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Watchmaking – Mid-August 2020, launch of GenevaWorld by JSH

Watchmaking - Mid-August 2020, launch of GenevaWorld by JSH

Publisher of the JSH® Magazine, the non-profit association JSH Archives & Patrimoine, in charge of reviving the Swiss Watch Journal (1876), is launching an ethical platform for watchmaking information and service open to all professional and private audiences.

The Swiss Watch Journal (JSH), founded in July 1876, was the Official Organ of Messe Basel for several decades. Today, the JSH® Magazine is also recognized as an authoritative voice in the industry.

Historical legitimacy, giving everyone a voice,

Everything is based on an ethics committee made up of recognized personalities, both in Switzerland, Geneva and internationally, who have signed a charter that summarizes the ‘public service’ tasks of this multilingual, independent and unifying information initiative: to give space alongside groups to independents, large and small, to open events to Swiss watchmaking schools and their students, to enhance events linked to the transmission of Swiss watchmaking knowledge. The members of this ethics committee, which is still being finalized, will be announced shortly.

Geneva could grow from three interlocutors to more than 500, including Rolex

The exhibition watchmaking sector and most of its players are now focusing on Geneva, which is preparing to rekindle its history linked to the Great Exhibitions of the past. In Switzerland and around the world, the 2020, 14th April announcement of the arrival in Geneva in April 2021 of five independent leading brands embedded by Rolex (Patek Philippe, Chopard, Chanel and Tudor), has had the effect of an earthquake. Now everyone is working to find a way to be ‘where it happens’.

“Of the three Geneva contacts who totalled more than a thousand exhibitors before the announcement of Rolex, the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, the management of the EPHJ and GemGenève, Geneva must quickly deal with 500 additional interlocutors, a little less if some manage to get together by then,” editor-in-chief of JSH® Magazine Joël A. Grandjean explains.

Geneva, Switzerland and the world

“If watchmaking had been Alemannic, we in Switzerland would have had a Mr. Horology a long time ago. Watchmaking is certainly an economy, but it is also terroirs and a culture.” Grandjean has been professing since 1993, when he co-founded Montres Passion magazine for L’Hebdo and Ringier Romandie. “The terroirs of Swiss watchmaking have the particularity of being 95% French-speaking, even when they are incorporated in the Berne canton,” he notes, as president of JSH Archives & Patrimoine, the association on the initiative of GenevaWord. As for Geneva, an ultimate historical cradle, it offers watchmaking its greatest potential for internationalisation.

SOURCE: Press Office @TRP, Textes & Relations, Production

Bracelets for Men: Embrace that Biker Style

Bracelets for Men: Embrace that Biker Style

Bracelets for Men: Embrace that Biker Style

Raw, massive, kick-ass, this is how we describe biker bracelets. If you’re looking for a way to convey your masculinity, nothing works better than the biker style. It was created for rebels, daredevils, and bad boys with a tender heart and thrust for freedom. If their look and lifestyle is your inspiration, why don’t you convert yourself into one of them? A biker bracelet is a great start for the journey to a new, bold and audacious, you!

A burly bracelet for a large wrist, the backbone of a Biker look

A biker bracelet is a starting point. You can build the whole look around it. This robust and masculine jewelry is able to become an integral part of your image. It tells others a lot about you, your traits, and your preferences! That’s why you need to select it carefully. It must blend well with your inner self, with who you are now and the person you want to be.

For example, if you believe in magic and mysterious forces that surround us, you can’t go wrong with a skull bracelet. Bikers believe that skulls protect against danger and death. What if they are right? Then you definitely want to have this guardian angel on your side, even though it looks nothing like an angel.

Remember, a biker bracelet is a load-bearing framework of your style. You will inevitably want to flaunt more accessories. And it means that they have to go well with each other. Keep that in mind when you go searching for a bracelet. But how to understand that a bracelet you’re looking at is the right one? If it lures you and you can’t resist its pulling power, this is it. Biker fashion is not about being reasonable; it is about the sixth sense that guides you. Trust it and you won’t regret.

Stylish Bracelets for Men

Styles and Models

So, basic biker bracelets are… basic. They have several, pretty large, links joined together, and a clasp. By and large, such models are the same as classic men’s chains in design but their size is sort of on steroids. Out of all types of weaving, Biker style gravitates towards Curb, Rolo, Venetian, Figaro, Foxtail, etc. These are strong, durable, and solid-looking, just what every biker needs.

If you want to take one step away from basic styles, try bracelets with a plate. You can pick a plate that already has symbols or writing or go with a smooth one and customize it as you wish. You can complement it with your initials, motto, significant date, etc.

Even more fancy options benefit from commonplace biker symbolism. How about a bracelet assembled from a handful of tiny skulls? Or a bracelet made of links that are covered with dragon scales? Or maybe you prefer snake bangles? All these options are available in biker jewelry catalogs.

If you enjoy a skull bracelet, it doesn’t have to be made of metal. It’s true, motorcyclists prefer steel or silver for their jewelry but other materials deserve attention, too. Original and elegant models are assembled from beads. For example, onyx beads look masculine and inspiring. They somewhat resemble a rosary, so you should treat them with respect. Leather is an excellent choice for bracelets in a casual style. Adorned with metal accents, they will bring even more excitement and originality to your look.

How to wear Your Biker Bracelets?

The main rule here is simple: mix bracelets, mix styles, build your own style, and let your desires express themselves. If you go with a silver bracelet, you can match it with pretty much everything. It is not that it is appropriate for an office or red carpet event, but you can wear it everywhere else and with any types (and colors) of clothes.  

Complement your bracelet with a large bangle, a bead bracelet made of black agates or tiger’s eye stones, or an ethnic rope bracelet crafted in the Bohemian style. See, biker fashion is friendly with other styles.

There is only one thing that you cannot do with silver bracelets – mixing them with gold is forbidden. So, if you have a watch with a gold strap, a silver bracelet is a no-go. Even putting silver and gold on different hands won’t work. You’ll have to make your choice in favor of either gold or silver. Together, they can be only in a jewelry box.

The same goes for rings, necklaces, earrings, and pendants. Make sure that they are crafted of the same metal. Small inclusions of auxiliary metals are allowed but no more than this. On the other hand, if you flaunt a silver necklace, your bracelet doesn’t have to be silver. It can be leather or beaded, especially if those beads are black or grey. It’s even better if there are small charms or a clasp made of silver so that your jewelry pieces have something in common.



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