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Diamond ICQ Resale Trends in Hong Kong

Diamond ICQ Resale Trends in Hong Kong
Diamond ICQ Resale Trends in Hong Kong

Diamond ICQ Investigates Motivations and Channels for Reselling Jewelry in the Hong Kong Diamond Market

Optimizing and Consolidating Business Structure to Promote Sustainable Circulation Patterns in the Pre-owned Diamond Jewellery Industry

Diamond ICQ (“the Company”) is one of Hong Kong’s largest dedicated diamond stores, specializing in buying and selling various high-quality diamond jewelry. The company is committed to providing diamond collectors with flexible solutions and channels to resell their jewelry and collections. Since its establishment, Diamond ICQ has gained industry recognition and a reputation at home and abroad.

Recent market research conducted by Diamond ICQ reveals that the global economic boost after the COVID-19 pandemic has fallen short of expectations in terms of speed and extent. Many jewelry owners are facing economic pressures and are seeking professional and reliable resale options to facilitate liquidity. Some sellers choose to resell jewelry due to financial considerations, while many collectors no longer feel certain pieces are attached or meaningful to their current circumstances.

Additionally, some owners also wish to raise funds and donate to charitable organizations by selling their family heirloom jewelry, expressing gratitude for past generations, and giving back to society. Furthermore, there is a common demand for upgrading by trading in smaller diamond jewelry for larger ones. Diamond ICQ advocates for and promotes the concept of sustainable circulation for diamond jewelry.

However, the current channels for diamond resale in Hong Kong are deficient. Large-scale international auction houses have high thresholds and transaction fees for diamond resale, and their processes typically require a long time to schedule queuing for vendue.

Pawnshops, on the other hand, exercise particular caution regarding the risks associated with handling such items, meaning limited acceptance rates and categories. And those most accessible traditional jewelry stores, which used to offer buy-back services for their own products, have ceased doing so in recent years. This situation indicates “a thriving market without viable options” for reselling pre-owned diamond jewelry. In light of this, Diamond ICQ is actively optimizing and consolidating its diamond jewellery resale business to gratify the market demand.

As the only dedicated pre-owned diamond jewellery store in Hong Kong, Diamond ICQ provides a one-stop service for buying, selling, and consigning jewellery. Regardless of the size or certification status of the jewellery, the company offers professional and fair valuation services, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction process. With a top-notch team of experts and advanced equipment, Diamond ICQ can instantly authenticate diamonds and gemstones, and its online quotation service is fast and convenient.

With the support of its substantial financial capabilities, the company ensures that sellers receive immediate payment without worry afterward. Diamond ICQ’s diamond jewellery collection includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants. In addition, they offer loose diamonds, gemstones (such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, etc.), pearls, and jadeite. All diamonds and jewellery must undergo rigorous quality control and a comprehensive appraisal process, guaranteeing authenticity, identification, and competitive pricing.

Mr. Lam, the spokesperson for Diamond ICQ, stated, “Diamond ICQ aims to provide a one-stop service for jewellery enthusiasts. We value transparency and customer interests, respecting the needs and privacy of every customer, and providing the most professional advice. Whether it’s valuation or transaction, Diamond ICQ is known for its integrity and reliability, having established a solid brand reputation and customer base.

The company emphasizes the concept of sustainable business and is committed to protecting the environment, giving back to society, and ensuring ethical trade. We promote environmental conservation and actively drive the circulation of value in diamond jewellery. We firmly believe that a sustainable business strategy not only contributes to industry development but also provides customers with diversified choices and solutions.

Source: Media OutReach Newswire


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