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4 Wedding Accessory Mistakes that Every Man Should Avoid


When you think of weddings, we think of fashion, style accessories, jewelry and glamour. A great wedding is remembered by how beautiful the bride and groom looked, how sweet the cake was, the number of guests and of course the different fashion statements from the bridal team to the wedding guests.

In fact, you cannot talk of weddings without incorporating fashion and accessories in the same conversation.  There are a number of must have accessories for the groom and his groom’s men. However, owing to the fact that most men are not familiar with the accessory and jewelry world, choosing these accessories and jewelry can be a very intimidating task.

Truth of the matter is, accessories and jewelry can either make or break your day. For example, the wrong choice of men’s wedding bands can throw off a groom’s entire look and lead to frustrations.  However finding the perfect wedding band in terms of metal, size and design will basically take his entire look a notch higher and make him enjoy his wedding to the fullest.

With that said, you cannot afford to ruin your day with the wrong accessory choices. To ensure that you are comfortable, relaxed and looking good throughout the day, it is always necessary to play safe and not go over the top. Therefore, here are 4 accessory mistakes that every groom and groom’s man out there should not make.

§  Choosing the Wrong shoes – let’s face it, from the morning of your wedding day, to the evening hours as you await your evening wedding party to the minute that you retire to bed for a long day’s rest, you will be in your wedding shoes. Therefore, your choice of shoes is very important. By all means avoid plastic shoes as they are very uncomfortable especially during summer days. If you are not comfortable with your shoes, pick up another pair. Never compromise on the comfort ability of your shoes.


§  The wrong choice of Socks – sad but true, the grooms and grooms men socks are the most ignored pieces in most weddings. No one seems to care about the type f socks the groom and his mean wear. However, you can complement your entire look with your choice of socks. For example, plain pair of socks will never go out of style; they are warm and they look good on everybody.


§  Wearing the Wrong Tie – a great majority of grooms choose their wedding ties without considering the bride’s dress or their wedding theme in general. Therefore, when picking your tie, it is important that you pick one that does no clash with your wedding theme and the bride’s and bridal party dresses.


§  Bad choice of cufflinks – did you know that your choice of cufflinks can say a lot about your sense of fashion and style? They might be the smallest accessory you will wear on this special day, but they play a very important role in your overall look. Therefore, do not under estimate the power of cufflinks; you can either kill your look or stand out with the best choice of cufflinks.



David Wicks is an expert web content writer and a local wedding stylist. David focuses more on fashion and art in his content pieces. If you want to learn more on wedding attire, men’s wedding bands, wedding accessories and jewelry, go to his blog.



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