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Seven Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

Here are knowledge and guide tips which should know before buying a Diamond Engagement Ring


Seven Engagement Ring Shopping Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Ring

Getting Engaged is the most wonderful event in anyone’s life. It is the first step towards your wedding life. The trend of proposing with the Engagement Ring is coming from many years. Diamond Engagement Rings are not only a piece of jewelry, but also it is precious jewelry which is a symbol of Everlasting Love.

Everyone wants to make Engagement as a memorable day of their life with a Special Ring. An Engagement and Wedding Ring that never goes out of style, which is perfect at any occasion or which is long-lasting.

Here are knowledge and guide tips which should know before buying a Diamond Engagement Ring for Her and you can clear your all doubts and fear.

  1. Work with Diamond Characteristics
    Diamond is brighter and more vibrant, and the perfect craftsmanship produces the most beautiful Diamond. Every diamond has certain distinguishing characteristics. The diamond has four characteristics that are globally accepted for assessing the Quality of Diamond. These 4Cs are Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. (For more details about +Cs please click www.jewelleryistanbul.com/diamond-carat-clarity-cut-color/ )

    Color: A Diamond Color is the standardized color grading system that has been internationally accepted. Mostly white diamonds have a slight tint of yellow. The colorless diamond is the rarest which is expensive. The diamond Industries categorized the Color Grade from D (Colorless) to Z (Strong yellow Tint).

    Clarity: The Clarity of Diamond defines Flawless. When a Diamond Contain the greater imperfection in size, number and quality then the Clarity Grade is lower. A stone is graded as flawless if, under 10 power magnification, no inclusion and no blemishes are visible.

    Cut: The Diamond brightness is totally depending on the Diamond Cut. The cut determined by symmetry, polish, and proportion. If a diamond is cut poorly, it’ll appear dull even if it has a high color and clarity grade. Mostly Jewelers accept Excellent, Very Good, good and Poor cuts.

    Carat: The Diamond’s Size is measured by the Weight and the Carat is the Weight Unit. The Carat is divided into points. The 100 points are equal to a carat. The diamond with a high carat weight is more valuable and expensive.
  2. Think About the Metal
    Now, the second thing comes in your mind that which type of metal will suit on your fiancé’s finger. When you’ll go for buy a Diamond Engagement Ring, then you will get a variety of Metal to choose from. Platinum and White gold are very trendy nowadays. These both look like the same from the naked eye, but platinum is expensive compared to White gold. The greatest price difference, however, is between platinum and gold. Platinum is rarer and stronger than gold. The Rose and Yellow gold are also precious metals used in Wedding Rings.

  3. Pick Up Favorite Diamond Shape
    The Diamond Shape, Style and Setting reflects your personal style and personality. A wide range of Diamond Shape is available, and each shape of the Diamond will show your Love in a different- different style. Today 63% of people are in favor of Center Diamond with Side Stones, 21% people like the Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring (Round, Princess, Cushion, Pear Diamond Shape), 8% people favor in Semi-Precious Stone like Gemstone.

  4. Focus on the Diamond Setting
    The Diamonds are securely held on the Ring by the perfect setting and which give a stunning look. Prong, Pave, Channel, Bezel and more settings are used to arrange the diamonds. A classic Round Engagement Ring creates a modern and fresh look with the bezel setting. A trendy Pear-Shaped Diamond gives the traditional look with a four-prong setting. Get the Right diamond Shape and set the diamond in an appropriate setting according to your choice.

  5. Replaced the Diamond
    Generally, diamond is a very famous stone in the world but nowadays the Colored Stones are also getting popularity in the Engagement Ring. The Emerald, Blue Sapphire, and Ruby gemstones are very trendy, and you can use these stones as a birthstone and birthstone rings. These stones are less expensive compared to Diamond. If you want to spend less money, then the Gemstone Ring is the perfect option for you.

  6. Set your Pocket Size
    If you aren’t enabled to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring according to your Fiance’s Choice, then follow these tips which are given above. Before going to Buy Engagement Ring, set your minimum and maximum budget which will help you to pick the perfect Diamond Ring. and your love will not be disappointed with you.

  7. Make your Ring Unique with These trendy Style

Rose Gold Engagement Ring: It is said that “Engagement is a Special Event”. As your better half is special, so shouldn’t your Engagement Ring be special too? We all want a perfect Engagement Ring, but what about if there are some pros and cons.

Though the rose gold ring is a comeback ring but there are some fears and doubts about this ring too. The copper used in a rose gold ring can be allergic to some people. The color of this beautiful ring can be changed after some time. The stock of the rose gold ring is limited. It is available in many styles.

Halo Diamond Engagement Ring: This Halo Engagement Ring encircles a center gemstone or a diamond with a small stone in pave or micro pave settings. Halo rings look more beautiful and unique as it is styled in a unique form. If your love is never-ending for a diamond, then Halo diamond engagement rings can be the best ring for your engagement.

Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring: The Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring features a split shank cut with round diamonds. It increases the sparkle of the diamond with tiny small stones. It is the most trending engagement ring with a different style.

White Gold Three Stone Engagement Ring: It is said that – “White metals are sleek and modern which increase the elegance of ring”. The Appearance of this beautiful ring is eye-catching. The center diamond with the two perfect diamonds creates a stunning look. On your engagement, give this beautiful ring to your girl and make her day.

A Perfect Engagement Ring shows the relation between two people and tells the story of the person who wears it. So, choose the confidently a Diamond Ring for Her which will signify your love. now, you have decided which type of ring to pick for your fiance, right? Now, don’t waste your time, and You just need to buy the Perfect Diamond Ring.


  1. I read your article and i really like it. It is very nice and informative article. I like the topic when you give the tips to diamond engagment ring. can you explain it to me further? Diamond ring is more trending fashion in the market so your article is more related and helpful to everyone who want to buy diamond engagment ring.

    • Dear Rocksen, Thank you for your interest. We will try to answer your questions in a new article very soon. Please continue to follow us…


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