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5 Top Jewelry Trends of Winter 2020

Jewelry Trends of Winter 2020
Jewelry Trends of Winter 2020

5 Top Jewelry Trends of Winter 2020

Wearing jewelry can make your shine and glitter during gloomy winter months. It can improve your mood and the way people perceive you. Clothes and jewelry can affect the impression we leave on others.

Women can adjust this impression to their personal needs and desires using the right jewelry on different occasions.

This is our small contribution to describing the current jewelry trends so sit back and find out more about the top choices this winter.

5 Top Jewelry Trends of Winter 2020
5 Top Jewelry Trends of Winter 2020

The explosion of colors

A variety of colors is an efficient way to beat the winter cold and gloom. That’s why wearing a plentitude of colorful jewelry is one of the predominant trends this winter.

For starters, let your neck glow with a myriad of colorful necklaces. You can both get necklaces in several colors and a few separate one-colored items.

What’s more, you should pick your bracelets and earrings the same way. Winter is long enough to try on dozens of combinations wearing all those jewelry pieces.
Our two cents in addition to these pieces: get yourself a shiny, glittery brooch for your suit lapel. This will shine your way to every winter night outing.

The domination of pendant earrings

Earrings are loyal allies to every woman in every season. This winter, we are already witnessing the domination of statements earrings.

From feathery and rhinestone pendant earrings and huggies to chandelier and teardrop earrings, there’s a variety of options for your ear.

Again, there’s no need to be conservative with colors when you’re choosing your earrings. The more different colors and shapes you keep in your jewelry box, the more combos you can make.

Since we’ve seen the revival of the 1980s style in the last few years, opting for larger earrings will help you follow suit with other elements of the eighties.

Rebellious jewelry

Another trend of the early eighties, jewelry that express rebellion is one of the hottest trends this winter.

Depending on your personality, you can choose more radical items or less bold pieces.

For instance, you can just put a studded choker around your neck and a punk bracelet on your hand. Combined with darker makeup, you’ll display a darker overall appearance.

On the other hand, you can have your eyebrow pierced or get a metal new wave necklace.

Still, avoid wearing only rebellious jewelry because that might look boring and uninspiring.

Joining together some punk and traditional pieces of jewelry is what you should be looking for in 2020.

Silver is the new gold

Silver and gold interchangeably dominate the top lists when it comes to the most popular metals on the market.

From what we can see today on catwalks, silver is going to be in charge this winter and later on.

This gives you a chance to get silver items in every jewelry style you decide to follow. For instance, if you’re planning to use some ideas from the paragraph about rebellious jewelry, matte silver items are the right choice for you.

Also, let’s not underestimate the potential of classic silver jewelry. They can be a great fit for some outdoor winter events. For instance, if you’re planning to attend a wedding at an outdoor venue, such as this exclusive wedding venue in College Station, a silver jewelry combo will express both class and fashion awareness. Plus, silver jewelry perfectly corresponds with snowy event surroundings.

Odd-numbered sets

When talking about awareness, women should keep pushing the envelope with their jewelry combos. Even though it’s not easy to be innovative today, wearing odd-numbered sets is still a strong message.

For instance, you can occasionally wear only one earring from your sets. People still pay special attention to one-earring women so that’s a simple way of being unique.

Similarly, try to interchangeably wear a different number of bracelets. This will add to the variety of jewelry combinations you have up your sleeve.

Last, but not least, you might want to try on multi-layered necklaces that contain several thinner items.

All these variations will make you stand out from the crowd and send original fashion messages.


Summer leaves more space for jewelry combos because the clothes we wear are thinner. Also, we wear fewer items during warmer seasons. This makes jewelry more prominent and easily noticed.

In winter, on the other hand, jewelry needs to be emphasized. That’s how it will find its way to observers’ eyes.

Therefore, this winter asks for longer and larger earrings, as well as for thicker necklaces.

If you want to be extremely different from others, think about getting some rebellious pieces of jewelry.

Wearing one, three or five items instead of even-numbered sets is another way to stress out your fashion statement.

Follow our tips and let your jewelry spread the light through long winter nights.

Author Bio: James Barnes is an experienced wedding organizer and blogger at theannexevents.com. He specialized in organizing outdoor wedding events. When he isn’t writing about weddings and marital life, David usually goes swimming or playing squash.

Personalized bracelet – an art of expression and a token of love

the best-personalized bracelets
Reasons to choose the best-personalized bracelets as a gift?

Bracelets are one of the best and stylish ornaments that can add glory to the person’s wrist. Not only that it can give a touch of shine to a person’s hand. With time many things can fade away as to say flowers may fade away with time but not personalized and engraved bracelets. This thing lasts a lifetime is just because of the beauty of gemstones and jewelry. In almost all cultures and traditions, a personalized bracelet has been used as an heirloom for centuries.

What makes personalized bracelets unique from others
What makes personalized bracelet unique from others?

Engraving on artifacts is one of the first discoveries which was found in Indonesia. Since ancient times, it is known among all the peoples that personalized and engraved bracelets last for a long time. It is one of the best ways by which one can turn a piece of jewelry into a meaningful message or something personal. Just because of a few qualities like the expression of art and intimacy makes this jewelry or rather the bracelet last for generation after generations.

What makes personalized bracelets unique from others?

As previously said that personalized bracelets are very special. This is because it is a bracelet which is not only meant for fashion but also carries beautiful messages and statements which may be very important for the persons who are going to have it. Personalized and engraved bracelets have always been a statement of self-expression. It has also been an expression of love for one another. Many people engrave different types of things. For example, many people engrave their ritualistic thoughts or their idols name, many people engrave their loved one’s names and so on.

Some people engrave special words or thoughts or anything that reminds them of something related to the special person. Many peoples are there who can’t express their thoughts to someone else so these personalized bracelets are one of the best ways to express their unsaid words.

There are also peoples who hold religious beliefs. These kinds of people will be very grateful if they get a way to express their beliefs by engraving the words or thoughts in their bracelets. Even these people can write the name of the gods or whatever they believe, in their respective bracelets. And these bracelets can be used by their future generation as a token of belief or simply as a token of respect.

Reasons to choose the best-personalized bracelets as a gift?

Bracelets are always one of the best gift items one can give to another friend irrespective of gender. This is because a wide range of variables are available and are also easy to shop even at the last minute. The bracelets are available in many designs which makes it go easy for the outfits and even carries meaningful messages. We can buy bracelets according to our budget because materials that are used, ranging from extremely affordable to highly expensive. Any women irrespective of their ages can wear this as they are incredibly versatile. Not only women but also nowadays men wear personalized bracelets because these bracelets carry definite meanings and statements regarding some belief.

Not all relations deserve materialistic gifts. There are some relations that deserve gifts that are sentimentally related and carry emotions of one with the gift. Personalized bracelets are something which can carry emotions and is not just a professionally wrapped gift with zero sentimental value.  The personalized bracelets give the idea to someone that they are always in minds.

Perfect places to buy personalized bracelets-

There are many places to buy personalized bracelets, that may be online and offline. Many local artisans create beautiful things out of pearls, diamonds, and other gemstones and give a magnificent look to the bracelets. But these days all the artisans have moved from offline marketing to online marketing. So they have made it easy for the peoples to buy precious pieces of bracelets easily from home. There are a variety of options available online. But while buying these precious ornament online one must make sure of certain things because there are high chances of falling for the fraud cases. So gift the best and express your feelings with the personalized bracelets as soon as possible.

Geneva High Jewelry: Charles Zuber is celebrating a timeless star.

Charles Zuber earrings

These Charles Zuber earrings are precious and rare jewels promised to many variations. They are brimming with an enchantment that is akin to the seasonal glimmers, the shines of snow crystals and tears of frost. Conceived by the Maestro, this specially shaped and aesthetically different Etoile de Lucerne – Lucerne Star – also tells a poignant story.

Fascinating star, pure aesthetics and timeless

During his apprenticeship with a local jeweler, the Burger Company, the young would-be jeweler Charles Zuber, carried out a competitive examination launched by the City Council of Lucerne. His design won first prize. If his relatives had not disclosed it, this star might have remained an orphan forever in terms of creative fatherhood. And this despite the intensity of its current relevance, since it remains 70 years after its launch the original aesthetic highlight of the illuminations that ignite the city on the eve of the end of the year celebrations.

Discreetly ever-present in the Charles Zuber brand DNA, a Swiss signature that claims to be part of Geneva’s tradition of excellence in jewelry and watchmaking, this so-called Lucerne star also exists as an official website opening. Inspiring, contemporary and definitely timeless, it was designed by the late Charles Zuber, a Genevan with Lucerne origins. In the expert and meticulous hands of in-house gem-setters and jewelers, this star of Lucerne now generates a pair of earrings heralding a new line of Haute-jewelry.

First designed in 1949 by Charles Zuber during his apprenticeship, this contemporary aesthetic star still transcends one of Europe’s most popular Christmas markets. These earrings are the first of a new collection.

Geneva Haute-Joaillerie
Geneva High Jewelry: Charles Zuber is celebrating a timeless star

Charles Zuber, a glorious and fascinating history

The journalist writer Malcolm Lakin did some researches on the request of Vincent Perego, founding partner of the Charles Zuber House which is committed to the historical heritage of the Geneva jewelry sector. He discovered that the behind-the-scenes craftsman who gave his name to a brand wishing to perpetuate his values and talent had left other traces than the masterpieces of jewelry and watchmaking manufactured by the most prestigious Swiss Haute Horlogerie brands.

Like a forgotten Christmas story, Charles Zuber has left this iconic star behind him. It is the star of rebirth, vitality and limitless brilliance. It is this celestial body firmly attached to the borders of a horizon of promises which is being expressed into seduction and pleasure in this period of gifts and celebrations. Emotionally overwhelming, tremendously desirable.

Etoile de Lucerne earrings

This mobile, lightweight and airy earrings fly around in the magic of festive and commemorative moments around their secure anchorage point, an attachment pin system for earplugs. The framework and chain connecting elements are in pink gold. Alternating colored stones, purple royal rhodolite garnets, and custom hand-cut tsavorites, shaped like drops or diamonds baguette. Claws gem-set Star of Lucerne and the pear-shaped main stone are brilliant-cut (57 facets). A pure Haute-Joaillerie savoir-faire by Charles Zuber.

Pomander Collection

True to the spirit of the master jeweler who gave it its name and values, a skilled and ingenious craftsman recognized by his peers, the Charles Zuber brand places the Pomander at the forefront of the world of contemporaneity. It brings this mythical accessory to life again by using its mastery of jewelry techniques and an ability to select and match the most inhabited stones. Today as in the past, this jewel will be worn as a pendant, at the extremity of a scarf necklace and an endless chain of two meters long, in earrings or even studs, in open-ended bracelets. «Its shape of a high-value warhead, finely enclosed by a protective net with threads so fine that they can be erased, offers all the light to precious and semi-precious stones as well as their multiplicity of colors and heats» explains Vincent Perego, founding-partner of this brand that puts Geneva back at the heart of the international jewelry tradition.

Pomander Collection: The legendary apple of scents celebrated by the Charles Zuber brand

Source: Charles Zuber

Gift Yourself Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup Set Before this Shabbat

Silver Kiddush Cup SetBefore this Shabbat
Silver Kiddush Cup SetBefore this Shabbat

Sterling silver kiddush cup set is the symbolism of the Jewish culture which is used to pay homage to sacrifice of the Jews during their struggle for the liberalization. Used during the Sabbat or any of the holy occasions in the Jewish culture, the Kiddush cups marks the prayers which the Hews recite over a glass of wine present in the kiddush cup.

The Jewish faith is embodied with detail of veneration and symbolism. This also means that you would find a reason and symbolism in every Jewish artifact. Especially, the kiddush cups used during the Holy Shabbat.

Handed over from one generation to another in the family lineage, the kiddush cup is a symbolism that can also have grape juice within the cup with the family members offering prayers either standing or sitting around the cup. Instilling the circle of life and faith in the Jewish household and in turn is spread throughout the entire Jewish community.

Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup Set Before this Shabbat
Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup SetBefore this Shabbat

You can also present the kiddush cups as a gift to your near and dear ones. Buy sterling silver kiddush cup set online and grab a wide variety of the best kiddush cups available for the closed ones. The cup sets come in different shapes and sizes with variant patterns. Each of these sets is crafted by Jewish artisans, holding the rite to the journey of the Jewish community and their contribution to ancient and modern-day history.

You can either purchase the traditional kiddush cup set which resembles the ones of the ancient Jewish periods. Carved elegantly with a classic demeanor, the classical Jewish cup sets would reflect the true vibe of the Jewish struggle.

The other variants of the Jewish cup set also include Sterling silver kiddush cup, which is by far an excellent representation of the silverwork done by the Israelites. Jewish artisans are the pillar of the journey Jews have gone through, passing on art and family secrets from one generation to the other.

With the dazzling sparkle and the enchanting designing, the intricacies of the kiddush cups are not only excellent to capture but also adorn the beauty of your home in a completely traditional ambiance. Inspiring you through the Shabbat meals and the sharing of the faith from the old to the young.

Kiddush cups complement the importance of Shabbat. Marking a day of rest, the Shabbat is an essential ritual on the part of the Jewish culture.

Aimed to bring about rejuvenation in the minds of the people; wearing fresh clothes and keeping the rooms clean marks the importance of the Shabbat. The meals begin with the offering of the prayer to the Lord commemorating the sacrifices over the kiddush cups filled with a fine wine or grape juice. It is one of those most significant Jewish ceremonies that help you re-enlighten yourself through the faith and its symbolism.

Marked as the evening of merriment and joy, Shabbat also has the evening singing, delicious meals followed by the reading of the holy scripts and messages from the Torah portion. It often also encouraged the youngest in that Jewish household to take part in reading verses of the Torah to instill the faith of the community.

The sterling silver kiddush cup sets come along with an excellent pair of silver cups along with a plate on which you can place the cup. Over and over re-establishing the Jewish artisans in our modern-day world.

The excellent artistry on the silver is proclaimed to be the best works from the Israelites that radiates the energy and the spark in the entire room. Gift your near and dear ones and spark their Shabbat with glory and happiness.

Make sure that your silver kiddush cup has the inside layer coated with anti-oxidants like gold to prevent the oxidation of the wine. It helps in keeping your wine fresh and delicious to drink as well as healthy too.

Buy sterling silver kiddush cup set now either for your home or for your closed ones and never miss an opportunity to enjoy your Shabbat meals. The heartful gift for you and your family is the silver kiddush cup set.

After all one of the best ways to show people you care is to get them the most faith intimate things that last them a lifetime, and inspiring them to keep up their faith’s symbolism in their lives.

Black Friday Deals 2019

Black Friday Deals 2019
Black Friday Deals 2019.

Frederique Constant releases two new Classics Carrée Ladies timepieces

Frederique Constant releases two new Classics Carrée Ladies timepieces
Frederique Constant releases two new Classics Carrée Ladies timepieces

Frederique Constant releases two new Classics Carrée Ladies timepieces

Square-shaped timepieces have always held a special place in the history of watchmaking and remained the ideal classic dress watch until nowadays.

Chic and avant-garde, these two new Frederique Constant models are presented in two versions.

Firstly, bi-color stainless steel bearing a silver dial with a guilloché decoration and printed Roman numerals. The second piece comes in an elegant polished stainless-steel case decorated with 34 diamonds set on the sides and a white mother-of-pearl dial with printed roman numerals and a navy blue shiny Croco calf leather strap.

Both timepieces are powered by an FC-200 quartz caliber displaying hours and minutes.

Frederique Constant reinforces its position as a classic brand by reviving such an iconic shape all the while adding delicate features that make it a true Frederique Constant feminine watch.

Classic Carrée Ladies

Suggested retail price: starting at 895 Euros

Reference FC-200MC12B

Classic Carrée Ladies FC-200MC12B
Classic Carrée Ladies FC-200MC12B

Stainless steel 2-parts case with rose gold plated crown 23x21mm diameter
Convex sapphire crystal
Water-resistant up to 3 ATM

FC-200 caliber, quartz
4 jewels, 72 months battery life

Silver-colored dial, Guilloché decoration, printed Roman numerals
Hand-polished black hands


Bicolor Rose gold-plated stainless steel bracelet  

Hours, minutes

About Frederique Constant

Frederique Constant is an established Swiss watch manufacturer based in Geneva, Switzerland, involved in all stages of watch production, from initial design, in-house development to final assembly and quality control. The brand produces up to 29 in-house calibers and is planning to expand its production capacity thanks to its new 3’000 square meter manufacture opening in June 2019.

The founders and couple Peter and Aletta Stas started the company back in 1988 with the vision of creating high-quality mechanical Swiss watches with a more accessible price-tag allowing more people to enjoy luxury.

Frederique Constant is a precursor of Swiss-made smartwatches when it introduced the first Horological Smartwatch in 2015, powered by MMT SwissConnect technology and entirely displayed with an analog dial, thereby creating an entirely new watch category in the Swiss watch industry.

In 2018 the brand has launched a brand-new smartwatch generation, the Hybrid Manufacture, combining mechanical horology with an ultra-tech smart module and integrated caliber analytics, breaking the rules of traditional watchmaking vision.

In 2016 Frederique Constant has been integrated into Japanese Citizen Group where they saw the opportunity of Swiss-Japanese partnership to develop and market accessible luxury watches for the 21st century and beyond.

Source: Frederique Constant


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