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Accessories for watch lovers


Accessories for watch lovers

The ultimate watch owners accessory; courtesy of Bennett Winch

Renowned for their studied and uncompromising approach to refining their products beyond expectation, Bennett Winch has turned their attention to the world of horology, with the launch of their unmissable watch roll.

Watch lovers have typically struggled to find a travel companion worthy of housing their treasured timepieces, but, with a unique design and innovative materials, the Bennett Winch watch roll provides the perfect solution, bringing their DNA of function, craftsmanship and timeless style to a new arena.

Accessories for watch lovers
Accessories for watch lovers, watch roll.

Watch guru Wei Koh, an unmistakable voice in the horology world, and founder of one of its biggest publications, Revolution magazine, has been involved in every stage of the watch roll’s development. Along with the brand’s Design Director, Rupert Shreeve, it’s taken over a year to perfect everything from the watch roll’s distinctive design to its size and the materials used.“We were determined to make the ultimate watch roll. Something genuinely unique and made by hand in London from the very finest materials we could source.” Says Robin Bennett, Co-Founder of Bennett Winch. “Wei was incredibly detailed about what the pain-points were with other watch storage solutions, which provided some great design cues allowing us to create something that would set a new standard for anyone traveling with watches.”

Featuring a Kevlar layer, which is impervious to water, the Bennett Winch Watch Roll has been hand made in London and is lined in Alcantara – a fabric befitting the interior of an Aston Martin – as well as a collection of treasured wristwatches. The outer is constructed from the finest Italian leather, making it as pleasing on the eye as it is practical.

Featuring a hexagonal design, and available in black and brown, there’s room inside for three watches, placed on a removable roll with partitions: “The hexagon shape makes sure that it stands upright as well as on its side, which is important as you don’t want your pride and joy hitting the deck as you load it onto the roll. When unraveled, each edge of the hexagon forms a totally flat watch ‘staging area’ or ‘preparation deck’ – this also helps protect the watches from scratches and bumps when loading onto the cylinder, thanks to the Alcantara lining.” Says Rupert Shreeve, Design Director of Bennett Winch.

Accessories for watch lovers
Accessories for watch lovers

ABOUT BENNETT WINCH Established in 2014, Bennett Winch designs and manufactures timeless pieces inspired by the many and varied demands of modern life. The brand’s commitment to a design-led approach combines functionality with an uncompromised aesthetic. This singular vision brings together classic design cues with the finest of materials that are carefully selected for an understated yet luxurious appearance. Exclusively handcrafted in England, Bennett Winch accessories are created using traditional methods and meticulous attention to detail to ensure your bag never lets you down.

Source: BENNETT WINCH https://www.bennettwinch.com/


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