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Essential Jewellery Pieces for Men

effective jewellery piece for any man

Essential Jewellery Pieces for Men

Men’s jewellery has become extremely popular in recent years. It could be a ring, a chain, a bracelet or even earrings. Jewellery seems to be a great additional piece to a man’s outfit. We don’t see why not either if they look good when wearing it and it suits their outfit. Why can they not wear some form of jewellery?

There are many different types of jewellery that a man can wear depending on the outfit that they wear. Here are some jewellery pieces that you can buy next time you’re in the market for some!


A watch is a simple but effective jewellery piece for any man. There are many different types of watches to choose from to suit everybody’s taste. Field watch, dress watch, dive watch, chronograph and racing are the most common.

If you want something simple, choose a field watch or a dress watch. For something dressier, buy a chronograph watch. You do not need to worry about spending too much on this either, especially if you are only buying it as an additional accessory for your outfit. The great thing is that there are so many options for every budget.


Bracelets are something else that has become more common for a man to wear in recent years. They can be a great accessory for your outfit, especially for dressier occasions. Another thing to mention about bracelets is that they are easy to layer up, so you can wear multiple across both wrists.

Although it can be easy to layer up bracelets, we suggest that you don’t go overboard. The reason for this is that it can look tacky and make you look like you are trying too hard. Another thing that we suggest when styling bracelets is not to go overboard with different materials. There are metal, fabric, wooden and leather bracelets out there so do not mix them up. Choose either two gold bracelets or two leather bracelets. Avoid wearing two or more, depending on the thickness of the bracelets.

Essential Jewellery Pieces for Men
Essential Jewellery Pieces for Men

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Rings don’t just have to be wedding rings and engagement rings. They can be fashionable signet rings as well. Signet rings tend to be a popular style for men in recent years, although they have been around for decades!

Rings go with any outfit, as you can wear it casually with a full tracksuit or, you can level up your suit at a formal event. Another way that you could style these rings is by wearing a couple of plain rings and wearing signet rings as well. If you want to wear more than one ring, we suggest not going over three. Simplicity is enough with a ring although there are several designs out there to add a little more flair to your style.

Necklaces/ Chains

Necklaces and chains have been popular in recent years with men. However, people will wear them differently. If you would class yourself as slim, we recommend that you go for a thin chain length around 20 inches and above, depending on how tall you are.

If you are stocky, it would be more appropriate to go with a thicker chain. A thicker chain would be shorter in length compared to the thinner chain. In all honesty, it boils down to what you prefer with your style.

When it comes to wearing chains, men will usually wear them over their t-shirt or jumper. However, you won’t be able to do this when it comes to a suit or just wearing a shirt. Chains are simple yet effective and necklaces tend to show a brand of some sort. These tend to have much more value as well.


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There are many more jewellery pieces that a man can wear. Jewellery can be a great addition to your outfit that takes it to the next level. The best part about this is that they can be very affordable. Many fast fashion brands will sell fashion jewellery at an affordable price. Other brands will make it more expensive because they use purer metals. Either way, jewellery is the perfect accessory to take your style to the next level.

Alpina is renewing its partnership with the Freeride World Tour

Alpiner Quartz Chronograph

Alpiner Quartz Chronograph Freeride World Tour 2022 Limited Edition

In 2022, Alpina is renewing its partnership with the Freeride World Tour for the 5th consecutive year. To celebrate this collaboration Alpina is revealing an exclusive limited edition, the Alpiner Quartz Chronograph Freeride World Tour 2022, produced in 100 pieces, to the delight of aficionados of mountain slopes and snow sports.

For four years, Alpina and the Freeride World Tour have shared the common values of the mountains, sport, excellence, performance, and precision. Again this year, Alpina is proud to be able to witness the ascension of the athletes to reach their peak, and excel.

Now the most demanding freeride skiing and snowboarding competition ever known, and attracting the best athletes from across the world, the Freeride World Tour will be celebrating its fifteenth anniversary in 2022. After fifteen seasons of challenges, lines to create with ever-increasing inventiveness and technical mastery, and snow-covered mountain slopes which are more impressive with each descent, this time, the Freeride World Tour boasts a new stage in Spain, as well as a new format for the Qualifier Tour.

The competition this year will begin at Baqueira Beret, in Spain, from January 22th – 28th, and will be followed by the traditional stop-over in Andorra, at Ordino-Arcalís, from January 30th to February 5th. The tour will continue in Canada, in the Kicking Horse Golden BC resort, then at Fieberbrunn in Austria, before its finale on the iconic and majestic Bec des Rosses at Verbier, in Switzerland, from March 23rd to April 3rd.

Bearing the name Xtreme Verbier, this stage that celebrated its 25-year anniversary in 2021 is, without doubt, the pinnacle of freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Probably the most difficult terrain to master, it allowed itself to be tamed last year by Victor De Le Rue (snowboard), a member of Alpina’s Alpinists Team who claimed his second world champion title – the first in 2019.
In 2022, Alpina is proud to support Victor for a new season, alongside Juliette Willmann in the women’s skiing category.

Alpiner Quartz Chronograph Freeride World Tour 2022
Alpiner Quartz Chronograph Freeride World Tour 2022 Limited Edition

Bec des Rosses within reach

As is customary and to celebrate the renewal of its collaboration with the Freeride World Tour, Alpina is presenting a dedicated limited edition, which this year is called the Alpiner Quartz Chronograph and which will be produced in only 100 pieces. 

A descendent of the famous Alpiner4, created by Alpina in 1938 and bringing together for the first time the 4 key features of a sports watch – anti-magnetic, shock resistant, waterproof, and made of stainless steel – the Alpiner Quartz Chronograph Freeride World Tour 2022 proudly pays tribute to it by reproducing these fundamental principles, to which it has added a chronograph.

A sporting complication par excellence, it is differentiated on the black dial by three counters enhanced by a silver circle, in whose center the hands turn, covered in luminescent material, echoing the hour and minute hands. At 12 o’clock, instead of the famous Alpina red triangle – which finishes the second hand here – the Freeride World Tour logo sits proudly. Representing decidedly and obviously alpine peaks, its natural place is assuredly on this timepiece, the Alpiner collection being, since Alpina began, dedicated to the alpine world.

A 42 mm steel case houses everything, fitted to a three-link alternation of satin and polished links, echoing it. On the back of the watch, freeride fans can admire the legendary Bec des Rosses engraving, alongside the Freeride World Tour logo and the limited edition number X/100.

The power of quartz

As regards the movement, the choice of a quartz caliber offers the Alpiner Quartz Chronograph Freeride World Tour 2022 some exclusive strengths. The first, longevity in a class of its own, with the autonomy of four and a half years, depending on use. If put aside for a day, a weekend, a month, or even a year, this watch will always be fully operational, ready to climb new peaks.

The second, quartz is nearly totally shock-resistant and guarantees chronometric accuracy far greater than that of a mechanical movement, for a fraction of its price. Finally, this movement also offers a date, a functional additional and useful for everyday use.

Alpiner Freeride World Tour Limited Edition
Alpiner Quartz Chronograph Freeride World Tour Limited Edition


ReferenceAL-373FWT4E6B RRP 895€
FunctionsHours, minutes, seconds, date, chronograph
MovementAL-373 caliber, quartz
54 months battery life, 13 jewels
CaseBrushed and polished stainless steel 2-part case
Diameter of 42 mm
Height of 10,90 mm
Scratch-resistant convex sapphire crystal
Engraved case-back
Water-resistant up to 10ATM/100m/330ft
DialBlack dial with sunray finishing, white graduations
Applied silver color indexes filled with white luminous treatment
Black outer ring with white graduation
Freeride World Tour logo at 12 o’clock
The hand-polished silver color hour and minute hands filled with white luminous treatment, silver color chronograph second hand
Seconds counter at 3 o’clock, red hand-filed with white luminous treatment
Minutes counter at 9 o’clock, silver color hand filled with white luminous treatment
Hours counter at 6 o’clock, silver color hand filled with white luminous treatment
Date window at 6 o’clock
Strap3-link brushed and polished stainless steel bracelet
Limited EditionLimited edition of 100 pieces

Source: Alpina Watches

What is the latest trend in bracelet fashion for women?

latest trend in bracelet fashion

What is the latest trend in bracelet fashion for women?

Jewellery not only make a woman look graceful but it’s also accountable for making her feel much more confident. Women are the cardinal part of society and jewellery is the prime part of women. Jewellery involves small decorative items such as brooches, necklaces, rings, bracelets etc. And the bracelet is of foremost importance when it comes to decoration. Bracelet is worn to give the charm and a sense of internal confidence, for decorative purposes and also to indicate one’s social status.

Trends in any segment of jewellery change with the passage of time. These days, the trends in bracelet fashion are diverse and women are experimenting with different things which let them feel free and unique. Here, we are going to discuss the latest bracelet fashion trends for women in 2022. So, let the cat come out of the bag without further ado:

The Bold Bird-Shaped Bracelet

Swarovski glass crystals are the ones that put on some artful decoration to the Bold Bird-Shaped bracelet. Beautifully caked in Swarovski glass crystal, this stunning bracelet is available in the market in two pewters; gold and black. Styled with magnificence, this masterpiece is an ideal option for ladies wanting to make a bold statement. 

Boho Chic bracelet

If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is the perfect bracelet for you. Boho style is in the limelight for several seasons and the designers haven’t left this piece as the latest trend. With drops of Swarovski crystals, this gem is finished in gold colour giving it a super charming and artistic look so that you will not be able to take your eyes off from this masterpiece after lending your eyes to it for a couple of moments.

What is the latest trend in bracelet fashion for women?
What is the latest trend in bracelet fashion for women?

Diamond Heart Bracelet

Diamonds are always adorned by ladies when it comes to Jewellery. Artfully entrusted in fine sterling silver and gleaming diamonds, the Diamond Heart bracelet is the perfect romantic surprise gift or a great Valentine’s or wedding present. It’s exceptionally versatile; it can be worn at luxurious parties or used as a sparkling evening accessory. Truly loving, isn’t it?

2022 Jewelry and Accessories Fashion

For more about 2022 Jewelry and Accessories Fashion

Bird shape bracelet

All of us have seen bird feathers or fruit shapes trending in Jewellery in this day and age. This exotic trend can be seen at the latest shows and red carpets. Incredibly decorated in bird feathers, this bracelet is absolutely beautiful, stunning. Bird shape bracelet is suitable for any style and mood. This jeweler bracelet is not just fashionable, in fact, it is going to become a must-have accessory in 2022 jewelry for women, well-nigh.

Stay tuned for the latest Jewellery trends updates right here, Ciao.  

Special thanks to Joeyy Lee and Edgar Chaparro for the impressive images.

Origin Collection, limelight’s return of Auguste Reymond

Origin Collection, limelight’s return of Auguste Reymond, a historic brand founded in 1898
Origin Collection, limelight’s return of Auguste Reymond, a historic brand founded in 1898

Origin Collection, limelight’s return of Auguste Reymond, a historic brand founded in 1898

Since time immemorial, men have turned their gaze to the stars to capture the passage of time. From the Babylonians o Anaximander, Indian cosmology, Arab discoveries, Newton and Galileo, it was through the display of galaxies and the light of stars that these celestial watchmakers learned to measure the passage of days and nights, hours and minutes.

In establishing his own Manufacture in Tramelan in 1898 at the age of just 26, Auguste Reymond at once proved himself part of the modernity of his century, that of the revolution, nourished by thousands of years of mankind’s fascination with the heavens. Auguste Reymond too believed in his lucky star.

The stars of Tramelan in the heart of Switzerland were more than kind: in just a few years, the young entrepreneur took on more than a hundred employees and won a number of prizes, including two gold medals at the Universal Exhibition in Brussels in 1910 and at the National Exhibition in Bern in 1914.

Very soon his UNITAS movements, recognized for their reliability, equipped a large number of timepieces. Very soon his UNITAS movements, recognized for their reliability, equipped a large number of timepieces.


If Auguste Reymond’s story made such a deep impression on the region, it’s not just because of the remarkable quality of his timepieces and famous movements. It’s also and above all a question of frame of mind.

According to Auguste Reymond time is a story in itself. For the Manufacture’s creator, a watch must be for life, placed under the sign of the stars so dear to this entrepreneur who lost no time in providing his timepieces with moon phase indications.

Today, this philosophy blends with that of Philip W. A. Klingenberg: the third millennium is primarily an era of intimacy and individuality but also involves being part of a cosmic system that encompasses every being and gives meaning to the course of their life.

This mystical dimension resonates in particular in sacred geometry, which today has become the underlying creative principle accompanying the conception of each Auguste Reymond model.

Today, this new philosophy of time enjoins every owner of an Auguste Reymond to watch to live the plurality of every instant and retain the essential.

As with the first astronomer-watchmakers, this state of mind harks back to the very sources of knowledge, as well as to awe and serenity.


Auguste Reymond never conceived time merely as a succession of seconds. It is, first of all, an intimate experience that unites all the dimensions, embodied in the ancient divinities. Born in the heart of Europe, in the magnetic fields of the
Jura massif, Auguste Reymond’s time embraces all dimensions, from the micron-scale to the immensity of the cosmos, offering everyone all the opportunities for projects and dreams that light up the finest moments, revealing their multidimensionality and universal essence.

An Auguste Reymond watch is thus as much a timepiece as it is a talisman revealing the secret connections that link each of us with the cycle of the stars, the tides, and the entire cosmos.

Symbols and sacred geometry

Today, this philosophy is expressed in their new timepieces and defines their new emblem. The initials of the founder are included in an elegant composition combining several symbols: the earth, the phases of the moon, an hourglass, the symbol of infinity, and the lucky number 8. This emblem embodies the values of continuity specific to the brand and the link revealed between the earthly and the celestial since the beginning of time.


The ORIGIN collection delves into the very sources of astronomy and mathematics, the two disciplines at the origin of watchmaking. In three models, it embodies a cosmographic approach to time, where science and mystery of the universe, from the infinitely big to the infinitely small, are one. It is also a tribute to the famous UNITAS developed by Auguste Reymond. Known across the world for its robustness and outstanding reliability, this manually wound mechanical movement now equips every model in the ORIGIN series.

Inspired by the proportions of sacred geometry, the ORIGIN case is harmoniously balanced in aspect. With a diameter of 44 mm, its design, decidedly characteristic of modern watchmaking, comprises four distinct but intimately interrelated
elements: the housing containing the movement, protected by a skeletonized case with openwork horns and middle, the bezel, and the screwed case back.

It is also a tribute to the famous UNITAS developed by Auguste Reymond
It is also a tribute to the famous UNITAS developed by Auguste Reymond


Available in two versions – with a black dial and with a white dial – this sleek model, with a small seconds indication at six o’clock, embodies Auguste Reymond’s stylistic and trend-bucking modernity.

The Arabic numerals and the rail track minute-circle make for appreciable reading comfort, further enhanced by the drawn-out silhouettes of the hours and minutes hands.


CASEStainless steel, ORIGIN construction
Screwed bezel
Skeletonised stainless steel crown
Diameter: Ø 44 mm
Water resistance: 100 m
MOVEMENTHand-wound mechanical movement, UNITAS
Power reserve: 44 hours
FUNCTIONSHours, minutes, and small seconds
DIAL & HANDSVintage White or black dial
AR Compass-like hands with Super-LumiNova®
STRAPVintage brown calf leather strap 22/20
Folding buckle, single swing

Source: The Right Place

Beginner’s Guide: How to Find the Best Jeweler

How to Find the Best Jeweler
Beginner's Guide: How to Find the Best Jeweler

Beginner’s Guide: How to Find the Best Jeweler

Choosing a jeweler to make your engagement ring or pieces for your collection can be very overwhelming. You need to take into account many considerations. You must consider price, quality of craftsmanship, and customer service. However, having the correct information can help you get the best piece with ease. We want to give you an overview of the necessary steps to guide you when choosing the best jeweler.

  1. Jeweler’s Reputation and experience

    You need to find a jeweler that is reputable and experienced. You want someone who has been in business for years. You want someone well known within your community. A jeweler with a reputation that can speak volumes about how long they’ve been around. Consider jewelers that are known for their satisfying customer service standards. They should also have years of expertise working on custom pieces. When working with such experts, it’s easy enough for them to fix or replace if something goes wrong. They will have the most experience with customer service and quality products. Take for instance the Scottish jewelry, they are known for their reputation and expertise in the field. They are well known within your community and have a record of excellent customer service
  2. Price

    Price is another consideration when choosing a jeweler. As a general rule, you get what you pay for. It is crucial not to pay more if the item’s value is lower than others in the market. It is especially true when buying diamonds because there are many different online and physical stores with different qualities. The qualities determine the retail cost both in stores and online sales platforms.

    Make sure you visit the jeweler with your spouse to shop for jewelry that is within your budget. You want to agree on what kind of ring or piece to design for you. It is necessary to decide what to buy for your special occasion that happens once a lifetime, but you don’t have to overspend.
  3. Designing Timeframe

    You should also know how long it takes for custom pieces before choosing a jeweler. In general, if you need something urgent, you may not go for customizing option. But there can always be exceptions based on the jeweler’s experience and workload at certain times during the year.
  4. Understanding Contract Terms

    It’s also imperative that any contracts are drawn up between you and your chosen jeweler to have clear defined terms. Pay close attention to returns/exchanges terms. Ensure there are no hidden fees associated with using their services which could impact your budgeting later on down the road. It would help if you visited each potential jeweler several times before settling on one. After reading through the contract, you can move to create a custom piece.
  5. Jeweler Customer Services

    You also want to find a jeweler who is trustworthy and has good customer service. This way, you don’t end up disappointed throughout this process because they are easy to work with. You can always check online for reviews of current customers. They give their experiences working with the jeweler.
  6. Insurance Policy

    You should also find out as much information as possible about any potential jeweler before deciding. Please get to know who their insurers are and the insurance terms. In some cases, the business liability policy does not cover all pieces. Their insurances may not be enough coverage per individual case.

    If something goes wrong during this process, they may be unable to help resolve an issue in time. This might be very costly over time, depending on the value of the custom work in progress. You want me to make sure you are dealing with a reputable jeweler who has the experience to deal with any issues that may arise. Settle for a jeweler that can amicably resolve issues without wasting time.


Choosing a jeweler to make can be very overwhelming. It is paramount to shop from different dealers to decide on the one that offers at the best terms. You need to consider the prices and durability of the jewelry. You must also know the reputation and experience of the jeweler.

It is recommended that you gather as much information about the jewelry before committing. Check customer reviews to determine the customer’s services and relations with the jeweler. Make sure you understand the contract terms before signing.

2022 Jewelry and Accessories Fashion

The fashion trend

2022 Jewelry and Accessories Fashion will definitely be more exciting than the previous year.

There are changes in jewelry, especially necklaces and rings, which increase the elegance of the combo. The Burmese form was included in modern jewelry. These designs included in rings and necklaces can be preferred both in stylish combinations and in sporty combinations. In addition, more than one piece of jewelry was decoupled and used in necklaces.

This, in turn, multiplied the wealth in designs. The silver and bronze colors that have long dominated the jewelry have been replaced by gold plating again. On the other hand, some brands have launched low-budget gold-plated jewelry, as most fashionistas want to have these designs. 2022 Jewelry and Accessories fashion will definitely be more exciting than the previous year.

The fashion trend that develops every season has started to create its own accessory fashion and brings its own accessories that are compatible with its fashion. If valuable material preferences are being made in the selection of accessories, absolutely timeless pieces should be acquired. If we talk about the fashion for gold, we are talking about a return to the past.

Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that our mother used have become fashionable again. I really like timeless and classic models. Because it’s inevitable that it will be fashionable again. That’s why you’re making a smart purchase. If we give an example, the ring earrings that are fashionable every season are definitely a good investment. As I mentioned at the beginning of my article, personalized accessories never go out of fashion because they are personalized. It almost becomes a part of you.

The most trend Jewelry and Accessories in 2022

Accessories can also change depending on the season. Bracelets, bracelets, anklets, and colored stones come to the fore because the clothes we wear in the summer are open. Although the accessory may seem like an insignificant detail, it is a detail that saves combos.

Of course, the trend of Jewelry and Accessories in 2022 is again determined by women. Certainly, ear combos are very trending this season. Many women pierce several holes in their ears and even complement their earrings combinations with piercings. It is very important to choose beautiful accessories as well as to make a compatible accessory combo.

2022 Jewelry and Accessories Fashion
2022 Jewelry and Accessories fashion will definitely be more exciting than the previous year.

Like every season, gold, rose, silver thick ring earrings are very fashionable in this season. In addition, it is very popular to wear many necklaces in a row. Even many brands provide convenience to this situation and sell combination necklaces. And we have been seeing minimally thin and elegant jewelry that we have been seeing for several seasons in this season. I think we’ll continue to see it for a long time. Remember that sometimes a bad combo can be saved by your paired accessories. My humble advice to you is to combine your own jewelry combination in a way that is unique and energizes you in today’s fashion light.

The most trend Jewelry and Accessories in 2022
The most trend Jewelry and Accessories in 2022

The first of the two points to be considered when choosing jewelry can be the trends of the day, and the other can be the age range. While the fashion forms, colors, and styles determine the trends of the day in the selection of jewelry, the age range also affects the trend.

Recently, young women’s jewelry preferences show that they generally follow the trends. Today’s trends highlight more maximalist styles in accessories. Simplicity, small jewelry, plain forms seem to have been shelved for a while. Stacked necklaces, large dangling earrings, stylish bracelets that are used repeatedly, and customizable forms are used to support the overall style.


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