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THE lvmh SPECIAL DAYS: Meeting the artisans of the Manufacture Zenith

Meeting the artisans of the Manufacture Zenith
On the occasion of the Journées Particulières (Special Days) organised by the LVMH Group, over 40 locations in Switzerland and Europe opened their doors to the public to discover the skills and crafts of the 100,000 men and women composing the Group workforce. An impressive range of watchmakers, needlewomen, bootmakers, cellar masters, jewellers, baggage-makers, wine riddling specialists, head seamstresses and head chefs were on hand to welcome visitors and reveal the secrets of their respective professions. Thanks to this unique event, visitors were able to get a backstage look at a dream world and to share the passion of these artisans united by the same taste for excellence.

It was in the exceptional town of Le Locle, of which the industrial architecture is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, in the very spot where the founder created his company in 1865, that Zenith welcomed about 400 visitors to its Manufacture from 8 am onward last Saturday and Sunday.
Proud of having recently completed the renovation of its main building, and of having done so with complete respect for its watchmaking heritage, the brand with the guiding star invited the public to enter its ultra-modern workshops where traditional tools rub shoulders with avant-garde technologies.

Generation after generation, the Manufacture owes its reputation to the talent and passion of its artisans. It is they whom the brand’s guests were able to meet in the course of these two open days that provided a chance to discover some of the 80 professions involved in the production of a Zenith watch and its components during a process that takes an average of nine months. From making movement blanks to cutting out components and on to decorating and assembling a movement, visitors were able to follow the various stages right the way through to the finished product. This event gave the brand a chance to provide all devotees of Fine Watchmaking with a vivid reminder that, at the heart of each Zenith watch, beats a Zenith movement developed and produced within this historical Manufacture of a company that has 330 employees worldwide, of which 270 in Le Locle. At the end of this experience, everyone undoubtedly left the premises with their head full of stories to be told and stars in their eyes…
Maud Tiberti – Rue des Billodes 34-36 – CH-2400 Le Locle – Tel. +41 (0)32 930 65 84
E-mail : maud.tiberti@zenith-watches.comwww.zenith-watches.com
Georges Favre-Jacot created his watchmaking Manufacture in 1865. A true visionary, he had spacious, well-lit workshops built in Le Locle, a small town in the Swiss Canton of Neuchâtel, with the aim of bringing the entire range of watchmaking skills under one roof. The very first integrated watch Manufacture was born and has remained in its original location ever since. He was thus able to develop and produce all components and to control the entire production process – an approach that naturally applied to the movements, but also to enamel or painted dials and even watch cases. He soon passed on his sense of mission to his artisans: free-spirited, constant inventiveness devoted to creating incomparable watches from A to Z.
The history of the company has been punctuated by landmark inventions embodying this constant quest: El Primero, the first series-made automatic integrated chronograph movement beating at the exceptional frequency of 10 vibrations per second, meaning tenth of a second accuracy; the Gravity Control system that breaks free of gravity and represents an exclusive token of the Manufacture’s unique expertise; and finally, the world-first Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane, which not only combines two guarantees of absolute precision, but also provides a solution to the loss of isochronism usually suffered by a watch as it winds down. In the course of its history, the Manufacture has registered 300 patents and created over 600 movement variations. Launched in 1969, the first integrated automatic chronograph movement beating at the exceptional rate of 36,000 vibrations per hour, the El Primero chronograph, remains a watch industry benchmark and is indeed still the world’s most precise series-made calibre.

JEANRICHARD celebrates its comeback

To bolster the model identification, JEANRICHARD additionally redesigned its timepieces from scratch. The intention was to create an iconic, emblematic mannequin that might be immediately recognizable. This gave rise to the their new cushion-shaped case with a spherical bezel.
Not solely is the look unique, however its subtle development permits to be used of various supplies and finishings.

As well as, the JEANRICHARD portfolio has been organized into 4 collections outfitted with computerized actions and in a extra accessible value class. The primary two collections, launched in early 2013, have been the Terrascope and the 1681 – a up to date reinterpretation of a conventional timepiece operating with the manufacture caliber JR1000.
At Baselworld, JEANRICHARD unveiled two of its newest collections:the Aquascope, conceived for these moments of success on and within the water, and the Aeroscope, a tribute to the conquering of the skies.
For its personal first flight, because it have been, the Aeroscope discovered a particular godfather, Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. An skilled pilot, he made historical past on January 15, 2009, when he ditched the failing Airbus A320 he was piloting into the Hudson River in New York Metropolis, saving the lives of 155 folks on board. This heroic feat,which is infused along with his level-headedness and composure, illustrates the philosophy and values which have at all times guided him and function inspiration for JEANRICHARD.

On the JEANRICHARD Baselworld press convention, Captain Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger careworn how treasured time actually is. He embodies the truth that every particular person, given willpower, audacity, or braveness, is ready to accomplish the best exploits.

The All-New Frédérique Constant Slimline Moonphase Manufacture Simply Wonderful and Wonderfully Simply

The All-New Frédérique Constant Slimline Moonphase
With NASA’s Curiosity Explorer currently rambling over the surface of Mars, people on Earth are getting wonderfully detailed pictures and views of the planet that has long been the subject of folklore, myth, legend and speculation. We can see images on our television sets, videos on our computers and I-Pads, and a select few can even scan the Red Planet in real time with powerful telescopes.

However, one of the glorious things about the world in which we live is that every single person on this planet can look to the sky and see the awesome, wondrous moon, without the aid of rovers, telescopes or television pictures. It doesn’t matter where you are or the circumstances in which you live; the bright, beautiful moon is available to us all.
The new Slimline Moonphase Manufacture—as timeless as the moon itself
The appearance of the moon has not changed since the dawn of time. Yet it continues to inspire the same stirring emotions and passions as when the first men looked to the bright light in the night sky…and wondered.

Frédérique Constant has incorporated elegant design features into the new Slimline Moonphase Manufacture that would not have looked out of place a century ago; nor will they look outdated even 100 years into the future. If the moon could make a style statement, it would be that simple beauty never goes out of style.
Five new models are being introduced, and all are driven by the unique FC-705 Manufacture calibre. Each model shares a number of features, and all are presented in a unique, specially designed wooden gift box.
Only one crown required
In spite of the amazing features incorporated into the new Slimline Moonphase Collection, the true genius of these watches is that each complication can be accessed through the watch’s single crown. This ability is an increasingly important feature in Frédérique Constant watches.
The crown can be set into three positions. “Position 0” is selected for winding the watch. At “Position 1,” the date can be adjusted by turning the crown clockwise. Turning the crown counter clockwise allows users to adjust the moonphase. Finally, “Position 2” allows users to make adjustments to the hour and minute hands. It’s as easy as that!
Other common features include the elegant slimline design and a case diameter of 42 millimetres. All models also come with the exceptionally popular convex sapphire crystal on the front and see-through case back. In addition, each dial presents the date display and moonphase at the 6 o’clock position. An incredible new technology known as “laser ablation” has been used to create an outstandingly detailed and precise image of the moon. Finally, each of the new Slimline Moonphase models comes with a 26-jewel movement, an impressive 42-hour power reserve and a Perlage and Circular Côtes de Genève decoration on the movement.
A galaxy of choices
With prices starting at an incredibly low €2,695, the Slimline Moonphase offers truly exceptional value. The FC-705S4S6 comes with a brilliantly polished three-part stainless steel case and a domed silver dial with lustrous, hand-applied nickel indexes and matching, hand polished nickel hands. An elegant black alligator strap with tongue buckle completes the timeless look.
When only blue will do, the FC-705N4S6 is a watch owner’s dream. The second of the stainless steel models has a strikingly handsome navy blue dial, which contrasts wonderfully with the nickel indexes and hands. The alligator strap is also a striking blue, accented with off-white stitching and tongue buckle.
The gleaming rose gold plated case of the FC-705V4S4 exudes understated elegance. The domed silver dial contrasts wonderfully with the rose gold plated hands and indexes, and a dark brown alligator strap stands out beautifully from the slim case.
At the apex of the Slimline Moonphase range stand two models featuring solid 18 carat rose gold cases. The FC-705V4S9 is presented with a domed silver dial and hand-applied rose gold plated indexes and hands, with a dark brown alligator strap. The FC-705C4S9, on the other hand, comes with a stunning chocolate brown dial, which blends beautifully with the rose gold plated hands, indexes and dark brown alligator strap.
Whether high in the sky or sitting proudly on your wrist, the moon will continue to draw admiring looks, forever.
For further information about the amazing new Slimline Moonphase Manufacture collection, you can e-mail Mrs. Yasmina Pedrini at pedrini@frederique-constant.com.

Watch designers who are working with perfectionism

Watch designers who are working with perfectionism
Watch designers
Elegant and fashionable wrist watches are fast in grabbing the immediate interest and really notice from the youngster females of the current era. In current era, the marketplace suggests several of the designer wrist watches from approximately all most famous names of the designer brand, however one really has to take the time and think about several of the things that this comes to selecting right one.

The makers of the wrist watch will provide the deep discounts on the items at the different times all through a year. They may be really coming out with the new line for spring and require getting rid of the line of winter. You may be discover the deals from the retailers as well, who’ve the issue of overstock and require making room for the new wrist watches. In the condition the sales of watches are great location to get the perfect and your favorite wrist watch. In this article you’ll get the information about the some top watch designers. Some of these are mentioned below.

Watch designers

Rado wrist watches
The swiss Rado wrist watches is the luxury and very comfortable time piece and these are known and famous for the detail styling. The vintage Rado features uncommonly shaped cases, the colorful dials, the unique names of model such as the captain cook, Cape Horn, green horse and golden horse amongst the others. The popularity of these wrist watches make these attractive and eye catching to the counterfeiters, who sometime cobble with one another look alikes from the different sources of the wrist watch to generate the working timepiece, however the watches really have the no value. The Rado designer of watches is one of the most famous and best designers of the wrist watches. Most of the persons who really can afford the wrist watches select a timepiece of this company.
Watch designers
Gucci wrist watches
This designer of wrist watches established as the company of leather in the city of Florence in year of the 1921. However in the year of 1997, this company made its first ever wrist watch in the Switzerland. In the current era, this is really one of major houses of fashion in the world, producing and designing accessories and the fashions of women and men. Because of their popular name and high cost, the Gucci wrist watches are sometime forged and even replicated. However if you really understand what you should search for then you must be capable to inform whether the antique Gucci wrist watch is really authentic.
Watch designers
The Citizen wrist watches
The Citizen wrist watches are ubiquitous wrist watches and the millions of these are really sold every year by citizen Holdings Company which is based in the Tokyo. The watches of Citizen Company are very famous due to their models of the solar power which can really go the months without requiring being recharged and really for the accuracy. This is one of the best and top designers of the wrist watches.
Watch designers who are working with perfectionism

Are you aware the mineralogy of Chalcedony?

Do you know the mineralogy Chalcedony?
Of all of the minerals used as gems, non compares with quartz in its variety of incidence and in abundance of types. It’s present in igneous, sedimentary and metamorhic rocks and in some is actually the one mineral current. Due to its hardness, normal lack of cleavage and chemical stability it survives and maintains its identification as pebbles of stream beds and sand grains of sea seashores.

Quartz because the fine-grained selection, flint was the mineral utilized by man. From it had been normal instruments and weapons that began him on the lengthy highway to civilization. Later, it was undoubtedly coloured styles of quartz that had been first used as ”gems” for each private adornment and for his or her presumed magical properties. The earliest work on minerals that has survived was written by Theophrastus about 300 B.C. On this treatise, On Stones, quartz and its varieties are talked about extra typically than every other mineral. And there’s the remark that among the many ancients there was no valuable stone in additional widespread use than sardion, a pink chalcedony.

This stone, referred to as Chalcedony, is a wide range of silicate (SIO2) of microcrystanlline texture. Its largest mattress (circa 5 million tons of reserve) on this planet is situated of 50 km.north of Eskisehir, Central Anatolia. Eskisehir Chalcedonies vary from gentle to darkish blues, generally purple and exist in mixtures with opals and agates and even in slim blue and white striped species (Lace Chalcedony).
Chalcedony, abundantly utilized in ornamental and jewelry industries of the world, is provided from completely different international locations. Quartz as a gem mineral is split within the following dialogue into two teams: coarsely crystalline varieties, which many gemologists consult with as quartz, and two wonderful grained, microcrystalline to crypocrystalline varieties, which though bodily completely different are sometimes grouped in gemology underneath the species title Chalcedony.
Microcrystalline Types of SIO2 Relying on the character of their microcrystalline to cryptocrystalline items, the fine-grained styles of quartz could be divided into sorts, fibrous and granular. Due to their wonderful textures, it’s regularly troublesome to tell apart beween them with out examination of small particles with a high-power microscope. In apply, femologists don’t make the excellence and consult with all such materialsas chalcedony treating it in impact as a gem species with quite a few varieties.
Fibrous Varieties. The completely different styles of chalcedony are given particular names primarily based on diploma of trensparency, colour, colour distribution and phenomena. Particularly, the title chalcedony is used a lone to designate a lightweight honey-yellow to grey, translucent materials with a wawy luster.
It generally accurs in botryoidal plenty with the fiber size at proper angles to the hummocky floor. Chacedony has a decrease SG (2.60) than coarsely crystalline quartz due to a slight porosity. The porous nature of the mineral permits it to be coloured by treating it with chemical options: black brown, sugar and sulfuric acid; ref, iron oxide; blue, potassium ferrocyanide and iron sulfate; yellow-green, hydrochloric acid; deep inexperienced, chromic acid. Most chalcedony, normally lower en cabochon, has been colour enhanced.

Pink quartz and features

Pink quartz and features
Pink quartz and features
First ever mentioned of the quartz which is pink was in the year of 1938 book, the quartz minerals, based on the discovery of pink crystals in the Maine. This did not become hugely known and famous, however, until this was founded in the year of 1939 in the Brazil. These time terms rose quartz and pink quartz are normally used interchangeably, even though there’re the mineralogists who really would argue they’re the two distinct varieties. And nevertheless, properties of the rose quartz and the pink quartz are approximately same, with the few little differences. In this article we will discuss about the features of the pink quarts. These are mentioned below.
The differences
Unlike the rose quarts the pink quarts is the light sensitive and this will turn the pale when really exposed to the direct sunlight. Color of the pink quartz comes from the different things than that of the rose quartz, traces of the phosphorus and aluminum in the pink quartz, the thallium and titanium in the rose quartz. And most importantly, perhaps, just the pink quartz grows the crystal formations.
The physical properties
As the member of a family of quartz, the pink has the seven hardness, the 2.65 especial gravity and really grows in the hexagonal configuration. This generally looks in the clusters of little crystals growing the parallel to the one another. This is considered the cloudy gemstone; the clarity is really not uncommon one of features utilized to decide quality of the different specimens. The original pink is very rare and this is really not polished, made, or engraved into the jewelry as well. This is more sold in the original form to the gemstone collection regularly.
The metaphysical properties
The pink quartz is really linked with fourth chakra. This chakra is center of energy and power of a body in the yoga, and this is really utilized to aid channel energy and power linked with the chakra, also famous as a heart chakra. It includes the qualities of the inner peace and unconditional love. This is really utilized to aid in the both receiving and giving of the love and in order to heal emotional injuries from the break of heart, loneliness, cruelty or really lack of the love. This color gives the soothing effect as being in family of quartz gives this the dynamic and intense power. This is linked with zodiac symptoms Libra and Taurus, element of the earth and a planet Venus.
The healing properties
The quartz which is pink is really said to have the healing advantages for heart, liver, kidneys, rib cage, thymus gland and the thoracic cavity. This is really considered to aid with the recovery and weight loss from the injury and to aid low pressure of blood. This is really utilized to improve complexion of skin, the rejuvenating cells of skin and really removing the wrinkles. The females may really use the quartz which is pink to increase the fertility or really prevent the miscarriage.


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