Keep Jewelry Safe

7 Great Ways To Keep Your Jewelry Safe

The value of jewelry is not only about its weight in gold. It is about memories and sentiments as well. A lot of joy comes from owning something so unique and expensive. To ensure that your prized pieces stay with you for years to come, take the following precautions.

Create A Diversion

There are all kinds of mini safes or cases that are camouflaged to look like ordinary household items. Some cool solutions are cans or books which look like a regular book or can of soda. These are great to keep in your cupboards or on your shelves. Although diversion safes may not fool a sneaky toddler, a thief will surely not have the time to go through your pantry or bookshelf looking for valuables. Upon closer inspection you will notice that they also come with a little key.

Secret Compartments

Some jewelry boxes come with secret compartments that require a key or some ingenuity to open. This is great for keeping kids out, but it won’t do you any good if the whole box is stolen. A better idea may be to build a secret compartment in one of your drawers, behind a picture or mirror, under a window sill or inside of your closet. This can be easily made by anyone who has some experience with woodwork.

Get An Insurance Policy

If a certain item of jewelry has great sentimental value or is worth a large sum of money, it would be a smart move to get it insured as soon as you buy it. This is especially true for pieces that you do not often wear, and are therefore out of sight for long periods of time. Statistically, more insurance claims are filed for lost or damaged jewelry than stolen jewelry.

Keep It In One Place

Jewelry has a way of sneaking off or falling between the cracks. You should designate an area in your home and get used to only putting down your jewelry in one spot. It can be as simple as a small tray on your night stand. This will prevent it from rolling off, especially the things you wear daily.

Keep Jewelry SafeInstall a Safe

If you are keeping significant amounts of precious metals or stones in your home, you have to have a serious security system as well. A safe could not only protect your jewelry from theft, it could also protect it from being damaged in a fire. Do your research to find the perfect fit for you. There are all kinds of safes on the market now; big or small, hidden in walls or floors, biometric, time or electronic lock safes, etc.

Storage Units

You may feel better about having your most precious belongings looked after by professionals, rather than exposed to the dangers at home. If you try typing on Google something like self storage near me, you will find different places where you can be sure that your belongings will be kept under lock and key, easy to access and protected from burglary and the elements. This is also a smart solution for families or individuals who often move house or don’t have the space to build compartments or install safes.

Protect it from Environmental Factors

One thing we do not often think about is how air, water or dust will affect the look and value of our necklaces, rings or bracelets. For instance, silver can quickly be affected by the moisture in the air. Keep your jewelry in a cool and dry place, possibly in separate velvet bags or in its original casing to prevent tangles. Remember, to prevent damage, store your jewelry in the shape that it is worn, never hanging or bunched up.

Your wedding band or engagement ring, the watch you received when you retired or your grandmother’s earrings all have one thing in common. They are irreplaceable. Once you have decided on what method of keeping your jewelry safe will work best for you, get to it! Each day that your gold and silver is out in the open, there is a risk of it being lost, stolen or damaged.


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