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Get A Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring.


If you pay attention to pop culture and the fashion trends of our time, then you are probably aware that yellow diamonds are the diamonds of the season.

Why you may ask.

Well, the yellow diamond seems to be making more and more appearances these days.

From Beyoncé wearing one of the most expensive yellow diamonds in a recent campaign to Yara Shahidi wearing a white and yellow diamond necklace to the 2021 Met Gala.

Celebrities aside, many consider yellow diamonds to be the most beautiful gemstone because of their brightness and vivid attention-catching nature.

It’s just so hard not to notice a yellow diamond.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

Natural yellow diamonds and where they get their color from

Out of all the colored diamonds mined, yellow diamonds are the most common as they make up 60% of colored diamonds.

Natural yellow diamonds

Intense yellow diamonds are mostly found in South Africa, and the first-ever yellow diamond was also discovered in South Africa.

Yellow diamonds get their vibrant yellow color from a small part of nitrogen that absorbs blue light, giving the stone a yellow shade.

Most yellow diamonds come in a shade range of bright yellow to a brownish yellow, sometimes even with a brown or green hue.

The significance of a yellow diamond ring.

The color yellow signifies happiness for most people. The color is also associated with sunshine and hope.

As a result, yellow diamond rings are now popular because most people who search for rare diamonds find yellow diamonds to be fun.

Another reason yellow diamonds are so popular is that they are some of the most wallet-friendly rare diamonds on the market.

The significance of a yellow diamond ring

Light or faint yellow diamonds are fairly common and therefore are generally cheaper than colorless diamonds. However, light or faint yellow diamonds can’t be classified as canary diamonds.

The name Canary Diamond or Canary Yellow Diamond is only used to refer to pure yellow diamonds with an intense shade without secondary colors.

The diamond is named after the Canary bird, which also symbolizes happiness, playfulness, and positivity. The canary also represents light, so it’s only fitting that the pure yellow diamond is named after the yellow songbird.

Why should you get a yellow diamond ring?

Yellow diamond rings have been a celebrity favorite for years.

From royalty to A-list actresses, many of the members of high society seem to really like the yellow gemstone.

Some of the most popular diamonds in history have been yellow diamonds.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

Even though yellow diamonds are rarer than white diamonds, they are affordable.

A perfectly set yellow diamond is amazing to behold. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a show-stopping yellow diamond.

A fancy yellow diamond can be quite pricey, but compared to other rare stones, yellow diamonds are on the affordable side of things.

Yellow diamonds are an excellent choice for engagement rings. Yellow diamond engagement rings are out of the ordinary, but still classy and sophisticated.

Whether it’s set in yellow, white, rose gold, or platinum, yellow diamonds are stunning! Although, a gold band will beautifully complement the stone’s warm, golden hue.

Yellow diamonds, like all fancy and white conflict-free stones, are a great way to express one’s commitment and love.

Yellow diamonds are more common than other colors but rarer than white diamonds

Fancy yellow diamonds are exceptionally beautiful rare diamonds.

They also happen to be pocket and budget-friendly, which makes them even more of a must-have diamond.

When purchasing a fancy yellow diamond, it is key to find the right balance of color intensity and carat weight.

Speaking of intensity and shades, it’s important to remember that not all yellow diamonds are canary diamonds, but all canary diamonds are yellow diamonds.

If you are in the market for a diamond, or the perfect engagement ring, consider getting yourself a yellow diamond as soon as you can.

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Josephine Angela
Josephine Angela

Josephine Angela
Josephine is an aspiring Chef and Writer. She is currently in culinary school in hopes of one day becoming a certified Chef and Author. She spends her days in one of two ways, writing. Or in a Kitchen creating.

Josephine is an aspiring Chef and Writer. She is currently in culinary school in hopes of one day becoming a certified Chef and Author. She spends her days in one of two ways, writing. Or in a Kitchen creating.


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