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Continued Growth@Frederique Constant

In today’s difficult economic climate, FREDERIQUE CONSTANT is proud to announce Year-to-Date growth of 9% for the January-May period compared to 2014. The continued...

Ateliers deMonaco launches its Manufacture Flyback Chronograph Introducing the Admiral collection

2015 will be the year in which Ateliers deMonaco (dMc) will start producing its own in-house flyback chronograph movements, adding yet another to our...

JEANRICHARD now partner of both BNY Mellon Boat Races

Three is a charm: JEANRICHARD now partner of both BNY Mellon Boat RacesThe Swiss Luxury Watch Manufacturer is for the third time partner of...


MagicQuinceanera.com has been happily offering the latest in special occasion fashion and accessories to our customers online since 2010. We are proud to provide...

Carat – The Weight That Makes All of the Distinction!

Diamond assessments are ineffective except they’re made amongst diamonds with synonymous qualities and texture. Bearing in mind the value/carat is a fantastic technique to...

Kara Jewellery: Bazaar Love Continues since three generations….

Mr.Kevork Kara told us that after his grandfather and uncle the 3rd generation are in this jewellery business. 1. Please tell us more about your...



Ameithyst stone and options

The Amethyst is the member of group of quartz and these can happen within the a number of of shades and colours, as acknowledged...