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Watchmaking: Scatola del Tempo celebrates its 33rd anniversary

Watchmaking Scatola del Tempo

Watchmaking: Scatola del Tempo celebrates its 33rd anniversary in Geneva
Handmade and excellence: top leather cases and accessories on the market

In 1989, an invention, a premier ever! Had it not been for the ingenuity of Italian collector Sandro Colarieti, it is not sure that the market for rotating winders would have existed. Back to the roots, at the Time to Watches exhibition in Geneva.

Geneva from March 31 to April 03, 2022. Having celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in 2019 with the return of its iconic Rotor-One, the very first watch winder, and the beginning of a new horological segment, Scatola del Tempo continues to dominate the world of useful and… ultra-luxury accessories.

The craftsmanship of its creations, the organic nobleness of its leathers, and the richness of its woods, go beyond the world of the rotating winder to give a soul to luxurious interiors, to travel, or to transport precious timepieces. An exclusive signature, made of sensual curves, careful sewings, and overstitching, synonymous with excellence, Italian style…

It all began in 1989 when, on the Italian shores of Lake Como, timepiece collector Sandro Colarietti attracted the attention with his find of then-Patek Philippe president Philippe Stern. The 500 units ordered were the beginning of an extraordinary entrepreneurial adventure, one that epitomizes new needs. There was a before and an after! It was the beginning of an era that transformed the Scatola del Tempo
label into a truly global prestige brand with a noble mission: to contribute to the health, maintenance, and protection of valuable timepieces.

Scatola des Tempo, from Rotor-One to the craziest storage furniture A signature synonymous with Italian excellence and universal aesthetic standards, Scatola del Tempo now uses Swiss-made SwissKubiK engineering in all its winders, combining the best of both worlds. It also has a mastery of the ultimate in made-to-measure. Since it successfully ventured into the territory of storage furniture, pouches, or travel cases, it designs and manufactures the most stunning accessories.

Collectors joined by design lovers
Watchmaking: Scatola del Tempo celebrates its 33rd anniversary in Geneva

Collectors joined by design lovers

Every watch enthusiast has at least one model of the Scatola del Tempo brand in his cupboards, trunk, or closet, and if possible its famous Rotor-One. Collectors, connoisseurs? Sandro Colarieti, founder of the Scatola del Tempo brand was one of them. He was one of those enthusiasts for whom the care given to mechanical watches sometimes went beyond mental propriety! Thanks to him, aficionados and true mechanical watches enthusiasts have made the Rotor-One the absolute reference since its arrival on the market. A reference
recommended nowadays by the most prestigious watchmaking brands. An ultimate standard that also fits seamlessly into the heart
of high-end private interiors.

These watches that should never stop

In the world of mechanical watches, there are those timepieces that ought never to stop, either because their calendar complications would transform their time settings into real headaches, or because their automatic winding mechanism increases their life span if it is kept in motion when the piece is momentarily out of use. These timepieces, which require special attention and care, are transcended by Scatola del Tempo’s aesthetic enhancements, both at home and
when traveling.

top leather cases

Scatola del Tempo, keywords
Italian handcrafted leather design and craftsmanship, Swiss-made SwissKubiK engineering integrated with every watch winder.

  • 33 years of expertise
  • Bluetooth programming on Rotore and 7RT models
  • Totally non-magnetic (without any magnetic nuisance)
  • Leather, wide scale of colors
  • Watch boxes in different sizes for a perfect match
  • Multi-size watch boxes for all types of collections, from small to extra-large

Scatola del Tempo, in brief
Established in Como, Italy in the late 1980s
Founder: the Italian collector Sandro Colarieti
Heritage: Cristiana Colarieti, daughter of the founder
Current production location: Manufacture in Mariano Comense (Italy)
Acquired in 2018: Xavier Castelli, Elix Holding SA
Management: Eric Caudrelier-Benac and Louis Castelli
Main materials: wood, leather, Alcantara
Motorization: implementation of SwissKubiK technology
Offer: high-end cases, boxes, coffrets and watch winders
Historical customer: Patek Philippe, Philippe Stern
Market: over 30 countries via distributors
Infinity of customizations on demand
Bespoke: safes and furniture

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