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Jewellery training now enjoys generous SkillsFuture Funding

Jewellery training now enjoys generous SkillsFuture Funding

Jewellery training now enjoys generous SkillsFuture Funding

As part of a concerted effort by SkillsFuture Singapore, Workforce Singapore, Enterprise Singapore and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and thanks to the strong support of the Singapore Jewellers Association, 28 courses from the Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS) are now supported under SkillsFuture initiatives.

This development ensures that the jewelry industry in Singapore evolves with the changing economy and technologies; it enables companies and individuals to remain up to date with the latest skills and knowledge in this creative field.

Tanja Sadow, the Dean and Director of JDMIS, said: “We would like to express heartfelt thanks to SkillsFuture Singapore, the Singapore Jewellers Association and the many passionate individuals from all agencies, associations and local jewellery business partners, who worked tirelessly with us to achieve this level of support for our industry. This is an important step in improving Singapore’s competitiveness and relevance in the global jewellery stage.

Jewellery training
Jewellery training now enjoys generous SkillsFuture Funding

JDMIS 30-hour professional certification courses include expert training in gemstone knowledge, classical and digital jewellery design, jewellery hand-fabrication using traditional methods and new technologies, fashion jewellery, trends and jewellery business topics. Each course includes all necessary tools and materials such as gems and precious metals (which participants keep and take home after class.) Course fees range from $1,800 to $2,850.

All are now eligible for SkillsFuture Baseline funding (amounting to $435) for younger Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. Citizens over 40 can additionally avail of the SkillsFuture Mid-career enhanced training subsidies (providing total support of $1,450.)

Companies sending staff for training receive similarly generous subsidies as well as the ability to claim absentee payroll for workers they send for training. In line with Singapore’s support for the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises, these organizations also receive enhanced support for training their employees in the latest jewelry skills.

Finally, the course tuition fees can be further offset using SkillsFuture credits given to all Singaporeans aged 25 and above in an initiative by the government to promote lifelong learning and encourage Singaporeans to take ownership of their skills development.

With these various options, the JDMIS has been leveraging SSG’s data interchange initiative to create a simple SkillsFuture calculator on all of its course pages online. Interested applicants can quickly determine the level of funding and payable amount for each course based on their residential status, age, and SkillsFuture credits. They can then enroll and start their training using a streamlined application and administration process.

Given the recent restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID19 in Singapore, JDMIS has implemented synchronous eLearning options so that students enrolled in ongoing courses can continue their jewelry training online from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Jewellery Design and Management International School

The Jewellery Design and Management International School is the only educational institution in Singapore to focus exclusively on the jewellery arts and the largest specialized jewellery school in South-East Asia. Incorporated in 2007, JDMIS entered a joint-venture partnership in 2018 with MDIS, Singapore’s oldest not-for-profit professional institute for lifelong learning.

JDMIS offers internationally recognized professional certifications, diplomas and advanced diplomas in jewellery design, fabrication and business that lead to employment, entrepreneurship, and academia. JDMIS has trained over 20,000 jewellery professionals with over 4,500 students from 42 countries graduating from its professional certificate and diploma qualifications. JDMIS’ joint-venture with MDIS expands the educational possibilities in jewellery to include pathways to degree programmes with prestigious university partners.

Source: Media OutReach

The first monograph dedicated to Parisian Jeweler Extraordinaire Frédéric Zaavy

the brilliant life of Frédéric Zaavy

Tells the story of the brilliant life of Frédéric Zaavy, his unique craftsmanship, and the enduring legacy of his aesthetics and works

  • 20 years of preparation, visiting 11 countries to record and unveil the artistry and fluctuating fortunes of the master jeweler
  • Spanning over 240 pages, renowned still life photographers John Bigelow Taylor and Dianne Dubler’s compiled a visual narrative on Zaavy’s works, weaving together hundreds of images of his creative inspirations, atelier, and domestic settings
  • Monograph debuts the last 11 works made by Zaavy, which were never revealed during his life-time

After nearly 20 years of preparation, the first monograph dedicated to Parisian artist-jeweler Frédéric Zaavy (1964-2011) has been launched, titled Stardust: The Work and Life of Jeweler Extraordinaire Frédéric Zaavy (Stardust).

The monograph presents a portrait of an artist who strived to paint the beauty of the universe in precious stones. Zaavy considered himself heir to the legacy of Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, gem dealer to Louis XIV, and was chosen as the exclusive jeweler for the 21st-century revival of Fabergé.

Inspired by nature, quantum physics, philosophy, art, music, and literature, his poetic sensibility saw him create daringly intricate pieces with hundreds or thousands of tiny gems that came together like pointillist objets d’art. The monograph is dedicated to commemorating a talented jewelry artist, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of Zaavy’s passing.

Zaavy’s masterful approach was to paint with jewelry. He used gemstones akin to colors on a palette to present visions of nature and light in his creations. He drew inspiration from ginkgo leaves, lava-flows, icicles, and gnarled twigs, to create densely encrusted pieces that highlight the subtleties of color gradation, and the depth of nature’s palette. For example, the Iris Bracelet (2011) perfectly replicates the draping petals of a white and yellow iris, through its composition of a central vivid yellow diamond enveloped in purple, yellow and white diamonds, sphenes, demantoids, tsavorites, palladium, gold, and silver.

Many of his works were also inspired by the Impressionist movement, and these such pieces have been regarded as ‘sculptural forms of impressionist paintings’. Signature works include Nymphéas Bracelet (2005), an evocation of Claude Monet’s renowned “Water Lilies” murals.

This astonishingly fluid and dream-like bracelet is studded with thousands of white, blue, yellow, violet, pink and black diamonds, as well as other gemstones to round out this platinum, yellow gold, and sterling marvel of design, creating a floral abstract. In 2011, Frédéric Zaavy completed 11 works for 5 series: Iris, Legend, The Ribbons, Space and Lava, drawing a perfect ending to his life. These renowned works showcase Zaavy’s virtuoso technique and boundless imagination.

The high-end custom jewellery atelier Frédéric Zaavy was founded under the same name as the jewellery artist. The workshop is devoted to inheriting Zaavy’s design aesthetics and providing customers with exceptional and precious jewellery.

Floréal Ercilla, the lead jeweler of Zaavy’s Parisian atelier, together with other jewelers, wax model makers, and setters, create hand-made and unique jewelry for customers according to the design manuscripts left by Zaavy. To create these pieces in the workshop, it requires more than hundreds or thousands of hours of production time, thus highlighting the ultra-complicated design of Zaavy’s works.

Leading New York-based still life photographers John Bigelow Taylor and Dianne Dubler – whose work has featured in over 300 books focusing on works of art, architecture, jewelry, and antiquities – have created the visual narrative for the monograph.

Featuring text by acclaimed French writer Gilles Hertzog, Stardust unveils the exquisite artistry and fascinating career of a master jeweler whose life was cut too short. Evocatively framed by his imminent mortality, the book gathers accounts of Zaavy from his closest allies, both personal and professional, looking directly into the darkest moments of his adventurous and precarious career. Taylor and Dubler’s photographs for the book shine a light on Zaavy’s work, weaving in images of his creative inspiration, atelier, and domestic settings among images that immortalize the jeweler’s creations.

The publication of the monograph has received unconditional support from Lisa Chen, the co-founder of Daring Enterprise (the founding company of the brand Frédéric Zaavy) and Zaavy’s life partner.

Chen said: “Frédéric and I embraced common dreams. We both endeavored to create moving artistic jewelry, which can be passed on from generation to generation. Frédéric worked non-stop for 18 years, burning his life to creating 204 works for an excellent line-up of French royal crafts and arts. He created jewelry that worth billions in total. We look forward to recording, sharing, and inheriting Zaavy’s life and his aesthetics through Stardust. This monograph brings together the hearts and support of everyone, and we have been working tirelessly for 20 years to make it happen. We hope that every reader appreciates the heart-warming stories.

John Bigelow Taylor and Dianne Dubler, photographers and friends of Zaavy, have said: “Stardust is the origin of all matter in the universe, including the diamonds Frédéric “painted” with and loved so much. He was fascinated that, in addition to their beauty, diamonds resonated deep time. However, he was undaunted by time and space, which he deemed to be inconsequential. He thought of time in eons and knew his moment here would never be enough. Months before he died, he said to us, “I am already dead,” but then carried on as if he would live forever! He often acknowledged that he had been here before and would someday return.

About Frédéric Zaavy

Frédéric Zaavy (b. 1964, Paris, d. 2011) was the third generation of a family of diamond merchants. After a classical French education in which he studied at several art schools including the École des Arts Appliqués and the École des Beaux-Arts, he decided not to enter the family business and instead, at the age of 20, began travelling the world.

Time spent in East Africa, South East Asia, New York, Tel Aviv, Antwerp, and Bangkok saw Zaavy learn and develop his trade in precious stones and diamonds. His expertise and rich knowledge of rare gemstones were reflected in his jewelry designs. His use of tourmalines, garnets, spinels, and aquamarines in the early stages of his career, which were not favored in the market at that time, show his visionary perspective.

In 1994, he began creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, working together with his partner Lisa Chen with whom he founded the Daring Enterprise Co. In 2000, he established his first atelier, and in the following years’ defined new standards of craftsmanship in the world of jewelry making. Following a 2007 exhibition of his work at Phillips de Pury & Company in New York, in 2008 he became the exclusive jeweler for luxury firm Fabergé allowing him to open a larger atelier near Place Vendôme, Paris. In 2010, with the knowledge that his life would be taken from cancer, he began actively working with John Bigelow Taylor and Dianne Dubler to create Stardust.

Source: Media OutReach

AstroLUNA by Vicenterra

Stratospherical, lunar and magical AstroLUNA by Vicenterra

Stratospherical, lunar, and magical AstroLUNA by Vicenterra Astronomical three-dimensional GMT timepiece: earth and moon from above…

Spring 2021, an alien timepiece emerges from the Jura terroirs of watchmaking heritage. The twice 99-piece limited edition of this aventurine-blue-cosmos UFO is already exciting to watch lovers around the world. Micro-mechanical poetry, rupturistic and elegant, a moon to be corrected by one day every 126 years…

Vincent Plomb, the founder of the independent Jura-based Vicenterra watch brand, has experienced the stars from up close. Back on earth, this inventor and watchmaker decided to make it his own: his micromechanical creations will forever embody that the moment when life hangs by a thread and when the universal desire to live requires a
combination of balances.

Rare and poetical complications

Seeing the earth from above has been Vicenterra’s signature feature since its founding in 2010. Today and from a little
higher up, it is the earth and the moon that can be admired, possibly from the sun: inside the AstroLUNA watch case, these two globes turn on themselves, each according to its own galactic rhythm.

These high-precision astronomical functions are the result of the technical prowess of an exclusive module specially developed by and for Vicenterra. As additional functions, they complete the basic ones (hours, minutes, seconds, and date) of the Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier Seed 3000, one of the noblest and exquisitely decorated automatic calibers in Swiss Made.

Constant Day-Night, ultimate finishings

Vicenterra’s distinctive feature is a world globe, meticulously hand-painted by a miniaturist, with its deep blue alternation for the oceans and clearer surfaces for the continents. “Thanks to the small solid gold sun representing its zenith, as well as the 6 AM & 6 PM sapphire markers, you can locate at a glance the places on earth where it is night, where it is noon, and when it is 6 AM or 6 PM”, explains creator Vincent Plomb.

As for the moon, covered with mini craters painted by the same miniaturist talent, it has also been the object of subtle care: at night, its illuminated face reflects a bluish luminescence made possible by the addition of a SuperLuminova undercoat. As it rotates regularly, it performs the score of its chiaroscuro with brio, precisely indicating its moon phases.

Like two satellites in gravitational attraction around the caliber lower section, the Earth and Moon are orbiting on the background of an aventurine blue glass that matches the starry sparkles of a dial floating over the complexity of the movement’s mechanism, of which some details can be discretely discerned. Turning the AstroLUNA upside down, the
another face of the caliber becomes visible with all its refinement: angles, lamages, and uncovered diamond-cut surfaces, as well as a variable inertia balance with gold weights, swept unidirectionally by a finely engraved and decorated rotor.

AstroLUNA by Vicenterra

Jura Swiss Made, limited edition of two times 99 numbered pieces (two case versions, one a little more classical) – Payment of a deposit upon pre-order.

AstroLUNA by Vicenterra
Stratospherical, lunar and magical AstroLUNA by Vicenterra

Unusual! A gold rotor for the early adopters:

Close to his ‘community’, Vincent Plomb has a delightful surprise for the first subscribers of the AstroLUNA: a solid 18-carat yellow gold rotor for every watch ordered before June 30, 2021.

Vicenterra specific complicated module: additional functions completing the basic ones of the Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier Seed 3000, one of the noblest and exquisitely decorated automatic calibers in Swiss Made.

The history of Vicenterra, keeper of a resolutely Jura Swiss Made, began in 2010 thanks to the hundred or so watch lovers who subscribed to the GMT-3, its first timepiece. The subscription concept was invented more than 200 years ago by Abraham-Louis Breguet with his “Souscription” watch…

AstroLUNA by Vicenterra, technical specifications
AstroLUNA by Vicenterra, technical specifications


• Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date
• The face of the globe is lit by the sun at the owner’s local time
• View of the zenith of the sun above the mini terrestrial globe
Indication of 6 AM and 6 PM zones by the sapphire markers
• The earth globe makes one revolution in 24 hours
• Astronomical three-dimensional moon phase, one revolution in 29.53125 days


Extra module

Exclusively developed by Vicenterra
Fitting of Ø 27.91 mm, thickness 2.85 mm
Number of components 109 / 10 jewels

Specific features and finishes

Extra module plate « bell » in nickel silver rhodium-plated.
Finishings, alternating rough machining, and sunburst colimaçonné decoration
Earth and Moon bridge in brass, rhodium, satin decor 6-12H
Bevels, counterbores, and apertures diamond-polished
Pivots and flanges rolled Wheels in LIGA
Flat-head screws, locked


Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier Seed 3000 automatic movment,
Fitting of 10 1⁄2” (23.30 mm) Thickness of 3.9 mm
Power reserve 50h
Number of components 189 / 28 jewels
Frequency 4 Hz (28’800 A/h) / Variable inertia with gold inertia blocks balance
Mobile Stud-holder / Flat balance-spring balance
Oscillating weight winding in one single direction in the clockwise sense of the weight viewing from the dial side
Chronometry Double-barrel rapid rotation in series, variable inertia balance

Specific features and finishings

Circular-grained plate on dial side and bridge side
Date bridge and motion-work bridge rhodium-plated and circular-grained, dial side
Bridges with Côte de Genève decor, rhodium-plated, bicolour engraving
Bevels, counterbores, and apertures diamond-polished
Ceramic ball bearing
Pivots and flanges rolled
Wheels circular-grained on 2 faces
Flat-head screws, locked
Ponts anglés à la main au touret
Bridges hand-bevelled with piercer Module + Movement 298 components / 38 jewels
Tungsten oscillating weight customized and manufactured by Vicenterra


• Dark Blue Aventurine Glass
Solid white gold PD210 18K applied hour markers (diamond)
Applied V&T in Nickel phosphor and minute track printed
• Earth globe Ø7.50mm, titanium, hand-painted oceans, and seas
Petit soleil en or jaune massif 3N
• Moon globe Ø6.80mm, titanium, half-sphere covered with a Superluminova BGW9 primer,
bluish luminescence, hand-painted lunar surface


• Hour & Minute hands, curved, polished, and rhodium-plated, with white BGW9 SuperLuminova, bluish luminescence
• Seconds hand, polished & rhodium-plated

Setting components

• Crown at 2 o’clock, setting H-M-S and date
• Earth globe setting by pushing the button at 4 o’clock, 24 independent positions GMT
To position the hour and minute hands at noon, then to line up one’s geographic area in the “V” axis.
• Moon phases setting by pushing the button at 8 o’clock
• Automatic or manual rewinding by turning the crown at 2 o’clock

Watch case

• Grade 5 Titanium watch case, manufactured in the raw material, 49 components
• Case center, outside polished, Inside circular satin
• Bezel, polished
• Crown located at 2 o’clock with VT logo
• Sapphire crystal “box” type on the top with anti-reflective coating interior/exterior
• Openwork back, bottom polished, dark Blue Aventurine Glass decor
• Sapphire crystals inside with an anti-reflective coating
• Crescent 9h, 3h & 6h in brass, rhodium-plated, bevels diamond-polished.
Top, hammered pattern with shiny sandblasted effect
• Dimensions 43.50x 13.50 x lug to Lug 51.64 mm
• Dimensions Classic Ø 41.50x 13.50 x lug to Lug 50.00 mm
• Water resistance to 5 ATM

Wristband – Folding clasp with push-pieces

• Blue calf leather, alligator optional, lug 22mm, buckle 20mm
• Grade 5 titanium Solid buckle, with engraved Vicenterra logo, polished
Simple folding, stainless steel blades

Source: therightplace.ch

The Grand Prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery 2021

The Grand Prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery 2021

Pearl FALCO announces the 4th edition of The Grand Prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery, inviting aspiring designers around the world to send in their entries to showcase their eminence and innovation in pearl jewellery design.

Themed “Connection”, the 2021 edition aims to strengthen human connections with nature as well as between one another. With the belief that relationships are just like jewelry with different moments connecting us to another just like pearls do when strewn into necklaces, Pearl FALCO aims for creativity to be at the core of all entries.

The Grand Prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery competition was first conceptualized in Ise Shima in 2018 to identify and celebrate excellence in pearl jewelry design and has since been receiving phenomenal responses from attentive students, graduates and professionals from 10 different countries were attracted to the non-contestable beauty of the Akoya Pearl.

Maiko Makito, Co-owner and Managing Director of Pearl FALCO, commented, “ Ise Shima has always been known for its rich legacy of cultured pearls, but what continues to surprise I am that despite the rising number of visitors to Japan, there is considerably less aware of the existence of Ise Shima, let alone the beauty it has to offer. The Grand Prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery was instituted to bring Ise Shima to the world through various designs of jewelry made of carefully curated pearls.

This year, we are proud to present the 4th Edition of the Awards, with yet another meaningful theme, allowing participants to showcase the innovative designs that will stand the test of time and connect them with their loved ones.” Maiko continues.

Entries to the jewellery design competition will be open until 30th April 2021. For more
information on participation criteria, please visit www.p-falco.com

Pearl FALCO takes pride in its heritage and aspires to connect you and your loved ones through its carefully curated pearl jewelry offerings. For more information on Akoya pearls, please visit the Pearl FALCO Gallery at #02-03, 33 Mohamed Sultan Road or www.pearlfalco.com

About Pearl FALCO:

An ode to its birthplace, Ise Shima Japan, Pearl FALCO was founded by the Makito family as an amalgamation of culture and beauty. Since its conception, Pearl FALCO prides itself as the leader in creating pearl jewelry pieces with the utmost love and care for generations to come. In 2019, Pearl FALCO expanded its operations to Singapore with the opening of its gallery to foster and develop a personal relationship with its clients and tell the story of Akoya pearls. At the core of its business, Pearl FALCO showcases the beauty of cultured pearls and how these living gems transcend the true expression of self-adornment.

Pearl FALCO is currently helmed by Maiko Makito who took the reins from her father after resigning from an MNC in 2016. Since taking over, Maiko’s vision for the business is to tell the tale of her hometown to the world and pass her knowledge of pearls to future generations, with the many stories and people’s love and devotion behind each piece of pearl jewelry.

Source: Media Outreach

What Is The Best Diamond For Your Engagement Ring?

Choosing the Best Diamond

What Is The Best Diamond For Your Engagement Ring?

Who does not wishes to make their special day the most memorable day of their life, everyone wishes to do so? It is human nature that they tend to spend more and more on their special occasions. That is because people believe that by spending more money on such occasions, the festivity and joy of these occasions get enlightened, and they get more memorable.

There could be different types of events or milestones that you believe are important to you. For instance, getting graduated from a university is also an occasion that you consider as a milestone, and might celebrate this occasion by having a graduation dinner with your university fellows. Furthermore, purchasing a new car, buying yourself a new place, or maybe the birthday of a loved one is also a kind of a special occasion that you love to celebrate.

However, apart from such occasions, there also lies an occasion that happens to be one of the most important parts of the young adult’s lives. This occasion is called your engagement.

People tend to spend a hefty amount of money on this occasion just to express their love for the loved ones. Having said this, the most important part of the engagement of two individuals is the engagement ring.

Individuals these days try to bring in creativity and innovation in the engagement rings as well. People now prefer to choose diamond lot as their engagement ringside stone.

The reason being, they have this thought back in their mind that the person they are getting engaged with is as precious as the diamond. So the male fellow does their best to choose the best diamond for the engagement ring.

We are here with the complete guide for you to see which of the diamond is the best for your engagement ring.

If you are a young adult and are getting a diamond ring for your girlfriend, then without the assistance of any professional or someone who has purchased a diamond before could get difficult for you. However, we have accumulated some key steps that arise with the diamond purchase. Mentioned below are some of the main points that are to be considered while buying a diamond for an engagement ring.

Choose a shape for your diamond:

The shape of your diamond will determine the shape and styling of the engagement ring. Therefore, it is essentially important to get your homework done on the shape of the diamond so that ring’s design can easily be put in the process. However, as easy as it sounds, choosing a diamond’s shape can get complex sometimes.

The reason being, it all depends upon the other person’s liking. You might want to surprise them with a  round-shaped diamond, but there lies the probability that they like the ones with the cut shape.

In this regard, to get this process completed smoothly, you should first try to get insight from the person that you are choosing a diamond for. And look for the shapes of the diamonds that are available in the market.

Look for the Types of the Diamond:

Everything these days has been under the severe influence of creativity and innovation. In the same way, the diamonds that are made and refined these days are also coming in various qualities.

For instance, while there was only a crystal clear form of diamonds, not many jewelers around the world are also providing people with colored diamonds. It is because of the changing demands and requests of the customers. People now tend to customize their possessions in the way that they like them to be.

Similarly, it is recommended for you as well that if you’re loved like to have customized goods. Then you should go for the colored form of the diamonds since those diamonds are also very high in demand these days.

The Best Diamond For Your Engagement Ring
The Best Diamond For Your Engagement Ring

Keep innovation simplistic:

The usual engagement rings are the ones that are made out of silver and have nothing on them. However, one of the best forms of diamond engagement rings is also the one that has small pieces of diamonds embossed on the typical diamond ring.

Such rings prove to be the most elegant of the engagement rings. These rings are best suited for every other individual. Since these rings keep both of the diamonds in them and as well as the engagement style ring as well.

Choose the right carat for the ring:

Like any other jewelry that is valued against the carats in them, diamonds are also valued against the number of carats present in them. The more the carats the more valuable the diamond will be.

However, alongside the value, more carats will also lead to more price of the diamond. Therefore, it is mandatory to select the diamond that is of adequate weight so that you may easily purchase it.

Check for the styles for cost reduction:

If you are looking for a diamond at low pricing then it is better to have one with a different style. For example, some diamonds are in a 5-pointer star shape, some resemble the shape of the flower, some are like just another crystal, and some of them are in a typical diamond shape. All of these diamond styles have got different pricing against them.

However, to get a diamond for the engagement ring that would look good, and well presentable. Furthermore, one of the greatest things to make the diamond on the ring look more beautiful is that to place them next to the added gems.

For example, adding a sapphire stone with the diamond enhances the beauty of the diamond. This tactic is both cheap and helps you to make your diamond look way more beautiful. This is the perfect type of diamond that you will be needing on your engagement ring. With this type of diamond ring, you will be surely able to make your loved one feel more special and loved.

A Beginners Guide To Gemstone Meanings and Powers

A Beginners Guide To Gemstone Meanings and Powers
A Beginners Guide To Gemstone Meanings and Powers

A Beginners Guide To Gemstone Meanings and Powers

There are many different types of gemstones that symbolize an array of things. Whilst the beauty and value of gemstones are universally recognized, many people also admire what they symbolize and even potential powers. Here we will explore some of the most valuable and spiritually charged gemstones in the world.


Sapphires are known for their rich blue color which is mesmerizing. Sapphire is one of the four precious gemstones, making it one of the rarest and most expensive gemstones available. They are also extremely durable, making them even more valuable. 

These majestic stones are known to represent wisdom and good fortune. There is also a strong royal connection to sapphires, with it being a favorite of the Royal Family over the centuries. Most famously, Princess Diana’s iconic engagement ring featured a stunning sapphire.


Ruby’s are a deep red color and are associated with passion and nobility, as well as good health and success in love. The fiery color is meant to bring positive energy to the person who wears it, making it a very popular choice across the decades. The ruby makes up the second precious gemstone out of four in total. 

One of the most expensive ruby’s is the Jubilee Ruby, weighing almost 16 carats and being sold for $14.2 million in 2016! This is a Burmese ruby, which is particularly valuable because of its high saturated natural color. 


The third precious gemstone is the emerald, recognizable by its striking green color. The emerald is thought to represent true love and wealth, making it a very popular choice for vintage engagement rings, particularly in the Art Deco era. The calming green color also represents harmony, growth, and peace. 

Emerald’s are slightly more expensive to set than other precious gemstones, as although they are quite durable, they can be prone to chipping or cracking when they are being set. This makes emeralds one of the most expensive gemstones to set in the world, alongside the actual value on their own. 


Diamond is the fourth and final gemstone that is classified as precious. They represent light and sun, purity and perfection, as well as commitment and faithfulness. All of these positive attributes make diamonds the most popular choice for engagement rings around the world. 

Diamonds are one of the most durable minerals on earth, scoring a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This also makes them ideal for everyday wear and along with their beauty, has led to their global popularity. 

Aside from the more commonly seen clear diamonds, colorful diamonds also exist. They are exceptionally rare and expensive, yet diamonds can actually be found in a variety of different colors. Red diamonds are valued at over $1,000,000 per carat as there are less than 30 in the world. 

Want more clients and customers?



Although aquamarine is classed as a semi-precious stone, this does not necessarily deplete its value. The stunning clear blue color is extremely rare in nature, often making them equally as expensive as precious stones. 

Aquamarine is associated with tranquility, harmony, and clarity, as well as youthfulness and loyalty. It is thought to have all of the healing qualities of the sea. 


Amethyst is a semi-precious stone, and although it is valuable, it is relatively affordable. It is certainly not anywhere near as expensive as the four precious stones. However, amethyst is still extremely popular thanks to its beautiful coloration and deep spiritual meaning. 

Amethysts are thought to bring tranquility and calmness to those around them. Unlike many other gemstones, if amethysts are treated with heat, it actually reduces the saturation of the color. On the most part, amethysts are untreated, which is something that contributes to its beauty and popularity. 


Opal is another semi-precious stone with a uniqueness that makes it very popular and also rather valuable. Each opal is different from the next, yet something they all have in common is the mesmerizing combination of a colorful body tone and transparency. Whilst all opals are different, they are known to represent enthusiasm and creativity. 

Some of the most expensive opal’s are valued at close to $1,000,000, meaning these unique beauties are up there with some of the most valuable gems in the world. 


Another lesser-known gemstone is Musgravite, which is a rare gemstone mined in Australia. In 2005, only 8 gems were mined, which alludes to its rarity. The color can vary from olive green to a greyish color. It is valued at around $35,000 a carat, which positions it amongst some of the most expensive gemstones in the world

A Beginners Guide To Gemstone Meanings and Powers
A Beginners Guide To Gemstone Meanings and Powers

Final Thoughts

Gemstones have been admired for centuries thanks to their uniqueness and beauty. Over time, the value of these gemstones is only going to build, making these stones an extremely popular choice for investors. 

Whether or not you believe in their spiritual possibilities, it is hard to deny their beauty. 


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