Wedding Dress Jewelry
Wedding Fashion- Picking the Right Dress and Jewelry

Wedding Fashion- Picking the Right Dress and Jewelry

Every bride wants to look amazing on her wedding day. Selecting the right dress and accessories is vital. Whether you need a conventional wedding gown or want to be adventurous with contemporary style, your dress should suit your personality and body type.

Most prospective brides find it difficult to choose from an array of dresses. There are numerous styles at different prices and finding the dress you want can be overwhelming. Along with planning for your special day, picking a dress involves being prepared, considering your preferences, budget and sparing enough time to look for a dress.

Fit and Style

  • Before you start looking around for a dress, think about the fit or style that you prefer. Your body shape will make it easier for you to determine what will be suitable.
  • Traditional wedding gowns are usually fitting at the top and looser at the bottom for what is commonly regarded as the ‘Cinderella effect’. This is a popular option for both the pear and apple shape because it helps to accentuate the figure by cinching in the wearer’s waist.
  • If you want to make your hips appear narrower, a bulky dress should be avoided. Brides who are significantly heavier at the top require a dress that provides adequate support. Well-fitting corsets effectively contain a larger bust.
  • Plus-size brides can consider an empire dress design that flows downward and has a very flattering effect on virtually all body types. Empire and A-line dresses are ideal for women who do not want to wear form-fitting dresses. View Anna shoes here.

Wedding Jewelry

Wedding gown styles determine how much jewelry you need. The dress style also helps you decide on the type of jewelry you should wear. If you have an embellished dress that features a lot of beading and ornaments, you may require minimal bridal jewelry.

Enhance your Dress with Jewelry

All accessories that you wear, including jewelry, are aimed at enhancing the beauty of your wedding gown. They should not draw attention away from your dress. This is why it is always important to choose your jewelry after you find your dress. A low neckline, for example, would look good with drop earrings and a necklace with a pendant. Sleeveless gowns go well with a dazzling bracelet.

Match the decorations of your dress with your jewelry without going overboard or creating a garish effect. If your dress features a lot of decorative elements such as sequins or pearls, keep your jewelry simple.


Your hairstyle is another essential factor when picking jewelry. If you plan to keep your hair up, hanging earrings are a suitable match. If you wear your hair down or draping down your back, small studs will be a good combination. Each piece you choose should be a complementary addition to your dress that highlights it.


Consider your personality when selecting the jewelry you wear. This will ensure that you are comfortable with both your dress and accessories. Choose jewelry that suits both your personality and gown.


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