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 5 Men’s Jewelry trend to watch out for!

 5 Men’s Jewelry trend to watch out for!

 5 Men’s Jewelry trend to watch out for!

Accessories and jewelry always enhances one’s look. When done right and paired with confidence, it makes one look like a million bucks. Though the Purist men might be a little skeptical to give jewelry a try, but current times are the best to experiment with one’s look. A well complemented jewelry with your attire can totally change the way you perceive. The market is filled with various styles and options to choose from based on your style and preference.

 1Brooches: This is unarguably the most loved jewelry article for Men. For those who believe to keep it simple yet stylish; this is must have steal in the market. A small formal brooch worn on a Suit, adds poise and sophistication which is perfect for a formal look. While the same outfit when worn with a rather designer brooch gives a touch of glamour and could be worn to evening parties. Just pin a nice brooch on your sexy attire, and you will have a number of eyeballs following you. 

 5 Men’s Jewelry trend to watch out for!     2. Necklace: This has always been one of the most used accessory for both and women all across the globe. While chains were always a classic and forever favorite, beaded and ball Neck chain is the new rage. Pendants are also more than ever in fashion with the chains. You can opt for a subtle one like your name initials, dog tags or something fancy. For the bold experimental men, choker is something which must be tried.          5 Men’s Jewelry trend to watch out for!     3. Earrings: There was a time when earrings were considered an accessory for the punk and hipsters. But gone is that era and today, earrings can be worn with formal attire too and is pretty acceptable. Basic studs and hoops have always been there in the market, but it’s awesome to see dangling earrings being flaunted by men and it does look cool. Ear cuffs again are a thing which is gaining popularity in Male jewelry.                                                                                          5 Men’s Jewelry trend to watch out for!      4. Bracelets and Cuffs: Stacking is the favorite way in which men accessorize. Be it a banker or a painter or a college student, this is one style; men can pull off with confidence. Placing a well crafted leather cuff will give you a sober and classic look, while you can choose chains and colorful beads if you want a cooler outcome. 70s mixed with 90s is the way we do today’s fashion! And it screams out Bohemian. Go for the Bohemian style cuffs and wrist wears, to gain attention.                   5 Men’s Jewelry trend to watch out for!   5. Rings: Gone are the days when men only adorned wedding rings or love bands. Today, there’s a huge array of rings to choose from. For a subtle look you may go for a gold signet ring in either white or yellow. And if you want to bring out the hip look inside you, pair up a casual outfit with a silver or gold carbide ring. You can also have rings customized with your initials.  5 Men’s Jewelry trend to watch out for!

It’s time you ditched your hesitation and start stocking up on these amazing Men’s jewelry. Bracelets and rings are the easiest and safest options to begin with in case you are a total non-jewelry person.

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