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Ateliers deMonaco unveils its latest creation: the Admiral Chronographe Flyback Stradivari

Ateliers deMonaco unveils its latest creation: the Admiral Chronographe Flyback Stradivari

Ateliers deMonaco unveils its latest creation: the Admiral Chronographe Flyback Stradivari

Produced in partnership with the architect and designer Luca Stradivari, a direct descendant of legendary luthier Antonio Stradivari – creator of the famous Stradivarius violin – the new Admiral Chronographe Flyback Stradivari watch is a wonderfully refined and beautifully orchestrated device. Available in four limited editions (steel, 18 carats rose gold, white gold and yellow gold), fans of fine watchmaking are sure to appreciate the difference this striking creation with its geometric dial and ingenious chronograph flyback function will make to daily life.

The meeting of two universes

Italian design and watchmaking appear to be a natural fit. Both are arts practised at the highest level and instrumentalised by exceptional objects, cleverly constructed from choice materials. They require knowledge of materials, finesse in execution, harmony of lines and carefully preserved know-how, to which only the designers and artisans hold the secret.

Ateliers deMonaco

It was in Monaco, where the watch brand began, that these two worlds were brought together. The talented architect and designer Luca Stradivari teamed up with Ateliers deMonaco to create something of great quality with real personality. Eager to make the most authentic and – on occasion – the wildest dreams come true, Luca Stradivari has infused the new Admiral Chronographe Flyback Stradivari watch with his exhilarating creative energy. His keen eye for curves, lines and perspective has influenced the silhouette of this timepiece, its relief and dynamism as daring as its creator.

Ancestral inspiration

More than an architect and designer, Luca Stradivari, has also inherited a particular sensibility from his ancestors that has undoubtedly intensified his pursuit of perfection. He can in fact claim to be a direct descendant of Antonio Stradivari, the renowned luthier who designed the finest violin of all time, the famous Stradivarius.

Luthiers and watchmakers share the same passion for excellence. Between the dancing cogs and the accuracy of the keys, their expertise comes down to long hours of demanding and meticulous work. Attention to detail and precision of movement set the tone for these creations being handcrafted in workshops by artisans dedicated to designing the perfect instrument.

This is demonstrated by the fact that 300 years on, no one has definitively solved the mystery of the legendary Stradivarius and its uniquely special sound. In spite of the many theories surrounding the specific make-up of the varnish used, the internal wood structure, its chemical treatment – or even micro-glaciation – for improving its resonance, none of it has been established for sure to this day.

Growing up in a world where he came into contact with very finely crafted objects produced to the highest standards from an early age, Luca Stradivari has developed his vision of the perfect object made from the finest materials.

High-quality finishes

What makes a great instrument for measuring time? Its contours, personality, materials and finishes. The new Admiral Chronographe Flyback Stradivari timepiece has it all.

Housed in a 42 mm case enhanced by a raised middle, the well-defined black geometric dial with intertwining lines capable of transporting its admirers to other horizons reveals the dreamlike spirit of Luca Stradivari. Coated and curved, bold polished triangular hour markers in opposite directions frame this fantasy and give the piece its dynamism. Elegant dauphine hands indicating the hours, minutes and seconds of the chronograph glide over the signature of the architect and designer, given pride of place at 6 o’clock. At 9 o’clock, you’ll find the small seconds counter and on the opposite side, the chronograph’s minutes counter.

In keeping with its passion for Fine Watchmaking, Ateliers deMonaco has given its latest creation an open case back allowing the dMc-760 calibre to be admired. Decorated by hand, there is intricate circular satin-finishing, perlage, Côtes de Genève, chamfering and traits tirés adorning the bridges. Completing the piece is the signature 22 carat gold oscillating weight, a feature of all the brand’s automatic watches, carefully revolving around the movement. Beating at a frequency of 28,800 vph, it has a power reserve of 38 hours.

Fine Watchmaking, Ateliers deMonaco

There are four limited edition models available: one steel model limited to 88 pieces and 36 in 18 carat gold, including: 12 white gold, 12 yellow gold and 12 rose gold.

Finally, to ensure the various elements can be appreciated in exceptional detail, the two sapphire crystals on the case (bezel and case back) benefit from an anti-reflective treatment on both sides.

A patented mechanism

The flyback function first appeared in 1936, enabling pilots and elite athletes to time themselves over long and short distances. A straightforward concept, it allows the chronograph to be stopped, reset and restarted with a single press of the push-piece, rather than three successive presses.

True to its goal of making complications both easier to use and more efficient, the patented Admiral Chronographe Flyback by Ateliers deMonaco is no exception. This feature measures a succession of elapsed times, while eliminating many repetitive and unnecessary operations. The flyback module has only 96 parts, making it one of the most efficient flyback modules in the world, as well as one of the most affordable, thanks to its ingenious construction.

Two new affordable collections launch from jewellerybox – perfect for stocking fillers

Two new affordable collections launch from jewellerybox

Two new affordable collections launch from jewellerybox

Online jewellery (Schmuck in German) retailer, jewellerybox, has launched not one but two brand new collections: ‘now+then’ and ‘choose hugs’.

‘choose hugs’ is a collection of 41 pairs of sterling silver, gold plated and rose gold plated huggie hoop earrings, perfect for stacking with other hoops for a statement look or wearing on their own to add a little sparkle and shine to an everyday outfit.

Jewellery Buyer and Designer for jewellerybox, Michelle Tacdol, said “2020 has been a hard year for everyone, so we think now more than ever it’s time to choose hugs (for your ears). This collection was heavily inspired by our customers who had been requesting a larger selection of huggie hoops, as well as the popularity of our sell-out clear crystal and rainbow crystal huggies. We hope that this collection can add a touch of sparkle and light to the end of this year.”

‘now+then’ is a smaller collection of 28 earrings, inspired by traditional and natural designs with a contemporary twist. One of the key elements of this collection are bobbles/beads, which feature heavily within the range of modern styles. Containing stud earrings, drop earrings and hoop earrings, this collection has something for everyone’s taste and for all occasions.

The two new collections can now be shopped on the jewellerybox website

choose hugs – prices start from £8.05
now+then – prices start from £4.95

AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier: Smart on Every Level

AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier: Smart on Every Level

AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier

Alpina unveils its brand new smartwatch for women, the AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier, available exclusively online and limited to 500 pieces. Proven technology with intelligent and customisable features is housed for the first time within Alpina’s famous sports watch for women, the Comtesse. The only detail that gives away how smart it really is? A discreet digital display at 6 o’clock that shows a set of customisable notifications on demand.

As beautiful as it is smart

Once again, Alpina is breaking boundaries and exploring new territories. With the AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier, the brand founded in 1883 has applied the latest smart technology to a timeless classic in the form of a feminine and sporty chic watch. Limited to 500 timepieces, the watch is exclusively available online.

Algorithms embedded in the AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier allow for some seriously smart features, like your recommended hours of sleep based on previous nights, activity level required to achieve your goal weight, suggested sports to play, alerts to get you moving or encourage you to relax (depending on your heart rate) and plenty more besides. All these features are then reviewed, analysed and collated within the dedicated Alpina Smartwatch app, available for free download and compatible with iOS and Android.

In standard mode, the AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier measures the pulse rate every minute

Alpina chose quartz technology for its AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier calibre. This means that unlike nearly all smartwatches with lithium-ion batteries, the AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier’s battery is rechargeable and offers up to seven days of autonomy, depending on use.

Probably the best heart rate monitor in any smartwatch

By integrating the monitor developed by Philips Wearable Sensing, the user’s heart rate can now be taken straight from the wrist for improved accuracy and measured in the moment. In standard mode, the AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier measures the pulse rate every minute. In “Workout” (exercise) mode, it’s roughly every 10 seconds.

The same sensor can also be used to accurately monitor your activity, health and physical fitness. It uses an algorithm that extracts and processes this data, taking into account body movement and ambient light to provide very accurate results.

On-demand display

At first glance, there is almost nothing to differentiate this Comtesse from another, given its curvaceous 36.5 mm steel case in different shades with alternating polished and satin-finished surfaces, steel strap supplemented by a blue rubber strap and a delicate navy blue dial adorned with nine diamonds. This stylish and elegant piece is ideal for everyday wear.

One tap on the crown and the ingenious AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier momentarily reveals selected information on the digital display positioned at 6 o’clock, such as heart rate, breathing exercises, activity tracker, notifications, weather, second time zone and chronograph, among others. Lightly press the crown to switch from one function to another. It is simple, intuitive and instant. As soon as you have looked at the desired information, the digital screen returns to standby mode and is once more invisible to the naked eye.

An everyday companion, the AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier can be configured down to the smallest detail. Even the order in which notifications are displayed can be customised. More than just an accessory, this timepiece is an everyday companion, worn on the wrist.

All the notifications offered by the AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier are customisable and connected to most of the popular apps: Mail, Messages, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, WeChat, Viber, Uber, KakaoTalk, Pinterest and Spotify.

Alpina chose quartz technology for its AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier calibre

Did you know?

The name “AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier” was chosen by the Alpina community in the interests of maintaining strong customer relationships. After two pre-selection rounds online and on the basis of all the suggestions that came in, Alpina kept the name that received the most votes. “AlpinerX Comtesse Glacier” came out on top and was chosen as the final name for the new connected Comtesse!


JANNPAUL – The Decagon 10 Hearts & Arrows Diamond


JANNPAUL revolutionises the global diamond market with the Decagon 10 Hearts & Arrows Diamond

The newly designed and patented White Series Collection by Singaporean diamond designer, Paul Hung, revolutionises light performance in fancy shaped diamonds. Managing Director of JANNPAUL Singapore, Paul is one of the first diamond designers to have shaken up the industry with the newest 10 Hearts & Arrows cuts featured in the traditional fancy shaped diamonds.

JANNPAUL - The Decagon 10 Hearts & Arrows Diamond

Presently, fancy shaped diamonds are still cut the same way they were in the 1960s. Back then, they were cut for different unique shapes, rather than light performance. However, this changed with the high-performing White Series diamonds, cut to exacting standards for maximum brilliance. With far more superior technology and tools, the White Series collection features fancy shaped diamonds – think cushion, pear, oval, and even a decagon – that redefine diamond cutting. In contrast to a 57-faceted round diamond, the Decagon 10 HA – part of the White Series – boasts 111 facets, engineered for high scintillation and brilliance. Sold exclusively by JANNPAUL, these fancy-shaped diamonds are a gamechanger in the global market.

With a wide range of cuts and variables considered in the performance of a super ideal cut, the quality of these fancy shaped diamonds lie in brilliance, dispersion and scintillation. The White Series diamonds are cut to illuminate from every major and minor facet from the center, synergising from crown to pavilion to deliver edge to edge brilliance. Under the ASET scope, the refractive light of play produces a mosaic of light in motion. The mark of a brilliant diamond is produced upon analysis at 90 degree angles, but with the White Series, the diamonds are engineered to perform at natural, titled angles under the perspective of a naked eye.

The soft launch of the JANNPAUL White Series include fancy shaped diamonds such as the cushion, pear, oval and decagon diamond cuts produced at competitive prices. Against other premium diamonds, the White Series diamonds sport the highest fire and scintillation, distributing sparkle evenly with minimal light leakages. With superior light-performing angles, you will find these cuts to be truly uncontested in the realm of bright white diamonds.

As diamonds are big-ticket purchases, you want to be sure of exactly what makes the diamond worth the spend. Recognisably, young adults planning for marriage also fall into the category of first-time diamond buyers. Backed with research and a clear preference for aesthetics, young buyers today delve into the scientifics and product comparisons to come to consensus on diamond value. And by raising the benchmark through comprehensive diamond education and free consultations, JANNPAUL is meeting that standard.

Established in 2010, JANNPAUL seeks to remove exploitative nature within the jewelry trade by producing super ideal cut diamonds at competitive prices. With top light girdle performance and spectacular symmetry, the newest Decagon 10 HA diamond makes the cut with an unrivalled uniqueness.

SOURCE: Media OutReach

Startimer Pilot Automatic 40mm: New Diameter, New Family!

Startimer Pilot Automatic 40mm

Startimer Pilot Automatic 40mm: New Diameter, New Family!

Beautiful and functional? It’s a difficult balance to strike. You have to combine emotion and reason, subjectivity and objectivity, luxury and functionality. It’s a fine line that Alpina has long managed to maintain. Its Startimer collection, devoted to aviation, is not only one of the most popular with pilots, but the one that has proved the most successful for the Brand. A rare middle ground appealing to professional pilots, enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The Startimer Pilot Automatic model, which belongs to this flagship Alpina collection, now comes in a new 40 mm diameter version, already on sale in five readily available references.

Beautiful, functional… and universal

Vintage-inspired, camouflage, stylish stopwatch or three-hand, the Startimer collection has long made its mark on Alpina. It has become a pillar for the Brand, a customer favourite for many years.

Identified by a 44 mm rose gold-plated or PVD coated steel case within which features a date counter and three hands, the Startimer Pilot Automatic range has now had its characteristic features replicated in a new 40 mm diameter watch. Being more restrained, the latter opens up new prospects for the Startimer collection and will look perfectly appropriate for a professional environment, under the sleeve of a suit. Being more contemporary, it can also be worn ‘urban style’, looking youthful and dynamic when teamed with a simple shirt or t-shirt.

Being more universal, it has also become unisex; many women already wear 40 mm watches every day, a diameter long adopted by men, but which now benefits them both. Traditionally, the 39 mm and 40 mm diameters were preferred by collectors and historic manufacturing companies (especially in Geneva), who thought them the most tasteful, restrained and timeless over the centuries. Alpina, founded in Geneva in 1883, is no exception.

Startimer Pilot Automatic

Startimer Pilot Automatic 40mm

Five new models within the collection

For these new 40 mm models, Alpina has preserved the essence of the Startimer Pilot Automatic range: open dials with large luminescent hands for telling the time at night, a date display at 3 o’clock and a long seconds-hand sweeping over a timer with index markers every 5 minutes.

In addition, fans of the Startimer Pilot Automatic won’t fail to notice what makes this model unique. Index hour markers at 12 and 6 o’clock have been replaced by luminescent horizontal indexes that are easier to distinguish, especially when flying at night, with “II” and “I” referring to 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock respectively. Midday always features the vertical red triangle, the Brand’s Alpine symbol, which can also be found at the end of the seconds hand. Finally, the screw-down crown at 3 o’clock has kept its delicate ridges for improved grip.

As for the movement, Alpina remains faithful to its mechanical self-winding AL-525 calibre, which promises a power reserve of 38 hours, protected by a steel case-back engraved with Alpine peaks and offering guaranteed water resistance to 100 metres.

A design in tune with the times

In response to demand from the many collectors that have helped make the Startimer Pilot Automatic so successful, the Brand has revived the five iconic designs that forged the legend: a rose gold-plated case with a grey dial and a brown calfskin leather strap, two steel versions with “Navy Blue” or white dial on a black calfskin leather strap, plus one in PVD coated steel on a black calfskin leather strap.

The final design combines a rose gold-plated case with “Navy Blue” dial on a black calfskin leather strap. This model perfectly captures the “aeronautical” spirit of the Startimer, drawing on the “nautical” bronze tones of the on-board fittings and naval blue, here replicated in the “aero” fuselage of the Startimer.

These five new pieces are available now, starting at 895 euros (recommended retail price).

Source: ALPINA

Highlife: The Next Generation of an Iconic Timepiece

Highlife: The Next Generation of an Iconic Timepiece

Frederique Constant launched the first models in the Highlife collection over 20 years ago. Their unique design was characterised by the special strap built into the case. For 2020, the Brand has updated the ingenious concept and reinvigorated the collection by adding three new models: the Highlife Perpetual Calendar Manufacture, Highlife Heart Beat and Highlife Automatic COSC. All still feature the system which makes it possible to switch between a steel bracelet, a leather, crococalf suede or rubber strap, alternating from classic to sporty on a whim! 

Highlife Collection – The return of an original must-have design 

Bolstered by these advances, the Highlife collection is now making its comeback. Two years of development were needed to give birth to these three models: the Highlife Perpetual Calendar Manufacture, Highlife Heart Beat and Highlife Automatic COSC. Faithful to the original collection from 1999 and still designed according to Frederique Constant’s same key values, the new Highlife collection shares certain fundamental characteristics in being finely crafted, Swiss Made, affordable and engineered for everyday use. 

The three models have the same 41 mm case. True to the Brand’s DNA, they present a modern yet elegant, or sport chic appearance, and have been designed for the next generation of collectors eager to embrace luxury Swiss Made timepieces. 

Highlife 2020 Collection- A new case with an integrated interchangeable bracelet 

Like the original inspiration, the Highlife 2020 collection has an integrated bracelet. The lack of horns allows for greater flexibility and helps the watch sit naturally on the wrist. The integrated design is infinitely more complicated to conceive than any strap with horns. The process requires perfect continuity between the lines of the case and the links, a smooth, regular but gradual transition to the clasp and natural fluidity that should be almost imperceptible. 

SOURCE: Frederique Constant


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