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Jewellery & Gem ASEAN Bangkok 2024

Jewellery & Gem ASEAN Bangkok 2024
Held in Thailand: Jewellery & Gem ASEAN Bangkok 2024 Reinforcing leadership in gem and Jewellery business exhibitions in the region.

Held in Thailand: Jewellery & Gem ASEAN Bangkok 2024 Reinforcing leadership in Gem and Jewellery business exhibitions in the region.

“Informa Markets” organizes B2B trade show for gemstones with the number one standard in the world.

Informa Markets is preparing to raise the curtain on the leading B2B trade show in the gem and Jewellery industry. In the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, under exhibition standards that have proven successful around the world at the Jewellery & Gem ASEAN Bangkok 2024 (JGAB 2024) on May 1–4, 2024, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.

Flooring the carpet for Thai entrepreneurs to move forward and create endless business opportunities with more than 500 exhibitors from 15 countries around the world and quality buyers from more than 60 countries, bigger than ever with a 50% increase in exhibition space, surrounded by fashion workshops, seminars, and activities leading business trends. Answering every need for business growth on the international stage. Reserve a booth now at https://bit.ly/46J3xIO or Register to attend the show in advance at https://bit.ly/3wbBlRR

Mr. Sanchai Noombunnam, Country General Manager at Informa Markets Thailand, revealed that Informa Markets Jewellery is well known internationally as the number one B2B exhibition organizer in the gem and Jewellery industry, with a network of 30 events in more than 10 important cities. In the past, the company has succeeded in creating a major impetus for the global gemstone market by attracting potential buyers and exhibitors to gather in various exhibitions such as Jewellery & Gem WORLD Hong Kong, Jewellery & Gem ASIA Hong Kong, including the first time of the Jewellery & Gem ASEAN Bangkok (JGAB) event which has been well received until being able to elevate Southeast Asia to become another important gem market center in the world.

Informa Markets Jewellery’s success comes from a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Whether it is in terms of trends in the gem market or organizing the trade show direction with the ability to further create a quality experience for visitors to the trade show as well, Informa has laid out a strategy for organizing the event by presenting interest in every square meter, such as the raw material corner, Color Gemstone, Loose Diamond, Pearls, etc., or the ready-made gemstone and Jewellery corner in the modern innovation display section in the production, packaging, various equipment and tools group. It also adds life to the work with the attraction of international PAVILIONS, which may be considered a unique feature of Informa to bring out the full potential of each country’s gemstones.

Moreover, this success is also reinforced by the overall growth of the gem industry in each region. This is reflected in the overwhelming number of business networks attending the event, with 3,422 exhibitors from 44 countries at JGW and 1,688 from 33 countries at JGA, as well as in cooperation with leading agencies that help raise the level of quality of B2B platforms, such as seminars by professional experts,
contest stages to promote skill development, etc.

And in the middle of this year, it was again in Thailand. It will open its doors to welcome gem and Jewellery entrepreneurs from around the world to create endless business opportunities at the Jewellery & Gem ASEAN Bangkok (JGAB) 2024 between May 1–4, 2024, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC).

“Informa Markets” organizes B2B trade show for gemstones
Held in Thailand: Jewellery & Gem ASEAN Bangkok 2024 Reinforcing leadership in
gem and Jewellery business exhibitions in the region.

The ASEAN Gems and Jewellery Exhibition, held for the second consecutive year, has been held under the same standards as Jewellery & Gem events around the world, providing a greater experience than ever before. The exhibition space has increased by 50%, including modern facilities and innovations which is designed to provide an experience that is ready to continue every new inspiration for the business in the hands of visitors. Prepare to meet

  • More than 500 exhibitors from 15 countries around the world come to create works that are the perfect combination of craftsmanship and ideas from a collection of more than 10,000 rare gems and accessories and be dazzled by the raw materials and finished pieces that answer all business needs from upstream to downstream
  • Quality buyers from around the world, from more than 60 countries, who come with confidence in the world-class gemstone business network. By predicting the number of visitors, real buyers in the industry, and trendsetters from the global Jewellery arena. There are at least 10,000 people joining together, most of whom come from the ASEAN region, India, China, and the Middle East.
  • Workshops, seminars, and business promotion activities. It opens up all the latest jewellery trends to industry insights and is ready to help raise the level of expertise and expand your knowledge and creativity endlessly
gem and Jewellery business exhibitions
Held in Thailand: Jewellery & Gem ASEAN Bangkok 2024 Reinforcing leadership in gem and Jewellery business exhibitions in the region.

Prepare to be a part of Jewellery & Gem ASEAN Bangkok (JGAB) 2024, a world-class trade show standard stage for the best opportunity for Thai gem and jewellery entrepreneurs who want to grow and expand their business into the international market. Entrepreneurs interested in participating in JGAB 2024 are invited to choose the most suitable location. Reserve your booth today at https://bit.ly/46J3xIO or call 063-796-5464 Khun Thitima. Pre-Registration free at https://bit.ly/3wbBlRR .

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Choosing the Right Wedding Ring Material for You

the Right Wedding Ring Material
the Right Wedding Ring Material

Metal Match: Choosing the Right Wedding Ring Material for You

Choosing a wedding ring is a big decision. There are many factors to consider, including the material of the ring. In this article, we will discuss the different types of metals used in wedding rings, and help you choose the one that is right for you.

When it comes to the big day, finding the perfect wedding ring is just as important as the dress, as you will be wearing it for the rest of your life, so you want something that embodies elegance, is unique, versatile and matches with your engagement ring. From gold to platinum, platinum to titanium or keeping classic with sterling silver, there is a metal that perfectly matches and represents everyone.

We’ve heard your cries and therefore put together a comprehensive guide so you can pick your perfect wedding ring material.

Kissed by Gold: Rings That Shine

Gold is one of the most common and classic choices for a wedding and engagement ring and for good reason. Whether it’s yellow, white, or rose gold, this metal is a timeless piece that stands the test of time and comes in a variety of options, so you can get creative with this metal. While it’s considered the mecca of luxury and doubles up as a piece of investment, gold is sparse and in today’s climate, gold’s value is the best it’s ever been.

When it comes to gold, select with caution, as you are buying under the impression that the higher the karat, the better, but in most cases, this might not be true. The higher the karat, the softer the ring is. As your wedding ring is something you are wearing for life, you never tend to take it off, therefore, exposing it to all the elements and day-to-day activities could expose it to dents and damage over time, whether its jewels are falling out or mishaping it.

When it comes to choosing your gold ring, you want to go for something under twenty-four karat and ten karat is said to be the most durable (although there is less gold content). It’s necessary for the type of ring it is.

Whispers of Silver: Stories Told in Jewellery

With a history of outbidding gold, silver is now one of the oldest and most precious metals used when it comes to crafting beautiful pieces of jewelry. Such a versatile colour, it truly matches with a piece of clothing, from a little black dress to a navy smart suit. There aren’t many people who don’t like silver jewelry.

With its booming popularity, it’s a lot more affordable than gold but just like gold pure silver is too soft to be used on its own, so it’s advised by many professionals to be mixed with other materials to make it more durable. For example, copper is a common choice and works extremely well at holding your silver for longer.

Sterling silver is one of the most popular wedding ring choices, due to its versatility and being a tad bit more affordable. Although there are alternative options that don’t come with as much upkeep as sterling silver, this combination of metals is still exposed to scratches and eventually tarnishes, so it might have to be stored in safe places during certain activities to maintain a longer life.

The Sustainable Choice: Eco-Friendly Elegance with Titanium

Titanium was originally used in industrial applications, but it is becoming more and more popular for men’s rings. It is ideal for people who are not accustomed to wearing jewelry frequently because it is not only extraordinarily strong but also incredibly light.

It has a contemporary, distinctive appearance and is also very easy to maintain and scratch-resistant. Titanium doesn’t need special maintenance to maintain its beautiful appearance after your wedding day. The drawback? Make sure you order the correct size when ordering titanium wedding rings because they cannot be readily resized.

Modern Romance: Platinum Jewellery for Today’s Love Story

One of the rarest metals in the world, platinum is not only a modern choice; it’s a luxe choice. Renowned for being one of the strongest precious metals that can be used to hold your symbol of love, you could invest in a pure platinum ring for your loved one.

While it’s one of the most expensive metal choices, it is so robust that you won’t have to worry about stretching or damaging it with day-to-day life, so there won’t be any need to take it off. Another fun fact is that it retains its colour even if the shine doesn’t fade over time. If you have the budget for a platinum ring, then I would recommend it; it’s definitely worth the investment. This way, you can pass this ring down through the generations.

Photo by Luigi Pozzoli on Unsplash

Celebrating the Anniversary of Brilliance at the Twin Jewellery Shows

the Twin Jewellery Shows
the Twin Jewellery Shows

Be Part of the Splendid Legacy:
The theme of this year’s event is Be Part of the Splendid Legacy

The HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show and HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show will reach their 40th and 10th milestones respectively in 2024.

Source: Hong Kong Trade Development Council

The theme of this year’s event is Be Part of the Splendid Legacy. Apart from thanking all parties for their long-standing support, we hope to encourage more industry players to join this annual event and build the next milestone together.

Physical FairClick2Match
(AI-enabled online matching platform)
The 2024 HKTDC Hong Kong
International Jewellery Show
29 Feb – 4 Mar at Hong
Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
20 Feb to 11 Mar
The 2024 HKTDC Hong Kong
International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show
27 Feb – 2 Mar at AsiaWorld-Expo20 Feb to 11 Mar
The Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show

This year’s Hong Kong International Jewellery Show will feature splendid themed zones including the Hall of Extraordinary, Hall of Fame, and Designer Galleria. The Hall of Extraordinary will showcase high-end collections with stunning diamonds, precious stones, jadeite and pearls, from exhibitors representing Australia, Mainland China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Thailand, the UK, and the US.

The Designer Galleria will present a captivating and exciting showcase of hip collections from designers at the forefront of fashion trends, including respected designers from Austria, Mainland China, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and the US.

Pavilions from several countries such as Mexico and Malaysia will return to the twin jewellery shows. The Hall of Fame will feature an impressive line-up of international brands, including Giorgio Visconti from Italy, Chete from Hong Kong, Carrera Y Carrera from Spain and Lao Feng Xiang from Mainland China.

The Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show will showcase the finest diamonds and pearls as well as quality gemstones and raw materials for jewellery from various origins in the Hall of Fine Diamond, Treasures of Nature and Treasures of Ocean.

The shows will also deliver an all-rounded programme with jewellery parades, seminars, buyer forums and networking events that bring trending market intelligence to industry players.

New feature of HKTDC Marketplace App

HKTDC Marketplace App launches a new feature, allowing buyers to register, upload photo and travel document for a verified eBadge. No more waiting in line nor verification required at the registration counter.

Download the app to register, verify and retrieve your eBadge for hassle-free entry to the fair!

QR Code for Marketplace App

HKTDC Marketplace App

Website for Marketplace App:


How to Buy Your Own Diamonds

Save a Fortune on Jewellery in Australia

How to Buy Your Own Diamonds and Save a Fortune on Jewellery in Australia

Diamonds have long been a symbol of elegance and luxury. In Australia, where fine jewellery is highly sought after, owning a stunning piece of diamond jewellery can be a dream come true. However, the price tags on ready-made diamond jewellery often leave us hesitating at the checkout counter. But here’s a secret: You can buy your own diamonds and save a fortune on jewellery. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of sourcing diamonds, understanding their quality, and even exploring international options to make your diamond dreams come true while staying within your budget.

Custom Jewellery: The Key to Savings

One of the most effective ways to save money when you buy diamonds in Australia is to purchase the loose stones and then have jewellery made to your specifications. This approach cuts out the middleman and allows you to tailor the design to your preferences, ultimately reducing the overall cost. Custom jewellers can work with your budget and help you create a unique piece that suits your style perfectly.

Online Diamond Wholesalers in Australia

The internet has revolutionized the way we shop for diamonds. When you buy diamonds online you get a much wider range of options at competitive prices. By buying diamonds directly from wholesalers, you eliminate the additional markups associated with traditional jewellery stores. Look for wholesalers with a strong reputation, transparent certification, and a return policy to ensure you’re getting a quality stone.

Overseas Jewellery Shopping

If you’re open to the idea of travelling overseas, Asian countries are fantastic destinations for getting custom-made jewellery at a fraction of the cost you might pay in Australia. Countries like Thailand and India are renowned for their skilled artisans who can craft exquisite jewellery tailored to your preferences. While you enjoy your holiday, take the opportunity to explore these markets and find the perfect gemstone for your dream piece.

How to Buy Your Own Diamonds
How to Buy Your Own Diamonds and Save a Fortune on Jewellery in Australia

Choosing Quality Diamonds: The Four C’s

Understanding the four C’s— Carat, Cut, Colour, and Clarity – is essential when purchasing diamonds. These factors determine the quality and value of a diamond:

  • Carat: Carat weight is the measure of a diamond’s size. Larger diamonds are typically more expensive, but you can save money by choosing a slightly smaller carat size while maintaining excellent cut, color, and clarity.
  • Cut: The cut of a diamond impacts its brilliance and sparkle. A well-cut diamond reflects light beautifully. Prioritize the cut quality to ensure your diamond looks stunning.
  • Colour: Diamonds are graded on a scale from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow or brown). Diamonds in the G-H range offer a good balance between quality and affordability.
  • Clarity: Clarity measures the presence of internal or external flaws, known as inclusions and blemishes. While flawless diamonds are rare and expensive, diamonds with minor imperfections may offer better value for money.

Natural Diamonds vs. Lab-Made Diamonds

In recent years, lab-made diamonds have gained popularity due to their affordability and ethical sourcing. Here’s a brief comparison:

  • Natural Diamonds: These diamonds are formed deep within the earth over millions of years. They are prized for their rarity and natural beauty. However, their price can be significantly higher due to mining and distribution costs.
  • Lab-Made Diamonds: Also known as synthetic or man-made diamonds, these gems are created in controlled environments that replicate the conditions under which natural diamonds are formed. Lab-made diamonds are typically more affordable because they don’t have the same overhead costs as mined diamonds. They are also considered a more environmentally friendly option.

In Summary

Buying your own diamonds and designing custom jewellery can be a rewarding and cost-effective way to own stunning pieces without breaking the bank. Whether you choose to purchase from online wholesalers in Australia, explore international markets, or opt for lab-made diamonds, understanding the four C’s and your personal preferences will help you make informed choices. With the right knowledge and a touch of creativity, you can save a fortune on jewellery while still enjoying the beauty and elegance of diamonds.

Photo by Mr.Autthaporn Pradidpong on Unsplash

Accessory and Jewelry Options as Christmas Gift

Accessory and Jewelry Options as Christmas Gift
Accessory and Jewelry Options as Christmas Gift

Unwrap the magic of Christmas with dazzling jewelry!

Find statement necklaces for divas, timeless pearls for trendsetters, & delicate chains for minimalists. Add sparkle & joy with every Christmas gift!

Dazzling Delights: Jewelry Options for Every Christmas Wish

Christmas is a time for twinkling lights, joyous carols, and, of course, gift-giving. While finding the perfect present can be a delightful quest, choosing jewelry can feel like stepping into a treasure trove. But fear not, fellow gift-givers! This guide will navigate you through the sparkling world of Christmas jewelry, ensuring you find the perfect piece for everyone on your list.

Accessory and Jewelry Options as Christmas Gift
Accessory and Jewelry Options as Christmas Gift

For the Dazzling Diva:

  • Statement Necklaces: Make her eyes sparkle with a bold, eye-catching necklace. Think chunky chains, vibrant gemstones, or intricate pendants that tell a story.
  • Cocktail Rings: Add instant glamour with a cocktail ring. Opt for cocktail rings with oversized stones, geometric shapes, or playful enamel accents.
  • Sparkling Earrings: Earrings are always a safe bet, but don’t settle for the ordinary. Choose chandelier earrings for a touch of vintage elegance, or go modern with geometric hoops or ear cuffs.

For the Timeless Trendsetter:

  • Classic Pearls: Pearls are timeless elegance personified. A pearl necklace, earrings, or bracelet is a gift that will never go out of style.
  • Gold Hoops: Every wardrobe needs a good pair of gold hoops. Choose from chunky or delicate styles, adorned with diamonds or gemstones for a touch of personalization.
  • Stackable Rings: Stackable rings are a playful way to express her individuality. Let her mix and match metals, textures, and gemstones to create her own unique story.
Sparkling Earrings
Accessory and Jewelry Options as Christmas Gift

For the Minimalist Muse:

  • Delicate Chains: Less is more for the minimalist. Choose dainty gold or silver chains with simple pendants or charms.
  • Ear Climbers: Ear climbers hug the earlobe for a subtle yet stylish look. Opt for geometric shapes or delicate chains for a modern touch.
  • Engraved Jewelry: Personalize her look with engraved jewelry. A necklace or bracelet with initials, a special date, or a meaningful message adds a sentimental touch.

The fact that the gifts are special to the person at Christmas and appeal to the interests or hobbies of the person given can make this meaningful time even more special. You may be thinking about what to buy as a Christmas gift.

The Hermes bag is one of the most impressive and stylish gifts among these options.

This day is one of the special and ideal times to show your loved ones how much you care. Personalized gifts are among the thoughtful options in this sense. The Hermes bag, which contains personalized touches, has become one of the most popular gift options in recent years.

Hermes Bag
Why is a Hermes Bag the best gift option for Christmas?

Why is a Hermes Bag the best gift option for Christmas?

Hermes is known as a luxury clothing brand founded in France. It is possible to say that the brand, which was founded in 1837, first entered the sector as a saddle company. Currently, in addition to luxury leather bags, it has accessories, household goods, and some products due to the partnerships it has established with technology companies. Among these, specially designed straps for the Apple Watch are also included. Let us underline that this luxury brand, which was founded 183 years ago and is more visible today with social media phenomena, won many awards during the years it was founded.

We leave each year of our lives behind, accumulating bitter and sweet memories. Every Christmas is greeted with new hopes and wishes. Christmas, which connects the last day of the year we left behind with the first day of the new year, offers the opportunity to make our loved ones who are with us at every moment feel how special they are to us. Therefore, finding Christmas gifts that will put a smile on the faces of your loved ones requires some care and effort.

Hermes Bag, which has made a name for itself with its best-in-class collections, is your greatest helper in finding New Year’s gifts that will renew your loved ones’ hopes for the New Year or remind them of the beautiful moments they spent. You can pamper them and ensure a happy start to the New Year by choosing from the wide collection of Hermes bag models.

What to Consider When Choosing a Gift for Christmas?

You don’t necessarily have to choose special New Year’s collections as gift alternatives that will make your loved ones jump with joy. Not every gift designed for New Year’s Eve may be the right gift for your loved one. By taking into account your loved ones’ interests, the activities they like to do, and their styles, you can find the gift that will truly make them happy.

The clothes your loved ones have wanted to buy for a long time, a perfume they like, or choices that refer to the big changes they have made in their lives or their character can be New Year’s gifts that will put a smile on their faces and be engraved in their minds. Gifts that help them add innovation and change to their lives can also encourage you to make new beginnings during the Christmas year. Elections that refer to the beautiful moments you experienced in the year you left behind also help you reflect the New Year’s spirit.

The way to choose a Christmas gift that will surprise and make your loved ones happy is to make a choice in line with their tastes and needs. A gift alternative that he would be happy to receive at any time, reminiscent of New Year’s Eve. You can turn it into a perfect New Year’s gift with colour, motif, scent, and other details.

If you are planning to buy a Hermes bag as a Christmas gift, you do not need to think too much about it. Because every Hermes Bag you buy will be enough to make your loved ones happy.

Thank you to kaboompics.com for the wonderful images.

Citizen Flagship Store, New York


Citizen Watch America Brings Immersive Citizen Flagship Store, New York; Shopping Experience to Fifth Avenue

The premiere retail destination will showcase the Accutron, Alpina, Bulova, Citizen, and Frederique Constant brands and marks the first of its kind in North America

Source; Frederique Constant

Citizen Watch America (CWA), a leader in accessible luxury timepieces, officially opens the group’s first-ever U.S.-based multi-brand flagship store – CITIZEN FLAGSHIP STORE NEW YORK. Situated within one of Manhattan’s premiere shopping destinations at 605 Fifth Avenue, steps from Rockefeller Center, this new retail concept invites customers to shop the full range of timepiece offerings across the group’s portfolio of brands that includes Citizen, Bulova, Accutron, Frederique Constant, and Alpina.

The first of its kind in North America, the new expansive 7,000 sq ft. three-story space is an immersive shopping experience incorporating state-of-the art technology and bringing to life Citizen’s acclaimed LIGHT is TIME art installation, a visual expression of the concept of time and its relation to light.

Together with Paris-based Japanese architect, Tsuyoshi Tane (ATTA – Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects), the captivating installation is inspired by Citizen’s proprietary light-powered Eco-Drive technology and spotlights the foundation of any watch movement – the base plate, which is manufactured in-house for all Citizen watches and ensures the company’s status as a manufacture d’Horlogerie. The installation takes center stage as glimmering base plates elegantly encapsulate the staircase, warmly inviting customers into the store and to the upper shop floors.

Designed by acclaimed architect Ken Park and his award-winning New York-based firm Kenneth Park Architects, other notable features of the store include a massive video display viewable from the street and dynamic True 3D technology where watches visually jump from a screen. A seamless 20ft-long branded wall showcasing the company’s rich legacy in watchmaking leads you through the flagship toward dedicated shop-in-shop destinations for each brand.

The first two floors are for CWA’s full range of timepiece offerings from Citizen, Bulova, Accutron, Frederique Constant, and Alpina across sport, style, and luxury collections, in addition to timepieces that are available exclusively at the flagship location. The third floor will include a museum archive and dedicated space for on-site programming, events, and community activations scheduled for 2024.

We are proud to join the ever-growing Fifth Avenue shopping district and introduce Citizen Watch America group brands through an innovative and immersive experience,” says Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch America. “This is our first-ever U.S. multi-brand flagship and there is no better place than New York City to capture the inclusive worldview of our company as it serves as the most iconic intersection for citizens from across the world.”

Shopping Experience to Fifth Avenue
CITIZEN FLAGSHIP STORE NEW YORK Shopping Experience to Fifth Avenue

Special novelties from each of the brand’s will be available exclusively at the NYC flagship, including the following:


Globally coveted, The CITIZEN collection embodies “the essence of the watch” with its ideals of superior precision, fine craftsmanship, and exceptional design. A premiere collection sought after by watch enthusiasts worldwide, The CITIZEN will be available in the NYC flagship location. Defined by the use of traditional Japanese washi paper dials, each limited-edition timepiece features high-accuracy movements, exquisite materials, and an expression of the art of tradition and innovation.


Bulova and iconic singer, songwriter, and actor Marc Anthony come together to collaborate and celebrate a passion for watches and a shared cross-generational love of music, innovative design, and an artistic spirit that is Bold at Heart. The collection’s three design themes: STAGE, CLASSIC, and PLAY, utilize some of Bulova’s most popular design elements and technologies with distinguishing features that form the DNA of the full collection, like numbers 1,3 and 5, which are significant numbers to Marc Anthony, case back quotes of either one of Marc’s songs or a saying that is meaningful to him, along with his favorite color orange.

Shop the full collection at the NYC flagship alongside some of Marc Anthony’s select awards and statues on display through January 1st.


Accutron adds four new vibrant colors to the DNA timepiece collection, continuing to build on the success of the brand’s groundbreaking electrostatic movement. The Accutron Manufacture movement powered by electrostatic energy is a historical advancement in timekeeping and the first of its kind. The new Accutron DNA Casino collection makes a futuristic and bold statement with the introduction of green, blue, orange, and red colors that echo the neon city skyline and the bright atmosphere of Las Vegas and its iconic casinos. Limited Edition to 100 pieces each. Launching first at the NYC Flagship store.

Frederique Constant

Founded in 1988 and celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, Frederique Constant unveils a new 88 pieces limited-edition version of its Highlife Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Manufacture. Featuring all the characteristics of the Highlife collection, including its integrated and interchangeable strap, this new timepiece comes with a blue dial on a stainless-steel case and bracelet. Combining the best of tradition and innovation, it bears witness to the ongoing progress of a manufacture dedicated to watchmaking excellence. Launching first at the NYC Flagship store.


Celebrating its 140th anniversary in 2023, Alpina is honoring one of its showcase ranges, the Alpiner Extreme, by adding two new models featuring for the first time a chronograph.

Launching in time for the holidays, the two new Alpiner Extreme Chronograph Automatic come on a silver or navy-blue dial, both with an integrated stainless-steel bracelet. Launching first at the NYC Flagship store.



Citizen Watch America represents the sales and marketing for Citizen Group within the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin American markets. The brands included within Citizen Watch America are Citizen, Bulova, Frederique Constant, Accutron and Alpina.

As a true manufacture d’Horlogerie, Citizen integrates a comprehensive manufacturing process that extends from creating a watch’s individual components to its final assembly.  The brand began making mechanical watches, invented, and improved technologies and explored the future of watches such as its proprietary light-powered Eco-Drive technology. which powers its watches from any natural or artificial source and converts it into energy, eliminating the need for any battery replacement.

Founded by Joseph Bulova in 1875 and headquartered in NYC, Bulova remains an iconic brand at the forefront of today’s timepiece industry. Bulova’s distinguished portfolio includes Bulova, as well as licenses with Frank Sinatra, Marc Anthony, Latin Grammys, and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Accutron changed the way the world told time, when it offered the world’s first fully electronic watch in 1960, with the most accurate timekeeping mechanism ever created. Accutron remains committed to bring the same drive for technological advancement and design with the first-ever watches powered by electrostatic energy along with the reimagination of the brand’s most iconic historical timepieces.

Founded in 1988, Frederique Constant is a Swiss watchmaking manufacture based in Geneva, Switzerland. The company was created under the founding principle of creating classic, high-quality mechanical Swiss watches at accessible prices. In 2023, as it celebrates its 35th anniversary, the brand continues to showcase its constantly advancing watchmaking expertise and proudly offers a collection of 31 calibers designed, developed and assembled in its own Manufacture at Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva.

Alpina, the original Swiss sport watch since 1883,is a fine watchmaking manufacture based in Geneva, Switzerland with a mission to design and engineer luxury sport watches that operate with the greatest precision and reliability possible in the most demanding sporting environments.


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Extraneō, the new range by Pilo & Co Genève

Swiss Watchmaking, Extraneō, the new range by Pilo & Co Genève - Nouvelle collection, l'ExtraneōPilo & Co Genève: the new exclusive aesthetic design touch...