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Latest women and men jewellery rules !

Latest women and men jewellery rules
Latest women and men jewellery rules

Latest women and men jewellery rules: what to wear and what not to wear

As trends change, and fashion moves ever on, it’s not just your clothes that might be in need of an update. Jewellery is one of those staples that we so often forget to update, but it’s vital for keeping yourself bang on trend. One of the easiest ways to do this is to invest in some classic, timeless pieces that’ll work with everything. Not sure where to start? Here are some handy rules to start with:

Signet Rings are a must

If there’s one piece of jewellery every man’s wardrobe should contain, it’s a signet ring or two. The ultimate in style, they’re versatile enough to work with nearly any outfit.  Many people think of signet rings as something religious in nature – with pictures of St Christopher, for instance. This is one potential style, but it’s one of many. These days, there’s a whole variety of options out there. From your university logo to a more abstract geometric pattern, it’s easy to find one to suit. You can buy one pre-designed or if you have something specific in mind, why not get one custom designed?

Of course, whilst signet rings are a must have for the male wardrobe, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a place in a woman’s either! You may have more trouble finding one to fit, as a man’s ring will almost certainly be far too big, but the bold chunky effect they give can suit a feminine look brilliantly, adding an edge to something more delicate.

A well-fitting watch

A watch is both practical and stylish, but it’s vital that it fits properly. There’s nothing quite as awful as a watch that’s clearly sitting a bit too tight on the wrist, or looks like it could fall off at any moment! Trends in watch styles vary – sometimes chunky is in, sometimes fine and more bracelet like. Rather than looking for what is fashionable at the time, look for what suits your favoured attire, and what is likely to be practical for you. If you’re an active person, you’ll want something unlikely to get in the way. Think about what sort of colours you wear – are you a silver or a gold person, or perhaps something else entirely? Whatever it is, our top three tips for finding the perfect watch are:

–        Make sure it fits – you can always get links removed or added

–        Ensure it matches the rest of the jewelry you wear

–        Go for timeless, rather than current fashion

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Necklace Chains – What to choose?

When it comes to finding a necklace to wear, the chain is as important as the pendant. But what should you be looking for? Firstly, don’t skimp! It might be tempting to invest money in the pendant and go cheap on the chain, but trust us – you can tell. You always want the chain to be at least as good a quality as the pendant on it. Secondly, forget about leather thongs. For women, ribbon or silk threads can work (though they don’t necessarily last as long as metal) but in general, it’s always safer to go for a nice metal. If you go for silver, be aware you’ll have to watch out for tarnish too. After you’ve figured out the material, look at the thickness. Decide whether you want the chain itself to be a statement, or merely a background to the pendant. If the former go for something thicker with a more interesting weave – perhaps a Byzantine or box chain. If the latter go for something more delicate and plain. Getting this right will mean your necklace is much more long-lasting.

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Of course, you could have the best jewellery in the world and it still wouldn’t work if you hadn’t co-ordinated it well! As a general rule, you don’t want to wear too much heavy jewellery in one go – so if you have a chunky watch and a signet ring, you almost certainly want to avoid a heavy chain. Equally, if your watch is quite delicate, you can afford to go for a much more extravagant necklace. It’s all about balance- making sure you don’t look too overloaded. If in doubt, remember that less is always more – it’s better to go for subtle than overpowering!


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