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The most precious jewel for your Darling on Valentine’s Day : Baguette-cut Jewelry

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Baguette cuts are said to symbolize action, passion, and energy. So, if you’re looking to make a romantic gesture to your Valentine and want to say I Love You… this would be a the right jewellery.

If you’re looking for jewelleries to wear to a fancy party or as a gift to your sweethearts or loved ones or a diamond ring to propose to your fiancé-to-be, turn your attention to a specific type of jewel that will literally turn heads – the baguette cut jewelry.

Baguette comes from the French word “bague” which means “long rod” and it was used to refer to jewellery in general, more specifically referring to “small jewellery”. The Baguette cut  jewelleries earned popularity during the art nouveau and art deco era where clean lines and geometrical shapes were the fad.
You may have heard about other types of cuts in a diamond, and you should probably know that the cut of a jewellery is one of the determining factors of price and quality in any type of gem. The baguette cut is rectangular in shape with octagonal corners. The baguette cut is also often referred to as a step-cut or a table-cut because its shape is like you cut off the top of a triangle or a pyramid until they become like the shape of a table .
Normally, baguette cut diamonds have at least 14 facets which contributes to the diamonds luster making the diamond sparkle and shine. However, if you compare this with the other cuts or shapes, it has relatively smaller amount of facets but baguette cuts are very distinct in their clarity and whiteness. They could be what you refer to as “understated elegance”.
This is the important reason to buy your darling these kind of diamond at Valentine’s  Day.
Usually, baguette cuts don’t make it to the center piece of an accessory or jewellery but they are the ones that makes the center pieces shine and look even more beautiful. They are the details that puts it all together for any jewellery.
However, baguette jewelleries are making a come-back in the world of accessories and diamonds. Cartier reintroduced the baguette cut jewellery by producing a baguette-cut diamond ring band, where baguette-cut diamonds are stringed together and sort of braids into each other forming the circle of the ring.
You can use baguette-cut jewelleries as center pieces for your necklaces but keep it simple, baguettes are made for understated elegance not to overwhelm your outfit. Since its inspiration comes from the art nouveau movement, you could try having the piece in a simple but bold necklace that will really help make bring your simple outfit from drab to fab. Baguette cut jewelleries could also be your accent piece for formal occasions, it makes your outfit put together and very elegant, like a baguette-cut diamond ring or bracelet.
This cut is very versatile, it could be used as a center piece but it works great as an accent piece as well. You could wear this on your casual Friday nights out with your friends wearing only your blouse and skinny jeans with high heels, or you could wear this as an elegant accessory to formal occasions as well.
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