreme luxuriance of its dial decoration, transforming in the process its unique watches, or ultra-limited series, into fertile territory for its skilled craftsmen. A host of allegories and civilizational references to history, rich in symbolic allusions, lay themselves open to discovery. KERBEDANZ is the only brand to boast a thorough mastery of the mysteries of symbolic reliefs thanks to an in-house symbolist and a talented 7-strong design team.

Source: KERBEDANZ Press www.kerbedanz.com/press


The Alpina Seastrong Diver 300 Black Chronograph Big Date

With the SEASTRONG collection, Alpina Watches has made diving watch history since the 1960's when the Seastrong "10" was already capable of reaching depths...