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Are children really dictating their own style choices including jewelry?


Kids today are genuine fashionistas. They love jewelry, fancy clothes and other accessories, and many want to look just like their parents.

Young girls in particular, have started developing their very own sense of style. Believe it or not, children have stopped asking their parents for fashion advice. They’re drawing their inspiration from their favorite cartoons and TV shows, and they’ve even honed a sense of brand awareness.


Kids are becoming familiar with high fashion from a very early age

Kids are developing a keen sense of fashion from a very early age. Those between the ages of 5 and 7 already know how to use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; and thus check out what’s truly popular in the world of fashion. Furthermore, those over 9 have already started to be more eco-friendly; meaning that if they like something – particularly jewelry – they want to know where that piece originated.

The children’s jewelry industry is dominated by toddlers with ages between 6 and 12. Beads in particular, are in high demand. Young girls in particular are extremely fond of their mother’s sense of style and personal fashion trend. Over the years, brands like Hello Kitty and Disney Couture have managed to make a lot of kids more aware of the latest trends in jewelry and other accessories.

Are children really dictating their own style choices including jewelry

Bracelets and earrings – most appreciated kids’ accessories

Bracelets and earrings are extremely popular among kids today, especially young girls. Manufactured from yellow gold and silver, and adorned with semi-precious stones and gems in all sorts of colors, these accessories are extremely fashion-forward. For boys, the most appreciate jewelry item is the ID bracelet made of stainless steel or silver with a leather strap. Additional bracelets for boys are made of metal with cute pendants in the shape of planes, cars or soccer balls.


Why should parents buy jewelry for their kids?

Parents are used to buying jewelry items for their kids at birth, on their christening, and at birthdays. Because these are milestone moments, the items are usually made of gold, whether yellow or white. Such heart-warming gifts have a great impact on the kids. Years in the future, they will finally understand the purpose.

Why should parents buy jewelry for their kids?


Rings are more appreciated by girls with ages between 7 and 12. This is the appropriate age to gain an interest in their mother’s sense of fashion. Signet rings have become extremely popular lately; there’s a wide variety of styles and models you can choose from for your little girl. Better yet, bring her to the jewelry store and allow her to make her own choice. Believe it or not, kids have an exquisite sense of fashion. Apart from drawing their inspiration from their parents, they usually want items that are unique and crafted especially for them.


Jewelry stores have special sections for kids’ jewelry

Jewelry store have started to acknowledge the great importance of jewelry for kids. Many top brands have special sections for the little ones, and the available items are both playful and fashionable. Junior collections are incredibly appreciated by parents too; it’s actually an opportunity for them to make the best gift for their children.

Color plays a key role in kids ’fashion. Children are particularly fond of bright colors and sparkly gems. But then again, as a parent you have to make sure your toddler chooses something tasteful. You’re there to help, so it’s your responsibility to offer suggestions. Joyful accessories are the best! Shop for the coolest pieces, allow your toddlers to make their own pick and remember to have fun.

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