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The fabulous World of Chanel Jewelry

The fabulous World Chanel Jewelry
The fabulous World Chanel Jewelry
The Fabulous World Chanel Jewelry
Chanel Fine Jewelry creations are inspired by the very first jewelry collection in 1932. Between the years 1988 and 2007 Lorenz Baumer designed collections of High Jewelry and Fine Jewelry for Chanel. These both collections inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s first sketches have the same deatiled artistic rendering and reflects the enduring identity of the Chanel brand.
The Fabulous World Chanel Jewelry

Chanel jewelry is extremely elegant, detailed and artistic. Glamourous, unique but at the same time conventional and timeless.
Some informations about some attractive pieces from the collections
Camelia ring
Camélia Galbé Ring in 18K white gold, set with one brilliant cut diamond and black ceramic. Necklace, ring, bracelet and hair pieces are available.

The Fabulous World Chanel Jewelry

Comete necklace
It is said that it was the starry sky of a Parisian night that gave Gabrielle Chanel the inspiration for the “Comète” necklace: “I wanted to cover women with constellations! With stars! Stars of all sizes!” she later stated. As the centerpiece of the 1932 CHANEL High Jewelry collection, Mademoiselle designed an extraordinary diamond necklace, without a clasp in order to better fit the contours of the neck. What could be simpler and more timeless than these precious constellations? Found in an endless variety of forms, the comet thus became one of the emblems of CHANEL Fine Jewelry.

Premiere ring
The Première ring by CHANEL Fine Jewelry embodies sheer elegance. Available in pink, yellow or white gold, it offers the discreet refinement of plain gold or the precious sparkle of diamonds. The collection includes six models that carry CHANEL’s unique signature. An exuberant and incredibly refined collection, each ring can be worn alone or combined with others on a whim, to create a unique and personal piece of jewelry.
Baroque Cuff
Baroque cuff in 18K white gold and 18K yellow gold, onyx and diamonds. These three colors combined with the fabulous sparkle of diamond creates a unique elegance. It has a minimized form necklace that can easily be used with Chanel’s signature piece little black dress to catch a sophisticated chicness.
The Fabulous World Chanel Jewelry
1932 Plume de Chanel
The feather entered the CHANEL creative landscape in 1932 when Mademoiselle presented her Fine Jewelry collection called “Bijoux de Diamants”. It explored the timeless themes that she particularly loved, which became some of the icons of the House: comets, stars, ribbons… One of these new creations was particularly eye-catching: a spectacular brooch in the form of a feather. The graceful and feminine Plume de CHANEL is an iconic collection that demonstrates the independent creative spirit of CHANEL, and mademoiselle Chanel’s visionary spirit is still very much alive in this collection. 18K yellow gold collection involves rings, neclaces, earrings and without clasp bracelets.
Ultra collection
Ultra Ring combines white gold with black ceramic and diamonds in an artistic rendition and agility and offers a unique chicness. The fabulous contrast of black and white contains both singularity and sensuality and make an inimitable style.
Diamond watches
Limitless imagination of Coco Chanel created her favorite jewelry themes, such as feathers, ribbons or camellia inspired the diamond watch collection of Chanel. These rare and elegant watches and the ones that are designed by needlepoint-painting technique are genuine jewels and have always symbolized femininity according to Chanel and amazed us with their style.
Chanel Jewelry symbolizes strong and elegant women with its ageless and timeless chicness and fabulous design keep embellishing fingers, wrists, ears and necks of women.
The Fabulous World Chanel Jewelry


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