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14 Secrets to Buying the Perfect Wedding Jewelry

There are many resources that can help you pick the perfect ring. Consider getting professional help to get the perfect ring.


14 Secrets to Buying the Perfect Wedding Jewelry

Men do not usually have the patience and the knowhow when it comes to shopping for jewelry (and for most things for that matter) while women are usually emotionally-driven in their purchases.

If you are shopping for jewelry, these tips will help you get value for your money.

  1. Set a Budget

A budget will ensure you do not go overboard. Once you have a budget, you will be able to determine such things as the type of metal to buy and the type of engraving (machine or hand). You should, however, always remember that you expect to pay for quality.

  1. Consider your lifestyle

If you work with your hands, you will need a metal that is scratch resistance. A person who works at an office may not need such a metal. Consider the characteristics of the metal you are buying vis-à-vis your job or your hobbies so that you do not need to regularly remove your ring (which increases the chances of the ring getting lost). 

  1. Start early

Starting early ensures you get exactly what you are looking for since you will be able to compare different pieces over time, thereby increasing the chances of the perfect fit coming into stock. It is particularly important that you start early if you are buying custom jewelry.

  1. Size your finger

Most people do not take off their wedding band. They will wear them during summer, winter, pregnancy, exercise, and everything in between. You should understand that your fingers swell and contract due to such phenomena as cold, heat, water retention, and weight gain. Note that, some metals like tungsten carbide are very difficult to re-size, emphasizing the need to do proper sizing. So, how do you ensure you get the right fit?

  • Ensure the sizing is done by a professional
  • Be measured during different times of day and then take the average
  • Only do the sizing when you are calm
  • Do not do the sizing very early in the morning since your body retains salt from the night before
  • Don’t do the fitting after exercising or when it is too cold or hot 
  1. Be unique

Do not go for what is trending. Buying unique jewel such as black tungsten jewels makes you stand out. You do not have to worry too much about matching the metals and designs you two wear since you may have different tastes. You just have to match some aspects of the ring such as the color.

14 Secrets to Buying the Perfect Wedding Jewelry
Do thorough research to know what is best.
  1. Think long-term

You will get value for money if you buy something that will last a long time. Metals like tungsten carbide will last a lifetime without getting a scratch.

  1. Narrow your choices

You should narrow your choices to a few brands, a few types of metal, a few styles, and a few colors. You should determine exactly what you want before you start shopping. Failure to do this will result in a lot of frustration and you may end up feeling you didn’t get exactly what you wanted. 

  1. Consider the quality

The ring you buy should have the mark of the manufacturer’s trademark (since this proves that the manufacturer stands by his work) and a quality mark (which says what the ring is made of). If the ring is made up of 2 metals, make sure there’s a quality mark for each.

  1. Ease of cleaning

Consider how easy it will be to clean the metal. There’s a trend towards rings that don’t require much cleaning, such as black tungsten men’s wedding rings.

  • Listen carefully whenever your significant other talks about jewelry

If you want to surprise your loved one with a ring, you can get information on what he/she would like from listening to what they say about jewelry. Check his/her reaction when she sees a ring on his/her friend. You could also ask about preferences in a manner that will not arouse suspicion (such as asking, “What do you think about that black ring?” when watching a movie). The best way to pick the perfect ring, albeit unromantic, is to ask him/her what she would like. This also gives you the opportunity to do proper fitting.

  • Talk to people who have bought rings before

Getting your opinion from friends and relatives who have bought rings before is important because you will get tips on where, how, and when to shop. You might even want to take your friend on the shopping trip.

  • Read reviews, testimonials, comments, and ratings

Go online and read reviews, testimonials and comments and follow ratings to ensure you get the perfect ring. The online community is very active when it comes to giving feedback. Other good sources of tips on good rings arethe trend of fashion and luxury, such as stylists and wedding planners.

  • Shop online

More and more people are buying their rings online. You, however, need to be fitted before checking out the ring to ensure the ring fits perfectly. The greatest benefits of shopping online include:

  • You get to choose from more rings than you would get in your town or city
  • Online prices are usually lower than those in brick & mortar stores
  • You will save time and effort since you do not have to move from one corner of your town to the other
  • You are less likely to make a rushed decision when you buy your ring online
  • Online shopping is more discreet, making this the best way to shop if you want to surprise your loved one
  • Do thorough research

Do thorough research to know what is best. There are many types of rings made of different types of metals in the market and it is easy to get confused. Do research on such things as the characteristics of the metals you are considering and how to know if a metal is genuine or a fake. 

Do not shy away from admitting you do not know what makes the perfect ring. There are many resources that can help you pick the perfect ring. Consider getting professional help to get the perfect ring.


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