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New Hybrid Smartwatches

New Hybrid Smartwatches
New Hybrid Smartwatches

New Hybrid Smartwatches

After raising $8M dollars with ZeTime on crowdfunding platforms last year, MyKronoz pursues its ambition to become the worldwide leader of hybrid smartwatch by unveiling two new models at IFA 2018: ZeTime2 and ZePop.

With ZeTime, we managed to create a new standard: the one and only hybrid wearable device that perfectly reconciles traditional watch lovers and connected devices intenders” said Boris Brault, CEO of MyKronoz. He adds: “Our strong electronic background combined with our Swiss DNA gives us a significant advantage over the watch and wearables industries to develop consumer centric and nicely designed products. Today, we’re proud to introduce two new models of hybrids to reaffirm our willingness to disrupt a well-established industry, and offer a wearable that people will actually enjoy wearing, from both a design and function standpoint.

The second generation of the world’s first hybrid smartwatch with mechanical hands and touchscreen is now set with a full round AMOLED color display and voice recognition feature. Embarking an improved user interface while boasting an increasingly sleek and timeless design, ZeTime2 will undoubtedly become an essential accessory of your daily life.

Introducing our collection of colorful and pop hybrid smartwatches. Design to fit the vibrant style of the new generation, ZePop will come as an attractive option for all of those looking for a functional and stylish wearable, with an accessible price.

Source: mykronoz.com

Annabel Corlay press@mykronoz.com


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