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JANNPAUL – The Decagon 10 Hearts & Arrows Diamond


JANNPAUL revolutionises the global diamond market with the Decagon 10 Hearts & Arrows Diamond

The newly designed and patented White Series Collection by Singaporean diamond designer, Paul Hung, revolutionises light performance in fancy shaped diamonds. Managing Director of JANNPAUL Singapore, Paul is one of the first diamond designers to have shaken up the industry with the newest 10 Hearts & Arrows cuts featured in the traditional fancy shaped diamonds.

JANNPAUL - The Decagon 10 Hearts & Arrows Diamond

Presently, fancy shaped diamonds are still cut the same way they were in the 1960s. Back then, they were cut for different unique shapes, rather than light performance. However, this changed with the high-performing White Series diamonds, cut to exacting standards for maximum brilliance. With far more superior technology and tools, the White Series collection features fancy shaped diamonds – think cushion, pear, oval, and even a decagon – that redefine diamond cutting. In contrast to a 57-faceted round diamond, the Decagon 10 HA – part of the White Series – boasts 111 facets, engineered for high scintillation and brilliance. Sold exclusively by JANNPAUL, these fancy-shaped diamonds are a gamechanger in the global market.

With a wide range of cuts and variables considered in the performance of a super ideal cut, the quality of these fancy shaped diamonds lie in brilliance, dispersion and scintillation. The White Series diamonds are cut to illuminate from every major and minor facet from the center, synergising from crown to pavilion to deliver edge to edge brilliance. Under the ASET scope, the refractive light of play produces a mosaic of light in motion. The mark of a brilliant diamond is produced upon analysis at 90 degree angles, but with the White Series, the diamonds are engineered to perform at natural, titled angles under the perspective of a naked eye.

The soft launch of the JANNPAUL White Series include fancy shaped diamonds such as the cushion, pear, oval and decagon diamond cuts produced at competitive prices. Against other premium diamonds, the White Series diamonds sport the highest fire and scintillation, distributing sparkle evenly with minimal light leakages. With superior light-performing angles, you will find these cuts to be truly uncontested in the realm of bright white diamonds.

As diamonds are big-ticket purchases, you want to be sure of exactly what makes the diamond worth the spend. Recognisably, young adults planning for marriage also fall into the category of first-time diamond buyers. Backed with research and a clear preference for aesthetics, young buyers today delve into the scientifics and product comparisons to come to consensus on diamond value. And by raising the benchmark through comprehensive diamond education and free consultations, JANNPAUL is meeting that standard.

Established in 2010, JANNPAUL seeks to remove exploitative nature within the jewelry trade by producing super ideal cut diamonds at competitive prices. With top light girdle performance and spectacular symmetry, the newest Decagon 10 HA diamond makes the cut with an unrivalled uniqueness.

SOURCE: Media OutReach

Startimer Pilot Automatic 40mm: New Diameter, New Family!

Startimer Pilot Automatic 40mm

Startimer Pilot Automatic 40mm: New Diameter, New Family!

Beautiful and functional? It’s a difficult balance to strike. You have to combine emotion and reason, subjectivity and objectivity, luxury and functionality. It’s a fine line that Alpina has long managed to maintain. Its Startimer collection, devoted to aviation, is not only one of the most popular with pilots, but the one that has proved the most successful for the Brand. A rare middle ground appealing to professional pilots, enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The Startimer Pilot Automatic model, which belongs to this flagship Alpina collection, now comes in a new 40 mm diameter version, already on sale in five readily available references.

Beautiful, functional… and universal

Vintage-inspired, camouflage, stylish stopwatch or three-hand, the Startimer collection has long made its mark on Alpina. It has become a pillar for the Brand, a customer favourite for many years.

Identified by a 44 mm rose gold-plated or PVD coated steel case within which features a date counter and three hands, the Startimer Pilot Automatic range has now had its characteristic features replicated in a new 40 mm diameter watch. Being more restrained, the latter opens up new prospects for the Startimer collection and will look perfectly appropriate for a professional environment, under the sleeve of a suit. Being more contemporary, it can also be worn ‘urban style’, looking youthful and dynamic when teamed with a simple shirt or t-shirt.

Being more universal, it has also become unisex; many women already wear 40 mm watches every day, a diameter long adopted by men, but which now benefits them both. Traditionally, the 39 mm and 40 mm diameters were preferred by collectors and historic manufacturing companies (especially in Geneva), who thought them the most tasteful, restrained and timeless over the centuries. Alpina, founded in Geneva in 1883, is no exception.

Startimer Pilot Automatic

Startimer Pilot Automatic 40mm

Five new models within the collection

For these new 40 mm models, Alpina has preserved the essence of the Startimer Pilot Automatic range: open dials with large luminescent hands for telling the time at night, a date display at 3 o’clock and a long seconds-hand sweeping over a timer with index markers every 5 minutes.

In addition, fans of the Startimer Pilot Automatic won’t fail to notice what makes this model unique. Index hour markers at 12 and 6 o’clock have been replaced by luminescent horizontal indexes that are easier to distinguish, especially when flying at night, with “II” and “I” referring to 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock respectively. Midday always features the vertical red triangle, the Brand’s Alpine symbol, which can also be found at the end of the seconds hand. Finally, the screw-down crown at 3 o’clock has kept its delicate ridges for improved grip.

As for the movement, Alpina remains faithful to its mechanical self-winding AL-525 calibre, which promises a power reserve of 38 hours, protected by a steel case-back engraved with Alpine peaks and offering guaranteed water resistance to 100 metres.

A design in tune with the times

In response to demand from the many collectors that have helped make the Startimer Pilot Automatic so successful, the Brand has revived the five iconic designs that forged the legend: a rose gold-plated case with a grey dial and a brown calfskin leather strap, two steel versions with “Navy Blue” or white dial on a black calfskin leather strap, plus one in PVD coated steel on a black calfskin leather strap.

The final design combines a rose gold-plated case with “Navy Blue” dial on a black calfskin leather strap. This model perfectly captures the “aeronautical” spirit of the Startimer, drawing on the “nautical” bronze tones of the on-board fittings and naval blue, here replicated in the “aero” fuselage of the Startimer.

These five new pieces are available now, starting at 895 euros (recommended retail price).

Source: ALPINA

Highlife: The Next Generation of an Iconic Timepiece

Highlife: The Next Generation of an Iconic Timepiece

Frederique Constant launched the first models in the Highlife collection over 20 years ago. Their unique design was characterised by the special strap built into the case. For 2020, the Brand has updated the ingenious concept and reinvigorated the collection by adding three new models: the Highlife Perpetual Calendar Manufacture, Highlife Heart Beat and Highlife Automatic COSC. All still feature the system which makes it possible to switch between a steel bracelet, a leather, crococalf suede or rubber strap, alternating from classic to sporty on a whim! 

Highlife Collection – The return of an original must-have design 

Bolstered by these advances, the Highlife collection is now making its comeback. Two years of development were needed to give birth to these three models: the Highlife Perpetual Calendar Manufacture, Highlife Heart Beat and Highlife Automatic COSC. Faithful to the original collection from 1999 and still designed according to Frederique Constant’s same key values, the new Highlife collection shares certain fundamental characteristics in being finely crafted, Swiss Made, affordable and engineered for everyday use. 

The three models have the same 41 mm case. True to the Brand’s DNA, they present a modern yet elegant, or sport chic appearance, and have been designed for the next generation of collectors eager to embrace luxury Swiss Made timepieces. 

Highlife 2020 Collection- A new case with an integrated interchangeable bracelet 

Like the original inspiration, the Highlife 2020 collection has an integrated bracelet. The lack of horns allows for greater flexibility and helps the watch sit naturally on the wrist. The integrated design is infinitely more complicated to conceive than any strap with horns. The process requires perfect continuity between the lines of the case and the links, a smooth, regular but gradual transition to the clasp and natural fluidity that should be almost imperceptible. 

SOURCE: Frederique Constant

INSTA LIVE – High gold price boosts opportunities for Thai silver jewelry exports

High gold price boosts opportunities for Thai silver jewelry exports

Thai silver jewelry exports

Surging gold prices have boosted export opportunities for Thai silver jewelry, senior industry executives told Jewelry Outlook in recent Instagram Live interviews. Watch replay https://www.instagram.com/p/CCNpOh_FJrw/

Thailand is one of the world’s leading suppliers of silver jewelry, using state-of-the-art manufacturing and deft craftsmanship.

The twice-yearly Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair (BGJF) has been a showcase for innovative Thai silver jewelry creations and a conduit for exports to key markets, such as the United States, Hong Kong, Germany and the Middle East.

Mr Prida Tiasuwan, Chairman, Pranda Group and Director of CIBJO, a leading Thai jewelry manufacturer, and Mr Kittisak Udomdangaram, President of the Thai Silver Exporters’ Association (TSEA), said in two separate Instagram Lives on @bkkgemsofficial that the high gold price would heighten export opportunities for more affordable Thai silver jewelry.

Gold prices are up by almost 20 percent so far this year as rising cases of COVID-19 have exacerbated fears over the global economic outlook, and triggered a flight to safety by investors.

Silver prices have not risen as much as gold during the coronavirus pandemic. Some investors increasingly see silver as an industrial metal, Mr Kittisak said.

Thai silver jewelry exporters need to take full advantage of rapidly developing digital technologies and social media marketing tools, such as Instagram, to seize export opportunities, Mr Kittisak added.

Thai silver jewelry exports

Thai silver jewelry exports have held up well so far in value terms despite the emergency, he said.

Thailand’s jewelry manufacturing industry needs to act proactively to ensure that the supply chain from mine to finger is as sustainable as possible, said Mr Prida, who is also a Director of CIBJO-World Jewelry Confederation.

Jewelry consumers want to be sure that no one is exploited at any point along the supply chain and that the environment is protected as much as possible, he added.

Mr Prida urged the Thai industry to stay on top of technological developments in order to compete effectively in a fast-changing marketplace.

Highly-talented Thai craftspeople, with skills developed over generations, are becoming an increasingly valuable asset in a digitized world, he added.

He urged the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), as an organizer of BGJF, to continue to highlight Thai excellence in craftsmanship as a key driver of exports.

BGJF is one of the most acclaimed trade shows in the world, featuring 360° precious jewelry business opportunities. The 66th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair is rescheduled to 23-27 February 2021 while its special online exhibition will be launched on 2-4 November 2020.

For more information about Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair, please visit:

Website: www.bkkgems.com           

Facebook: bangkokgemsofficial

Instagram: bkkgemsofficial

Five watch by Yvan Monnet Genève

Five watch by Yvan Monnet Genève, Innovative and very rare, the five-sided watch

Five watch by Yvan Monnet Genève

Innovative and very rare, the five-sided watch

The FIVE by Yvan Monnet Genève is now available in three new colors

Up against the trend, Yvan Monnet continues to establish his atypical shape in the world of mechanical watchmaking excellence. Three new galvanic colors with matching oscillating weights complete the collection.

Geneva, June 2020. Three new colour combinations enhance the FIVE collection. Royal blue, similar to deep skies, the spruce green of vintage English cars and the copper brown of salted caramel.

Five watch by Yvan Monnet Genève, Innovative and very rare, the five-sided watch

Chromatic and delicate subtlety combinations – Five Watch

Arabic numerals are harmoniously displayed on the volumetric dial of the new FIVE. They are available as Super- LumiNova® 3D appliques, whose coloring is revealed in the dark.

On the back of the timepiece, which is visible thanks to a sapphire crystal glass back, the oscillating weight displays fine handmade finishing to match these galvanic explorations. On the front side, the seconds hand contrasts without disturbing the original color of the dial. With its arrow shape and bright color, it adds a touch of sporty flair that is reinforced by the matching ‘200M’ lettering. This is an opportunity to remind that these mechanical self-winding watches, so comfortable in social settings, also have “tool watches” genes.

Five watch by Yvan Monnet Genève

In addition to this guaranteed waterproofness to 20 atmospheres, there is a bouquet of details that sometimes escape the description as they blend into an obvious purity and functionality: the enlightened decorations of the automatic caliber with customised rotor to match each dial colour, or the delicate vertical satin-finishing of the dial, reminiscent of that of the bezel.

The remarkable quality of the finish of this timepiece magnifies the harmony of the curves. It puts this unique design into perspective.

Five watch by Yvan Monnet Genève, Innovative and very rare

Technical data

Five watch by Yvan Monnet Genève


Pentagonal Ø43 mm steel case stainless steel, satin polished, waterproof to 200M

Thickness 10.80 mm

Anti-reflective sapphire crystals on bezel and case-back.

YvanMonneT-Geneva screw-down crown


Royal blue galvanic satin vertical (Royal blue PVD oscillating weight)

Blue Super-LumiNova® 3D Arabic appliques, white and blue decals.

Sandblasted hour and minute hands with Blue Super-LumiNova®.

Central, balanced, light blue seconds hand

Galvanic spruce green vertical satin finish (Spruce green galvanic oscillating weight) Green Super-LumiNova® 3D Arabic appliques, white and orange decals.

Sandblasted hour and minute hands with Green Super-LumiNova®.

Central, balanced, light orange seconds hand.

Galvanic copper brown vertical satin finish (Copper brown galvanic oscillating weight) Blue Super-LumiNova® 3D Arabic appliques, white and blue decals

Sandblasted hour and minute hands with Blue Super-LumiNova®

Central, balanced, light blue seconds hand


Caliber SW400-1 Automatic Top

26 alternating rubies 28’800A/h (4Hz), with personalized oscillating weight hand decorated, matching the color of the dial. Power reserve 38h

Precision 4 ±4 seconds/day (6 positions)

Unique designs, beginnings of an icon, FIVE and Mina, the two collections of Yvan Monnet Genève

As markers of differentiation, 80% of which are made in Geneva and infinitely Swiss made, Yvan Monnet’s mechanical timepieces have an identity characteristic that is the supreme Grail in watchmaking: a shape that is instantly identifiable. This particular design immediately associates these watches with this independent watchmaker who, from the historic “Cabinotiers” district of Geneva, restores lustre and nobility to the watchmaking and finishing arts.

The atypical pentagonal shape is becoming a must. It surely takes the path that will make it an icon. It is conquering more and more followers, both among collectors and trendy enthusiasts. Especially since Yvan Monnet, master of watch decoration and creator, has succeeded in integrating perfect roundnesses, cleverly tamed angles and invisible and subtle aesthetic balances. An expression of pure design, a successful exercise of proportion.

Discreetly distinctive, as if immersed in a bath of original watchmaking Calvinism, the two collections FIVE and Mina by Yvan Monnet Genève are symbolic of a subtle beauty as well as unforgettable…

How to Choose the Right Necklace Jewelry for Any Outfit According To Occasion

How to Choose the Right Necklace Jewelry

How to Choose the Right Necklace Jewelry

What’s more disappointing than choosing the ideal outfit? Are you also trying to choose the ideal jewelry to oblige it?

It’s great to have options, however too many can transform dressing into something awful. If this sounds natural, don’t think for a second only you’re! Women everywhere throughout the world are stuck in this issue each week– – if not every day!

Jewelry is a timeless and most significant accessory great that each beauty lover needs in her collection. Truth be told, women spend a normal of an average of 90 minutes in their closets picking what to wear.

Jewelry is the staple of the ensemble, so why not settle on educated choices when you accessorize? If you love your jewelry, it is the ideal opportunity for you to figure out how to accessorize like a design professional. Here’s the way to organize jewelry without limit:

  • Pick Jewelry According To Occasion

Ensure where you are going or what you will do and pick as indicated by it for instance: You can’t wear the best jewelry at fill in as one have to focus on work. Your decision of jewelry for church ideally wouldn’t be a similar choice as a night at the club. Make a point to consider where you’re going, what you’ll be doing, and how the jewelry falls off to spectators. There is such wrong type as a wrong sort of jewelry for the event.

  • Jewelry That Tributes Skin Tone

Jewelry shouldn’t simply go with your outfit. Women who succeed at decorating nowadays realize how to highlight their skin tones with their jewelry. Silver is a standard metal that lights up most common tones. Gold goes particularly well with darker hair and matte skin. Cooler skin tones work out in a good way for diamonds that are red, purple, and blue. Likewise, white gold is a fantastic decision of metal for cooler skin tones. Warmer skin tones pair pleasantly with yellow, orange, and green gemstones in addition to yellow metals.

  • Standing out Dark Jewelry from a White Outfit

A white outfit resembles a fresh start; you can shake whatever jewelry you need with it! Jewelry with pink, green, blue, or even red stones looks fab with a white wedding Lehenga or saree!

  • Adding Pearls Will Look Best

If you monotone shades are not your thing and need to keep your marriage look or the outfit extremely beautiful, then pearls are an incredible approach! Include a necklace that has pearls dangling toward the end to keep the jewelry differentiating, yet not OTT. This looks great with dull or brilliant colored outfits like maroons and blues.

  • Match Spring and Summer Outfit with Cool Colors

The happy airiness and newness of spring and summer garments look incredible with cool, common hues. Attempt gemstones like blue topaz or green peridot against soft and impartial textures or patterns. Transform your outfit into something enlivened directly from nature by combining normally matched colors.

Jewelry or Clothing: What Should Be Focused?

Here’s added choice to make while getting dressed: what do you need the focus of your outfit to be?

A simple and dull outfit will quite often look altered into unique with the correct jewelry and accessories. You can pick jewelry that truly says something to breathe life into a simple outfit. But if you’re wearing intense apparel, then regularly it’s a smart thought to go with littler, more subtle jewelry pieces as features.

My recommendation? Settle on a choice concerning what will work for you and go for it.

Match to Your Neckline Your Necklace

Excepting if it’s a romantic piece that you’re glad to be covered up under outfit, your pendant ought to be seen and it should improve your outfit.

Like consider, if you have a low V-necked outfit, then a pendant sitting in the V over your cleavage will do something amazing. A long necklace will look extraordinary over higher necked and group 0necked clothing. A round necklace is acceptable with a scoop or other rounded necklines.

If you’re trying to wear a strong pair of earrings, then not having a necklace to diminish your look can be a decent approach, dependent on your outfit. Likewise, if you’re wearing a low profile or high necked outfit not wearing a necklace will work truly well.

Guarantee Each Part of Jewelry Goes Well With Your Morphology

The simplest activity with each outfit is to check where the “eye” is pulled in. You need to look for the focal point. When you know the focus, you can pick jewelry that will add to this. The size of each part and the general design of jewelry matters a lot. For instance, if your outfit is simple, you can decide on layering necklaces. With this, you likewise need to focus on the length of your necklaces. Your objective is neither to shorten your neck nor cause to notice anything you’d preferably not.

Imitation jewelry Necklace Specially Made for You

The one major advantage of artificial jewelry is that it is popular, classy but then rich. The imitation jewelry necklace is the ideal and the proper one for the wedding events. This jewelry is greatly designed and the necklace intimation jewelry has a similar measure of advancement as the genuine gold and diamond jewelry sets have.

The simplicity of this artificial intimation jewelry sets you can radiate each conventional event with style and ethnicity. These can be the ideal go-to match for any event. Additionally, the artificial necklace sets online can be effortlessly contrasted and the other jewelry pieces and one have the best plan to know how the jewelry will care for after teaming up with their dresses.


Your personality and outfit say a great deal regarding you, so you should pick something above it which explores its beauty, artificial jewelry assumes a major job in personality development.

You don’t require a lot of information, yet the correct information about the outfit and jewelry coordination because only a correct decision of jewelry can assist you with increasing your confidence and take the consideration of the room. Experiment and have fun!



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