Blushing Brides: 8 Dazzling Diamond Rings We’re Obsessed in 2020

Every girl dreams of the perfect proposal from the love of her life. Although the proposal often contains a dreamy and attractive ring, women love wearing rings and each one of them has a preference based on their choices and personal style.

Thus, it is a good idea to strike the right balance between your budget and her liking.

Also, if you are planning to get married, then you surely need a wedding ring. However, in this case, you can always take her along and let her choose her desired ring. This is any day a safer option.

There will be no problems with the design or the size. You can also take some help from a creative wedding planner.

As it is, getting engaged is a major highlight of life. There are so many ring options available in the market that it can get overwhelming to choose just one ring. You will have options ranging from timeless solitaires, vintage settings, and even pretty three-stone halos.

Although, there is no need to worry as we have curated a list of dazzling diamond wedding rings that will look lovely on your hand.

1. Prong and solitaire setting

We are totally obsessing over this style as it never goes out of fashion. A prong is basically a little metal claw that actually holds the diamond. Prongs can be of different shapes including round, flat, pointed, and even V-shaped.

V-shaped prongs are most famous for princess-cut diamonds. Prong settings either contain four or six prongs. The one with six prongs is better as it holds the diamond properly.

2. The Tiffany setting

We surely love this one. Tiffany and Co. is a famous ring company and they developed a peculiar ring setting in 1886. In this setting, the metal is really less so the maximum attention goes to the diamond. This setting, in particular, is known as, “The Tiffany setting”.

It is possible to replicate this at any other jewelry store but, you can never get the exact setting as Tiffany has trademarked its prong design.

3. Bezel Setting

This is a great style and is comfortable to wear every day. It has a modern look and syncs well with the active lifestyle of the bride. The bezel setting does not hold the diamond with prongs.

Instead, it encircles the diamond with a thin metal rim. Alternatively, there can be a precious stone in between the metal ring instead of the diamond. 

The bezel setting comes in two different styles. One encircles the diamond completely with the metal rim while the other leaves the edges open.

4. Channel setting

We surely love this one and you should too! The Channel setting contains smaller diamonds that are set in a row on the band of the ring. The diamond setting is done closely in the grooves of the band.

The one where the entire band is decorated with diamonds looks amazing and is a great pick for your wedding ceremony.

5. Halo Setting

The halo setting contains a center stone. The diamonds are decorated in a concentric circle around the stone. Thus, if you are confused about choosing between a diamond and a ruby, then this one is for you.

You can literally have both in one ring. The halo setting can be done with a diamond in the middle as well. It is a great way to show the smaller diamond as a bigger diamond.

6. Cathedral Setting

We love this ring too. It is one of the most elegant settings of the diamond ring. The ring settings are made out of metal arches. They help in holding the diamond. It is known as a cathedral setting as it replicates the graceful arches of a cathedral.

The setting is carried out with the help of prongs, bezels, or even tension settings. The arches add extra height and make the stone look bigger than it is.

7. Bar setting

If you like simple patterns, then this is the ring for you. Diamonds are set separately between vertical bars of metal. Although, the bar setting is similar to the channel setting.

The major difference between the two is that the channel setting contains diamonds enclosed all over the ring while the bar setting usually leaves the diamonds exposed on two sides.

The setting will look good with a center stone as well. It can actually stand alone as well and look great as a wedding band.

8. Tension Setting

This is a popular style of diamond ring. It is named tension because the metal holds the diamond between it because of the tension created. It gives a unique appearance as the exact dimensions are calibrated with the help of a laser. It is a great style for a diamond ring.


These were some of the styles which we totally loved. They are classic, unique, and elegant. We are sure they will look amazing on any bride’s hand.


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