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Choosing the Right Engagement Ring

Choosing the Right Engagement Ring

Finally found the girl of your dreams and wants to marry her? Find an engagement ring that will not give her an opportunity to say no.

While trust, commitment and love are three foundations of a strong marriage, there is a forth component that your soon-to-be wife will love for this rest of her life. It is the engagement ring, the more luxurious, real and absolutely gleaming symbol of your love for her.

Choosing the right engagement ring is the most dreadful experience especially if the would-be groom does not have the enough knowledge on what to look for and not enough money to afford one.

Here are a few tips that can help and guide you when purchasing the engagement ring that would make your fiancé happy:


Buying a ring would for sure empty your bank accounts if not you do not have any idea what you are in for. You can start saving your 4 to 6 weeks paychecks. Be prepared to add a little extra amount to get the right ring for your fiancé. If the cost of the ring is still not attainable, 2 to 3 months savings should do the trick.

Don’t Guess

Get the correct size of the ring by getting one of her rings and sized it by a jeweler. Just be extra cautious when stealing it from her so she will not get suspicious. You can also take pictures of the rings she owned inside her jewelry box so you would have a little idea on what style she prefers.

Make her friend an accomplice

Talk to her best friend and ask her for any clue of the kind of ring your fiancé would like. For example, the type of metal, cut of the stone and a preferred designer. Make sure that the best friend would not squeal to her friends.

Think of yourself

Most of the time women love to have an engagement ring to match their wedding ring. So if you would think this way, make sure when you’re wearing you future wedding band, you will not feel uncomfortable or awkward.


Do some quick research online like how to grade the stones or if you want you can always ask an expert’s help for this. There are jewelers who are honest enough to guide you through the right selection of stones which are affordable but luxurious.

Do not limit your choice

Go beyond choosing just white gold for the ring. Be modern and experiment on putting in some color like emerald, sapphires, ruby, black and yellow diamonds that can be the accent stones on the center stone. It would make it more beautiful, unique and has more personal touch to it.

Now shopping for an engagement ring would not be as hard and as sweaty as when you do not have any idea at all. This would make the whole experience fun and educational too. If you are lucky enough to get the right setting, cut and quality, your proud girl will wear this ring for the rest of her life.


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