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Frederique Constant Manufacture Perpetual Calendar

Frederique Constant Manufacture Perpetual Calendar
Ever since the creation of Frederique Constant, Swiss made fine watchmaking has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for its founders, both whom deeply admire and respect the mechanical ingenuity and the refined aesthetic of Swiss watches. For this reason, the independent family-owned brand decided to create its own in-house movement and launched in 2004 the Heart Beat Manufacture calibre. As a company, the passionate watchmaker Frederique Constant doesn’t rest on its past achievements but makes it a point of honour to continue to innovate, by exploring new possibilities. Indeed, with already 19 movements in its name, which are entirely, designed, produced and hand-assembled in the Manufacture in Plan-les-Ouates. Frederique Constant continues, every year, to add movements to its in-house collection; and this year is no exception.
After introducing the first Swiss made Horological Smartwatch, powered by MotionX® last year, Frederique Constant is pushing out the boundaries of innovation once more. This year, Frederique Constant is investing a new field of mechanical perfection by creating its first in-house perpetual calendar with the Manufacture Perpetual Calendar. A mechanical wonder, that will keep track on all the days of our lives for a century at a time.
Designed in keeping with classical watchmaking principles, updated with innovative 21st-century techniques the Manufacture Perpetual Calendar of Frederique Constant has been entirely created to meet customers requirements, which are : robustness, reliability and easy to adjust.
The in-house movement encased in this watch, was entirely created by Manuel Da Silva Matos, R&D director, and Pim Koeslag, technical director of Frederique Constant, after two years of research and development, a creative tandem who constantly surprise us by the technical mastery displayed in their timepieces.
The Frederique Constant Manufacture Perpetual Calendar is one of the most innovative yet easy to assemble perpetual calendar watch ever produced. The designers used the latest technology in the design of the movement parts. The calculations and the machines used to make the parts are state of the art and very precise.
Frederique Constant Manufacture Perpetual Calendar FC-775V4S4
Produced and assembled by the Frederique Constant watchmakers in our Plan-les-Ouates ateliers, the Manufacture Perpetual Calendar beats thanks to the new in-house FC-775 automatic calibre, which drives the hour and minute hands along with the perpetual calendar. The FC-775 calibre measures just 6,7mm thick, beats at a Frequency of 4 HZ (28’8000 vibrations per hour), has 26 jewels and a 38-hour power reserve.
The finishing of the 191 parts, produced with the Frederique Constant CNC machines makes sure that this timepiece is a reliable gage of long-term functionality.
Inset buttons on both sides of the case are used to easily adjust the calendar mechanism. One button near 5 o’clock advances the moon phase, while another near 8 o’clock is used for the date of the week, and the one button at 10 o’clock advances the day and date simultaneously. When you adjust your perpetual
calendar, you need to set the date first and then the day. To finish, the button near 11o’clock displays the month and the leap year at the same time.  The hour
and minute functions are adjustable through the crown. Once adjusted, this highly sophisticated mechanism will take into account the months with 30 and 31 days, the 28 days of February and also the leap year cycle with the return of 29 February every four years.
Normally this watch shouldn’t require any manual correction before 400 years, but as there is an exception in the Gregorian Calendar, the watch will need to be adjusted on March 1st 2100, which would have been be a leap year.
Appreciated as a masterpiece in its simplicity and refinement, the perpetual calendar shows the lunar cycles but also the minutes, hours, date, day, month and leap year in four digits.
Loyal to the signature codes of the Slimline collection, the Manufacture Perpetual
Calendar calibre will be fitted according to your choice between rose gold plated or stainless steel case of 42mm.
The three first models of the Manufacture Perpetual Calendar range are presented with a very clean and pure dial, either silver or blue with the button-hour markers matching the color of the case. These beautiful models are capable of finding there way unscathed though passing and successive eras.
All dressed in the finest robes, these 3 new models are fitted with a sapphire case back enabling to admire the FC-775 movement with its Perlage & Circular Côtes de Genève decoration and with a case water-resistant to 3 ATM.
These magnificent timepieces are enhanced with a brown or black alligator strap and are presented in a luxurious wooden gift box.
The Frederique Constant Manufacture Perpetual Calendar is not only a great timepiece of haute Horlogerie but is a beautiful time keeper that you can imagine your grandchildren’s children still wearing and cherishing in the future. As a family owned Watch Company, it was important for Frederique Constant not to create a simple watch but a real legacy for the future generation with a price range more than attractive.
Frederique Constant Manufacture Perpetual Calendar Mvt_FC_775-Duo
About Frederique Constant
Frederique Constant is a family owned watch manufacturer based in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland. The company is involved in all stages of watch production, from initial design, to final assembly and quality control. Frederique Constant develops, manufactures, and assembles in-house calibers, 19 different versions since 2004. In 2015 Frederique Constant introduced the first Swiss made Horological Smartwatch, powered by MotionX® and entirely displayed with analog dial, thereby creating an entirely new watch category in the Swiss watch industry. Frederique Constant watches are defined by their high quality and differentiation and precision in design and manufacturing. Their perceived value, through quality of design, materials, and manufacture, is a key component of their success. Each watch is assembled by hand, with the latest equipment and extensive controls, to ensure maximum quality and durability. The company embraces innovation to offer creativity and exceptional value. Its 32,000 square foot facility in Geneva is ultra modern and offers the best environment for its passionate watchmakers. 
For more information, please visit our website or feel free to contact us directly.
You can email Miss. Annabel Corlay at corlay@frederique-constant.com.


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