Stratospherical, lunar and magical AstroLUNA by Vicenterra

Stratospherical, lunar, and magical AstroLUNA by Vicenterra Astronomical three-dimensional GMT timepiece: earth and moon from above…

Spring 2021, an alien timepiece emerges from the Jura terroirs of watchmaking heritage. The twice 99-piece limited edition of this aventurine-blue-cosmos UFO is already exciting to watch lovers around the world. Micro-mechanical poetry, rupturistic and elegant, a moon to be corrected by one day every 126 years…

Vincent Plomb, the founder of the independent Jura-based Vicenterra watch brand, has experienced the stars from up close. Back on earth, this inventor and watchmaker decided to make it his own: his micromechanical creations will forever embody that the moment when life hangs by a thread and when the universal desire to live requires a
combination of balances.

Rare and poetical complications

Seeing the earth from above has been Vicenterra’s signature feature since its founding in 2010. Today and from a little
higher up, it is the earth and the moon that can be admired, possibly from the sun: inside the AstroLUNA watch case, these two globes turn on themselves, each according to its own galactic rhythm.

These high-precision astronomical functions are the result of the technical prowess of an exclusive module specially developed by and for Vicenterra. As additional functions, they complete the basic ones (hours, minutes, seconds, and date) of the Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier Seed 3000, one of the noblest and exquisitely decorated automatic calibers in Swiss Made.

Constant Day-Night, ultimate finishings

Vicenterra’s distinctive feature is a world globe, meticulously hand-painted by a miniaturist, with its deep blue alternation for the oceans and clearer surfaces for the continents. “Thanks to the small solid gold sun representing its zenith, as well as the 6 AM & 6 PM sapphire markers, you can locate at a glance the places on earth where it is night, where it is noon, and when it is 6 AM or 6 PM”, explains creator Vincent Plomb.

As for the moon, covered with mini craters painted by the same miniaturist talent, it has also been the object of subtle care: at night, its illuminated face reflects a bluish luminescence made possible by the addition of a SuperLuminova undercoat. As it rotates regularly, it performs the score of its chiaroscuro with brio, precisely indicating its moon phases.

Like two satellites in gravitational attraction around the caliber lower section, the Earth and Moon are orbiting on the background of an aventurine blue glass that matches the starry sparkles of a dial floating over the complexity of the movement’s mechanism, of which some details can be discretely discerned. Turning the AstroLUNA upside down, the
another face of the caliber becomes visible with all its refinement: angles, lamages, and uncovered diamond-cut surfaces, as well as a variable inertia balance with gold weights, swept unidirectionally by a finely engraved and decorated rotor.

AstroLUNA by Vicenterra

Jura Swiss Made, limited edition of two times 99 numbered pieces (two case versions, one a little more classical) – Payment of a deposit upon pre-order.

AstroLUNA by Vicenterra
Stratospherical, lunar and magical AstroLUNA by Vicenterra

Unusual! A gold rotor for the early adopters:

Close to his ‘community’, Vincent Plomb has a delightful surprise for the first subscribers of the AstroLUNA: a solid 18-carat yellow gold rotor for every watch ordered before June 30, 2021.

Vicenterra specific complicated module: additional functions completing the basic ones of the Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier Seed 3000, one of the noblest and exquisitely decorated automatic calibers in Swiss Made.

The history of Vicenterra, keeper of a resolutely Jura Swiss Made, began in 2010 thanks to the hundred or so watch lovers who subscribed to the GMT-3, its first timepiece. The subscription concept was invented more than 200 years ago by Abraham-Louis Breguet with his “Souscription” watch…

AstroLUNA by Vicenterra, technical specifications
AstroLUNA by Vicenterra, technical specifications


• Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date
• The face of the globe is lit by the sun at the owner’s local time
• View of the zenith of the sun above the mini terrestrial globe
Indication of 6 AM and 6 PM zones by the sapphire markers
• The earth globe makes one revolution in 24 hours
• Astronomical three-dimensional moon phase, one revolution in 29.53125 days


Extra module

Exclusively developed by Vicenterra
Fitting of Ø 27.91 mm, thickness 2.85 mm
Number of components 109 / 10 jewels

Specific features and finishes

Extra module plate « bell » in nickel silver rhodium-plated.
Finishings, alternating rough machining, and sunburst colimaçonné decoration
Earth and Moon bridge in brass, rhodium, satin decor 6-12H
Bevels, counterbores, and apertures diamond-polished
Pivots and flanges rolled Wheels in LIGA
Flat-head screws, locked


Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier Seed 3000 automatic movment,
Fitting of 10 1⁄2” (23.30 mm) Thickness of 3.9 mm
Power reserve 50h
Number of components 189 / 28 jewels
Frequency 4 Hz (28’800 A/h) / Variable inertia with gold inertia blocks balance
Mobile Stud-holder / Flat balance-spring balance
Oscillating weight winding in one single direction in the clockwise sense of the weight viewing from the dial side
Chronometry Double-barrel rapid rotation in series, variable inertia balance

Specific features and finishings

Circular-grained plate on dial side and bridge side
Date bridge and motion-work bridge rhodium-plated and circular-grained, dial side
Bridges with Côte de Genève decor, rhodium-plated, bicolour engraving
Bevels, counterbores, and apertures diamond-polished
Ceramic ball bearing
Pivots and flanges rolled
Wheels circular-grained on 2 faces
Flat-head screws, locked
Ponts anglés à la main au touret
Bridges hand-bevelled with piercer Module + Movement 298 components / 38 jewels
Tungsten oscillating weight customized and manufactured by Vicenterra


• Dark Blue Aventurine Glass
Solid white gold PD210 18K applied hour markers (diamond)
Applied V&T in Nickel phosphor and minute track printed
• Earth globe Ø7.50mm, titanium, hand-painted oceans, and seas
Petit soleil en or jaune massif 3N
• Moon globe Ø6.80mm, titanium, half-sphere covered with a Superluminova BGW9 primer,
bluish luminescence, hand-painted lunar surface


• Hour & Minute hands, curved, polished, and rhodium-plated, with white BGW9 SuperLuminova, bluish luminescence
• Seconds hand, polished & rhodium-plated

Setting components

• Crown at 2 o’clock, setting H-M-S and date
• Earth globe setting by pushing the button at 4 o’clock, 24 independent positions GMT
To position the hour and minute hands at noon, then to line up one’s geographic area in the “V” axis.
• Moon phases setting by pushing the button at 8 o’clock
• Automatic or manual rewinding by turning the crown at 2 o’clock

Watch case

• Grade 5 Titanium watch case, manufactured in the raw material, 49 components
• Case center, outside polished, Inside circular satin
• Bezel, polished
• Crown located at 2 o’clock with VT logo
• Sapphire crystal “box” type on the top with anti-reflective coating interior/exterior
• Openwork back, bottom polished, dark Blue Aventurine Glass decor
• Sapphire crystals inside with an anti-reflective coating
• Crescent 9h, 3h & 6h in brass, rhodium-plated, bevels diamond-polished.
Top, hammered pattern with shiny sandblasted effect
• Dimensions 43.50x 13.50 x lug to Lug 51.64 mm
• Dimensions Classic Ø 41.50x 13.50 x lug to Lug 50.00 mm
• Water resistance to 5 ATM

Wristband – Folding clasp with push-pieces

• Blue calf leather, alligator optional, lug 22mm, buckle 20mm
• Grade 5 titanium Solid buckle, with engraved Vicenterra logo, polished
Simple folding, stainless steel blades



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