8 Helpful Tips For Finding a Great Jewelry Gift
8 Helpful Tips For Finding a Great Jewelry Gift

8 Helpful Tips For Finding a Great Jewelry Gift

With the great selection of gifts to choose from, it can be even harder to pinpoint what specifically to pick. With a big event on the horizon, the decision can loom over you. Finding your loved one the perfect jewelry gift can save time, and even act as an opportunity to show how much you care.

Let’s face it, finding the right thing can be stressful. If it’s not something they love it, it may send an undesirable message. Generic jewelry gifts can even result in disinterest if it clashes with their style or personal preferences.

Notice Recipient’s Current Jewelry

The first step in picking out that perfect piece of jewelry is to consider what the recipient already owns. It would be careless to duplicate an item they already own. Noticing what is lacking in their collection is also important in case you happen across a bracelet that would match their favorite necklace perfectly.

You’ll also want something that matches their particular style so they have something to match it and it doesn’t just sit in a drawer. Classic jewelry sets can go with a multitude of outfits, so this is where simplicity becomes a viable option.

Personal Information

Most times it is vital to use any personal information on the person receiving the gift as you can. This includes favorite colors and their birthday. Using their birthstone is a personal touch that shows you purchased the gift exactly for them.

If the gift is for a relative consider if they have any pets, many different animal jewelry sets exist. If your daughter loves horses, horse-themed jewelry, like a necklace, could ultimately end up being a classy, yet personal present she’ll love and treasure. This can be the case for any type of animal or object a person is fixated on. This is the time to consider how the recipient will know you have noticed their particular likes and dislikes. It especially eliminates the idea that you are regifting.


Personal touches are what presents are about. The ultimate addition to a piece of jewelry is an accompany engravement on the jewelry. This works especially well with a ring. Think of something special between you to remind them of each time they wear it. Initials are simple addition for personalization.

Jewelry can be mixed with other thoughtful gift ideas. Packaging the jewelry inside of a keepsake box can prove an ultimate set. Combine these two concepts by getting a matching engraving on both items.

Consider Charm Bracelets

Charms on bracelets can seem juvenile, but there are many trendy and stylish options available at jewelry stores. This can give you a large selection of additional charms to purchase. For other events or holidays, you can choose a new charm to purchase.

8 Helpful Tips For Finding a Great Jewelry Gift
8 Helpful Tips For Finding a Great Jewelry Gift

Mong Bui

When picking out charms, be sure to find those that hold significant meaning, or even better, embody a particularly important event or inside joke. This shows that you are always listening and value the stories and memories shared between you two.

Think Less Traditionally

Decide right away if the person you want to give the jewelry to is into more traditional styles or modern designs. This will lead way to all different styles and options you may not think of initially. Choosing a funky piece o jewelry with a lot of character can be the way to go for someone you think is out of the box. The forward-thinking will make the recipient know you understand their love of bold designs or bright colors.

Jewelry also comes in various forms besides the basic rings, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. If they have additional piercing consider gifting them a nose ring or an earring set for ears pierced repeatedly. Accompanying the gift with piercing cleaning accessories could prove helpful and thoughtful.

Browse Online

Shopping online opens a much wider market to choose from. You’ll be able to find a variety of online vendors selling jewelry and switch to another in a flash if the original doesn’t have anything that works for you. Generally, online shopping is a great way to save money. The biggest drawback of shopping online is the wait time, so be sure to plan well in advance if you’re ordering online to allow for plenty of time for shipping.

Consider What is Appropriate for the Occasion

There are times when spending a lot of money can be unfavorable. If you are exchanging gifts be sure you are buying something similar to what the other person may be able to afford. It may also be off-putting to buy something so lavish if the relationship or occasion does not call for it.

Certain anniversaries have special connotations and should be treated so. A young birthday does not call for expensive jewelry. That is especially the case if the recipient cannot sufficiently take care of it properly.  Also, holiday-themed pieces may also be appropriate, but not if it’s something you want them to wear regularly.

Price Isn’t Everything

Whoever you’re buying for is sure to love what you find partially because it is from you. Something personal will be far more valuable in the long run than whatever has the biggest price tag. Synthetic stones are just as beautiful and can save a fortune which allows for a more extravagant piece. Stones that are not diamonds can prove beautiful accents, and if you find their birthstone that will add an extra sense of taste at a lower price than buying diamond jewelry.

Thoughtful Jewellery Gifts

The pressure of picking a perfect gift can be avoided if you take a deep breath, and really know it is the thought that counts. If you consider your relationship and find a present that is meaningful, whether in a favorite color or in their favorite funky animal design, they will know you were thinking of them when you made the purchase. Choose details that would compliment their style, and even personal events you share with them. These are all ways to find a wonderful jewelry gift for someone you care for.


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