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Timepiece inhabited by an exclusive Pilo & Co mechanical caliber

Pilo & Co Genève: Oustanding Pièce d’Exception PW01
an exclusive Pilo & Co mechanical caliber

“Manufacture PW01 Caliber exclusively developed for Pilo & Co Genève”

Pilo & Co Genève: Pièce d’Exception PW01: an exclusive Pilo & Co mechanical caliber | Calibre Manufacture

Focused on the segment of Swiss-made watchmaking accessibility made up of aesthetic, micromechanical variations and an ever preceding trend, Pilo & Co Genève has named its latest model Pièce d’Exception. Manufacture Caliber.

Pilo & Co Genève: Outstanding Pièce d’Exception PW01 Timepiece inhabited by an exclusive Pilo & Co mechanical caliber

Inhabited by the PW01 Caliber exclusively developed for Pilo & Co Genève, a 27 jewels mechanical self-winding movement oscillating at 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hertz), this new Pilo & Co Genève Pièce d’Exception PW01 reinterprets in “watchmaking of the fundamentals” mode a micromechanical bouquet of simple complications: Day-Date (day and date indication), GMT (second-time zone) and a 40-hour power reserve indicator.

The great gap

Pilo & Co Genève is renowned for its flair for an aesthetic that defines the trend and is available in 15 collections. In spite of a special series of enameled pieces and an increasing demand for precious or semi-precious gemstones, the brand is resolutely assuming its place in the affordable market territories.

Pilo & Co mechanical caliber
Pilo & Co mechanical caliber

Humbly but masterfully, the new “Pièce d’Exception PW01” reflects Pilo & Co Genève’s know-how in pure chronometry. Powered by a deep black oscillating mass housed in a 44 mm diameter case waterproof to 5 atmospheres (50 meters), this new timepiece is now available in several dial versions. A total of 7 combinations proposed on stitched leather straps with ardillon buckle, lined with silicone for a sportier touch, matching the dial tones, as well as 3 variants available on stainless steel wristbands. A milestone timepiece that delights enthusiasts of a Swiss watchmaking tradition of excellence.

Pilo & Co Genève, a Swiss watch brand with roots in the Saint-Gervais district of Geneva, the birthplace of the Cabinotiers.

A brand constantly renewed, open to customizations and special requests

Driven by its continuing tendency to precede the trend, Pilo & Co Genève since its creation in 2001 stands out for its art of combining identities. 15 collections dedicated to affordableness, design and the capture of the moment. Among the recognized brands of swiss made, the brand does not experience the breathlessness. Its history combines the power of a strong start and controlled expansion. The brand covers all segments, it knows how to be mechanical or manufacturing without ever giving up its confidence in a successful aesthetic. Pilo & Co Geneva thus satisfies the growing expectations of buyers wishing to stand out. More and more frequently, it positively replies to requests for coherent customizations that are often based on desires for stones (precious stones, semi-precious stones, diamonds) or specific gem-setting wishes. One of Pilo & Co Genève’s specificities is to remain highly attractive in its price segment…

Pilo & Co in brief 2 own-name boutiques // 31 points of sale in Switzerland // distributed in 18 countries // Around 152 models classified into 15 collections // 20% of gem-setting timepieces by hand on request // 80% of affordable watches (between CHF 300.00 and CHF 4’200.00)

4 Important Tips for Choosing the Best Gold Buyers and Dealers

Choosing the Best Gold Buyers and Dealers
Choosing the Best Gold Buyers and Dealers

The number of people making investments in gold coins and jewelry has been increasing day by day. Also, the ladies like to buy gold jewelry on many occasions. There could be many online websites and offline stores for you to buy gold from. But finding reliable gold buyers and dealers in your area is a challenging task. In the case of precious metals, you should never take a risk of trusting dealer blindly without exploring his credentials, experience, brand value, and reputations. There are various things that you have to consider while you are buying gold. The price of the metal keeps on fluctuating every now and then. However, you should not consider price as the only factor in making the decision. The dealer plays a vital role in buying the gold as well.

Look at the important tips that you should never forget while choosing gold buyers and dealers:

Check the Reviews:

If you are buying gold from an offline store or online store, the reviews posted by the past customers are very important. The offline store owners also have a dependable and trustable page on the internet. This page will provide almost all the information about them which will of value to regular shoppers. When you explore the contents you can find names, addresses, the exact location and other useful information about those reputed stores. The past clients post their reviews about their experience with gold buyers and dealers and you should check those reviews before taking the next step. There are many online websites where people post reviews about the particular gold dealer. You can check that website too.

4 Important Tips for Choosing the Best Gold Buyers and Dealers
4 Important Tips for Choosing the Best Gold Buyers and Dealers

Check the Current Gold Rate:

The gold rate all over the world keeps on fluctuating every day. At times it is very high and at times it is low. So, when you are planning to visit the gold buyers and dealers you should check the gold rate on that particular day. It is also possible that different dealers may have a different rate for gold. Hence you should check with all the dealers in your area. Then you should choose the dealer that gives you the most affordable rate. However, you should not fall in a trap and always believe in reliable and honest offers that might be beneficial to you in all respects. The dealers may try to cheat you by fixing higher prices. So check the price as well as the purity of gold.

Check for The Credentials:

Quality and quantity certification from government authority is very important. You should explore gold dealers’ quality certifications, license, awards and recognitions before buying products from them. These documents will make sure that the dealer only deals in the best and the purest gold. The chances of him cheating you are lesser when he is government certified dealer. This is because of the strict laws and regulations that govern these sellers. There are certificates for gold authentication which is given to a dealer when they pass strict checks. So if he has all these time-tested certificates you can choose to buy from him.   

Check for references:

Buying gold is not a simple task since it involves lots of time and money. Hence you should buy gold and ornaments only when you are fully satisfied with the dealer. The trust factor also plays an important role. Trusting the gold buyers and dealers through whom you purchase from is important. It will be easier for you to trust a gold dealer when your friend or family has purchased golden ornaments from him in the past. You should ask them about his services and gold quality. You can also ask for references from your business group about the dealer with whom you are handling. If you know a person dealing with gold you should always take his advice first.

These are the tips you should keep in mind while looking for gold buyers and dealers. You should never make this decision in haste.

Chronometry 2019 competition, let’s go!

Watches of the Watchmaking School
Chronometry 2019 competition, let's go!

Chronometry 2019 competition, let’s go!

Deposit of the competing watches, two surprise guests

One by one and with the strictest discretion, the competing timepieces have arrived at the Le Locle Watchmaking Museum. Two watches from the Le Locle watchmaking school have joined the competition.

The 2019 edition of the Chronometry Contest, here we go! Embarked in an “80-day precision tour” in the most Swiss of discretions, the competing timepieces will see the public light again on 16 December 2019 when the results will be announced. In the meantime, and this is a premiere, two surprise guests, out of the competition and therefore openly, will make the different stages of this exciting competition visible and public. These are two school watches made by ET-CIFOM students from the watchmaking school in Le Locle.

Chronometry 2019 competition
Philippe Fischer, President of the Competition

Two school timepieces? One of them has a mechanism of innovation that should increase its accuracy. What better way to evaluate the potential benefits of such an invention than through the 2019 Chronometry Competition, which includes several precision controls (COSC and ISO 3159 standards) and is interspersed with attacks in the form of shocks (Laboratoire Dubois) or exposure to magnetic fields (Timelab)? Because, by comparing the scores of the two pieces, academic leaders and students, all passionate about this challenge, can identify concrete conclusions.

The introduction on the competition of these two timepieces based on values such as the transmission of knowledge and the training of tomorrow’s watchmakers also offers a major advantage to the organizers: it is finally possible for them to communicate, with images in support, on the different phases of the Contest. Since these two “squatters”, unlike the officially participating pieces that come from the brands, will not have to be treated in the greatest secrecy. They will be able to become sensors, witnesses of the tests they have undergone.

Mystery suitcase, the competition is launched On Friday, August 30, 2019, the deadline for the registration of the listed timepieces, the manufacturers’ representatives personally brought their “racing creature” to the Château des Monts, the Le Locle Watchmaking Museum. There, under the age-old light of the museum chandeliers of this sumptuous historical display, they signed the official acknowledgment of receipt received from Philippe Fischer, President of the Competition. The watches were then stored in the Competition Suitcase, secured and duly insured while awaiting their departure on the roads of the chronometric feat.

Chronometry 2019, in a quick overview
Deadline for timepieces to be deposited Friday, August 30, 2019.
80 days of testing, 4 Institutes accredited by the Swiss Confederation: METAS, COSC, Timelab Foundation, Dubois Laboratory (Chronofiable@) Download the regulations, Official website www.concourschronometrie.org

Precision and reliability, the power of History
Under the motto “precision and reliability”, the Chronometry Awards remain the most objective competition in the entire watchmaking galaxy. Indeed, it is impossible to insert any human judgment or subjective appreciation into the results. It is all about measures controlled by a Notary Public and conducted in a strictly fair manner. Relaunched in 2009 by the City of Le Locle in tribute to the most prestigious and high profile historical pages in watchmaking history, this competition is supported by a host of partners, such as the FHH, Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie. This competition is to watchmaking what Formula 1 is to the automotive world. The simple fact of being on the starting line is already a consecration in itself.

Chronometry 2019 competition, let's go!
Le Locle Watchmaking Museum

Watches of the Watchmaking School
Since 1902, it has been Technicum, alias “Le Tech” for the Neuchatel population. Today, the Le Locle School of Watchmaking, founded in 1868 under the initiative of the watchmaker and politician Henri Grandjean, is part of the ET-CIFOM, the Technical School. In 2018, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of this institution, teachers and students had launched a challenge: to conceive and produce 150 numbered school watches. Special finishings, ETA caliber 6498, assembly at school. Almost half of the pieces are still on sale for CHF 1’150.00, a reference to this anniversary. Inspired by this exciting experience, the school’s students and their teachers offered two specifically prepared watches to the 2019 Chronometry Competition. In one of them, an innovative mechanism has been developed to prevent any over-tension in the barrel spring. This is a prototype type modification. In the other one, it is the part devoted to the accuracy adjustment that has been modified. And the colors of their dials, blue and anthracite, attest to their origin since these are the colors reserved for tomorrow’s watchmakers as part of their training.

For more news for the watch industry: Watches

Pomander collection: The legendary apple of scents celebrated by the Charles Zuber brand

Pomander collection Geneva High Jewellery
Pomander collection Geneva High Jewellery

Launched in the heart of summer during the Bellerive 2019 Festival, the Haute-joaillerie Pomander collection by the Geneva brand Charles Zuber transcends the memory of an exceptional craftsman. Precious stones Festival, magical harmonies.

Geneva High Jewellery: Pomander collection The legendary apple of scents celebrated by the Charles Zuber brand

Charles Zuber

Loyal to the spirit of this performer of the unreachable, this master jeweler who gave it his name and values, the Charles Zuber brand is installing the Pomander in the heart of contemporaneity. It revitalizes this mythical accessory by using its mastery of jewelry skills, its constant quest for the most inhabited stones as well as its sense of combinations of materials. An inspired line is born.

The Pomander, spider claws and magic of materials Today as in the past, this jewel will be worn as a pendant, at the extremity of a scarf necklace and an endless chain of two meters long, in earrings or even studs, in open-ended bracelets. “Its shape of a high-value warhead, finely enclosed by a protective net with threads so fine that they can be erased, offers all the light to precious and semi-precious stones as well as their multiplicity of colors and heats” explains Vincent Perego, a high jewelry gemstone setter at the origin of this brand that puts Geneva back at the heart of the international jewelry tradition.

Offering the precious or semi-precious stone dome and its powerful design in a puristic case, without a maximum of material, allows the Charles Zuber Pomander to be declined in an infinite series of variations” highlights this entrepreneur who is fascinated by quartz with rutile, a material rarely used in high jewelry but whose inclusions play on transparencies and tiny opacities to the point of creating crystal hairs, which are virtually organic.

History tells that this spherical shape, also known as the amber apple, was filled with fabrics soaked in prophylactic essences such as ambergris, civet or musk. From the Renaissance onwards, these adornments were transformed into pieces of goldsmith’s work created from carved precious metals. Often, their small spherical cage would use to be opened at the equator by a discreet hinge or spring system.

Pomander collection Geneva High Jewellery
Pomander collection Geneva High Jewellery

Experiential music scores. Bellerive Festival Launched in the middle of summer as part of the enchanting Bellerive Festival, the Pomander line met purists and lovers of breathtaking views, fine music, and rare locations. Founded by Lesley de Senger in 1985, this event was initially a piano tribute. Gradually, the festival became a must-attend event for six evenings and one matinee. It moved to the Ferme de Saint-Maurice Estate in 1999, has since then devoted itself to Chamber Music and favors numbered seats (450 only) in a setting with breathtaking lake views. The Charles Zuber brand had made this very Geneva-based event the launchpad for its 2019 Pomander collection.

Pomander collection Geneva High Jewellery
Pomander collection Geneva High Jewellery – Earring

Key data for Charles Zuber A high jewelry brand based on the values and know-how of a late master jeweler, Charles Zuber brand has restored Geneva and its historic jewelry tradition at the heart of current events and on the world’s markets. During his lifetime, recognized by his peers, Charles Zuber managed to produce legendary jewelry watches for the most prestigious watch brands, the ultimate in high-jewelry timepieces. Swiss Made, ethical in the careful choice and traceability of the materials used, precious and semi-precious gemstones, Charles Zuber also has a high-level watchmaking dimension. To be discovered soon.

The Zenith Limited Edition El Primero Revival G381

The Zenith Limited Edition El Primero Revival G381
The Zenith Limited Edition El Primero Revival G381

HODINKEE, the world’s preeminent resource for all things watches, is pleased to announce the exclusive release of the limited edition Zenith El Primero Revival G381, available only in the HODINKEE Shop.

A Stunning and Faithful Tribute to One of the Brand’s Most Legendary Models

Limited to just 50 pieces to honor the 50th anniversary of the industry-changing El Primero movement, the Revival G381 sets out to capture the charm of the original model in a fitting tribute to the golden era of sporty vintage chronographs.

A cult item in the ranks of the Zenith and vintage chronograph collectors, the G381 was born alongside the A386 in the earliest days of the El Primero, as several brands raced to be the first to bring their automatic chronograph to the market. Made up in yellow gold, an unconventional choice for a sports watch material in 1969 – the G381 features the easily recognizable black-on-white “Panda” dial. Highly sought after today, the G381 was an undoubtedly special creation from Zenith that offered the El Primero technology in a distinctive and eye-catching object. The original G381 was produced in fewer than 700 examples, making it one of the most sought after vintage Zenith El Primeros by collectors today. Fifty years later, the G831 still maintains its allure and collectability due to its mix of style, elegance, and everyday versatility – and made for the perfect canvas for collaboration.

El Primero Revival G381
El Primero Revival G381, available only in the HODINKEE Shop.

The Zenith Limited Edition El Primero Revival G381 is a faithful interpretation of the Swiss brand’s iconic timepiece. With its yellow gold 38mm case, white lacquered dial with overlapping black “Panda” subdials, and slightly smaller chronograph pushers and crown, the Zenith El Primero Revival G381 pay homage to the original watch born alongside the revolutionary El Primero movement. Housed inside this limited edition is the Zenith caliber 400 El Primero chronograph movement, visible via the sapphire case back. The Caliber 400 is the modern iteration of the same high-beat heart that powered the original G381 in 1969. Like the original El Primero, the caliber 400 is a fully integrated column-wheel chronograph movement that ticks at 5 Hz and has a power reserve of 50 hours.

With its elegant proportions surrounded by a bright white dial and a bold red seconds hand, the Revival G381 is a tip of the hat to the enduring style and bravado of the 1960s and the sporty forward-thinking nature of the 1970s. The G381 remains classically stylish and endlessly entertaining to wear on the wrist. From a Sunday drive down the perfect road to a pit lane and the snarl of a Cosworth V8, the Limited Edition Zenith El Primero Revival G381 is cool, classic, and the perfect El Primero tribute for any well-read Zenith collector.

Available exclusively in The Hodinkee Shop, the Limited Edition Zenith El Primero Revival G381 is limited to only 50 pieces, with pre-orders now open for delivery by end of September. Whether you’re a savvy collector looking for something special or someone who simply wants a gorgeous, sporty chronograph from one of the first names in the game, the Limited Edition Zenith El Primero G381 is a cool modern example with vintage touchpoints that honors the birth of the legendary El Primero.

The Zenith Limited Edition El Primero Revival G381
The Zenith Limited Edition El Primero Revival G381

About HODINKEE Established in 2008, HODINKEE is the foremost destination for all things in the world of horology. Over the past decade, founder Ben Clymer and team have grown HODINKEE into a robust media and retail platform by providing Its respected point of view on industry news and releases, investing in engaging and creative storytelling, producing a designated podcast, printing a bi-annual publication and launching and growing its own retail outlet, HODINKEE Shop. At its core, HODINKEE’s goal is to bring its readers and consumers the best in wristwatches in a way that is approachable, authentic and honest.

Source: Zenith Watches

Reference: 30.G381.400/21.C807

The revival of the El Primero Model from 1969
The original revival of the case with 38 mm diameter
Automatic El Primero column-wheel chronograph
Yellow gold version: Limited Edition of 50 units
50 Years Warranty & Services

El Primero 400, Automatic
Calibre: 13 ¼ “` (Diameter: 30 mm)
Movement thickness: 6.6.mm
Components: 278
Jewels: 31
Frequency: 36,000 VpH (5 Hz)
Power-reserve: approx. 50 hours
Finishes: Oscillating weight with “Côtes de Genève”. motif

Hours and minutes in the center
Small seconds at 9 o’clock

  • Central chronograph hand
  • 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock
  • 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock
    Tachymetric scale
    Date indication at 4:30

Diameter: 38 mm
Diameter opening: 33.05 mm
Thickness: 12.60 mm
Crystal: Box sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides
Case-back: Transparent sapphire crystal
Material: Yellow gold
Water-resistance: 5 ATM
Dial: White lacquered with black dials (“Panda”)
Hour-markers: Gold-plated, faceted and coated with Super-LumiNova SLN C3
Hands: Gold-plated, faceted and coated with Super-LumiNova SLN C3

Brown alligator leather strap with protective rubber lining
Yellow gold pin buckle

Designer’s bridal accessory tips, tricks, and inspiration

Designer's bridal accessory tips, tricks, and inspiration
Designer’s bridal accessory tips, tricks, and inspiration

Which bride doesn’t want to know about last-minute getting ready tips and tricks which could make their overall look way too inspiring? This article will equip you with essential bridal accessory tips so that you could stand out even more.

Inspiration for the designer bridal collection

Pair yourself with those accessories which could completely transform your outfit to a whole new level. You can get very creative by making use of a variety of different materials. Now the question remains how should one pick wedding accessories. The answer is straight, you can go for a simple dress and then pair with statement headpiece along with a veil. This is the accessories focused approach. One can play the other way round and focus attention solely on a dress and then style it with accessories which best fits. There are not a certain rule which one must follow for styling accessories as in the end what matters is the level of brides satisfaction.

Brides must pay attention to their inspiration. They should ask questions to themselves whether they love nature or not. Noting down the inspiration and making the selection of accessories makes the decision much more easily and satisfactory.

Tips for choosing from the designer bridal collection

Bridal industry, in general, is much enchanting and magical. Only wonderful shoes and luxurious accessories are enough for making a huge impact on the overall bridal look. Brides prefer accessories and shoes which offer precise detailing which most designer bridal collection do. The quality must stand out and match the wedding gown. Before the final selection of shoes especially, brides should question themselves whether they will wear the shoes again or not. If the brides would love to wear the shoes again then they should go for dyeable silk shoe. One must not leave the accessories for last-minute preparation. Shoes will not only hold your outlook but also your overall spirit and soul thus comfort is also vital in this big day. Choose something that gives you a magical feel once you slip your feet in.

Shoes from the designer bridal collection

You need to consider the heel height very cautiously and go with the height which suits you. Go with the flattering design that fits your body style. You can go for a comfortable heel option and then customize it according to your style for a much more perfect appeal. Adding your detail will pour in your personality into it and give you what you are looking for. Paying attention to the season is also a vital option when going for the final selection of designer bridal collection and other accessories. Hot summers will have preferences for Michelle shoes while open slingbacks can be worn year-round.

Final tips

In the end, don’t forget to have fun and let your heart fall in love with what you choose. If you have a good budget then you can go for much more expensive designer bridal collection which you could lend down to generations in the future and the same goes with the accessories. Take the help of your close friends who matches your taste as this can make the selection process much more easier and smooth. 



Timepieces with celebrities’ names Label Noir, the ultimate personalization’s signature

Timepieces with celebrities' names Label Noir, the ultimate personalization's signatureWhile Label Noir makes personalization a luxury brand, the time when special orders were named...