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Tricks to get engagement ring for your sweetheart

Tricks to get engagement ring for your sweetheart.
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The engagement rings for the females come in the silver, gold, and the other valuable metals, and wedding band will normally include the 1/5-5 carats diamonds.
Selecting the accurate one involves understanding personality, preferences and size of a person you’re buying this for. Purchasing the wedding band for the loved one can really be lots of work, specifically if she isn’t there to aid with details, however with the little foreknowledge, someone must be capable to perform just fine. In this article you will find the some great tips to aid you with the buying. These are mentioned below.
Selecting the appropriate size of ring
First of all, this is necessary that you buy accurate size of ring. The bands of wedding for females are sized utilizing similar technique as the rings of men, however it would not aid if you do not have the information about her size. And you can ask her about the size she wears, that can really make her doubtful, or check the ring which she previously has, to look if this has size listed, and take the ring your loved one has to the jeweler for the sizing. Another, the less slight, technique is to evaluate her finger and after this compare this to the chart. And if would like to give details why, only inform her you are purchasing her gloves.

Possible allergies and materials of wedding band
Some females are really allergic to few metals in normally utilized to make the rings of wedding. Normally it is due to of the nickel allergy that is present in approximately one out of the five females. In order to discover if she’s allergic to the nickel metal, you can ask regarding allergies or check the earrings of your loved one. If she really has the earrings of steel, she’s possibly allergic to the nickel. There’re several bands of wedding for females who are manufactured from the hypo allergenic or non allergic things like the platinum, tungsten, ceramic, platinum, etc.

Matching the colors to skin tone of your loved one
Several of females love to match the colors to the skin. The great thing is to take the look at the jewelry of her. If this is silver, you must possibly select the ring of silver, or this is gold, select the gold one. The rings of wedding for females in the variety of the colors, then you must effortlessly be capable to select something which matches the tone of skin.
The unique one versus the traditional ring
Rings of females include approximately everything from the antique style or retro band of wedding to very modern or stylish. You must have the information about her likes and dislikes before selecting the one. The traditional engagement rings for the females include approximately everything from the simple bands of gold to the diamond, encrusted the white gold, however will normally feature the some decoration and the some stones.

The most special form of diamond is in Janna Diamond

The most special form of diamond is in Janna Diamond
The most special form of diamond is in Janna Diamond
What if indispensable accessory  of women and diamond are combined…
If you want a designer bag  and if you want your bag to make a difference  Janna Diamonds bag collection is just  for you…
Leading brand of sparkling, colourful and personal designs  Janna Diamond for the first time in Turkey combined jewelry with snakeskin in the same collection. The close follower of the world trends Janna Diamond highlights the harmony of ladies’ indispensible bags and fascinating jewels and achieve a magnificent collection.

Janna Diamond whose snake skin bags are recently  very well known amongst its jewelry line, gives a permanent direction to the jewelry fashion with its very special jewelry line that are highly admired amongs women, now as a first time event, it dazzels us with its new designer bag line.

Compatible with its colours and semiprecious stones the breathtaking designer bags  presents opportunities to accompany  women  with their elegancy, both for the day and the night.
Janna Diamond which is the first choice of the ladies who want to be different and chic offers very special alternatives to feel the glove of the new year on you.

How to Choose a Diamond Pendant for Mother’s Day!

How to Choose a Diamond Pendant for Mother's Day!
How to Choose a Diamond Pendant for Mother's Day!
Mother’s Day is the perfect time to find special gifts for mom. The jewelry (and one bag) in this collection represent a variety of styles and prices, so hopefully you’ll find something that’s a perfect match for your needs. Female neckline can be very attractive and thus it calls to be specially adorned with a beautiful diamond pendant.  When choosing a diamond pendant, it is important to consider the wearer’s personality.

There is a large variety of diamond pendants available, but one needs to decide upon what is best for someone.  Further, some styles of diamond pendants may look good with casual wear, another style might look good at special occasions.  End of the day, diamond pendants are classic and unique jewelry items that can actually do great wonders.


Choose the birthstones you need to represent family members. An emerald cut synthetic birthstones is set at the bottom of each sterling silver pendant (each bought separately). Pendants measure .25-inch by 1.375-inches and hangle from an adjustable chain. Pendants are engravable (up to 10 characters on each side).
Whenever you are making an online purchase, it helps to be aware of various features of a diamond and how they affect the price of a diamond.  Educate yourself on these before ordering.
The Four C’s are the guiding stars, but their specific combinations in a diamond make all the difference.  The difference is between a truly breathtaking diamond pendant and one that is a bit less, but appeals to your budget more.  These four C’s are: color, cut, clarity and carat.
Color, in white diamonds implies the absence of it.  The nearer it is to being colorless, the more valued it becomes.  The industry has a grading system of color in a diamond, and their evaluation accordingly.

Cut, unlike what most people assume; is not the shape, but the actual manner in which a diamond has been faceted.  This is skilled work, and the purpose of any good cut is to maximize the fire and brilliance in a diamond.  The reflection of light because of a cut determines its value.
Clarity features in a diamond are minuscule marks, called inclusions that may not be visible to the naked eye.  It is the location and density of these in a diamond that affect its value.  Once again, diamonds are graded upon the basis of inclusions present within the structure.
Carat is the unit of measurement of weight of a diamond.  It equals 1/200th of a gram.  Higher carat would mean larger size, and a group of small diamonds equal to one carat would cost less than a single diamond of one carat weight.


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