The Difference Between Fashion and Fine Jewellery
The Difference Between Fashion and Fine Jewellery

The Difference Between Fashion and Fine Jewellery?

There is a very big difference between fashion and fine jewellery that everybody will be able to tell and that is the price tag. Furthermore, it is the materials that are also different from these two types of jewellery. 

You don’t need to be a jewellery expert to be able to tell these two differences. The materials also have an impact on the price. As you can imagine, if fake gold is being used instead of real gold, that jewellery piece is going to be much cheaper. 

What Is Fashion Jewellery? 

Fashion jewellery can also be known as costume jewellery. As mentioned in the introduction, the materials that are used for fashion jewellery are much different compared to fine jewellery. Nine times out of ten, you will be spending a lot more money on fine jewellery compared to fashion jewellery. 

Common materials that are used for fashion jewellery are brass, copper and aluminium. These metals will tend to tarnish easily as well as be much weaker than fine jewellery. If you are not bothered by your jewellery damaging easily, this will be more appropriate for you. 

For women, fashion jewellery will be more appropriate for your night out dresses and other evening wear that you may be wearing. For men, fashion jewellery will be more appropriate if it just complements your going out outfit. 

Fashion jewellery is also made of textiles, beads or other leather products. The cheaper materials will often be coated with either silver or gold to give it more of a valuable look. Modern fashion jewellery will also consist of fake gemstone or Swarovski crystals to also make it more valuable. This will be much cheaper than those fine jewellery pieces although they will be much weaker. 

Many jewellery enthusiasts suggest that there should be another category in the middle of these two. The jewellery types that will be in this category are gold vermeil, gold-plated or they can also be filled with gold. If you are not sure what these types of jewellery are, we will describe them for you so you can have a better understanding. 

Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil is similar to gold plated, there is only a minor difference between the two types of jewellery. Gold vermeil has a layer over the top of silver which would be exactly 2.5 microns. Gold plated is any measurement of the gold layer over the piece of jewellery. Gold vermeil has become increasingly popular in recent years and also adds value to jewellery. 

Gold Plated

Gold plating is usually a thin layer on top of the jewellery. The metal that would usually be used will either be copper, aluminium, brass or other materials that are often used for fashion jewellery. The process for making gold plated jewellery is done by adding a thin layer to the other metal before using an electric current to bind the two together. 

Gold-Filled Jewellery

Gold-filled jewellery is much better quality than gold plated jewellery. There is a chance of gold-plated jewellery to rub off however that is the opposite with gold-filled jewellery. Not only will it look better but it will also have much better durability as well. This is one of the more valuable jewellery pieces for fashion jewellery.  

Fine Jewellery
The Difference Between Fashion and Fine Jewellery?

Fine Jewellery

Fine jewellery is where you are going to be spending a lot more money. This is something that you will have to heavily consider before purchasing. Furthermore, it is going to be much better quality than fashion jewellery and be a lot more durable. 

The standard materials that you will come across with fine jewellery are platinum, silver and gold. Fine jewellery can also consist of expensive gemstones as well that you wouldn’t often see. Some of the gemstones that you would expect to see are diamonds, rubies, garnets and other gemstones. 

With fine jewellery, you can expect to be spending a lot more money. This could either be down to the high quality of the jewellery or the brand that you are buying it from. Like clothing, you don’t need to buy from luxury brands just because of the name. 

Fine jewellery won’t damage as easily as fashion jewellery. Another thing to mention is that if you damage your fine jewellery piece, you will usually be able to get it repaired at a jewellery store. 

To Conclude

When it comes to what you want to buy, you need to remember what you can afford. It is all well and good looking at expensive fine jewellery but you might necessarily need to spend that much. If you are going to be wearing it for a special occasion, you will want to wear fine jewellery. 

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