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Maddy Barber’s Bespoke Jewellery Brand, MADLY, Takes ‘Meaningful Jewellery’ to the Next Level

Given how MADLY has flourished, it’s finally time for the radio veteran to hang up her mic and commit to taking her jewellery brand to the next level. The multi-hyphenate thanks her lucky stars that her attempt to sell MADLY years ago, for a tenth of what it’s currently worth, was foiled. It was challenging to juggle the early mornings of a Breakfast DJ, being mum to two daughters and a growing business but Barber stuck it through.

Maddy Barber’s days in radio have definitely left their imprint, and even form one of the cornerstones of MADLY’s DNA – fun. “On radio, I discovered how having fun on the job, any job, was just as significant as striving for excellence. Why can’t we do both? We can take our work seriously without taking ourselves too seriously,” Barber believes.

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MADLY may be a fun, vibrant and sassy brand but the bespoke jeweler definitely takes their commitment to the finest gems, bespoke design and craftsmanship very seriously. Whether your piece is a symbol of power, a statement of freedom, or a sparkly reminder of those nearest and dearest, MADLY’s bespoke service offers you the chance to create meaningful jewellery that speaks of who you are and who you want to be.

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Source: Media OutReach


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