How To Accessorise Your Work Outfits
How To Accessorise Your Work Outfits

How To Accessorise Your Work Outfits!

If you work in a formal environment, you are likely to have to wear business attire that can be difficult to bring your own sense of character to. Formal work outfits can be quite boring and might not give you the confidence you want to really excel in your working environment, as well all know that what you wear can have a big impact on how you feel throughout the day. However, there are ways to do it and that’s what we’re here to introduce! You can still look formal whilst showing off your personality, so let’s find out how to accessorise your work outfits.

Subtle Earrings

First up on our list is to get yourself some subtle earrings. Big, dangly earrings are unlikely to be suitable in a formal working environment, however, there are many alternatives that are understated but will still help you to bring your personality through!

So, start with a simple pair of huggie hoops, which are small earrings but ones that look beautiful and elegant. These are great for any lobe piercings. Then, if you have any other piercings in your ears, like daith or tragus earrings, go for small delicate studs. A simple collection of different earrings can still look formal, but equally beautiful, so this is a great way to accessorise your work outfits.


Wearing watches in a work environment is completely acceptable, they’re obviously very practical and they can also bring something unique to an outfit, so this is a great way to accessorise your outfits.

The world is your oyster when it comes to watch designs, from leather straps to metal choices, square faces to round and connected watches, and so much more. If you’re unsure where to start, set yourself a budget, have a look online and then go into a jeweler and try on lots of different styles.

Watches are an investment and they can last you a lifetime, so you want to make sure you get it right. So, try on lots of different styles as you might be surprised by what you really like. Jewelers are highly experienced in helping you narrow down your options, so go to someone reputable and they will make the whole experience much easier.

Matching Belt and Shoes

Another thing you can do to bring your outfit to life is to get yourself a few pairs of shoes that match with a few new belts! This can help to really tie your whole outfit together, plus it’s an opportunity to stay formal whilst also adding some color or texture to your outfit. For example, you might be wearing navy high-waisted trousers and a white blouse. Then, you could add a red belt and red shoes, for a fun twist on a classic outfit that will help you to feel amazing.

Depending on how formal your workplace is, you could even go for bold prints like leopard print or something similar, to really bring your personality out in the outfit.


Another really simple way to bring your outfit to life is with a fun handbag. Whilst you won’t be carrying this around the office in most cases, it is still a good accessory to help you feel good right from the start of the day. Aim for a medium-sized handbag, so it is comfortable for your commute whilst also allowing you to fit everything you need in your bag.

Don’t go too wild with big fluffy handbags or anything, but bolder colors and patterns are great to bring something fun and interesting to your outfit.

What To Avoid

For very formal working environments, there are a few things you should avoid when it comes to accessorising your work outfits. Face piercings are usually a no-go, keep hair and makeup quite simple, don’t go for oversized statement jewelry, and keep your perfume subtle. If you’re ever unsure, simply ask another colleague or your boss exactly what the dress code is, which is especially useful if you’re new to the company.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we have shown you that you can stay formal whilst also bringing some of your own characters through in your outfits! With just a few simple accessories, you can transform your work wardrobe.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash


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