IMAGINATION, the international watch-making trade show

IMAGINATION, the international watch-making trade show will take place in Neuchâtel from 1st to 6th September 2021

Neuchâtel from 1st to 6th September 2021

Called IMAGINATION, it is in Neuchâtel, the cradle of the Horlogerie, that the international trade
show dedicated to brands of watches, jewelry, precious stones, and writing instruments will
take place at the beginning of September 2021, with more than one hundred exhibitors
participating in the event.

After the cancellation of the Rhenish exhibition and the different initiatives taken by watchmaking conglomerates, the other brands had to do something to exist in the eyes of the world, and an international showcase was exactly what they needed.

The first edition of IMAGINATION – OneWorld OneVision watch-making trade show – which will take place in Neuchâtel from 1st to 6th September 2021 – will make it possible. It will be organized by Swiss Creative Events, a company co-founded by Carlo E. Naldi, who has already brought together independent brands.

We couldn’t abandon 500 independent brands to their fate“, says Naldi. “I have known them for too long to leave them inactive now that we are going through one of the most crucial periods in history. So, André Colard – my business partner – and I decided to take action and launch IMAGINATION, as well all know that artisan and industrial brands are a reservoir of creativity for the watchmaking industry.

Why Neuchâtel?

With its important high precision ecosystem, the Three Lakes region is the cradle of the Horlogerie”, explains Naldi. “Here we can find all BRANDS PAGES. In this region, watchmaking is a family business, as men and women have passed down their passion for watchmaking and know-how for many generations. It is, therefore, an appreciable return to origins, which was made possible thanks to the support and
help offered by the authorities of the Swiss city and canton of Neuchâtel

Watchmaking, in all its forms, is a tradition here in Neuchâtel” says Ms Violaine Blétry-de Montmollin, President of Neuchâtel city council. “Hosting this trade show means celebrating the know-how of this region and its dynamic artisan, industrial and economic sector.

The municipal and cantonal support allowed us to obtain all the official authorizations we needed. And we are now proud to announce that IMAGINATION will take place at the prestigious Esplanade Léopold-Robert, between the Beaulac hotel and the Place du Port on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel. In particular, all meeting rooms, restaurants, and guest rooms at Hotel Beaulac will be reserved for the event.

So, this will be both an indoor and an outdoor event. Outside, the pavilions will be equipped withstands with the same basic structure, so that all brands feel treated equally. “This first edition will make 130 stands available to brands”, says Naldi, “As far as we know, all of them will be taken for this first 2021 editions. They were all eager to know when and where the event would take place before confirming their participation. We are working so that, in 2022, we will
be able to welcome 400 exhibitors.

As for attendance, 10 to 15,000 visitors are expected. “With the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions in Europe – a process that will be hopefully completed in September – we know that international travels will be possible by then”, explains Naldi. “It will also be the first time that the “our world” industry players will meet again after a long time, which is no small feat, as they all want to see each other again and discover new products and creations, regardless of the size of the company that is launching them!

A safety plan will be developed to ensure that both exhibitors and visitors will respect the rules in force in the country to combat COVID-19.

Why ‘IMAGINATION’ accompanied by ‘OneWorld OneVision’?

Because it is an international name, and, above all, because it recalls the limitless creativity of these companies and the technological, design, and aesthetic innovations they can bring to a trade show.

OneWorld OneVision reminds us that Horlogerie, jewelry, precious stones, and writing instruments are one world sharing the same vision, that is, audacity and the ability to face the most difficult challenges, thanks to the talent of master watchmakers, engineers, micromechanics, designers, and all those young people graduating from professional, watchmaking and engineering schools.

Imagination is supported by Swiss and international professional associations, such as the Fédération de l’industrie horlogère Suisse and France Horlogerie.

Geneva-Neuchâtel shuttles

An IMAGINATION satellite will be installed at the Galerie St’Art in Geneva (Rue de Chantepoulet 19, one hundred meters from the train station), from 30 August to 6 September 2021. It will welcome visitors, journalists, and people who want to go reach the Salon in Neuchâtel. A shuttle service between Geneva and Neuchâtel will be available on request in front of the gallery.

Source: Dynamics Group


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