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Jewelry trends of 2015

Jewelry trends of 2015
The jewelry trend of 2015 is definitely something to look forward to. It has a strong vision on modernity especially when it comes to gemstones. It is reported to be something that represents the core essence of the planet. This means using raw materials, plants and animals as inspirations for the forecast. At the same time, partnerships and reverses are said to have fused to reflect the modern world.

One trend has originated from the design scene in the Eastern Euope. It was born from folkloric traditions and handicrafts. This design puts emphasis on the treasures of rural life and pagan rituals. So this is more towards ethnic designs astec jewelries and stuff. The trend finds gist in symbols and talismans, and at the same time uses natural textures such as wood and leather and gemstones like citrine and rhodolite combined with rough granite and matt metals.

Another is finding and equality between science and art, philosophy and mysticism. This trend is so powerful that it boasts of hypnotic exploration of opposite materials like rough gemstones matched with mercury or grey diamonds with concrete. The gemstones that would be of trend in the coming year are icy moonstone, opal, sapphires, lapis lazuli and pearls. There would also be aluminum finishes and metallic hues. Basically this tend stressed out on both physical and metaphysical elements.
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Next is worshipping beauty of luxury of the classical world. Also it focuses on prestige and intellect. For example, Bronze is complemented by red and pink gold to highlight unusual marbles and precious woods. Also for timeless effect, sapphires, emeralds and are highly recommended.
Another upcoming trend draws inspiration from the Creatures. This is where the Swarovski Gems come in because they are known to be linked with the “green generation” of planet protectors. Also, it has created a contemporary style that is related to different scientific innovations. Because of the multi-coloured spectrum, opals and pearl lean towards this direction of design, as well as gemstones like peridot, citrine and topaz mixed with rubber and ceramics. All of these are in attempt to reflect nature at its best.
Lastly trend is based on memories, feelings, individual expression and intimacy. There is intention to focus on the relationship between jewelry, the body and its senses. Glowing layers and dense opaque surfaces together with with resin-like textures while sensual fabrics and gemstones such as amethyst and yellow diamonds are part of the colour palette. The natural curves of the body influence the cut and shape of the gemstones. Designs could include perfume-scented pendants, talismans and pieces housing hidden meanings and secrets.
All of these are what we have in store of us for the coming year, so we have to anticipate and make sure that we are ready to dive into it. A little research on how to mix and match would also help so you would not come off as trying too hard. This is just one way to start next year right!


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