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8 Dazzling Diamond Rings We’re Obsessed in 2020

8 Dazzling Diamond Rings We're Obsessed in 2020
8 Dazzling Diamond Rings We're Obsessed in 2020

Blushing Brides: 8 Dazzling Diamond Rings We’re Obsessed in 2020

Every girl dreams of the perfect proposal from the love of her life. Although, the proposal often contains a dreamy and attractive ring, and women love wearing rings and each one of them has a preference based on their choices and personal style.

Thus, it is a good idea to strike the right balance between your budget and her liking.

Also, if you are planning to get married, then you surely need a wedding ring. However, in this case, you can always take her along and let her choose her desired ring. This is any day a safer option.

There will be no problems with the design or the size. You can also take some help from a creative wedding planner.

As it is, getting engaged is a major highlight of life. There are so many ring options available in the market that it can get overwhelming to choose just one ring. You will have options ranging from timeless solitaires, vintage settings, and even pretty three-stone halos.

Although, there is no need to worry as we have curated a list of dazzling diamond wedding rings which will look lovely on your hand.

1. Prong and solitaire setting

We are totally obsessing over this style as it never goes out of fashion. A prong is basically a little metal claw that actually holds the diamond. Prongs can be of different shapes including round, flat, pointed and even V-shaped.

V-shaped prongs are most famous for princess cut diamonds. Prong settings either contain four or six prongs. The one with six prongs is better as it holds the diamond properly.

2. The Tiffany setting

We surely love this one. Tiffany and Co. is a famous ring company and they developed a peculiar ring setting in 1886. In this setting, the metal is really less so that the maximum attention goes on the diamond. This setting, in particular, is known as, “The Tiffany setting”.

It is possible to replicate this at any other jewelry store but, you can never get the exact setting as Tiffany has trademarked its prong design.

3. Bezel Setting

This is a great style and is comfortable to wear every day. It has a modern look and syncs well with the active lifestyle of the bride. The bezel setting does not hold the diamond with prongs.

Instead, it encircles the diamond with a thin metal rim. Alternatively, there can be a precious stone in between the metal ring instead of the diamond. 

The bezel setting comes in two different styles. One encircles the diamond completely with the metal rim while the other leaves the edges open.

4. Channel setting

We surely love this one and you should too! Channel setting contains smaller diamonds that are set in a row on the band of the ring. The diamond setting is done closely in the grooves of the band.

The one where the entire band is decorated with diamonds looks amazing and is a great pick for your wedding ceremony.

5. Halo Setting

The halo setting contains a center stone. The diamonds are decorated in a concentric circle around the stone. Thus, if you are confused about choosing between a diamond and a ruby, then this one is for you.

You can literally have both in one ring. The halo setting can be done with a diamond in the middle as well. It is a great way to show the smaller diamond as a bigger diamond.

6. Cathedral Setting

We love this ring too. It is one of the most elegant settings of the diamond ring. The ring settings are made out of metal arches. They help in holding the diamond. It is known as a cathedral setting as it replicates the graceful arches of a cathedral.

The setting is carried out with the help of prongs, bezel or even tension setting. The arches add extra height and make the stone look bigger than it is.

7. Bar setting

If you like simple patterns, then this is the ring for you. Diamonds are set separately between vertical bars of metal. Although, the bar setting is similar to channel setting.

The major difference between the two is that the channel setting contains diamonds enclosed all over the ring while the bar setting usually leaves the diamonds exposed on two sides.

The setting will look good with a center stone as well. It can actually stand alone as well and look great as a wedding band.

8. Tension Setting

This is a popular style of a diamond ring. It is named as tension because the metal holds the diamond between it because of the tension created. It gives a unique appearance as the exact dimensions are calibrated with the help of a laser. It is a great style for a diamond ring.


These were some of the styles which we totally loved. They are classic, unique and elegant. We are sure they will look amazing on any bride’s hand.

Seven Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

Seven Engagement Ring Shopping Tips
Seven Engagement Ring Shopping Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Ring

Seven Engagement Ring Shopping Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Ring

Getting Engaged is the most wonderful event in anyone’s life. It is the first step towards your wedding life. The trend of proposing with the Engagement Ring is coming from many years. Diamond Engagement Rings are not only a piece of jewelry, but also it is precious jewelry which is a symbol of Everlasting Love.

Everyone wants to make Engagement as a memorable day of their life with a Special Ring. An Engagement and Wedding Ring that never goes out of style, which is perfect at any occasion or which is long-lasting.

Here are knowledge and guide tips which should know before buying a Diamond Engagement Ring for Her and you can clear your all doubts and fear.

  1. Work with Diamond Characteristics
    Diamond is brighter and more vibrant, and the perfect craftsmanship produces the most beautiful Diamond. Every diamond has certain distinguishing characteristics. The diamond has four characteristics that are globally accepted for assessing the Quality of Diamond. These 4Cs are Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. (For more details about +Cs please click www.jewelleryistanbul.com/diamond-carat-clarity-cut-color/ )

    Color: A Diamond Color is the standardized color grading system that has been internationally accepted. Mostly white diamonds have a slight tint of yellow. The colorless diamond is the rarest which is expensive. The diamond Industries categorized the Color Grade from D (Colorless) to Z (Strong yellow Tint).

    Clarity: The Clarity of Diamond defines Flawless. When a Diamond Contain the greater imperfection in size, number and quality then the Clarity Grade is lower. A stone is graded as flawless if, under 10 power magnification, no inclusion and no blemishes are visible.

    Cut: The Diamond brightness is totally depending on the Diamond Cut. The cut determined by symmetry, polish, and proportion. If a diamond is cut poorly, it’ll appear dull even if it has a high color and clarity grade. Mostly Jewelers accept Excellent, Very Good, good and Poor cuts.

    Carat: The Diamond’s Size is measured by the Weight and the Carat is the Weight Unit. The Carat is divided into points. The 100 points are equal to a carat. The diamond with a high carat weight is more valuable and expensive.
  2. Think About the Metal
    Now, the second thing comes in your mind that which type of metal will suit on your fiancé’s finger. When you’ll go for buy a Diamond Engagement Ring, then you will get a variety of Metal to choose from. Platinum and White gold are very trendy nowadays. These both look like the same from the naked eye, but platinum is expensive compared to White gold. The greatest price difference, however, is between platinum and gold. Platinum is rarer and stronger than gold. The Rose and Yellow gold are also precious metals used in Wedding Rings.

  3. Pick Up Favorite Diamond Shape
    The Diamond Shape, Style and Setting reflects your personal style and personality. A wide range of Diamond Shape is available, and each shape of the Diamond will show your Love in a different- different style. Today 63% of people are in favor of Center Diamond with Side Stones, 21% people like the Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring (Round, Princess, Cushion, Pear Diamond Shape), 8% people favor in Semi-Precious Stone like Gemstone.

  4. Focus on the Diamond Setting
    The Diamonds are securely held on the Ring by the perfect setting and which give a stunning look. Prong, Pave, Channel, Bezel and more settings are used to arrange the diamonds. A classic Round Engagement Ring creates a modern and fresh look with the bezel setting. A trendy Pear-Shaped Diamond gives the traditional look with a four-prong setting. Get the Right diamond Shape and set the diamond in an appropriate setting according to your choice.

  5. Replaced the Diamond
    Generally, diamond is a very famous stone in the world but nowadays the Colored Stones are also getting popularity in the Engagement Ring. The Emerald, Blue Sapphire, and Ruby gemstones are very trendy, and you can use these stones as a birthstone. These stones are less expensive compared to Diamond. If you want to spend less money, then the Gemstone Ring is the perfect option for you.

  6. Set your Pocket Size
    If you aren’t enabled to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring according to your Fiance’s Choice, then follow these tips which are given above. Before going to Buy Engagement Ring, set your minimum and maximum budget which will help you to pick the perfect Diamond Ring. and your love will not be disappointed with you.

  7. Make your Ring Unique with These trendy Style

Rose Gold Engagement Ring: It is said that “Engagement is a Special Event”. As your better half is special, so shouldn’t your Engagement Ring be special too? We all want a perfect Engagement Ring, but what about if there are some pros and cons.

Though the rose gold ring is a comeback ring but there are some fears and doubts about this ring too. The copper used in a rose gold ring can be allergic to some people. The color of this beautiful ring can be changed after some time. The stock of the rose gold ring is limited. It is available in many styles.

Halo Diamond Engagement Ring: This Halo Engagement Ring encircles a center gemstone or a diamond with a small stone in pave or micro pave settings. Halo rings look more beautiful and unique as it is styled in a unique form. If your love is never-ending for a diamond, then Halo diamond engagement rings can be the best ring for your engagement.

Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring: The Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring features a split shank cut with round diamonds. It increases the sparkle of the diamond with tiny small stones. It is the most trending engagement ring with a different style.

White Gold Three Stone Engagement Ring: It is said that – “White metals are sleek and modern which increase the elegance of ring”. The Appearance of this beautiful ring is eye-catching. The center diamond with the two perfect diamonds creates a stunning look. On your engagement, give this beautiful ring to your girl and make her day.

A Perfect Engagement Ring shows the relation between two people and tells the story of the person who wears it. So, choose the confidently a Diamond Ring for Her which will signify your love. now, you have decided which type of ring to pick for your fiance, right? Now, don’t waste your time, and You just need to buy the Perfect Diamond Ring.

Accessories for watch lovers

watch roll

Accessories for watch lovers

The ultimate watch owners accessory; courtesy of Bennett Winch

Renowned for their studied and uncompromising approach to refining their products beyond expectation, Bennett Winch has turned their attention to the world of horology, with the launch of their unmissable watch roll.

Watch lovers have typically struggled to find a travel companion worthy of housing their treasured timepieces, but, with a unique design and innovative materials, the Bennett Winch watch roll provides the perfect solution, bringing their DNA of function, craftsmanship and timeless style to a new arena.

Accessories for watch lovers
Accessories for watch lovers, watch roll.

Watch guru Wei Koh, an unmistakable voice in the horology world, and founder of one of its biggest publications, Revolution magazine, has been involved in every stage of the watch roll’s development. Along with the brand’s Design Director, Rupert Shreeve, it’s taken over a year to perfect everything from the watch roll’s distinctive design to its size and the materials used.“We were determined to make the ultimate watch roll. Something genuinely unique and made by hand in London from the very finest materials we could source.” Says Robin Bennett, Co-Founder of Bennett Winch. “Wei was incredibly detailed about what the pain-points were with other watch storage solutions, which provided some great design cues allowing us to create something that would set a new standard for anyone traveling with watches.”

Featuring a Kevlar layer, which is impervious to water, the Bennett Winch Watch Roll has been hand made in London and is lined in Alcantara – a fabric befitting the interior of an Aston Martin – as well as a collection of treasured wristwatches. The outer is constructed from the finest Italian leather, making it as pleasing on the eye as it is practical.

Featuring a hexagonal design, and available in black and brown, there’s room inside for three watches, placed on a removable roll with partitions: “The hexagon shape makes sure that it stands upright as well as on its side, which is important as you don’t want your pride and joy hitting the deck as you load it onto the roll. When unraveled, each edge of the hexagon forms a totally flat watch ‘staging area’ or ‘preparation deck’ – this also helps protect the watches from scratches and bumps when loading onto the cylinder, thanks to the Alcantara lining.” Says Rupert Shreeve, Design Director of Bennett Winch.

Accessories for watch lovers
Accessories for watch lovers

ABOUT BENNETT WINCH Established in 2014, Bennett Winch designs and manufactures timeless pieces inspired by the many and varied demands of modern life. The brand’s commitment to a design-led approach combines functionality with an uncompromised aesthetic. This singular vision brings together classic design cues with the finest of materials that are carefully selected for an understated yet luxurious appearance. Exclusively handcrafted in England, Bennett Winch accessories are created using traditional methods and meticulous attention to detail to ensure your bag never lets you down.

Source: BENNETT WINCH https://www.bennettwinch.com/

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying in Gemstones

Things to Keep in Mind before Investing in Gemstones
Things to Keep in Mind before Investing in Gemstones

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying in Gemstones

Investing in gems is a big decision that you want to be serious about right from the start. Since it is unlikely for a buyer to recover from a bad investment of this kind, it is important to go prepared. Learning more about the gemstones you have in mind, talking to friends, coworkers, and others who might have valuable advice, reading online, etc., are a good way to start. But time is of the essence and that’s what makes the business of buying gemstones all the more challenging. So, here is a definitive guide for people out there who are looking to invest in gemstones.

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying in Gemstones

This article aims to cover a lot of grounds and is most likely to prepare you well for the job. So, don’t rush through. Just take a moment to glance through this page to get a hang of the affair.  

What Should Be My Priorities?

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying in Gemstones

When buying diamonds (Read more: https://www.gsdiamonds.com.au/diamonds/) or any gemstones you should have a set of priorities, and you must not stop until they are fully checked. Here they are:

  • One of the many things that should be a priority on a gemstone buyer’s list is the source. Selecting the right source is about as important as the product you are purchasing. Never make the purchase without confirming that it’s a certified seller.
  • The second is controlling your cost. Never let the cost go out of control. If you have to downgrade your picks for that, do it but staying in control of the cost is paramount to good investment.  
  • No one deal is equally good for all gemstones. What’s a good deal on sapphire could be an even better deal on ruby? So, always look into the deal and the kind of difference it makes to the price of the concerned stone before grabbing it.
  • Buy investment-grade gemstones if you do not want to see the price fall anytime in the future. Gems value often rises, but many times they fall it, and the lower the quality is, the lesser you get on reselling.
Things to Keep in Mind before Buying in Gemstones
Things to Keep in Mind before Buying in Gemstones

Anything to Bear in Mind?

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying in Gemstones

Depending on what gems you are interested in, there are some facts that you need to have in mind while purchasing.

In colored gemstones, flawless is rarer than in diamonds. So, if you have picked up a colored gem from the flawless grade, know that it is going to pinch quite a bit. So, unless you are ready for it, it’s best to avoid that section altogether.

While going for diamonds, know that the premium is where clarity is. A clear diamond is what holds all the value. But in colored gems, that’s not the case. In fact, in colored gemstones, clarity does not carry any extra value. So, if a seller is trying to push a gemstone for its clarity, know that you are in for a scam.

Inclusions are not always a bad thing. Inclusions in moderation have never hurt anybody. In fact, they are evidence that can lead you to the origin of the gemstone, its date, etc. Making an unnecessary fuss about inclusions will only push you further towards the high-end section where prices are predatory. An eye-clear stone is a fair medium between flawless and clouded.

Buyers often confuse clarity with flawlessness. While flawless is the ultimate clarity grade, it may not be what you want for your stone. In fact, the most practical way of measuring clarity is to judge against the gemstone’s normal standard. So, depending on the stone you have in mind, the standard clarity can be high or low. Prices would vary depending on that.

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying in Gemstones

What Are the Common Pitfalls Down This Road?

When you are thinking of investing in gemstones, you also want to get familiar with the roadblocks along the way. Even a seemingly innocent misstep along the way can nudge you in the wrong direction. So, here are the mistakes that you want to avoid at all costs when buying gemstones. They are pretty common and have led many before you to ruinous results. So, pay attention.

No Set Budget

It’s a serious misstep to go with an open budget. It can turn the whole endeavor on its head. You can easily skid out of the boundaries inside which you’d be comfortable. On the flip side, it is quite difficult to set a budget when you don’t have a specific gemstone in mind. Regardless, you want to go with a budget in mind or be prepared to end up making an unwisely expensive purchase. It is always in the interest of the salesmen to push for a bigger sale, and a buyer without a budget restriction is more likely to give in to that than one with.

Skipping Examination

No matter the amount of research you put into it, never miss the part where you take the stone in your hand and examine it. For those buying online, you have to wait till the stone is delivered and then you can inspect it up close. This is important even if you don’t know anything about diamonds or don’t have any sophisticated tools at hand because you never know what might come to your attention.

Missing Research Work

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying in Gemstones

The above point is interlinked with this one. Just as you can’t afford to miss inspecting your gemstone, much the same you can’t skip doing the research work. The research work should take place at the beginning when you have just started looking out. The research work can bring you critical information that gives you an edge over other buyers. Information is key, and every buyer should have enough to make an educated decision.

Buying with No Purpose in Mind

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying in Gemstones

Last but not least, always set a purpose before buying your stones. Whether it’s for putting it on a piece of jewelry or for collection or for upgrading a piece of jewelry, you have to know what you are buying stone for. That streamlines the search and gives the buyer a purpose to go after.

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying in Gemstones

For more articles about gemstones https://www.jewelleryistanbul.com/category/articles/articles-gems-accessories-brand/

Images: https://www.lifeofpix.com/photo/ring-shooting/ + www.pixaroma.com

Timepiece inhabited by an exclusive Pilo & Co mechanical caliber

Pilo & Co Genève: Oustanding Pièce d’Exception PW01
an exclusive Pilo & Co mechanical caliber

“Manufacture PW01 Caliber exclusively developed for Pilo & Co Genève”

Pilo & Co Genève: Pièce d’Exception PW01: an exclusive Pilo & Co mechanical caliber | Calibre Manufacture

Focused on the segment of Swiss-made watchmaking accessibility made up of aesthetic, micromechanical variations and an ever preceding trend, Pilo & Co Genève has named its latest model Pièce d’Exception. Manufacture Caliber.

Pilo & Co Genève: Outstanding Pièce d’Exception PW01 Timepiece inhabited by an exclusive Pilo & Co mechanical caliber

Inhabited by the PW01 Caliber exclusively developed for Pilo & Co Genève, a 27 jewels mechanical self-winding movement oscillating at 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hertz), this new Pilo & Co Genève Pièce d’Exception PW01 reinterprets in “watchmaking of the fundamentals” mode a micromechanical bouquet of simple complications: Day-Date (day and date indication), GMT (second-time zone) and a 40-hour power reserve indicator.

The great gap

Pilo & Co Genève is renowned for its flair for an aesthetic that defines the trend and is available in 15 collections. In spite of a special series of enameled pieces and an increasing demand for precious or semi-precious gemstones, the brand is resolutely assuming its place in the affordable market territories.

Pilo & Co mechanical caliber
Pilo & Co mechanical caliber

Humbly but masterfully, the new “Pièce d’Exception PW01” reflects Pilo & Co Genève’s know-how in pure chronometry. Powered by a deep black oscillating mass housed in a 44 mm diameter case waterproof to 5 atmospheres (50 meters), this new timepiece is now available in several dial versions. A total of 7 combinations proposed on stitched leather straps with ardillon buckle, lined with silicone for a sportier touch, matching the dial tones, as well as 3 variants available on stainless steel wristbands. A milestone timepiece that delights enthusiasts of a Swiss watchmaking tradition of excellence.

Pilo & Co Genève, a Swiss watch brand with roots in the Saint-Gervais district of Geneva, the birthplace of the Cabinotiers.

A brand constantly renewed, open to customizations and special requests

Driven by its continuing tendency to precede the trend, Pilo & Co Genève since its creation in 2001 stands out for its art of combining identities. 15 collections dedicated to affordableness, design and the capture of the moment. Among the recognized brands of swiss made, the brand does not experience the breathlessness. Its history combines the power of a strong start and controlled expansion. The brand covers all segments, it knows how to be mechanical or manufacturing without ever giving up its confidence in a successful aesthetic. Pilo & Co Geneva thus satisfies the growing expectations of buyers wishing to stand out. More and more frequently, it positively replies to requests for coherent customizations that are often based on desires for stones (precious stones, semi-precious stones, diamonds) or specific gem-setting wishes. One of Pilo & Co Genève’s specificities is to remain highly attractive in its price segment…

Pilo & Co in brief 2 own-name boutiques // 31 points of sale in Switzerland // distributed in 18 countries // Around 152 models classified into 15 collections // 20% of gem-setting timepieces by hand on request // 80% of affordable watches (between CHF 300.00 and CHF 4’200.00)

4 Important Tips for Choosing the Best Gold Buyers and Dealers

Choosing the Best Gold Buyers and Dealers
Choosing the Best Gold Buyers and Dealers

The number of people making investments in gold coins and jewelry has been increasing day by day. Also, the ladies like to buy gold jewelry on many occasions. There could be many online websites and offline stores for you to buy gold from. But finding reliable gold buyers and dealers in your area is a challenging task. In the case of precious metals, you should never take a risk of trusting dealer blindly without exploring his credentials, experience, brand value, and reputations. There are various things that you have to consider while you are buying gold. The price of the metal keeps on fluctuating every now and then. However, you should not consider price as the only factor in making the decision. The dealer plays a vital role in buying the gold as well.

Look at the important tips that you should never forget while choosing gold buyers and dealers:

Check the Reviews:

If you are buying gold from an offline store or online store, the reviews posted by the past customers are very important. The offline store owners also have a dependable and trustable page on the internet. This page will provide almost all the information about them which will of value to regular shoppers. When you explore the contents you can find names, addresses, the exact location and other useful information about those reputed stores. The past clients post their reviews about their experience with gold buyers and dealers and you should check those reviews before taking the next step. There are many online websites where people post reviews about the particular gold dealer. You can check that website too.

4 Important Tips for Choosing the Best Gold Buyers and Dealers
4 Important Tips for Choosing the Best Gold Buyers and Dealers

Check the Current Gold Rate:

The gold rate all over the world keeps on fluctuating every day. At times it is very high and at times it is low. So, when you are planning to visit the gold buyers and dealers you should check the gold rate on that particular day. It is also possible that different dealers may have a different rate for gold. Hence you should check with all the dealers in your area. Then you should choose the dealer that gives you the most affordable rate. However, you should not fall in a trap and always believe in reliable and honest offers that might be beneficial to you in all respects. The dealers may try to cheat you by fixing higher prices. So check the price as well as the purity of gold.

Check for The Credentials:

Quality and quantity certification from government authority is very important. You should explore gold dealers’ quality certifications, license, awards and recognitions before buying products from them. These documents will make sure that the dealer only deals in the best and the purest gold. The chances of him cheating you are lesser when he is government certified dealer. This is because of the strict laws and regulations that govern these sellers. There are certificates for gold authentication which is given to a dealer when they pass strict checks. So if he has all these time-tested certificates you can choose to buy from him.   

Check for references:

Buying gold is not a simple task since it involves lots of time and money. Hence you should buy gold and ornaments only when you are fully satisfied with the dealer. The trust factor also plays an important role. Trusting the gold buyers and dealers through whom you purchase from is important. It will be easier for you to trust a gold dealer when your friend or family has purchased golden ornaments from him in the past. You should ask them about his services and gold quality. You can also ask for references from your business group about the dealer with whom you are handling. If you know a person dealing with gold you should always take his advice first.

These are the tips you should keep in mind while looking for gold buyers and dealers. You should never make this decision in haste.



Continued Growth@Frederique Constant

In today’s difficult economic climate, FREDERIQUE CONSTANT is proud to announce Year-to-Date growth of 9% for the January-May period compared to 2014. The continued...