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How about making diamonds from the ashes of the dead?


How about making diamonds from the ashes of the dead? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Many different designs, mines, and techniques have been used in the jewelry industry. However, we are sure that many of you have not heard of this technique before.

The most painful thing for everyone is to lose their loved ones. Death is a really sad event, and we always want to keep the pieces from it and remember it all the time to remember the person who died. How about making diamonds from the ashes of the dead? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Turning ashes into diamonds is something that has been in great demand in recent years. If you’re interested, the Cremation Institute does a good job breaking down the process and also recommending a few reputable companies. Making diamonds from the ashes of the dead allows their loved ones to be remembered after they die. In this comprehensive Eterneva Review, we have prepared, you will find how the process continues, how it is prepared, the price, and all other details.

How about making diamonds from the ashes of the dead
How about making diamonds from the ashes of the dead?


It may seem strange at first glance to produce precious jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets from human remains. But this process is very popular in recent years. In this process, very sensitive and careful procedures are carried out and only prepared by a professional team.

After cremation, there is carbon in the bones and hair in the dead body. Since the body burns in the cremation, only part of the human residue contains carbon. While carbon is being produced, this carbon is isolated. The isolation process of carbon can take weeks. It is a long process. Then, with this graphite powder, preparations are started. So the first step of the turning ashes into diamonds process is taken.

In the second step, the graphite powder is refined and filtered until it reaches a carbon consistency. Then graphite is created by applying heat and pressure. The name of this process is the graphitization process. In the process carried out under the supervision of specialists, the carbon is processed at a temperature of 2500 degrees, and the formation of the diamond is achieved. This growth that starts with crystallization becomes a diamond in time.

The diamond, which reaches the desired size, is removed and cleaned with acid. In the third step, the cutting process of the diamond is started. This is the most important step. The quality of the diamond is determined by the way it is cut. It is cut as desired and polished thoroughly.


The coloring process is optional. Colors such as red, pink, black, or green can be preferred. The processing time of the diamond depends on color preference. Because, each color can take different time. Some colors may take months. In the last step, the diamond is evaluated and the certification process is performed.


You have seen how difficult the turning ashes into diamonds process are. The price of such a diamond can start from $ 750 up to $ 20k. The price changes according to the size, color, and cutting technique of the diamond.

Which company to use?

Not all companies can do these difficult operations that we have explained in Eterneva Review. For this they need to have the necessary equipment and experience. Turning ashes into diamonds is made only by a few companies in the world. Before finding Cremation Diamond Company, be sure to ask about the process we explained above. Make sure they prepare certified and real diamonds.

Maybe it may seem strange to you, but you can also prepare diamonds for your pets. Companies also perform this process, especially for pets. They can prepare jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, rings, or whatever type you prefer. Color and size are up to you. Note that these criteria set the price.

Carrying the memory of your loved ones with you, feeling their ashes, and even talking to them is the best way to remember them all the time. Diamonds prepared with this technique are now very preferred. Cremation Diamond Companies have started to become widespread recently. You can reach these companies online and order online. You can send your special requests and order.

If you want to feel our dead loved ones for life and keep their memories alive, you can use this new technique.


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