The Engagement Ring Style That Will Look Best in Your Finger

The Engagement Ring Style That Will Look Best in Your Finger

You feel like it is the perfect time to take your relationship to another level and you have already planned out the details on when, where, and how are you going to propose to your soon-to-be-fiancée. Everything seems so ready until you realize you don’t know what kind of engagement ring will fit your partner perfectly. When buying a perfect engagement ring for her, you have to consider her finger type before making your final decision. You have to make sure it fits and flatters her the best it can.

The Engagement Ring Style That Will Look Best in Your Finger

Here are just a few pieces of advice for all different finger types out there:

  1. For Girls with Long Fingers

If your girlfriend’s fingers are long, a wide and lengthy diamond would perfectly fit as it takes a lot of volumes yet, and it will not appear too bulky. Also, emerald cut shape, pear cut to shape, and rectangular cushion cut shape will be perfect for your girl with long fingers.


  1. For Girls with Short Fingers

Little fingers will complement round or squarish diamonds but unlike with ladies with longer fingers, you do not want to fill the length since you do not have enough space to work with. The best diamond cut that will fit short fingers is round cut shapes, princes’ cut shapes, and oval cut shapes.

 The Engagement Ring Style That Will Look Best in Your Finger

  1. For those who have Large Hands

This hand shape can have the luxury to support larger stones and diamonds and actually look good. A thicker band would also be nicer than a thin band so it would look proportion to the hand. Stone shapes that will look beautiful with large hands are square, oblong, cushion, radiant, and marquis cuts.


  1. For Girls who have Small Hands

With this type of hand, rings with multiple stones like a trinity style with a center stone with two smaller at the sides would actually appear pretty and a thinner band would be proportion. When it comes to the shape of the stone, smaller round cut, starflower, heart, square, emerald Marquis, or diamond cuts suit best this hand type.

 The Engagement Ring Style That Will Look Best in Your Finger

  1. And To Those Who Have Standard Hand Shape

Now, if you’re soon-to-be-wife has a standard hand shape there are a lot of sizes and cuts that will fit her perfectly. You may now choose based on her preference. Is she classic? Try round or princes’s cut. Is she edgy? Go for the emerald cut. Round, emerald, cushion, princess, oval, and pears are the shape to look for but you might want to avoid radiant and heart cuts.

 The Engagement Ring Style That Will Look Best in Your Finger

With this guide, we hope you have chosen an engagement ring that will suit her perfectly. Be more confident about your plans and be ready to drop into one knee and say your lines as you propose to her. Ultimately, the ring that will fit perfectly through his fingers is the ring that is given with love. Regardless of your decision, put your heart and soul into picking the perfect diamond shape, and she’ll definitely know and will be proud to show off the ring you picked just for her.

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