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6 Most Essential Things to Remember While Planning Your Wedding

6 Most Essential Things to Remember While Planning Your Wedding
6 Most Essential Things to Remember While Planning Your Wedding

6 Most Essential Things to Remember While Planning Your Wedding

In the run up to your special day celebration, you have to go through the things you probably have never experienced before. In the thick of dos and don’ts, it’s quite possible that you may forget things, which you later realize were very important to consider.

Wedding planning is indeed a cumbersome task but it is not unmanageable, only if you put your detailed eye to the proceedings. It shouldn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful, but fun and excitement instead. From food to décor to guests to even your coveted vows, a careful planning has to be done to make your wedding really memorable. So it boils down to one simple fact – a unique wedding is all about showing your guests and yourself a pretty good time, albeit focusing on some important things during the planning.

Based on the inputs of some pro wedding planners, here is the list of essential things to remember while planning for your big day:

1. Carefully set your budget, and stick to it
Budget poses a necessary constraint as to how much money you can spend in your wedding, else when it comes to throwing a lavish wedding ceremony, sky is the limit. You must have seen many celebrities or wealthy people getting so extravagant in their weddings; they spend millions of dollars with the snap of their fingers. Therefore, setting a budget and sticking to it is very important to start with. Plus, it also allows creativity to take the center stage; you can use your creative side to make up for what only big money pulls off. Make sure to also allocate budget for your “wish list” items that might pop up in final moments. Just aim to never exceed the set budgeted amount.

2. Don’t forget to prepare your guest list before choosing a venue
People close to you and your spouse-to-be are very important for both of you as you want them to witness the joy of your unity. So you need to have a clear idea on the approximate number of guests you are going to invite. You need to make sure there is an ample space for all of your guests before you choose a venue. Your wedding guests will also spend time, money and efforts preparing for your celebration. Many of them might have to take a day off from work, while others may even have to travel from overseas to be part of your special occasion.

3. Pick a convenient and entertaining venue
Now how should your wedding venue be? Since it will be the place where everyone will be gathered, it should be convenient, accessible and entertaining. You wouldn’t want your guests to feel like trapped or bored, where nothing substantial has been arranged for them. So it is only fair that you give them the chance to fully enjoy and relax at your wedding venue. If there are kids, make sure they also enjoy your cordial hospitality. You need to ask a few questions to yourself before finalizing the venue: Does the venue have enough space to comfortably take all the guests? Does it have all the elements to entertain each and every guest? If your guests exceed a certain number, can you rent more restrooms?

4. Make a wise seating plan
Seating chart brings an extraordinary attraction to the wedding venue, and it is something every bride and groom should consider. One of the most significant aspects of seating chart is you allows right guests sit with each other and enjoy one another’s company. This will encourage a smooth dinnertime conversation flow and keep your guests entertained. If one of your guests doesn’t know anyone at the wedding, find them a seat near people with similar interests. Don’t include a singles table! This is an easy mistake to make, but it’s best to avoid sitting all the singles at one table. Varying the tables with couples and singles will make the experience richer.

5. Make sure to include a wide variety of food and beverages
The range of food items on the menu you choose for your wedding will have a lasting impression with regards to the overall arrangement of your wedding ceremony. This makes it one of the more important decisions you’ll make early on along with choosing a venue. Moreover, food and beverages are among the central elements of any celebrations, which is why you want your menu to be delicious and your guests happily gorge on different items. There’s no worse feeling than running out of food, so make sure your guests are well-fed. As far as toast is concerned, you should take care of cocktails, mocktails and signature drinks for your close friends and family. You can also put personalized labels and stickers on water bottles and place them at different locations of the venue. Your guests will love to use them.

6. Keep a check on your timeline
Besides the budget, a timeline is the most important part of planning a wedding ceremony. You need to develop a reasonable timeline and move according to its pace. Running behind the slated schedule will make you miss on many important things, which you cannot afford to do so. Mapping out the due dates on a calendar will definitely help you keep a check on your timeline. Thus, in the final moments of preparation, you will have ample time to go through all the details many times over, and iron out inconsistencies.


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