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Jewelry and accessories trends


Jewelry is one of the accessories that used in many places in our lives.

It offers for centuries vanity and elegance of Jewelry is one of the accessories that used in many places in our lives.

It offers for centuries vanity and elegance of our lives. There is a slight misunderstanding that jewelry only use by women. But this is wrong. A watch that we use in daily life isn’t it a jewelry ?

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It seems that used for centruies this accessory nowadays namely in winter and fall months of 2015 it will interest us more. We can say,.In this year jewelry designers and fashion designers expecting that nackless which called ‘’choker’’ is going to demand.

We know that gold,silver, brillant this materials are always attracts people’s attention. Because of their demand we often encounter in daily life and in jewelry sector. We know that winter and fall months considered cold months for the people.This cold days people have to wear thick clothes like coat and jacket. Well, how we can dhow our jewelries on this thicky clothes?

For solving of this problem jewelry designers and experts began to create huge jewelries. In 2015 turquois and blue tones are still dominatig jewellery fashion like 2014.

If we talk about gold it is irreplaceable since 2 thousend years in our lives. Also about the ring people use it in all seasons. It considering that people who use jewelery will verge new alternatives to this season.

Jewelry and accessories trends 2

If we give some examples instead neckless shawl or ribbon can be more preferable because of cold weathers. And this year returning an important detail flow known as back neckless. t seems collet necklesses are also trend this year.

When we talk here about winter and fall months we have to talk about leather jewelries. We can see that the leather accesorises are not effecting the jewelery. When we use leather with gold we can see the charming fashion. If we talk also about etnical jewelries we can not pass that there is lots of different conspicuous,colorful designers could we see and we can feel the summer heat . Colorful designes of gold-silver harmony entered our lives this nacklesses and they are really worth trying.

And finally the pearl.With their elegant and slimline appearance,in this season also pearls are going to demand and live in the golden age.


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