A New Survey Reveals that 80% of Respondents Prefer Natural Diamonds for their Engagement Rings

Two-thirds of respondents conduct online research for their ideal engagement rings and 94% would make their purchase in Hong Kong

Source: De Beers Group

Now that the pandemic is behind us, grooms and brides-to-be may be rethinking their wishes and priorities for their big day. However, certain core elements of engagements and weddings, such as the preciousness of an intimate “proposal” and a sparkling engagement ring adorned with natural diamonds, remain unchanged. These findings come from the latest online pre-bridal survey conducted by NielsenIQ.

The online survey, in its second consecutive year, continues to explore the latest engagement and wedding expectations in Hong Kong. Among the 482 respondents, 80% of them prefer natural diamonds for their engagement rings, and 82% indicate an engagement ring is an important detail in wedding planning. Two-thirds of the respondents conducted research online about their ideal engagement rings, while 94% would make the purchase in local jewelry stores.

The results also show that following the end of the pandemic, the preference for a more glamorous wedding has re-emerged, since social distancing is no longer a concern. More than half (54%) of those surveyed are in favor of a good balance of simplicity and grandeur in their weddings. A simple and casual wedding, which was highly popular last year, became the second choice (39%), followed by a travel wedding (28%).

The Proposal of Paramount Importance

However, regardless of how couples would like to structure their big day, 88% of the respondents stressed the paramount importance of a proposal. Unlike the wedding style, the proposal is usually viewed as an intimate event, with the vast majority of respondents (80%) preferring the proposal to take place privately. In addition, over half (60%) enjoy a moment of “just the two of us.” The trend aligns largely with the results from last year.

online research for their ideal engagement rings
A new survey reveals that 80% of Respondents Prefer Natural Diamonds for their Engagement Rings

Choose my own Engagement Ring

A large majority of respondents (82%) believe engagement rings are an important part of a wedding, a trend that has remained consistent before and after the pandemic. This ritual is followed in importance by pre-wedding photos (72%), and honeymoons (58%).

Regarding the selection of an engagement ring, 80% of the respondents prefer natural diamonds, and 86% of them would like to be involved in handpicking the right ring. The top considerations during the selection included the conventional 4Cs (color, clarity, carat, and cut) (83%). In addition, 39% of respondents would prefer diamonds that come with certifications, and 21% value the origin of their diamonds.

Meaning of Marriage and Engagement Rings

As a new attempt this year, the survey included questions about the meaning of marriage commitment. A majority of the respondents (70%) believe the marriage vow represents “everlasting love or life-long partnership”, while 63% think marriage commitment means “unconditional or mutual support.” Among those who opt for natural diamonds, over half of them (51%) appreciate that natural diamonds are “one-of-a-kind”, while 49% see them as “precious, rare, and naturally formed through time and nature”.

Natural Diamonds for their Engagement Rings
Meaning of Marriage and Engagement Rings

Survey Methodology

Commissioned by De Beers Group, the pre-bridal survey was conducted by NielsenIQ in May 2023 via multiple social media channels, with a total of 482 participants aged 18–44. Among the participants, 77% were female, while 23% were male. A majority of them (72%) were either engaged or in a serious relationship. The design and data analysis of the survey were engineered by NielsenIQ.

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