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Watch has become a style symbol more than being a neccessity in daily life. There are differential pricing in watches according to their type, technology and also material. Let us explain why there are such price differences in watches which are symbol of elegance and style.
First of all we will give information about what materials are used to make the glass of watches. Some of the materials used in watch glasses are:
– Mineral
– Sapphire
– Mica
– Crystal

There are many other factors which defines the price of a watch. One of them is glass the other one is frame. We can say that the most important part of a watch is frame because all the mechanical parts and the battery are in it.

The materials used in the frame that has an important role while defining the prize of a watch is very important. You can even decide the type of the watch that you will buy according to the quality of the frame. That is of course due to your taste and the conditions in which you are going to wear your watch. So what materials are used in watch frames? The answer is: Steel, plastic, metal, ion plating, aluminium, silicon, ceramic, polycarbonate, gold plating, gold, silver, silver plating, titanium, ion and copper.
If we come to the watch band many different kind of bands are available.
As we mentioned before that list can be longer but we want to make it shorter. The material of the band is also directly proportional to its strength. The break off a band is an incident which we never want so we should be careful about its strength.
Apart from these the extra properties that your watch has like whether it is analog or digital if it has a chronometer or calendar has additional effect on the price.
The most important thing you should take into consideration while purchasing a watch is to buy it from a safe store. There are so many types that look like original but never reach the same quality or durability. You don’t want to buy one of these by mistake and have trouble so that you should always prefer original products and buy them from reliable internet sites or stores.


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