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The Timeless Symbolism of Wedding Rings

The Timeless Symbolism of Wedding Rings
The Timeless Symbolism of Wedding Rings

The Timeless Symbolism of Wedding Rings

The wedding ring is a timeless symbol of love, commitment, and unity. As couples exchange these simple yet powerful jewelry pieces on their wedding day, they embark on a journey that reflects a bond meant to last a lifetime. Beyond their physical beauty, wedding rings carry deep emotional significance, representing the unbreakable circle of love and the promises made between partners.

A Circle of Eternity:

The most iconic feature of a wedding ring is its circular shape, which has no beginning or end. This unending loop symbolizes eternity and the everlasting commitment that two individuals share. Just as the circle has no gaps or breaks, the love between a married couple is meant to endure through all challenges and triumphs.

A Token of Commitment:

Exchanging rings during the wedding ceremony is a public declaration of commitment. The act signifies the couples’ promise to support, honor, and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. The rings are a tangible reminder of this vow, which can be worn daily as a reflection of the promises made on their wedding day.

A Connection to History and Tradition:

The tradition of exchanging wedding rings dates back thousands of years to ancient civilizations like the Egyptians and Romans. The circular shape represented eternity, while the hole in the center symbolized a gateway or door leading to future experiences. This rich history adds depth to the significance of wedding rings, connecting modern couples to a timeless tradition.

Personalized Expressions:

While the symbolism remains consistent, the design of wedding rings can vary widely, allowing couples to express their individuality and style. Each ring tells a unique story, from classic gold bands to intricate diamond-encrusted designs. Some couples opt for matching rings, symbolizing their unity, while others select rings that complement each other while highlighting their personal preferences.

Rings as Family Heirlooms:

Wedding rings can become cherished family heirlooms passed down through generations. The significance of wearing a ring that parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents wore adds an extra layer of sentimentality to the piece. It serves as a tangible connection to one’s family history, reminding couples of the enduring love that has been present for years.

The “Ring Finger” Tradition:

The tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand, commonly known as the “ring finger,” is believed to have originated from the ancient Roman belief that a vein in this finger, the “vena amoris” or “vein of love,” directly connected to the heart. This romantic notion further enhances the symbolism of the wedding ring.

Materials and Gemstones:

The choice of materials and gemstones for wedding rings also holds significance. Gold, platinum, and silver are commonly used metals, each with unique qualities. Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and other gemstones can add personal meaning, such as birthstones or stones with sentimental value.

Renewal of Vows and Anniversaries:

Wedding rings are not only relevant on the wedding day but continue to hold significance throughout a couple’s journey. They can be a part of vow renewal ceremonies, reaffirming the commitment made years earlier. Wedding rings also serve as a reminder of the years spent together and are celebrated on each anniversary as a testament to enduring love.

Modern Innovations and Designs:

As the world of jewelry design evolves, modern couples have more choices than ever regarding their wedding rings. Alternative materials like tungsten, titanium, and even wood offer unique options. Engraving the inside of the rings with special dates, initials, or meaningful phrases adds a personal touch.

Caring for Your Rings:

Wedding rings are not only symbolic but also valuable investments. Proper care is essential to maintaining their beauty and longevity. Regular cleaning, proper storage, and avoiding contact with harsh chemicals or extreme conditions can keep your rings looking stunning for years to come.

beautiful wedding card designs
Modern Innovations and Designs
wedding invitation card maker online

If you and your future spouse are planning on upgrading your engagement ring to a wedding ring, you’ll need beautiful wedding card designs. Try looking for a wedding invitation card maker online so your invitations are as lovely as your wedding rings.

Wedding rings encapsulate the profound bond between two people, representing their eternal love and unwavering commitment. They are not just pieces of jewelry but symbols of unity, history, and personal expression. Through centuries of tradition and evolving designs, the wedding ring remains a timeless and enduring symbol of love’s unbreakable circle.

Natural Diamonds are Preferred for Engagement Rings

natural diamonds are preferred for engagement rings
natural diamonds are preferred for engagement rings

A New Survey Reveals that 80% of Respondents Prefer Natural Diamonds for their Engagement Rings

Two-thirds of respondents conduct online research for their ideal engagement rings and 94% would make their purchase in Hong Kong

Source: De Beers Group

Now that the pandemic is behind us, grooms and brides-to-be may be rethinking their wishes and priorities for their big day. However, certain core elements of engagements and weddings, such as the preciousness of an intimate “proposal” and a sparkling engagement ring adorned with natural diamonds, remain unchanged. These findings come from the latest online pre-bridal survey conducted by NielsenIQ.

The online survey, in its second consecutive year, continues to explore the latest engagement and wedding expectations in Hong Kong. Among the 482 respondents, 80% of them prefer natural diamonds for their engagement rings, and 82% indicate an engagement ring is an important detail in wedding planning. Two-thirds of the respondents conducted research online about their ideal engagement rings, while 94% would make the purchase in local jewelry stores.

The results also show that following the end of the pandemic, the preference for a more glamorous wedding has re-emerged, since social distancing is no longer a concern. More than half (54%) of those surveyed are in favor of a good balance of simplicity and grandeur in their weddings. A simple and casual wedding, which was highly popular last year, became the second choice (39%), followed by a travel wedding (28%).

The Proposal of Paramount Importance

However, regardless of how couples would like to structure their big day, 88% of the respondents stressed the paramount importance of a proposal. Unlike the wedding style, the proposal is usually viewed as an intimate event, with the vast majority of respondents (80%) preferring the proposal to take place privately. In addition, over half (60%) enjoy a moment of “just the two of us.” The trend aligns largely with the results from last year.

online research for their ideal engagement rings
A new survey reveals that 80% of Respondents Prefer Natural Diamonds for their Engagement Rings

Choose my own Engagement Ring

A large majority of respondents (82%) believe engagement rings are an important part of a wedding, a trend that has remained consistent before and after the pandemic. This ritual is followed in importance by pre-wedding photos (72%), and honeymoons (58%).

Regarding the selection of an engagement ring, 80% of the respondents prefer natural diamonds, and 86% of them would like to be involved in handpicking the right ring. The top considerations during the selection included the conventional 4Cs (color, clarity, carat, and cut) (83%). In addition, 39% of respondents would prefer diamonds that come with certifications, and 21% value the origin of their diamonds.

Meaning of Marriage and Engagement Rings

As a new attempt this year, the survey included questions about the meaning of marriage commitment. A majority of the respondents (70%) believe the marriage vow represents “everlasting love or life-long partnership”, while 63% think marriage commitment means “unconditional or mutual support.” Among those who opt for natural diamonds, over half of them (51%) appreciate that natural diamonds are “one-of-a-kind”, while 49% see them as “precious, rare, and naturally formed through time and nature”.

Natural Diamonds for their Engagement Rings
Meaning of Marriage and Engagement Rings

Survey Methodology

Commissioned by De Beers Group, the pre-bridal survey was conducted by NielsenIQ in May 2023 via multiple social media channels, with a total of 482 participants aged 18–44. Among the participants, 77% were female, while 23% were male. A majority of them (72%) were either engaged or in a serious relationship. The design and data analysis of the survey were engineered by NielsenIQ.

The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

11 Gift Ideas to Paint a Bright Smile on Her Special Day

11 Gift Ideas to Paint a Bright Smile
11 Gift Ideas to Paint a Bright Smile

11 Gift Ideas to Paint a Bright Smile on Her Special Day

1. Commissioning a Skilled Artist for a Heartfelt Gift

A customized photograph is one of the most touching and unique gifts you can offer on a special occasion. This involves collaborating with a skilled artist to create unique and meaningful artwork that captures a cherished memory, a beloved pet, or even her likeness. This extra-thoughtful action shows how much thought and care you’ve put into it compared to a typical present.

A custom portrait is a beautiful way to immortalize a moment that holds significance to both of you. Whether it’s a snapshot from a special trip, a candid photograph that perfectly encapsulates her personality or a representation of her furry companion, the portrait serves as a visual representation of your shared experiences. The artistic rendering adds a touch of creativity and emotion, making it a truly heartfelt present.

2. Mapping the Constellations of Your Love Story

Imagine having a piece of the universe tailored to a significant date in your relationship—this is the magic of a custom star map. Crafting a truly exceptional and heartfelt gift involves meticulously recreating the night sky exactly as it appeared on a significant occasion, such as her birthday or the day your paths first crossed.

The star map is more than just an artistic depiction; it’s a symbol of your bond. The constellations aligning on that specific date mirror the alignment of your lives at that moment. This beautiful representation of the cosmos serves as a reminder of your connection and shared experiences under the vast night sky.

3. Timeless Sentiments Encased in Beauty

In a world of digital communication, the charm of a handwritten message in a bottle is unparalleled. This vintage-inspired gift involves crafting a heartfelt message and placing it in an elegantly decorated bottle, often filled with sand, seashells, or tiny trinkets. The tactile nature of this gift gives it a timeless quality, allowing your sentiments to be cherished in a truly unique manner.

The act of writing a heartfelt message and carefully placing it in the bottle adds a personal touch that can’t be replicated. As she unravels your words, she’ll be transported to a moment frozen in time, experiencing the magic of your emotions captured in a captivating vessel.

4. Crafting Elegance and Thoughtfulness

When it comes to unique and personalized gifts, handmade jewelry stands out as a shining example. Handcrafted with care and precision, each piece is a reflection of your attention to detail and your understanding of her preferences.

The choice of jewelry—whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings—can be tailored to her style. Incorporate elements that hold meaning, such as her birthstone or a charm that symbolizes a shared memory. This thoughtful approach transforms the jewelry into a cherished keepsake, ensuring that she carries a piece of your thoughtfulness with her wherever she goes.

5. Crafting Nostalgia with Every Page

Creating a memory scrapbook is like weaving a tapestry of your shared journey. This hands-on project involves compiling mementos, photographs, and written memories into a beautifully designed scrapbook. The result is a tangible reminder of the moments, big and small, that have shaped your relationship.

The beauty of a memory scrapbook lies in its ability to capture the essence of your experiences. Each page holds a piece of your story, from the earliest days to the most recent adventures. As she flips through the pages, she’ll relive the laughter, joy, and growth that you’ve experienced together.

6. Vegan Stylish Bags: Ethical Fashion with Elegance

For a woman who values fashion and sustainability, consider gifting her a collection of stylish vegan stylish bags. These accessories combine chic style with ethical choices, showcasing your understanding of her preferences and values.

Vegan bags are more than fashion statements; they reflect a commitment to cruelty-free living and environmental consciousness. From trendy backpacks to elegant totes, these bags are crafted with care for both fashion and the planet. With each use, she’ll appreciate your thoughtful gesture that aligns with her principles and passions.

Gift Ideas to Paint a Bright Smile on Her Special Day
Gift Ideas to Paint a Bright Smile on Her Special Day

7. Nature’s Canvas for Shared Experiences

An outdoor adventure is a gift that offers a blend of excitement and intimacy. Whether it’s a hot air balloon ride, a scenic hike, or a serene picnic in a beautiful park, the outdoors provides a canvas for shared experiences that are etched in memory forever.

The adventure you choose can be tailored to her interests. If she’s an adrenaline junkie, consider a thrilling activity like ziplining or rock climbing. For people who like calmness, a relaxed hike or a peaceful day by the water might be more attractive. Regardless of the choice, the gift of shared moments in nature creates lasting memories that you both can treasure.

8. A Year-Long Gesture of Thoughtfulness

In our fast-paced digital age, handwritten letters carry a unique charm and sentimentality. Consider writing a series of heartfelt letters, each designated for different moments—happy, sad, stressed, and more. These letters serve as a year-long gesture of care and thoughtfulness, offering a guiding light during various emotional phases.

The act of crafting handwritten letters requires time and consideration. Each letter becomes a touchstone, a reminder that you’re there for her no matter the circumstances. As she opens these letters throughout the year, she’ll feel your presence and unwavering support, making this gift a truly touching and enduring gesture.

9. Nature’s Ever-Present Beauty

Bringing the beauty of nature into her life is made effortless with a plant or flower subscription. This gift provides a delightful surprise regularly, as fresh flowers or unique plants are delivered to her doorstep. Different colors and lovely smells come with the different seasons, making her surroundings better and lifting her mood.

The subscription model adds an element of anticipation, as she eagerly awaits each new delivery. Whether it’s a bouquet of her favorite blooms or an intriguing plant to nurture, this gift keeps the wonders of the natural world within her reach. It’s a tangible reminder of your thoughtful gesture that continues to flourish over time.

10. Learning and Bonding Through Experience

Enrolling in a cooking or art class together is a wonderful way to bond while learning new skills. These shared experiences not only provide growth opportunities but also create lasting memories that you’ll both cherish.

In a cooking class, you’ll explore new cuisines and techniques, honing your culinary abilities side by side. The joy of preparing and sharing a delicious meal becomes a highlight of your time spent together.

Similarly, an art class offers a creative outlet for both of you. Whether it’s painting, pottery, or another artistic endeavor, you’ll collaborate to bring your visions to life. The process of creating something together strengthens your connection and leaves you with tangible reminders of your shared accomplishments.

11. Sharing the Beauty of the Night Sky

Immerse yourself in the wonder of the cosmos with a stargazing kit. Assembled with care, this kit includes essentials such as a cozy blanket, binoculars or a telescope, and guides to constellations. Spend quality time together under the stars, observing celestial wonders, and enjoying each other’s company.

The act of stargazing encourages a sense of awe and perspective. As you point out constellations and discuss the mysteries of the universe, you’ll deepen your connection on a cosmic level. This present doesn’t just provide a memorable time but also helps create a strong feeling of closeness that’s truly exceptional.

In Conclusion

When picking a gift to make her happy on her special day, remember that being considerate and making it personal can mean a lot. Each of these special gift ideas gives a peek into how you feel and the connection you have with her.

The Enchanting World of Rare Cut Diamonds

The Enchanting World of Rare Cut Diamonds
The Enchanting World of Rare Cut Diamonds

The Enchanting World of Rare Cut Diamonds: An In-depth Exploration

Diamonds have captivated humankind for centuries with their inherent beauty and rare allure. However, beyond the conventional round brilliant cuts lies an exclusive world of rare diamond cuts, each radiating a unique charm and grandeur. This article delves into the enchanting world of these rare cut diamonds, illuminating their significance and the value they bring to the realm of fine jewelry.

Overview of Rare Diamond Cuts

While round brilliant cuts dominate the diamond market due to their maximum brilliance and fire, there are myriad rare diamond cuts, each with its own distinct appeal. Some examples include:

Asscher Cut:

Also known as the “square emerald cut,” the Asscher cut is characterized by its large step facets, a high crown, and a small table. This combination results in unique brilliance and a captivating hall-of-mirrors effect. The cut’s square shape with deeply trimmed corners adds a touch of vintage appeal and modern sophistication.

Cushion Cut:

Also known as the “pillow cut,” the cushion cut has rounded corners and larger facets, which enhance the diamond’s brilliance. It combines the shapes of a square cut with round corners, reminiscent of a pillow, hence the name. This cut has been popular for over 200 years for its soft, romantic appeal.

Heart Cut:

A symbol of love and romance, the heart cut is technically complex, requiring a high degree of precision from the cutter to maintain perfect symmetry. The resulting shape, with its clefts and lobes, must be well-defined for the diamond to achieve its distinctive heart appearance.


Named after the Marquise de Pompadour, the Marquise cut is distinctive for its elongated shape with pointed ends. This cut maximizes the carat weight of the diamond, making it look larger than it actually is. The shape also elongates the finger of the wearer, adding to its appeal.

Radiant Cut:

The radiant cut is a versatile cut that combines the brilliance of a round cut with the elegance of a princess cut. Its distinguishing feature is the beveled corners, which provide durability and a unique look. The cut’s 70 facets maximize the effect of its color refraction.

Pear Cut:

Often referred to as the “teardrop,” the pear cut is a hybrid of the round and marquise cuts. The cut’s single point and rounded end provide a delicate and soft look, offering an excellent display of brilliance and fire.

Trillion Cut:

Known for its triangular shape, the trillion cut offers a unique, modern look. It can either have rounded or straight sides, or a combination of both. This cut is usually used as a side stone but can also make a striking centerpiece due to its distinctive shape.

Each of these rare cuts carries a unique charm and character, offering an alternative for those who wish to deviate from the norm of round brilliant cuts. Their rarity and distinctive characteristics contribute to their allure in the diamond market.

Buying Considerations for Rare Cut Diamonds

When buying a rare-cut diamond, several factors need to be taken into account:

Cut Quality:

Given that the quality of the cut significantly influences a diamond’s brilliance, it’s important to pay attention to this aspect. Make sure the facets are well-proportioned and symmetrical to ensure optimal light reflection.

Color and Clarity:

Depending on the specific rare cut, some diamond colors and inclusions may be more noticeable than others. It’s crucial to choose a diamond with a color and clarity grade that suits the particular cut.

Carat Weight:

The size or carat weight of the diamond will also influence its appearance and value. Consider your preference for size versus quality to make a decision that suits your taste and budget.


Always ensure that the diamond comes with a certificate from a reputable grading laboratory. This certificate verifies the diamond’s attributes and confirms its authenticity.

Personal Preference:

Perhaps the most critical factor when choosing a rare-cut diamond is your personal taste. Each rare cut has its unique charm and appeal, so choose a cut that resonates with your style and personality.

Proportions and Symmetry:

Especially in complex shapes like heart or marquise cuts, ensure that both halves of the diamond are symmetrical. This symmetry is crucial for the overall balance and aesthetic appeal of the diamond.


Keep your budget in mind when selecting a rare-cut diamond. Certain rare cuts can be more expensive due to their complexity or the number of rough diamonds lost in the cutting process.


Finally, consider the setting in which you plan to place the diamond. Certain cuts might look better in particular settings, so ensure that the cut and setting complement each other well.


Rare cut diamonds occupy a unique niche in the vast universe of diamonds. They offer a break from the conventional, showcasing an array of captivating shapes that carry their own unique light performance and aesthetic appeal. Whether you are a collector, an enthusiast, or a prospective diamond buyer, understanding these rare beauties can enhance your appreciation for diamonds and guide you in selecting a gem that truly reflects your personality and style.

Photo by Akhilesh Sharma on Unsplash

What Is The Best Diamond For Your Engagement Ring?

Choosing the Best Diamond

What Is The Best Diamond For Your Engagement Ring?

Updated on 24 July 2023.

Who does not wish to make their special day the most memorable day of their life, everyone wishes to do so. It is human nature that they tend to spend more and more on their special occasions. That is because people believe that by spending more money on such occasions, the festivity and joy of these occasions get enlightened, and they get more memorable.

There could be different types of events or milestones that you believe are important to you. For instance, getting graduated from a university is also an occasion that you consider as a milestone, and might celebrate this occasion by having a graduation dinner with your university fellows. Furthermore, purchasing a new car, buying yourself a new place, or maybe the birthday of a loved one is also a kind of special occasion that you love to celebrate.

However, apart from such occasions, there also lies an occasion that happens to be one of the most important parts of the young adult’s lives. This occasion is called your engagement.

People tend to spend a hefty amount of money on this occasion just to express their love for their loved ones. Having said this, the most important part of the engagement of two individuals is the engagement ring.

Individuals these days try to bring creativity and innovation to engagement rings as well. People now prefer to choose a diamond lot as their engagement ringside stone.

The reason is, they have this thought back in their mind that the person they are getting engaged with is as precious as the diamond. So the male fellow does their best to choose the best diamond for the engagement ring.

We are here with a complete guide for you to see which diamond is the best for your engagement ring.

If you are a young adult and are getting a diamond ring for your girlfriend, then without the assistance of any professional or someone who has purchased a diamond before could get difficult for you. However, we have accumulated some key steps that arise with the diamond purchase. Mentioned below are some of the main points that are to be considered while buying a diamond for an engagement ring.

Choose a shape for your diamond:

The shape of your diamond will determine the shape and styling of the engagement ring. Therefore, it is essentially important to get your homework done on the shape of the diamond so that ring’s design can easily be put into the process. However, as easy as it sounds, choosing a diamond’s shape can get complex sometimes.

The reason is, it all depends upon the other person’s liking. You might want to surprise them with a  round-shaped diamond, but there lies the probability that they like the ones with the cut shape.

In this regard, to get this process completed smoothly, you should first try to get insight from the person that you are choosing a diamond for. And look for the shapes of the diamonds that are available in the market.

Look for the Types of the Diamonds:

Everything these days has been under the severe influence of creativity and innovation. In the same way, the diamonds that are made and refined these days are also coming in various qualities.

For instance, while there was only a crystal clear form of diamonds, not many jewelers around the world are also providing people with colored diamonds. It is because of the changing demands and requests of the customers. People now tend to customize their possessions in the way that they like them to be.

Similarly, it is recommended for you as well that if you’re loved and like to have customized goods. Then you should go for the colored form of the diamonds since those diamonds are also very high in demand these days.

The Best Diamond For Your Engagement Ring
The Best Diamond For Your Engagement Ring

Keep innovation simplistic:

The usual engagement rings are the ones that are made out of silver and have nothing on them. However, one of the best forms of diamond engagement rings is also the one that has small pieces of diamonds embossed on the typical diamond ring.

Such rings prove to be the most elegant of the engagement rings. These rings are best suited for every other individual. Since these rings keep both of the diamonds in them and as well as the engagement style ring as well.

Choose the right carat for the ring:

Like any other jewelry that is valued against the carats in them, diamonds are also valued against the number of carats present in them. The more the carats the more valuable the diamond will be.

However, alongside the value, more carats will also lead to more prices for the diamond. Therefore, it is mandatory to select a diamond that is of adequate weight so that you may easily purchase it.

Check for the styles for cost reduction:

If you are looking for a diamond at low pricing then it is better to have one with a different style. For example, some diamonds are in a 5-pointer star shape, some resemble the shape of a flower, some are like just another crystal, and some of them are in a typical diamond shape. All of these diamond styles have got different pricing against them.

However, to get a diamond for the engagement ring that would look good, and well presentable. Furthermore, one of the greatest things to make the diamond on the ring look more beautiful is to place them next to the added gems.

For example, adding a sapphire stone with the diamond enhances the beauty of the diamond. This tactic is both cheap and helps you to make your diamond look way more beautiful. This is the perfect type of diamond that you will be needing on your engagement ring. With this type of diamond ring, you will be surely able to make your loved one feel more special and loved.

High Jewellery Collection by De Beers

High Jewellery collection

Metamorphosis by De Beers is a High Jewellery collection dedicated to the transformative power of natural diamonds, with bold designs inspired by nature’s perpetual evolution.

De Beers introduces Metamorphosis Chapter Two: a High Jewellery collection that celebrates the transformative power of natural diamonds

Source: De Beers Jewellers

Spring, summer, autumn, winter: nature’s constant metamorphosis manifests in the rhythmic cycle of the seasons. Flowers bloom, leaves change color, rivers freeze. A caterpillar emerges from its chrysalis as a majestic butterfly. And rough diamonds formed billions of years ago are transformed into masterfully crafted, astonishingly beautiful jewels.

Metamorphosis by De Beers is a High Jewellery collection dedicated to the transformative power of natural diamonds, with bold designs inspired by nature’s perpetual evolution. In January 2023, the House unveiled Chapter One, with its first set, Prelude. Prelude harmoniously captured the four seasons, introducing, among other pieces, an electrifying ear cuff strung with four titanium chrysalises to symbolize Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

During Paris Couture Week in July 2023, De Beers unveils Chapter Two, which sees four magnificent butterflies arise from these cocoons, each representing a new season. These exquisite creatures spearhead four sets comprising 37 new pieces that, in combination with the nine jewels from Prelude, create a full collection of 46 one-of-a-kind designs.

The Metamorphosis by De Beers collection celebrates the magnetic beauty of raw materials while pushing the boundaries of contemporary design and technical innovation. The four sets of Chapter Two are dedicated to the shifting seasons, with four distinct aesthetics that showcase the House’s exceptional craftsmanship.

Spring is represented by the overlapping petals of the King Protea flower native to southern Africa, where many De Beers diamonds are unearthed. The Summerset is inspired by the mesmerizing spirals of ammonite fossils, crafted in yellow gold-like relics revealed in the sand. Autumn’s russet leaves are abstracted into billowing curves of Grand Feu enamel, the first time this expert technique has appeared in a De Beers collection. And the glacial splendor of Winter is echoed in articulated jewels suggestive of the angular fragments formed on frozen lakes.

The unique collection champions movement and versatility. In Chapter Two, twenty pieces are transformable, while articulation and en-tremblant settings ensure that every creation comes to life when worn. Modern multi-finger rings, ear cuffs, and an avant-garde tiara demonstrate the metamorphosis at the heart of De Beers, from the purveyor of the world’s finest diamonds to a daring and creative High Jewellery House.

High Jewellery Collection by De Beers

De Beers is the only luxury House with a direct connection to the source, offering unparalleled access to the Earth’s most beautiful diamonds while also ensuring their superior quality, traceability, and positive impact. Metamorphosis Chapter Two showcases remarkable rare diamonds from the De Beers Natural Works of Art collection, including a 2.78-carat Fancy Intense Pinkish Purple cushion-cut diamond, a 7.61-carat Fancy Vivid Yellow cushion-cut diamond, and a pear-shaped white diamond of 8.49 carats. The House juxtaposes these hypnotic treasures of nature with cutting-edge materials such as titanium alongside traditional goldsmithing techniques.

With Prelude we wanted to tell the story of the start of a magical transformation. In Chapter Two, we continue this poetic ode to the beauty of nature’s constant evolution and welcome four beautiful butterflies. They are an iconic emblem of De Beers and a symbol of our boundless creativity,” says Céline Assimon, CEO of De Beers Jewellers. “I am particularly proud of the daring designs of this chapter: we’ve experimented with bold volumes, graphic motifs, and hidden details. Our focus on transformability and versatility reflects the fact that De Beers is a young House: High Jewellery is the epitome of art and craftsmanship, but it should also be wearable and fun.


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