Men's Gold Wedding Rings
Men's Gold Wedding Rings

A To Z about Buying Men’s Gold Wedding Rings

Make sure that when it comes to choosing the right men’s gold wedding rings, you know everything about the product. Not everyone is comfortable when it comes to purchasing these items and they don’t know what they think they should. You need to know the various types of gold that are available and the cost that each one would bring. Here are just a few of the things that you need to know about how to pick the right one for your loved one.

Design Choice

When it comes to men’s gold wedding rings you need to know what you are looking for before you step into the store. You need to think about a few things, such as:

  • Color, which can be white, yellow, pink or rose
  • Metal type, which can be silver, platinum, titanium, gold or more
  • Proportions, and this can be chunky, smooth, set with jewels or anything else
  • Most importantly, you should set the price factor in advance and try not to stray from your calculated price estimation or budget

Make sure when you go into the store tell them just what you are looking for instead of giving them the option to show you whatever they want.


There are a few types of men’s gold wedding rings that you should think about, including:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Pink or rose

Each of these also come in different content levels that are dependent on the weight of the jewelry, such as:

  • 10 karat is the lowest amount of total gold or around 41.6%
  • 14 karat is the middle area and has around 58.3% percent of gold
  • 18 karat, which contains the most amount of gold and is around 75%

Also, each of the the different content levels has a different hardness level, which is also based on the type . The hardness is 160 for rose, 195 for pink, 155 for yellow and 225 for white in 18 karat. The hardness for 14 karat is 125 for both pink and rose, while yellow is 140 and white is 165 and the hardness levels for 10 karat is 115 for both rose and pink, 145 for yellow and 190 for white. Make sure that you think about the hardness levels that you want right before you select the right men’s gold wedding rings.

Men's Gold Wedding Rings
A To Z about Buying Men’s Gold Wedding Rings


One of the things that most people think about when it comes to men’s gold wedding rings is the price they have to pay. You should set your estimated budget before you step a foot into the store. Tell the sales representative the pre-calculated budget you have set, which should include everything like taxes, resizing and more. Ask them to only show you those options that are in your budget to avoid falling in love with something that you can’t afford. You can also choose not to inform them, but simply tell that you aren’t looking to spend that amount if they show you something out of your budget.

There is so much that you should know when it comes to men’s gold wedding rings, but make sure that you know the general details. You should always go into a store with a price range already set so that you only have a look at those rings that fits within your budget. You also need to have an idea of what you are looking for so that you can tell the sales representative, who would be responsible for showing you those. Also, you share the designs you are looking for along with the karats, which can determine the hardness of the jewelry along with the cost.


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