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Jewellery Insurance: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Jewelry Insurance
Protect your precious possessions with Jewellery Insurance.

Jewellery Insurance Essentials: Protecting Your Prized Engagement Ring

Whether you are planning on proposing or you’ve just accepted an engagement ring, the question that comes to mind is how to ensure that this stunning, symbolic, and rather expensive piece of jewelry is protected from all kinds of harm. Jewellery insurance is something that your salesperson will offer, so when you are wondering if it’s worth the extra pennies, we’ve put together a full guide so you can not only decide if insurance is for you but which plan is best suited for your lifestyle.

Jewellery insurance isn’t for everyone; the only times I’ve gone with the insurance option are when I’ve spent a lot of money at once on something, the insurance itself is extremely affordable, and it’s a one-time purchase. This might be different for everyone else, but if you are considering insuring your prized engagement, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide.

Jewellery Insurance: Protect Your Precious Possessions
Protect your valuable jewelry with jewellery insurance.
Learn more about what it is and why you need it.

How can I insure my engagement ring?

There are many ways you can insure your engagement ring, and if you are anything, I want to know all the options I have available so I know I am making the right choice moving forward.

You can check if your engagement ring is already insured under your home insurance. If not, this is a simple fix. You can call up your provider and ask to add it to your policy for an extra monthly fee.

Through the jeweler itself, if you have not yet selected the engagement ring, it might be best to ask the company you are buying it from if they offer any insurance policies or if, in fact, they would recommend a private company. This could include some perks, such as regular cleanings and other little perks that might not come with adding it to your home insurance.

There is a standalone engagement ring insurance policy. This could be suitable if your ring is particularly valuable or you want a broader protection policy in place. You will need to factor this in, as this is an expensive policy.

If you are still wondering which policy might work, you can get the engagement ring appraised by a professional. They will give a full rundown of what should and shouldn’t be included in your policy.

Do I need jewelry insurance?

If you are wondering if you need to insure your jewelry, there might be some factors you should consider.

What are the risks?

While usually, you should never take your engagement ring off, it’s not always the case for some people, and their jobs will require them to take them off. This leaves a huge risk of misplacing them or being stolen. This is something that is a strong factor indicating insurance is the best route. Rings, in general, are small, and once misplaced, it can take a very long time to find them. You never know if they’ve rolled under something or in a jeans pocket.

On the subject of theft, this is very common. Whether your home is burgled or you’ve been stopped by a stranger in the street, they tend to go for the jewelry first, and as sad as it is, it happens more often than not. No matter how nice the area you live in, it’s always a risk factor, and if you’ve already spent a lot of money, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

How Much Did You Spend?

Not everyone needs the big ring or might have the means to afford it for an engagement ring. It’s all symbolic; at the end of the day, if you don’t think it needs insurance, then that is your prerogative. If, on the other hand, you have the means to buy an expensive ring, you should always put some extra change away for some insurance. This will make you feel more secure but it is also the most sensible option when all that money is invested in one product, especially if you know your finances might have to take it off.

How much does jewelry insurance cost?

This is extremely dependent on the cost of the ring and also on what type of insurance policy you have. The most affordable option could be getting it added on top of your home insurance.

What Does It Cover?

Engagement cover usually includes theft, loss, and damage. You could find an insurance provider that could offer all three, or maybe you want one to be covered. This is all dependent on what works best for you.

Jewellery Insurance
Jewellery Insurance: Protect Your Precious Possessions

Final Thoughts

When it comes to insurance coverage, you should always do your research. You never know what could happen but also make sure you are careful with the whole buying process. I would always recommend that you buy your expensive pieces in-store; it cuts out a lot of the online scams. Although investment fraud lawyers are available for these online purchases at great scales, it’s always best to take that extra step in the world of security.

Asia’s biggest mid-year fine jewellery sourcing event

fine jewellery sourcing event
Jewellery & Gem ASIA Hong Kong gains traction with extensive resource offerings and curated collections

Anticipation builds for Asia’s biggest mid-year fine jewellery sourcing event

Jewellery & Gem ASIA Hong Kong gains traction with extensive resource offerings and curated collections

Jewellery & Gem ASIA Hong Kong (JGA) continues to gain momentum, with major fine jewellery manufacturers and gemstone suppliers confirming their participation in the industry’s biggest mid-year B2B sourcing event in Asia, show organiser Informa Markets Jewellery announced.

Exhibitor bookings are building up and trade buyer inquiries are streaming in as the global jewellery industry prepares to meet at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) from June 20 to 23 June. JGA is anticipated to host 1,700+ exhibitors from 30+ countries and regions, occupying 30+ pavilions under the group, product and themed categories. The latter comprises two distinct sections: the CORE Pavilion, which showcases leading jewellers from Hong Kong, and the Fine Design/Fine Gem Pavilion.

In an ever-changing business landscape, our community stays nimble, consistently adjusting to challenges and embracing opportunities for growth,” said David Bondi, Senior Vice President of Informa Markets in Asia. “That’s precisely why it’s important to have a physical presence in live events like JGA. Nothing compares to being right where the action is. The timing, scale and calibre of attendees at the fair are too valuable to overlook.”

New Releases

JGA will present a comprehensive collection of finished jewellery and loose precious materials, including diamonds, coloured gemstones and pearls. The exhibition also has dedicated sections for jewellery-related equipment, packaging products and technology solutions.

JGA is the place where industry professionals can make new business connections and explore valuable market resources. I strongly advise the buying community to plan ahead for JGA, since this will enhance their chances of having a successful visit,” said Celine Lau, Director of Jewellery Fairs at Informa Markets Jewellery.

Reinforcing this point is the wide variety of exciting products that is making its way to JGA this June. Here are some of the collections that buyers cannot miss:


Established in India in 1994, Kapu Gems Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of large-sized fine diamonds. Its operation revolves around the manufacturing of loose stones in various grades, which are sourced in accordance with the provisions of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme for rough diamonds, according to the company. At JGA, Kapu Gems is unveiling fancy-shaped goods and round brilliants.

7.7-carat emerald-shaped diamond
Kapu Gems Limited

‘Mariposa’ diamond necklace
Passion Art Jewelry (HK) Ltd

Passion Art Jewelry (HK) Ltd’s distinct approach to fine diamond jewellery design is likely to leave a lasting impression on buyers. One of its new collections is the “Mariposa” (butterfly) diamond necklace, featuring petals set with diamonds and in plain gold with a shiny finish.

Coloured Gemstones

A showcase of coloured gemstone finds, including layouts and contemporary jewellery collections, also awaits buyers at JGA. Among these exhibits are Claudia Hamann Edelstein GmbH’s Colombian emeralds, Burmese rubies, sapphires from Thailand and Sri Lanka, and fine gemstones from Africa. Founded in 1990 in Hamburg, Germany, Claudia Hamann Edelstein is tapping into its significant stock of high-quality gemstones to offer customers various options in terms of colour, size and shape, as well as multiple selections of pairs, sets and calibrated series. Additionally, the company is known for its innovative Double Rose Cut, which has become one of the beloved gemstone cuts worldwide.

Colombian emerald, sapphire, ruby and fine coloured gemstones from Africa
Claudia Hamann Edelstein GmbH

Ring with a 3.16-carat ‘No Heat’ Pigeon’s blood Mozambique ruby centre gem surrounded by diamonds. The ruby comes with a GRS report
Goko Shokai Co Ltd

Additionally, JGA is highlighting finished jewellery collections that feature rare coloured gemstones. Among them is Goko Shokai Co Ltd’s ring collection. One of the pieces boasts a 3.16-carat “No Heat” Pigeon’s Blood Mozambique ruby as the centre gem, encircled by diamonds.


Pearls are among the top exhibits at JGA, and Uto Shinju Co., Ltd offers a wide selection to cater to diverse preferences. Established in 1968, the Tokyo-based company specialises in Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian pearl jewellery. One of its latest designs is the “Utopia” necklace in 18-karat gold, featuring a combination of Akoya and South Sea pearls. This piece offers three different styling options: It can be worn either as a 40- or 60cm strand individually or combined to create a longer necklace.

Detachable ‘Utopia’ necklace made of Akoya and South Sea pearls with 18-karat gold rondelles
Uto Shinju Co Ltd

Round Tahitian pearls
Asia Pearl Japan Ltd

Buyers seeking loose pearls will likewise find a variety of options at Asia Pearl Japan Ltd, which is presenting a range of loose Tahitian and white and golden South Sea pearls. Established in Kobe in 1956, this family-owned business has decades of accumulated pearl knowledge and expertise. Asia Pearl’s focus on quality is reflected in its refined selection.

Fine Jewellery

Showcasing some of the very best in Hong Kong’s jewellery and gemstone industry is the CORE Pavilion. Emphasizing craftsmanship and innovative designs, one exhibitor, EJI, is launching exciting collections led by the two-way “Majestic Owl” pendant crafted from mother-of-pearl shells and diamonds.

Two-way ‘Majestic Owl’ pendant made of black and white mother-of-pearl shells with diamonds in 18-karat white gold

Necklace with fancy-shaped diamonds in 18-karat white gold. The diamonds have a total carat weight of 10.43 carats
Christelle Limited

Trade buyers will also discover a range of contemporary fine jewellery from Christelle Limited. With its vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities and market experience gained over the course of three generations across the Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, the company curates, designs and manufactures its collections, all while ensuring competitive pricing.

Events & Attractions

In addition to product sourcing, JGA provides valuable opportunities for learning and networking.

Leading off JGA’s programming is the announcement of the finalists in the Sustainability Awards 2024 by JWA (Jewellery World Awards). The shortlisted nominees will be revealed at a Media Gathering scheduled for June 20, and their sustainability initiatives will be on display on the show floor.

Jewellery & Gem ASIA Hong Kong

Adding to JGA’s inspiring atmosphere is Red Radiance 2.0: The Ruby’s Mine-to-Market Adventure. First introduced at Jewellery & Gem WORLD Hong Kong last September, this learning experience features a ruby showcase accompanied by audio storytelling, live gemstone-cutting demonstrations and inclusion viewing.

In addition to exhibits, JGA will host seminars on topical themes, including sustainability. Stay tuned for more details.

About JGA 2024

Fair website: https://bit.ly/3UyGWds

Visitor registration: https://bit.ly/3Wv17LR

Fair DatesOpening Hours
20 – 22 / 6 / 202410:00 – 18:00
23 / 6 / 202410:00 – 17:00

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Visitor Enquiry

Exhibitor Enquiry
T +852 3709 4992T  +852 3709 4991
E visitjgf-hk@informa.comE salesjgf@informa.com

Source: Informa

The Arinis by Elka Watch Co. is up!

the Arinis by Elka Watch Co is up
the Arinis by Elka Watch Co is up

Independent watchmaking First lake diving watch:
The Arinis by Elka Watch Co. is up!

Like treasure raised to the surface, the Arinis is a diver’s watch whose quintessential aesthetic enhances the historic waters of Lake Neuchâtel. A Tool Watch tested by a scientist, ready to conquer the heights of global elegance.

Source: Elka Watch Co.

Elka Watch Co’s Arinis is the only timepiece on the market entirely dedicated to a lacustrine universe, Switzerland’s largest lake, Lake of Neuchâtel. Available in four versions, this 200-meter (656-foot) water-resistant watch aspires to see the sea while breathing in the subaquatic authenticity of one of Switzerland’s finest watchmaking regions. Powered by an automatic mechanical caliber from Manufacture Lajoux-Perret in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the new Arinis is a Swiss-made concentrate of coherence and craftsmanship.

Civilizational depths, Palafittes

Full of depth, this screw-crown diver’s watch with its “chevé box” sapphire crystal is charged with meaning. Starting with its baptismal name, Arinis, which until the 13th century AD was the ancient name of St. Blaise, a nearby region of Neuchâtel. A cradle of civilization bordered by vineyards that, even in the depths of the mysterious, sweet waters of the lake, is populated by Palafittes, vestiges of
past times that predate the traces of the Celts who later inhabited the area.

Seventy Paleolithic sites have been identified on the Neuchâtel coast alone, which is home to 123 different Neolithic and Bronze Age villages,” explains Hakim El Kadiri, the brand’s custodian, founded in 1877 in Amsterdam from the acronym of a Dutch retailer, Eduard Louis Kiek of Amsterdam. 111 of them have been inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List since 2011, including 22 in the Three-Lakes region.

On the wrist of a diving scientist

For over 20 years, Hakim El Kadiri, nicknamed “Elka,” has been signing legendary models for other prestigious watch brands. In 2024, he placed the first Arinis prototype, a case inspired by an iconic model, on the wrist of a distinguished diver: the scientist Fabien Langenegger, a researcher involved in archaeological studies at these sites. “For 150 years, this type of archaeological research has provided a reference for the understanding of European prehistory,” adds the man who is reviving Elka Watch Co, a prestigious Swiss historical brand that will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2027.

Certified waterproofing

And since perfection lies in detail, it also appears in the Arinis diver’s watch from Elka Watch Co, mounted on various straps, including the delightful Tropic vulcanized rubber, a local historical nod to the ceramic inserts that line the 120 positions of its unidirectional rotating bezel. Once upon a time, always in these civilizational surroundings of the Pays de Neuchâtel, 250 kg of ceramics were found not far from a certain Devil’s Path: one more historical mystery, in the shape of “a stone-paved Roman road leading to Aventicum, the capital of Helvetia.”

On the wrist of a diving scientist

Arinis Technical Specifications

Waterproofing200 meters, 20 bars / 656 feet
Manufacture caliber“Elka” oscillating rotor. La Joux Perret G100 automatic movement
4 Hz, 28,800 vibrations per hour, stop seconds, 68-hour power reserve
2 dial typesManufacture caliber
HandsBrushed nickel, SuperLuminova-filled
2 SuperLuminova typesUnder daylight: white or “old Radium” effect
Luminescence: green
CaseØ 41 mm Thickness 11.85 mm 46.50 mm from lug to lug
Decorated screw-down case back
Decorated screw-down case backScrew-down case back in 1.4404 stainless horological steel
Engraved “fish” pattern, referring to the fascinating artefacts found in the lake
Unidirectional rotating bezel120 positions.
Ceramic inserts filled with SuperLuminova for easy graduation
Visible numerals on the bezel, reminiscent of an early
Engraved “fish” pattern, referring to the fascinating artifacts found in the lake
CrownScrewed in stainless horological steel, 1.4427
Domed sapphire crystal‘Chevé’ box-type dome
Scratch-resistant, one-sided anti-reflective coating
Various types of wristbands“Tropic” vulcanized rubber, black or dark blue 20/18 mm
Rice grain” pattern steel bracelet, 20 mm
Milanese Mesh
Beige or blue Nato type wristband
Genuine leathers wristband
Genuine leather wristbandPin-type clasp in 1.4404 horological steel
Swiss retail price as of June 20:Price: on Nato 1895 CHF
VAT 8.1% included:Price: on Leather and rubber, 1955 CHF
Price: on Milanese Mesh and Rice Grain 1995 CHF
Prices outside Switzerland from June 20:Price: on Nato: 1755 CHF
(VAT not included)Price: on Leather and rubber, 1810 CHF
Price: on Milanese Mesh and Rice Grain: 1845 CHF

Elka Watch Co, Iconic Swiss watch company, born in Amsterdam 150 years ago

ELKA watches are part of a tradition, a lineage, and a history. That of a brand founded in 1877 in Amsterdam by Eliazer Kiek, inventor of the tactile watch for the blind and watchmaker to Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. In 1949, the ELKA Watch Company opened its Swiss branch in La Chaux-de-Fonds. (It produced wristwatches, of course, but also pocket watches, Braille watches, chronographs, chess, and signal clocks.). Then, in the mid-1970s, the brand disappeared, along with Ernst Louis Kiek, his grandson and last heir.

Hakim El Kadiri, aka ‘Elka’

With a foundation in mechanical engineering, Hakim El Kadiri has spent the vast majority of his working life working in the product development side of the watch industry. “My work is not a job; it’s a passion, I love what I do, and I don’t feel like going to work in the
Morning, I dream about my work; I live my work, I breathe my work; the part your work takes in your life is huge if you are lucky enough to be passionate; you’ll never think about working; you’ll enjoy your life and the balance of life you’ll have.”.

Choosing jewelry for an event

Choosing jewelry for an event
Choosing jewelry for an event

Choosing Jewelry for an Event

Choosing the right jewelry for an event can be a daunting task. You want to look your best, but you also don’t want to go overboard. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect jewelry for any occasion.

Events and invitations are very special activities for women. Of course, women’s preparation process, clothing, and jewelry selection also vary depending on the event. Choosing jewelry for an event is the most difficult and indecisive thing in this process. Jewelry that is preferred with the right choices can create miracles in combinations. Even with just jewelry choices, it is possible to create a certain style. While emphasizing the natural and simple beauty of elegant jewelry models, you can easily reveal your original character with modern and artistic designs.

You also have the opportunity to use the power of jewelry to send special messages. Because jewelry is not just an accessory, it can be the perfect detail that you can use to reveal your style in the best way. Stylish women’s clothing and a perfect choice of jewelry can make you the queen of that event.

Each item of jewelry complements your outfit.

Jewelry that complements your clothes is the most impressive element of your style. You can create perfect styles with stylish jewelry suitable for every outfit. Sometimes even a single necklace changes the mood and style of the outfit. From this point of view, gold jewelry models add stylish and impressive details to all kinds of clothes.

If you have jewelry models in different styles, you can use your jewelry as powerful combination pieces for countless styles. You can add a rich atmosphere to your daily combination by combining a simple combination, such as a white T-shirt and black jeans, with our jewelry models designed with a black-yellow gold combination. You can also turn a plain sports dress into an ethnic style with dangly earrings and gemstone bracelets. Generally, you don’t need to buy women’s clothing because jewelry can be easily combined with any clothing.

Which jewelry is preferred for special events?

Jewelry selections can be made according to the type of event and the dress worn at special day events. If the event is luxurious and spectacular, flashy jewelry with a gold-diamond design can be preferred. Minimalist and elegant jewelry can be worn at more simple events. Romantic, modern, and fun or elegant jewelry can be selected according to the dress worn at events such as graduation. You can make your outfits perfectly interesting with simple jewelry without having to wear brand women’s clothing.

You can buy elegant dresses that you can wear to events from https://25union.biz.tr/, the well-known “women’s clothing online store.”.

women's clothing online store
Choosing jewelry for an event
stylish women's clothing
Choosing jewelry for an event
brand women's clothing
Choosing jewelry for an event

How is jewelry combined with clothing?

The choice of jewelry can take an outfit to a completely different level. So, how do you combine jewelry with clothing? The topic is always curious. There needs to be a decoupling between the color of the jewelry and the color of the outfit. For example, dresses in warm tones and jewelry in gold and rose colors match perfectly. On the other hand, clothes in cold tones are more compatible with jewelry.

The pattern and style of the outfit also affect the choice of jewelry. A simple dress can be enlivened with a large and flashy necklace or earrings. On the other hand, in addition to a patterned or detailed outfit, simple and minimal jewelry can be preferred. Thus, a distracting appearance can be avoided.

The size of the accessories is also an important issue. If you have a petite build, smaller and thinner jewelry may be suitable for you. If you have a taller and fuller body type, you can choose larger and more noticeable pieces. If there is no suitable clothing for your favorite jewelry, you can create the most suitable combination by ordering it from a popular women’s clothing online store. It brings elegance to your jewelry and makes it compatible with your style. If you have a classic style, pearls and elegant jewelry can be preferred. Briefly, although choosing jewelry for an event is very difficult, women know how to overcome it.

Diamond ICQ Resale Trends in Hong Kong

Diamond ICQ Resale Trends in Hong Kong
Diamond ICQ Resale Trends in Hong Kong

Diamond ICQ Investigates Motivations and Channels for Reselling Jewelry in the Hong Kong Diamond Market

Optimizing and Consolidating Business Structure to Promote Sustainable Circulation Patterns in the Pre-owned Diamond Jewellery Industry

Diamond ICQ (“the Company”) is one of Hong Kong’s largest dedicated diamond stores, specializing in buying and selling various high-quality diamond jewelry. The company is committed to providing diamond collectors with flexible solutions and channels to resell their jewelry and collections. Since its establishment, Diamond ICQ has gained industry recognition and a reputation at home and abroad.

Recent market research conducted by Diamond ICQ reveals that the global economic boost after the COVID-19 pandemic has fallen short of expectations in terms of speed and extent. Many jewelry owners are facing economic pressures and are seeking professional and reliable resale options to facilitate liquidity. Some sellers choose to resell jewelry due to financial considerations, while many collectors no longer feel certain pieces are attached or meaningful to their current circumstances.

Additionally, some owners also wish to raise funds and donate to charitable organizations by selling their family heirloom jewelry, expressing gratitude for past generations, and giving back to society. Furthermore, there is a common demand for upgrading by trading in smaller diamond jewelry for larger ones. Diamond ICQ advocates for and promotes the concept of sustainable circulation for diamond jewelry.

However, the current channels for diamond resale in Hong Kong are deficient. Large-scale international auction houses have high thresholds and transaction fees for diamond resale, and their processes typically require a long time to schedule queuing for vendue.

Pawnshops, on the other hand, exercise particular caution regarding the risks associated with handling such items, meaning limited acceptance rates and categories. And those most accessible traditional jewelry stores, which used to offer buy-back services for their own products, have ceased doing so in recent years. This situation indicates “a thriving market without viable options” for reselling pre-owned diamond jewelry. In light of this, Diamond ICQ is actively optimizing and consolidating its diamond jewellery resale business to gratify the market demand.

As the only dedicated pre-owned diamond jewellery store in Hong Kong, Diamond ICQ provides a one-stop service for buying, selling, and consigning jewellery. Regardless of the size or certification status of the jewellery, the company offers professional and fair valuation services, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction process. With a top-notch team of experts and advanced equipment, Diamond ICQ can instantly authenticate diamonds and gemstones, and its online quotation service is fast and convenient.

With the support of its substantial financial capabilities, the company ensures that sellers receive immediate payment without worry afterward. Diamond ICQ’s diamond jewellery collection includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants. In addition, they offer loose diamonds, gemstones (such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, etc.), pearls, and jadeite. All diamonds and jewellery must undergo rigorous quality control and a comprehensive appraisal process, guaranteeing authenticity, identification, and competitive pricing.

Mr. Lam, the spokesperson for Diamond ICQ, stated, “Diamond ICQ aims to provide a one-stop service for jewellery enthusiasts. We value transparency and customer interests, respecting the needs and privacy of every customer, and providing the most professional advice. Whether it’s valuation or transaction, Diamond ICQ is known for its integrity and reliability, having established a solid brand reputation and customer base.

The company emphasizes the concept of sustainable business and is committed to protecting the environment, giving back to society, and ensuring ethical trade. We promote environmental conservation and actively drive the circulation of value in diamond jewellery. We firmly believe that a sustainable business strategy not only contributes to industry development but also provides customers with diversified choices and solutions.

Source: Media OutReach Newswire

It’s time to get ready for Jewellery & Gem ASIA this June

Jewellery & Gem ASIA

Hong Kong calls:
It’s time to get ready for Jewellery & Gem ASIA this June

Industry’s top mid-year B2B buying event in Asia to reveal Sustainability Awards finalists, present ‘Red Radiance 2.0’ ruby experience

New products, new innovations and new business opportunities await trade buyers at Asia’s premier mid-year B2B fine jewellery and gemstone sourcing event in Hong Kong this June, Informa Markets Jewellery announced.

Returning to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) from 20 to 23 June, Jewellery & Gem ASIA Hong Kong (JGA) will feature 1,700+ exhibitors from 30+ countries and regions, occupying 30+ pavilions spanning the group, product and themed categories. Another highlight is the big reveal on the finalists of the highly anticipated Sustainability Awards 2024 by JWA (Jewellery World Awards), an awards programme that recognises and honours sustainable business practices in the global jewellery community. Also deserving focus is the return of an immersive exhibit on the “King of Gems” – Red Radiance 2.0 – The Ruby’s Mine-To-Market Adventure.

B2B fine jewellery and gemstone sourcing event in Hong Kong
It’s time to get ready for Jewellery & Gem ASIA this June

With the ever-changing landscape of our industry, trade buyers are now placing greater emphasis on intentional sourcing, and our JGA exhibitors – who represent the very best in the market – are fully prepared to meet these evolving demands,” said David Bondi, Senior Vice President of Informa Markets in Asia.

Positioned in the middle of the year, JGA stands as a centrepiece event in the trade show calendar. “Buyers will have four days of sourcing, all in one place,” shared Celine Lau, Director of Jewellery Fairs at Informa Markets Jewellery. “JGA’s strategic timing provides businesses with a prime opportunity to review and replenish inventory for the rest of the year, and simultaneously prepares them for the world’s largest fine jewellery sourcing event in SeptemberJewellery & Gem WORLD Hong Kong (JGW).”

JGA will present a wide range of collections, encompassing finished jewellery, diamonds, coloured gemstones and pearls. Additionally, dedicated sections will highlight equipment, packaging and technology solutions. By attending, buyers can not only explore the latest product releases but also access valuable market intelligence.

We do more than just connect people with products. We offer fresh content that adds depth and value to the buying experience. After all, people come to JGA to be inspired,” Lau added.

Fair Highlights

the Sustainability Awards 2024 by JWA

During the Media Gathering on 20 June, Informa will announce the finalists for the Sustainability Awards 2024 by JWA, which applauds exceptional sustainability initiatives undertaken by businesses in the fine jewellery, gemstone and related industries over the past three years. The Awards programme has five categories, namely Environmental Stewardship, Social Empowerment, Manufacturing Innovation, Community Engagement and Sustainability Leadership. The winners will be revealed in July and honoured at the JGW Fair Reception on 18 September at the HKCEC.

Amidst the excitement of the Awards, JGA attendees may also explore the world of rubies through Red Radiance 2.0 – The Ruby’s Mine-to-Market Adventure. First introduced at JGW’s 40th edition last September by Informa’s Jewellery & Gem Knowledge Community, this onsite experience features a ruby exhibit accompanied by audio storytelling, live gemstone-cutting demonstrations and a dark room where visitors may use a UV torch to inspect rubies.

Product Preview

Professional buyers will have the opportunity to explore 30+ pavilions, including two signature areas, namely CORE in Hall 1 and Fine Design/Fine Gem in Hall 3. This clear categorisation not only highlights the unique offerings of each section but also makes navigating the show floor easier.

The CORE Pavilion hosts leading jewellery makers in Hong Kong, emphasising the city’s position as a hub for jewellery design and manufacturing. In addition, Fine Design/Fine Gem presents top jewellers’ design-focused collections and one-of-a-kinds, and gemstone dealers’ exceptional diamonds, coloured gemstones and pearls, among others.

Conch pearl ring
Conch pearl ring in 18-karat white gold with rose-cut and full-cut diamonds
J. R. Diam Limited

One exhibitor that is all set for JGA is J. R. Diam Limited. The company specialises in a wide range of diamond products, including briolettes, beads and stones in vintage or original cuts, and in various colours, sizes and qualities. The company also designs and manufactures jewellery. Notably, J. R. Diam will introduce new collections including an 18-karat white gold split-shank ring featuring a conch pearl centre gem surrounded by rose-cut and full-cut diamonds, and a pair of chandelier earrings adorned with rows of dangling briolette diamonds.

Ruby and diamond necklace
Ruby and diamond necklace in 18-karat white gold.
The eight rubies have a total carat weight of 41.42 carats
Nelson Jewellery Arts Co Ltd

At the CORE Pavilion, buyers will discover Nelson Jewellery Arts Co Ltd. According to the jeweller, it did not only hold the distinction of being the first to wax-set baguette diamonds; it was also the only recipient of the HKPC Productivity Award three times. Among its exceptional creations are necklaces that capture the essence of fine jewellery moments, one of which is adorned with 442 diamonds, totalling 28.15 carats, and a 38.9-carat sapphire pendant. Another boasts 561 diamonds with a total carat weight of 12.27 carats and 10 emeralds totalling 35.98 carats. Additionally, Nelson Jewellery Arts will be bringing a collar neckpiece embellished with 489 diamonds totalling 11.82 carats and eight rubies with a total carat weight of 41.42 carats.

Colombian emeralds
P.V. Gems
Rectangular radiant-cut sapphires
New Suren Co Ltd

Buyers looking for loose coloured gemstones will find an abundance of options at JGA. P.V. Gems of Hong Kong is presenting its curated selection of rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Another gemstone specialist, Thailand-based New Suren Co Ltd, is ready to showcase its rubies and sapphires in various shapes and sizes.

In addition to exhibits, JGA will host seminars and presentations, including exhibitor-led sessions. Stay tuned for details.

About JGA 2024

Fair website:

Visitor registration:

Fair DatesOpening Hours
20 – 22 / 6 / 202410:00 – 18:00
        23 / 6 / 202410:00 – 17:00

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Visitor EnquiryExhibitor Enquiry
T +852 3709 4992T +852 3709 4991
        E visitjgf-hk@informa.comE salesjgf@informa.com

Source: Informa


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