Top 5 Latest Watches for Bridegrooms in Fall 2017 

Let’s be realistic for a moment: wedding season is never really finished. Of course, it peaks in the spring and summer, but the wedding day can come at any time. And although we all know that it is the bride’s show, there is no reason the groom can’t give his wrist a little attention on the big day.

So whether you are a bride hoping that you will get something special for the groom, the best man who wants to have your buddy’s back, or the groom himself looking for that romantic watch for your wedding day, we have covered for you. From vintage watches to modern high-end watches timepieces, read on for the top 5 latest watches for bridegrooms in fall 2017:

  1. Rolex Datejust

Datejust is no doubt the perfect groom’s watch. It is timeless and versatile, well dressed to work under a suit cuff and casual enough to fit in low key settings. An excellent all-purpose timepiece, the Datejust will wear well beyond the wedding day. And it is one of the best options for the price-conscious watch buyer. As a starter “nice” watch, only a few other timepieces can be compared.

  1. Jaeger-Lecoultre Reverso

The Reverso’s discreet Art Deco design is classical. Rectangular in shape, thinner than the most oversized contemporary watches, the Reverso is a great choice for a groom’s watches that will get many props. And if you want to adjust your watch in any way, the Reverso can be the best watch for the job. The reversible dial case back is practically made for that purpose (if it doesn’t have another dial).

  1. Cartier’s tank

The Cartier’s tank is classical. This is one of the oldest watch designs still produced today, which means there are different sizes, shapes, materials to choose from when it comes to watches for the bridegroom. Whether you are a watch enthusiast or not, it’s a timepiece that commands respect across the board. With its golden case, minimalist white dial, and leather tape, the Calatrava is a timeless watch that is not only perfect for the big day, but it will last for generations. 

  1. Vintage OMEGA Seamaster

Unlike the sportier models you will find from OMEGA today, a vintage Seamaster makes an unexpected but fantastic bridegroom’s watch. Why? Simple, it’s a watch that goes well with a suit, a dress shirt or just a casual suit.

Former Seamaster models are and minimally styled, making them a smart groom’s watch option. As the old Seamaster’s models develop a beautiful patina over time, they are the perfect choice for a bridegroom with an appreciation for objects with a little history.

  1. Patek Philippe Calatrava

Or you can always choose one of the most iconic watches of all time. The Calatrava has a history of 80 years and an incredible status among watch lovers. It’s an excellent bridal watch for the groom that loves to have the best of everything.

Recently, it has become a trend to get the bridegroom a watch for his wedding day. We agree – a classic watch is an excellent gift and will serve as a reminder of an important event. And no matter what watch ends up on the groom’s wrist for the big day, it will surely be a sentimental accessory for a long time. So whether you are gifting or buying for yourself, be sure to choose something that you like. This will make the wedding day even more special.

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