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How to take care of the gemstone jewelry ?

Tips to take care of your gemstone jewelry

Tips to take care of your gemstone jewelry
Dos and Don't s to take care of gemstone jewelry

How to take care of the gemstone jewelry


Everybody has that favorite jewelry item that she wants to wear all the time. They just feel incomplete without that. Right? For some, it’s their Diamond wedding ring, or an Emerald pendant, or Pearl earrings gifted by someone special, while others have their own preferences. But, our love for that particular jewelry causes a problem for that piece itself! As much as you wear a certain jewelry item, it’s likely to lose its sheen and beauty as it comes more in contact with the dirt, pollution, sweat and other things that are harmful for it. So, owning and wearing jewelry requires you to be considerate and careful towards it. It requires special care and attention to be in its new-like glory.

People believe that it’s quite a tedious task to take care of their jewelry, such as one needs to visit a jewelry shop or an expert every time she wants the jewelry to get its new-like sheen and luster. But, that’s not true! Yes, you can conveniently try on some tricks and techniques at home and bring back the lost charm of your jewelry. Here are a few points that you can follow to keep your gemstone jewelry radiant and beautiful:

Dos and Don’t s to take care of gemstone jewelry:

  • The harmful rays of the sun can cause damage to the delicate gemstone jewelry. Excessive heat or temperature can also result in the fracture of some gemstones. It’s always recommended to keep your jewelry away from direct sunlight.
  • It is always preferable to never allow any type of chemical to come in direct contact with your gemstone jewelry to avoid any kind of discoloration or damage. Even hair sprays, lotions, perfumes or other cosmetics should be avoided to be used on or near to the jewelry.
  • People generally overlook the importance of proper jewelry storage. Your jewelry items should never be tossed into a drawer or purse, where it can get scratched or damaged. Instead, it should be kept in a separate box with a cotton, fabric or paper at the base to absorb any kind of moisture.
  • After wearing your jewelry, always remember to remove or wipe any kind of sweat, oil or moisture from the jewelry’s surface. You can wipe it with a cotton or muslin cloth and then keep it in its respective box for storage.
  • Never use any kind of abrasives or toothpaste to clean the surface of your jewelry.

Tips to take care of your gemstone jewelry:

  • You can clean most of the colored gems with the mixture of warm water and mild dish soap. Use a soft brush to remove any kind of dirt from your jewelry with gentle strokes. Afterwards, rinse it with water and use a soft and lint-free cloth to make it dry.
  • Take a new and clean makeup brush and dip it in the mixture of warm soapy water to clean your delicate jewelry embedded with soft gems, such as pearls. After cleaning, rinse it with fresh water and let it dry on a towel.
  • Don’t rinse your jewelry in the sink as you can lose a stone while doing that. Always wash your jewelry in a utensil or a glass.
  • If you have a seriously soiled jewelry, then you need to seek professional help for its cleaning.
  • Always keep your jewelry safely in a spacious jewelry box, lined with a soft fabric, to avoid scratches and other kind of damage.

You must have now understood that it’s quite convenient to take care of the gemstone studded jewelry, which can enhance its life and luster. If you’d succeed in taking good care of jewelry, then who knows, maybe you would be able to pass it to the next generation as an heirloom in its sparkling best condition.


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