WATCHES JEWELS 2016 – September newsletter
WATCHES AND JEWELS 2016 – September newsletter

25th WATCHES JEWELS exhibition

Please find enclosed the next newsletter related to this year’s jubilee 25th WATCHES AND JEWELS exhibition, which will be held from 29th September – 1st October 2016 at the Exhibition Grounds in Prague – Holešovice; the focus area of the exhibition includes watches, clocks, jewels, authorial jewels, fashion jewellery, minerals, packaging materials, investment gold, investment diamonds, security equipment etc.

– the accompanying programme, this year full of many very interesting novelties, has already been published on the exhibition´s website – IT IS NECESSARY TO CLICK ON INDIVIDUAL DAYS SEPARATELY:

– our traditional exhibitor, the company ADVANTAGE-FL.CZ s.r.o., has prepared interesting presentations as part of the accompanying programme:

– this year, the Czech manufacturer of unique wristwatches Prokop & Brož s.r.o. will arrange their display in a way, so that the visitors to the exhibition can see the whole manufacturing process of custom made wristwatches from the very beginning when it is designed to the very end when it is being manufactured

25th WATCHES JEWELS exhibition

– we would like to remind you, that all entries for the competition for the Jewel of the Year 2016 – CZECH OPEN are accepted by the Assay Office from September 5th – 21st, 2016

– the renowned and among the investors well known website, that is part of the Silverum holding, has prepared expert lectures besides competitions for silver coins – this year they shall tackle following topics:

  •        Commemorative Coins and Medals
  •        How to Avoid Fake Investment Gold and Other Fake Metals!
  •        Different Ways of Ownership of Gold and Silver – Physical and Digital
  •        Savings in Gold and Silver, How to Choose and What to Beware
  •        Gold and Silver in the History of the Mankind
  •        Learn About Investment Coins, Alloys and Bricks
  •        Moreover, there will be experts on the spot, who will be ready to consult questions on investing, auction tools, trading stocks or derivatives and the like; the visitors will also have a chance to ask experts rather technical questions such as how to test the authenticity of precious metals etc.
WATCHES JEWELS 2016 – September newsletter
25th WATCHES AND JEWELS exhibition, which will be held from 29th September – 1st October 2016 at the Exhibition Grounds in Prague – Holešovice

free and immediate pressure tests of water resistance and battery measurements will be performed by a watchmaker during the entire exhibition at the stand of the company OLYMPIA, spol. s r.o. (battery replacement will be a paid service)

– the goldsmith´s studio Rogachev-Vejr will be among new exhibitors participating in the event for the first time; they will present jewellery with diamonds and coloured diamonds as well as unique hand-made pieces of jewellery

– another exhibitor appearing at the event for the first time will be the project 24SAFE, which offers complex security services when it comes to storage of valuables; the biggest centre of fully automated safe-deposit boxes in the world is located in the very centre of Prague

25th WATCHES JEWELS exhibition

– we will again welcome PRIM MANUFACTURE 1949, Elton hodinářská a.s., the only Czech manufacturer of PRIM watches – the visitors to the stand of the company can look forward to:

  •        seeing unique models from limited 2016 editions
  •        seeing novelties
  •        enjoying a rich accompanying programme
  •        having the possibility to consult with watchmakers
  •        gaining the information about the history of the company
  •        a press conference which will be held on 29th September 2016 – introduction of a new watch model in presence of Jaroslav Kulhavý, the PRIM ambassador (Czech mountain bike champion), silver medal winner at Rio Olympics 2016
  •        meeting the new PRIM ambassador, Mr. Hynek Čermák on October 1st, 2016, between noon – 4 PM, Mr. Čermák is a Czech actor who was awarded the Czech Lion Award for the best actor in supporting role in the movie Nevinnost (Innocence) in 2011; autograph signing will follow

– Mr. Ivan Turnovec, prospector and expert witness claiming expertise in jewellery and gemstones, will give a presentation on Moldavites and Moldavite Jewellery; he has done an exploratory research focused on Moldavites and he was the one who mostly contributed to the development of Moldavite jewellery

– the company Mr. Jaroslav Hyršl – PERUANITA.CZ will offer following services while you wait for free during the entire exhibition: evaluation of the quality of diamonds according to international standards, gemstone identification, both loose and in jewellery, upon request also a wholesale and retail price estimation of stones or pieces of jewellery; during the entire exhibition, the visitors will also have a chance to arrange a consultation with the expert on precious metals and gemstones RNDr. Jaroslav Hyršl in the stand of PERUANITA

25th WATCHES JEWELS exhibition

– a TV summer series called “Tracing Guilds and Crafts” initiated by the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic, the new partner of the exhibition, was broadcasted on the Czech TV and achieved big success in July and August (this project is a flagship project of the “Year of Crafts 2016” project); already after three broadcasted episodes, the series got on the absolute top and became one of the most viewed programs on the Czech TV among hundreds of other programs and one of the episodes even achieved a viewership of nearly 500.000 viewers

– unique design; invention; precision; individuality – that is all you need to know about one of the most progressive British brands, which thanks to their watches, jewellery pieces and fashion accessories forever changed the face of the world´s fashion scene – come to see the STORM products to the stand SH 11

– Mr. Libor Hovorka, the author of the book “PRIM WATCHES 1954 – 1994”, published in 2014 by the Technician Museum in Brno, has again prepared presentations for the visitors to the exhibition – this year´s themes are as follows:

  •        Known and Hidden Parts in the History of the PRIM Watches
  •        Automatic Watch – from its Beginning until Today
  •        besides attending the presentations above, the visitors can also use the opportunity to consult on the development of PRIM watches manufactured in Nové Město nad Metují from 1954 until today for free, and they can also gain information about the internet website with focus on PRIM watch collectors or buy expert literature for watchmakers.

25th WATCHES JEWELS exhibition

– quality products manufactured in the Czech Republic, cultivated design and first of all reliability – these are values brought by ZODIAX a.s. to their customers for many years; on show will be absolutely new models of golden jewellery with DANFIL zircons, newly with the possibility to choose zircons in different colours; the visitors can also look forward to seeing novelties even as far as the CUTIE Kids Jewellery collection and the ceramics jewellery collection CERAFI are concerned

– for the very first time, the company TrustWorthy Investment CZ a.s. will participate in the WATCHES AND JEWELS exhibition; they offer investment options into commodities and publish the Trust magazine, a magazine for successful investors

– another newcomer to the event is the company of Mrs. Galina Kowalska with a long tradition – the costume jewellery is made of glass and ceramics elements crafted by Polish and Ukrainian artists

25th WATCHES JEWELS exhibition


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