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2022 Jewelry and Accessories Fashion

The fashion trend

2022 Jewelry and Accessories Fashion will definitely be more exciting than the previous year.

There are changes in jewelry, especially necklaces and rings, which increase the elegance of the combo. The Burmese form was included in modern jewelry. These designs included in rings and necklaces can be preferred both in stylish combinations and in sporty combinations. In addition, more than one piece of jewelry was decoupled and used in necklaces.

This, in turn, multiplied the wealth in designs. The silver and bronze colors that have long dominated the jewelry have been replaced by gold plating again. On the other hand, some brands have launched low-budget gold-plated jewelry, as most fashionistas want to have these designs. 2022 Jewelry and Accessories fashion will definitely be more exciting than the previous year.

The fashion trend that develops every season has started to create its own accessory fashion and brings its own accessories that are compatible with its fashion. If valuable material preferences are being made in the selection of accessories, absolutely timeless pieces should be acquired. If we talk about the fashion for gold, we are talking about a return to the past.

Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that our mother used have become fashionable again. I really like timeless and classic models. Because it’s inevitable that it will be fashionable again. That’s why you’re making a smart purchase. If we give an example, the ring earrings that are fashionable every season are definitely a good investment. As I mentioned at the beginning of my article, personalized accessories never go out of fashion because they are personalized. It almost becomes a part of you.

The most trend Jewelry and Accessories in 2022

Accessories can also change depending on the season. Bracelets, bracelets, anklets, and colored stones come to the fore because the clothes we wear in the summer are open. Although the accessory may seem like an insignificant detail, it is a detail that saves combos.

Of course, the trend of Jewelry and Accessories in 2022 is again determined by women. Certainly, ear combos are very trending this season. Many women pierce several holes in their ears and even complement their earrings combinations with piercings. It is very important to choose beautiful accessories as well as to make a compatible accessory combo.

2022 Jewelry and Accessories Fashion
2022 Jewelry and Accessories fashion will definitely be more exciting than the previous year.

Like every season, gold, rose, silver thick ring earrings are very fashionable in this season. In addition, it is very popular to wear many necklaces in a row. Even many brands provide convenience to this situation and sell combination necklaces. And we have been seeing minimally thin and elegant jewelry that we have been seeing for several seasons in this season. I think we’ll continue to see it for a long time. Remember that sometimes a bad combo can be saved by your paired accessories. My humble advice to you is to combine your own jewelry combination in a way that is unique and energizes you in today’s fashion light.

The most trend Jewelry and Accessories in 2022
The most trend Jewelry and Accessories in 2022

The first of the two points to be considered when choosing jewelry can be the trends of the day, and the other can be the age range. While the fashion forms, colors, and styles determine the trends of the day in the selection of jewelry, the age range also affects the trend.

Recently, young women’s jewelry preferences show that they generally follow the trends. Today’s trends highlight more maximalist styles in accessories. Simplicity, small jewelry, plain forms seem to have been shelved for a while. Stacked necklaces, large dangling earrings, stylish bracelets that are used repeatedly, and customizable forms are used to support the overall style.

Get A Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring.

Get A Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

If you pay attention to pop culture and the fashion trends of our time, then you are probably aware that yellow diamonds are the diamonds of the season.

Why you may ask.

Well, the yellow diamond seems to be making more and more appearances these days.

From Beyoncé wearing one of the most expensive yellow diamonds in a recent campaign to Yara Shahidi wearing a white and yellow diamond necklace to the 2021 Met Gala.

Celebrities aside, many consider yellow diamonds to be the most beautiful gemstone because of their brightness and vivid attention-catching nature.

It’s just so hard not to notice a yellow diamond.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

Natural yellow diamonds and where they get their color from

Out of all the colored diamonds mined, yellow diamonds are the most common as they make up 60% of colored diamonds.

Natural yellow diamonds

Intense yellow diamonds are mostly found in South Africa, and the first-ever yellow diamond was also discovered in South Africa.

Yellow diamonds get their vibrant yellow color from a small part of nitrogen that absorbs blue light, giving the stone a yellow shade.

Most yellow diamonds come in a shade range of bright yellow to a brownish yellow, sometimes even with a brown or green hue.

The significance of a yellow diamond ring.

The color yellow signifies happiness for most people. The color is also associated with sunshine and hope.

As a result, yellow diamond rings are now popular because most people who search for rare diamonds find yellow diamonds to be fun.

Another reason yellow diamonds are so popular is that they are some of the most wallet-friendly rare diamonds on the market.

The significance of a yellow diamond ring

Light or faint yellow diamonds are fairly common and therefore are generally cheaper than colorless diamonds. However, light or faint yellow diamonds can’t be classified as canary diamonds.

The name Canary Diamond or Canary Yellow Diamond is only used to refer to pure yellow diamonds with an intense shade without secondary colors.

The diamond is named after the Canary bird, which also symbolizes happiness, playfulness, and positivity. The canary also represents light, so it’s only fitting that the pure yellow diamond is named after the yellow songbird.

Why should you get a yellow diamond ring?

Yellow diamond rings have been a celebrity favorite for years.

From royalty to A-list actresses, many of the members of high society seem to really like the yellow gemstone.

Some of the most popular diamonds in history have been yellow diamonds.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

Even though yellow diamonds are rarer than white diamonds, they are affordable.

A perfectly set yellow diamond is amazing to behold. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a show-stopping yellow diamond.

A fancy yellow diamond can be quite pricey, but compared to other rare stones, yellow diamonds are on the affordable side of things.

Yellow diamonds are an excellent choice for engagement rings. Yellow diamond engagement rings are out of the ordinary, but still classy and sophisticated.

Whether it’s set in yellow, white, rose gold, or platinum, yellow diamonds are stunning! Although, a gold band will beautifully complement the stone’s warm, golden hue.

Yellow diamonds, like all fancy and white conflict-free stones, are a great way to express one’s commitment and love.

Yellow diamonds are more common than other colors but rarer than white diamonds

Fancy yellow diamonds are exceptionally beautiful rare diamonds.

They also happen to be pocket and budget-friendly, which makes them even more of a must-have diamond.

When purchasing a fancy yellow diamond, it is key to find the right balance of color intensity and carat weight.

Speaking of intensity and shades, it’s important to remember that not all yellow diamonds are canary diamonds, but all canary diamonds are yellow diamonds.

If you are in the market for a diamond, or the perfect engagement ring, consider getting yourself a yellow diamond as soon as you can.

Check out astteria’s fancy yellow diamond ring.

Josephine Angela
Josephine Angela

Josephine Angela
Josephine is an aspiring Chef and Writer. She is currently in culinary school in hopes of one day becoming a certified Chef and Author. She spends her days in one of two ways, writing. Or in a Kitchen creating.

Josephine is an aspiring Chef and Writer. She is currently in culinary school in hopes of one day becoming a certified Chef and Author. She spends her days in one of two ways, writing. Or in a Kitchen creating.

Mathey-Tissot brand introduces the San Antonio Signature watch

the historic watch brand Mathey Tissot
Mathey-Tissot: a legend in three versions

Watchmaking: a collector’s tribute to the famous writer Frédéric Dard Mathey-Tissot brand introduces the San Antonio Signature watch

The writer Frédéric Dard would have been 100 years old in 2021. A limited-edition Swiss Made watch numbered 1921 pieces, is celebrating the memory of the most prolific of all French-speaking authors. Available in three versions.

1921-2021. All over the world, the French-speaking world multiplies tributes.
Frédéric Dard is buried in his village of St-Chef, between Geneva and Lyon. This man who had been flayed by life used to publish his detective stories under the pseudonym of San-Antonio.

San Antonio, an uncategorizable literary legend

My father wrote novels that used to be sold in railway stations, so I wanted a watch that could be as affordable as his pocketbooks,” explains Joséphine Dard, eager to allow all lovers of her late father Frédéric Dard to acquire this collector’s piece, available in three versions. «In no way, it is a commercial operation” she emphasizes. In fact, the benefits of this exceptional sale will be entirely donated to the Association of the Friends of San-Antonio, which has a loyal following and is showing a unique dynamism Thanks to the code SA1921, a 30% discount on the regular price of this ‘memoriam’ timepiece is offered by the legendary Mathey-Tissot brand.

Frédéric Dard, from the top of his 175 books, had invented his own writing, full of neologisms and humor, of franchouillardises, of gallows-style sauciness, and of dirty tricks sometimes as daring as his excellent spoonerisms. In the middle of his characters gallery full of truculence and Rabelaisian portraits, the Police Inspector named San Antonio was playing a sort of French James Bond.

But more direct and more trash! The phenomenon writer was to the recycling of the words of the French language what the sorting of waste is to ecology. Smart! We re-consume or burn it on the altar of recycling. Even today, we can’t get enough of them. Because when the final word arrives, it is the addiction
that takes over so much its enigmas are tortuous, unpredictable, rupturists, and… terribly humanistic. From the failings of his peers, Frédéric Dard was able to create a series of situations in which the comical mixed with tenderness, where sex rubbed shoulders with real feelings.

Mathey-Tissot: a legend in three versions

While the major French newspapers, festival headlines, and major cultural events are multiplying special editions and retrospectives, the historic watch brand Mathey Tissot, renowned for its Swiss Made affordable to the world’s markets, is reviving its legendary history: Among other prestigious Maisons to whom this legendary manufacturing treasure used to deliver its rather complex calibers from the Ponts-de Martel (Republic and Canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland), the brand founded by Charles-Félicien & Charles Émile Tissot in 1886, was multiplying the most prominent ambassadorial conquests. Like the King himself, Elvis Presley, who had an eponymous collection.

In 2021, the San Antonio Signature watch by Mathey Tissot is available in blue, with a steel bracelet, a blue nato sport strap, or in blue leather. Manufactured in a limited edition of 1921 pieces, all individually numbered, it has replaced its central second’s hand with a clearer vision of the mythical signature: San Antonio is stamped on the dial’s deep blue. One of the most unavoidable signatures of French literature. Perhaps the most universal too, in any case, the most

Source: The Right Place

Why is Trendy Gold Jewelry good to buy from Play With Diamonds?

Play With Diamonds

You will find many gold wholesale websites and online gold shops on the web, but most of them will not give you Wholesale Gold Jewelry Wholesaler Wholesale Price. Play With Diamonds is one of the jewelry manufacturing companies in Bangkok and Thailand that has been trading gold jewelry for years now. We are one of the wholesalers who offer Wholesale Gold Jewelry Wholesalers Wholesale Diamond Jewelry at Wholesale Gold Jewelry Wholesaler Wholesale Price.

We provide high-quality and reasonably priced jewelry for customers so that they can make a good profit by selling our beautiful gold jewelry in their niches! Most of our clients are wholesalers, retailers, jewelers, or fashion-lovers who are looking to buy at wholesale prices.

Trendy Gold Jewelry Play With Diamonds
Trendy Gold Jewelry Play With Diamonds

Here are some reasons to tell you why Wholesale Gold Jewelry from Play With Diamonds is good to buy:

Why buy wholesale gold jewelry from Play With Diamonds?

We are a wholesaler of wholesale gold diamond jewelry, and we want to tell you about its advantages:

  1. Gold is becoming rarer and rarer, especially in the form of jewelry. Due to this factor, it is worth buying everything that has something to do with gold, like earrings or necklaces, because they will never lose their value.
  2. Wearing types of jewelry (earrings, necklace, bracelet) made from gold are great gift ideas for anniversary or birthday parties. It doesn’t matter if it’s your husband’s 25th anniversary or your wife’s 50-year-old birthday party – such presents will be remembered long after other gifts. It is easy to find out if it is gold jewelry or not – just touch it with a piece of copper wire. If you see that it’s turning black, then suspect that its only gold plated and not pure gold. Pure gold never turns black in the presence of copper.
  3. It is also good to buy wholesale jewelry on sale from our online shop because customers strongly appreciate such discounts. They know that they save money, but their presence will be as valuable as ever.
  4. We know many people who prefer buying custom wholesale diamond rings for themselves instead of using readymade ones, even though the latter are very cheap. Wholesale diamond earrings are another example – they may cost more than off-the-shelf earrings, but you can be sure that they are as valuable as you want them to appear.
  5. Buying gold jewelry from a well-known supplier is much better than buying from little-known jewelers. By doing this, you give yourself a piece of mind to get the real thing.
  6. There will always be someone who needs a unique or uncommon piece of jewelry like a wholesale gold necklace or another piece – and we know how to make it happen

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between our gold and other companies’ gold?

Wholesale gold is produced to meet the requirements of international standards. It can be re-cast into any shape and size without losing its quality or purity. It does not contain nickel, lead, or other harmful materials. This means that the goods you buy from us are of good value for money and much more useful than buying “pure” gold items in many shops!

Trendy Gold Jewelry by Play With Diamonds
Trendy Gold Jewelry by Play With Diamonds

Why buy gold jewelry from us?

The answer is simple: we offer our customers the best wholesale price. Why? Because we are direct wholesalers and not retailers, which means that when you buy goods from us, you get a much better price than if you bought from shops!

Therefore – no middlemen, no retail expenses, and all other charges related to running a business – just gold jewelry at prices lower than available on the market! This does not happen every day, of course, so do not miss your chance.

Using this situation to our benefit, we give each customer who orders special discounts depending on the quantity and value of purchased goods. When ordering large amounts of jewelry in one purchase, it is possible to save more money.

What should customers know before buying?

To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, it is good to remember that:

  1. When making an order you must specify how much pieces of each product you want.
  2. All jewelry comes with the quality certificate by Gem Point – this way you can be sure that you are buying the real thing.
  3. All products from our online shop come with warranty and money back guarantee. If something goes wrong, we will refund your expenses for it or exchange for a new piece of jewelry.

All in all, wholesale gold diamond rings, earrings, and necklaces are always worth buying. Mainly when they are sold on sale – then all the better! But if even at full price, the Play With Diamonds offer seems undervalued, remember that any product sold by me is good value-for-money.

Wholesale Gold Jewelry Wholesaler
Play With Diamonds – Trendy Gold Jewelry

Say Goodbye to the Diamond Industry

Say Goodbye to the Diamond Industry
Say Goodbye to the Diamond Industry: Princess Gem Offers Lab-Grown Moissanite Engagement Rings at Honest Prices

Say Goodbye to the Diamond Industry: Princess Gem Offers Lab-Grown Moissanite Engagement Rings at Honest Prices

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so they say — but Kimberly Lin didn’t want a ring that just looked valuable; she wanted one that had value. Kimberly, a 26-year-old millennial entrepreneur, was dissatisfied with the options available on the engagement ring market in Singapore. In order to bridge the “diamond divide,” she launched Princess Gem to offer socially conscious engagement rings of exceptional quality, all at an affordable price

Princess Gem’s custom-made moissanites take traditional lab-grown gemstones to a whole new level. By using cutting-edge technology to construct each stone by hand, they have crafted the perfect alternative to diamond engagement rings: classic beauties that shine bright like a diamond. Princess Gem’s ethos is to never compromise on exceptional quality and to uphold ethical standards by offering exclusively conflict-free jewellery in Singapore.

Why Conflict-Free and Sustainable Diamond Rings Are Important

From producing carbon waste and contributing to land, water and air pollution to displacing wildlife from their natural habitats, diamond mines are a terrible burden on the health of our planet. As the far-reaching effects of diamond mining come to light, millennial shoppers are looking for conscious diamond alternatives that capture the essence of traditional diamond jewellery in a completely ethical and planet-friendly way.

Princess Gem is an innovative company that offers a full line of designer conflict-free jewellery at affordable prices. This revolutionary concept is meant to empower consumers with the opportunity to make conscious choices and take ownership over their actions, all while saving significant amounts of money. The brand is on a mission to change the engagement ring game in Singapore.

Engagement Rings at Honest Prices
Say Goodbye to the Diamond Industry

The perfect doppelganger for a diamond ring, Princess Gem moissanites are a stunning alternative to mined diamonds. These flawless gems are created in a lab using advanced technology to mimic the beauty of a real diamond, right down to its physical characteristics. Princess Gem moissanites are graded in the same way as diamonds and each one passes the diamond test while bearing the “4C” characteristics of colour, clarity, cut and carat weight before being incorporated into a stunning engagement ring.

Moissanites score an equivalent of 9.25 on the Mohs scale, which makes them almost as hard as diamonds and therefore perfect for daily wear. Since they are completely lab-made, they require absolutely no mining in order to be produced, making them a great option for socially conscious consumers. With their appeal to both the ethical consumer and the buyer looking for a more affordable alternative, moissanites are quickly becoming everyone’s favourite stone.

Moissanite Proposal Rings Perfect for any Couple

Designed with the millennial bride in mind, Princess Gem offers timeless minimalist rings that will never go out of style for years to come. The brand’s signature ring features a 1 carat round brilliant cut moissanite gemstone on a knife-edge band. A simple solitaire ring is the classiest choice for brides who choose to say “I do” to simplistic elegance.

Say Goodbye to the Diamond Industry

Princess Gem is ready to breathe new life into the engagement ring market with its range of beautiful, high-quality moissanite engagement rings. These designer rings are a stunning choice that speaks volumes about a couple and their commitment not only to each other but also to ethical practices and the conservation of the environment.

The pioneering team behind Princess Gem believes that love doesn’t have to cost the earth – which is why they remain committed to creating planet-friendly, conflict-free engagement rings that are accessibly priced, making it easy for every couple to make the ethical choice.

About Princess Gem

Princess Gem is a fine jewellery brand in Singapore specialising in engagement rings at revolutionary prices, without compromising on quality, while standing by our social ethics to only offer conflict-free jewellery.

Source: Media OutReach

The international show for jewellery machinery and manufacturing will be back.

the international show for jewellery machinery and manufacturing

From 10 to 14 September 2021, the international show for jewellery machinery and manufacturing will be back, with physical attendance, and in the same halls as Vicenzaoro September

About one hundred companies have confirmed their physical attendance from 10th to 14th September at T.GOLD, the international show for jewelry machinery and the most innovative technologies applied to gold and jewelry processing, organized by IEG – Italian Exhibition Group, which heads the sole directorship of B2B events for the international gold and jewelry industry.

Attending companies include, among others, key market players like Legor Group Spa, SISMA Spa, LM INDUSTRY SRL, OMBI Srl, INVIMEC Srl, DWS Srl, B.T.T. Impianti from the LEM Industries Group and O.M.P.A.R. Srl., as well as a significant number of international companies: Hemerle + Meule GMBH and Goodwin Refractory Services LTD GRS. Names that will take the exhibiting companies to a high qualitative level.

The most important event in the world dedicated to technological innovation along with the gold and jewelry industry’s supply chain and which traditionally takes place in January will therefore move to September for its 2021 edition and will take place ‘live’, at the same time as Vicenzaoro September, as a pro-active response to the needs and requests of the international community of sector traders for a complete overview of the latest ideas that they could qualitatively implement in their jewelry production and processing.

Moreover, in 2021, T.GOLD will be housed in a new location inside the same exhibition area as Vicenzaoro September. IEG has, in fact, redesigned the layout of T.GOLD to guarantee exhibitor and visitor safety in terms of social distancing. Larger spaces and adjacent locations – without the need for participants to take the shuttle – will make the visitors’ itinerary much more fluid and create greater synergy between the finished jewelry exhibition and that of the tools for creating it.

Buyers will easily find their way around the exhibition’s six macro-category divisions: – preparation of alloys, galvanic treatments; – digital prototyping and production; – mechanical machinings, grindings, laser-cut; – assembly and welding; – refining and recovery of production waste; – finishing, polishing, and enamels.

T.GOLD is a meeting point for artisans, companies, and suppliers of advanced technologies thanks to the partnership with AFEMO (Italian Association of Jewellery Machinery Manufacturers and Exporters) and Italian Exhibition Group’s collaboration with ITA, the Italian Trade Agency, that supports the business development of Italian companies abroad and promotes foreign investment in Italy.

T.GOLD will host the second edition of the “StartUp and Carats” initiative, organized by IEG and strategically management together with ITA: an exhibition and informative area entirely dedicated to the world of Startups and SMEs. Innovations for the benefit of visitors and exhibitors who will be able to intercept new opportunities for developing, optimizing, and perfecting technologies at the service of jewelry.

A five-day event that offers the chance to tell the sector the story of technological know-how – which historically speaks Italian – and to meet in person at last after the pandemic period to celebrate that inseparable the bond between creative ability and the technologies that make it possible for sparkling dreams to come true.

international show for jewellery machinery and manufacturing
From 10 to 14 September 2021, the international show for jewellery machinery and manufacturing will be back, with physical attendance, and in the same halls as Vicenzaoro September


Green pass to access the Expo Centre; and the new Safe Travel service for international and safe customer mobility
organized with the specialist Studio Arletti&Partners.

Green Pass and Safe Travel so that exhibitors and visitors are guaranteed the highest possible level of security.

IEG – Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A., after having been the first in Italy to develop the SAFE BUSINESS protocol in April 2020 and had then followed up with numerous initiatives aimed at global security, is now adding further elements to ensure the safety of the people and companies attending the shows.

From September next, in order to protect companies, visitors, suppliers, and staff, all those entering the expo centers while trade shows are underway, will be required to be in possession of a ‘green pass’ (or an equivalent document). The first trade shows to be involved will be Macfrut in Rimini and Vicenzaoro in Vicenza. “The aim,” explains Corrado Peraboni, CEO of IEG, “is to guarantee our exhibitors/visitors with Covid-free halls, a place where the only thing those inside need to worry about is doing business.

The request for this measure has come loud and clear from the companies, particularly the multinationals, that want to be able to guarantee maximum safety for their collaborators who will be attending the shows once they open in September. It is no coincidence that the Green Pass is foreseen as a requirement by the vast majority of European trade show organizers.”

In regard to safety, sharing information so that every difficulty in terms of mobility can be overcome, is a precious asset to offer exhibitors and visitors. With this mission, yet another first in our country, the Italian Exhibition Group will offer its own foreign guests a new opportunity to be aware of the rules for entering and sojourning in Italy. This will prove even more valid as the pandemic situation continues to evolve. The information offered comes from an agreement signed with Studio Arletti&Partners, a firm specialized in global mobility which, since 1998, has been assisting companies and private individuals in matters of foreign postings, covering every aspect of consultancy relating to global mobility.

In the expo centers where IEG operates, timely, constant, agile, and informative assistance on the regulations and compliances that international visitors and exhibitors should abide by in order to enter Italy will be provided. A service that regards arrivals by plane, train, bus, or car and which indicates the national requirements and those that the AUSL, Italian Health Service, may outline in the various territories where the shows are to be held. Customers will receive the information by completing a simple form available on the shows’ websites. The only information required will be the place of departure, international connection locations, if any, and place of arrival. The response will also provide territorial medical assistance contact numbers.

The system will be updated daily in regard to any changes in regulations thanks to a pool of professionals specialized in legal disciplines. Should customers require any further assistance, IEG, together with Studio Arletti, will be able to provide customized services.

The SAFE BUSINESS BY IEG protocol, devised in April 2020, has been extended with adhesions to AEFI (Italian Exhibition and Trade Fair Association) and UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) protocols and IEG’s attainment, for all its venues, of the GBAC STAR™ facility accreditation, the global certification program regarding the correct practices, procedures, and systems to meet the international standards of cleanliness, disinfection and infectious disease prevention for facilities and staff promoted by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council.

IEG facilities are the only ones in Italy to be able to boast of having this accreditation.
Last May, IEG voluntarily adhered to the Confcooperative Romagna, Confindustria Romagna, and Legacoop Romagna project for vaccinating its employees against Covid thanks to the inter-company hub set up in the Romagna regional territory. Activities accompanied by a constant track and trace campaign: between June 2020 and May 2021, IEG has carried out, on a voluntary basis, 900 serological tests and screening swabs on the human resources at its four venues.



Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), listed on the MTA (screen-based stock exchange) organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A., has built up over the years, through its Rimini and Vicenza venues, a position of domestic leadership in the organization of trade fairs and conferences, and has developed its foreign activities – also through joint ventures with global or local organizers, in the United States, United Arab Emirates, China, Mexico, India – which have positioned it among the leading European operators in the sector.


Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), listed on the MTA (screen-based stock exchange) organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A., has built up over the years, through its Rimini and Vicenza venues, a position of domestic leadership in the organization of trade fairs and conferences, and has developed its foreign activities – also through joint ventures with global or local organizers, in the United States, United Arab Emirates, China, Mexico, India – which have positioned it among the leading European operators in the sector.


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