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5 Top Jewelry Trends of Winter 2020

This is our small contribution to describing the current jewelry trends so sit back and find out more about the top choices this winter.

Jewelry Trends of Winter 2020
Jewelry Trends of Winter 2020

5 Top Jewelry Trends of Winter 2020

Wearing jewelry can make you shine and glitter during gloomy winter months. It can improve your mood and the way people perceive you. Clothes and jewelry can affect the impression we leave on others.

Women can adjust this impression to their personal needs and desires using the right jewelry on different occasions.

This is our small contribution to describing the current jewelry trends so sit back and find out more about the top choices this winter.

5 Top Jewelry Trends of Winter 2020
5 Top Jewelry Trends of Winter 2020

The explosion of colors

A variety of colors is an efficient way to beat the winter cold and gloom. That’s why wearing a plentitude of colorful jewelry is one of the predominant trends this winter.

For starters, let your neck glow with a myriad of colorful necklaces. You can both get necklaces in several colors and a few separate one-colored items.

What’s more, you should pick your bracelets and earrings the same way. Winter is long enough to try on dozens of combinations wearing all those jewelry pieces.
Our two cents in addition to these pieces: get yourself a shiny, glittery brooch for your suit lapel. This will shine your way to every winter night outing.

The domination of pendant earrings

Earrings are loyal allies to every woman in every season. This winter, we are already witnessing the domination of statement earrings.

From feathery and rhinestone pendant earrings and Huggies to chandelier and teardrop earrings, there’s a variety of options for your ear.

Again, there’s no need to be conservative with colors when you’re choosing your earrings. The more different colors and shapes you keep in your jewelry box, the more combos you can make.

Since we’ve seen the revival of the 1980s style in the last few years, opting for larger earrings will help you follow suit with other elements of the eighties.

Rebellious jewelry

Another trend of the early eighties, jewelry that expresses rebellion is one of the hottest trends this winter.

Depending on your personality, you can choose more radical items or less bold pieces.

For instance, you can just put a studded choker around your neck and a punk bracelet on your hand. Combined with darker makeup, you’ll display a darker overall appearance.

On the other hand, you can have your eyebrow pierced or get a metal new wave necklace.

Still, avoid wearing only rebellious jewelry because that might look boring and uninspiring.

Joining together some punk and traditional pieces of jewelry is what you should be looking for in 2020.

Silver is the new gold

Silver and gold interchangeably dominate the top lists when it comes to the most popular metals on the market.

From what we can see today on catwalks, silver is going to be in charge this winter and later on.

This gives you a chance to get silver items in every jewelry style you decide to follow. For instance, if you’re planning to use some ideas from the paragraph about rebellious jewelry, matte silver items are the right choice for you.

Also, let’s not underestimate the potential of classic silver jewelry. They can be a great fit for some outdoor winter events. For instance, if you’re planning to attend a wedding at an outdoor venue, such as this exclusive wedding venue in College Station, a silver jewelry combo will express both class and fashion awareness. Plus, silver jewelry perfectly corresponds with snowy event surroundings.

Odd-numbered sets

When talking about awareness, women should keep pushing the envelope with their jewelry combos. Even though it’s not easy to be innovative today, wearing odd-numbered sets is still a strong message.

For instance, you can occasionally wear only one earring from your sets. People still pay special attention to one-earring women so that’s a simple way of being unique.

Similarly, try to interchangeably wear a different number of bracelets. This will add to the variety of jewelry combinations you have up your sleeve.

Last, but not least, you might want to try on multi-layered necklaces that contain several thinner items.

All these variations will make you stand out from the crowd and send original fashion messages.


Summer leaves more space for jewelry combos because the clothes we wear are thinner. Also, we wear fewer items during warmer seasons. This makes jewelry more prominent and easily noticed.

In winter, on the other hand, jewelry needs to be emphasized. That’s how it will find its way to observers’ eyes.

Therefore, this winter asks for longer and larger earrings, as well as thicker necklaces.

If you want to be extremely different from others, think about getting some rebellious pieces of jewelry.

Wearing one, three, or five items instead of even-numbered sets is another way to stress out your fashion statement.

Follow our tips and let your jewelry spread the light through long winter nights.

Author Bio: James Barnes is an experienced wedding organizer and blogger at theannexevents.com. He specialized in organizing outdoor wedding events. When he isn’t writing about weddings and marital life, David usually goes swimming or playing squash.


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