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Precious Metal Guides

Precious Metal Guides
Precious Metal Guides
Shopping for precious metals is not an easy task. The variety of choices and the sky-rocketing cost can make your job more difficult. Before you swipe your credit card, it is important that you are well knowledgeable about the basic characteristics of each metal. The information will help you make wiser decisions on where to invest your hard-earned money.

Precious Metal Guides

Gold is the most popular precious metal of all time. It does not rust or corrode and thus, it lasts forever. Its purest form is yellow, soft and easily bendable. But because it is not strong on its own, it is mixed with other metals like copper, zinc, nickel, platinum, silver and palladium. The product is called an alloy and color variations occur. The term “karat” is used to indicate the amount of gold present in a piece of jewelry. Pure gold is 24 Karats. So if you find 18 Karats, it means that it has 18 parts gold and 4 parts made from other metals. Experts recommend a lower grading for a gem-studded setting jewelry as it is more durable and it holds precious gems better.

When buying gold, you should also consider the weight. It is an important indicator for the metal’s price along with the type of construction, means of production and the overall finish of the jewelry.
Platinum is also called as the “noblest” metal because of its pure character. It is a classy and contemporary piece of precious metal that is more rare and valuable than gold. Its malleable character is perfect for intricate and lacy work styles. It is mostly used along with the finest jewelries. The metal is highly “workable” and it is easier to set around a valuable stone. It is the favorite for setting diamond necklaces, rings and brooches as it presents less risk for damages.Overtime, it also holds better than any other metal.Jewelry lovers who want a trendy and sleek look go for platinum. Adventurous gemologists mix it with other metals to produce interesting color. However, the expensive cost leads to limited available styles.

Precious Metal Guides
Titanium is among the most expensive and most durable metals around the world. It is very light that it is only about 60% heavier than aluminum and 45% lighter than steel. It is naturally white and thus, jewelers do not have to combine it with other metals to get a bright white sheen. It shows very few signs of wear and tear over the years and still holds up well after several decades. It also requires very little maintenance compared with other expensive metals. Titanium jewelry can be adorned with precious stones and perfect for wedding and engagement bands.
Most individuals who cannot afford platinum, titanium and gold go for silver. It is widely available in many parts of the world and thus, it is more affordable than the others. The metal is elegant and does not require high maintenance. It comes in varying grades so that it will not be impossible to find one that will suit your budget.
Precious Metal Guides


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