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Stainless Steel Jewelry

stainless steel jewelry
stainless steel jewelry
Guangzhou Baoyan Jewelry is professional manufacturer from China which devoted in designing,developing producing,and marketing stainless steel jewelry. Our jewelry range including stainless steel rings, stainless steel bracelets,stainless steel earrings,stainless steel pendant&necklace etc.

We have our own designer team which can draw and design jewelry by computer.we have over 2000pcs styles currently of stainless steel jewelry and new designs coming up each month.
For production process of stainless steel jewelry, design, casting, cuting, polish, plating, lase logo, enamel, setting stone,assembly etc.total can be amount 15 steps of process which our have advantage over almost 10 steps skilled and experienced workers,to promise you good quality and promptly delivery time.we also welcome OEM and ODM design for customers.

Our target market,normally we aim at wholesalers,distributors from Latin American,mostly from Chile, Peru,  Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela  Argentina etc.we aim at middle and high end level,and price range is between $1-$6 per pcs.
welcome to contact us to starting coperation!


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