High-end Engagement rings with the utmost designs
High-end Engagement rings with the utmost designs

High-end Engagement rings with the utmost designs

Seems like the three-month salary rule is not made for some people.

Because people have gone far beyond a common budget to get a high-end engagement ring for their partners.

And of course, those people have to be super rich!

With the finest metal and precious stones, high-end engagement rings are worth catching your eyes with their sparkle and brilliance. Well, there is no point in losing hope if these stunning jewelry pieces appear unattainable to you. There are many elegant options available at much more affordable prices in well-known jewelry stores.

Engagement rings studded with million-dollar gems make us all wonder-struck! And to our surprise, there are a lot more to come. We are just waiting and watching for more to come. On an estimate, $6000 is the average price a man has to pay to get his lady a designer engagement ring. But celebrities have proven that we can’t cage them with a budget. They are surprisingly choosing bigger and bigger engagement rings with time, followed by bigger price tags.

Feels like you’re getting curious to know which celebrity owns the expensive coveted engagement ring and sparkle their way out. So, without any further ado, we are presenting high-end celebrity engagement rings.

Most Expensive and Designer Engagement Rings of All Times

Since celebrities are always a hot topic for all of us to talk about, here we have compiled a list of the most expensive engagement rings they have got.

Few of them have gone for big bling diamonds, while some chose unexceptional stones for their engagement rings. Though celebrities have opted for expensive engagement rings you all have to agree with us on one thing their engagement rings are drop-dead gorgeous.

Grace Kelly

How would you expect your engagement ring to be if you were to marry the Prince Rainer III of Monaco? Of course, you would dream of a huge ring but the ring that he gave his wife Grace Kelly was unimaginable for all of us!

Her engagement ring was priced at $4,060,000 in 1956, which has now a value of $44.3 million. It is a huge 10.47-carat emerald-cut diamond ring. The ring was designed by Cartier, interestingly this cut is quite famous among new brides these days.

Jackie Kennedy

When one of the richest and most famous men in the world Aristotle Onassis fell in love, he went far beyond what one could imagine to propose to his lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

It was a 15-carat diamond worth $2,600,000 in 1968, which has become $22.17 million now!

The ring is worth gasping for!

Mariah Carey

American singer and songwriter got obsessed with her ring at the very first glance!

She got a 35-carat bling from James Packer, the cost of the ring was about $10 million. The ring was so fascinating and post-breakup with him she continued to wear it for about a year.

Anna Kournikova

Our favorite Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias proposed to the Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova in the early 2000s. Both were pretty secretive about their relationship until they broke headlines with the exceptionally beautiful engagement ring.

It was a huge yellow stone ring of about $5,400,000, which is now worth a whopping $8.4 million! The giant yellow stunner was so dear to her that she was even seen wearing the ring during her tennis matches.

Paris Hilton

Remember when Paris Hilton made an engagement announcement with the Greek socialite Paris Latsis? She came showing a big bauble on her finger on the red carpet circa 2005.

Her ring was worth $4,700,000 which is now increased in price significantly to $7.1 Million. Although the huge ring couldn’t make both of them stick together for long. As they separated ways soon.


Do you all know that Beyoncé herself totes one of the most valued diamonds?

She bought a whopping 24-carat diamond ring! For which she paid $5 million dollar. It was a huge and flashy emerald-cut diamond ring. Witnessing this massive ring on her ring finger has made our jaws drop in awe. The worth of her ring this time is $6.89 million.

Vanessa Bryant

Back in 2003, when an American Professional Basketball Player Kobe Bryant proposed to “Vanessa” her future wife, with a $4,000,000 engagement ring and shocked us all with its price tag!

Since his passing, the ring price has massively gone up to $6.4 million. Vanessa has sentiments attached to the ring and that’s why she still wears this ring.

There are a lot more expensive engagement rings that came after that but none has surpassed the above-mentioned beauties! We are not if the celebrity’s relationships had lasted long but one thing that we are sure of it the sparkle of diamond and stone that the ladies got must be brilliant and sparkly to date.

Photo by Frederick Medina on Unsplash


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