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Frederique Constant’s first collection of NFT timepieces

Frederique Constant’s first collection of NFT timepieces

Time to Travel:
Frederique Constant’s first collection of NFT timepieces sold out in less than 48h!

On May 28th, 2022, in collaboration with the agency Rarecubes and on the Exclusible Web3 platform, Frederique Constant unveiled the Time to Travel series of 888 NFTs in tribute to the 10th Anniversary of the Brand’s iconic Classics Worldtimer Manufacture.

Ranging from a classic appearance to unique and colored designs, these NFT timepieces were in high demand, having sold out in less than 48h. Sorted by rarity, each of the 24 cities shown on the outer ring of the dial – representing the world’s 24 time zones- has been allocated a set number of NFTs. The value of each NFT increases based on the rarity of the city. Among these pieces are hidden the digital twins of each of the 10 Classics Worldtimer Manufacture models released since 2012. The lucky owner of the 2022 steel version will have the privilege of being gifted the physical watch.

Frederique Constant, a Swiss watchmaking manufacturer founded in 1988, established itself as a major player within the industry through unprecedented technical achievements. Thanks to a cutting edge and innovative spirit, the Brand has developed 30 in-house calibers, with the latest being the FC-810 Monolithic Manufacture movement beating at 40 Hz and equipped with a revolutionary mechanism.

Frederique Constant has always been passionate about technology, aiming to push boundaries to explore new horizons. Over the past 34 years, Frederique Constant has proven its ability to come up with ground-breaking innovations. As a mechanical and technical pioneer within the watchmaking industry, Frederique Constant brought this ability to innovate into the digital universe by being among the first Swiss brands to create an NFT generative project. Entering the world of NFTs was a logical step for a company that isn’t afraid to embrace the future and experiment with new technologies. 

Entering the Web3 universe

On May 28th, Frederique Constant was thrilled to present a new and exciting milestone in its history by bringing the iconic and best-selling Classics Worldtimer Manufacture models into the world of NFTs. In collaboration with the luxury marketplace Exclusible and the Web3 agency Rarecubes, the Brand unveiled the Time to Travel exclusive series of 888 unique NFTs, ranging from classic designs to colourful and unique looks, to pay tribute to the 10th Anniversary of this iconic timepiece introduced in 2012.

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital piece that is part of a blockchain. It guarantees ownership of a digital piece of any type: artwork, avatar, art object, musical piece etc.

To remain loyal to its mission, Frederique Constant chose to launch this project at an affordable price (mint price of 0.123 ETH) to allow more watch aficionados to explore and enjoy this fascinating world that is the Web3. The entirety of the collection proved to be very successful and sold out in less than 48h.

Time to Travel: 888 unique journeys

The Time to Travel series allows one to travel the world by reproducing the Worldtimer experience in its virtual form. To honour this journey, all of the 24 reference cities listed on the outer ring of the dial -representing the 24 time zones- have been allocated a set number of NFTs. Therefore, each watch is highlighted within an architectural and visual environment reminiscent of the city.

However, not all cities and watches are worth the same value: in fact, some are rarer than others. And the rarer the city is, the more benefits are unlocked. Geneva being Frederique Constant’s birthplace, is, therefore, the most exclusive city, and has been allocated 10 NFTs: the exact digital twins of each of the 10 variations of the Classics Worldtimer Manufacture launched from 2012 to 2022 – the stainless steel 2022 version only.

The benefits granted by each NFT will be split into four levels (Common – Rare – Legend – Unique) and may vary, for instance, from accessing the Brand’s NFT projects in preview to personalizing the reference city, accessing the Frederique Constant Metaverse space or even receiving a free NFT in 2023. Finally, the ultimate and unique benefit goes to the lucky owner of the 2022 stainless steel Classics Worldtimer Manufacture NFT timepiece, who will be gifted the physical version of the digital watch, allowing him/her to undergo a “phygital” experience by enjoying both versions simultaneously.

To enhance the adventure, both the city and the watch design were kept secret and were revealed only after the NFT was purchased.

Entering the Web3 universe
Frederique Constant’s first collection of NFT timepieces
sold out in less than 48h!
Time to Travel: 888 unique journeys
Frederique Constant X Exclusible

Frederique Constant X Exclusible

More than an NFT platform, Exclusible is a curated NFT marketplace designed for luxury brands across the verticals of fashion, watches, jewellery and lifestyle. It is also the ultimate provider of a truly digital luxury experience, with a strong presence in the Metaverse. With a large community of luxury collectors and state-of-the-art technology, Exclusive is committed to delivering the latter a fascinating experience.

Frederique Constant X Exclusible is the encounter of two worlds that share a common mission: to let people enjoy luxury by providing exclusive and memorable experiences. A bridge from traditional luxury to an innovative future.

The Time to Travel collection is an invitation to experience a new way of enjoying luxury watches. The NFTs’ utilities are conceived to open Maison’s doors to luxury aficionados and collectors. To invite them to enter the Frederique Constant universe and be part of a community sharing the same pioneering spirit to build future adventures in the Web3 environment.

From the very first day, the Brand’s mission has been to not restrict the interest in Frederique Constant watches to a limited and elitist circle of connoisseurs, but rather to a broader group of appreciative enthusiasts who want to enjoy high-quality classical – and digital – watches at sensible prices.

XXII Century Pioneer

On March 24th, 2022, Frederique Constant took on the Web3 to introduce two limited editions celebrating the 10th Anniversary of its Classics Worldtimer Manufacture, thereby becoming the very first brand to launch a new timepiece in an interactive 3D Frederique Constant branded environment showcasing products, videos and pictures (Frederique Constant Metacube).

On this occasion, Frederique Constant also presented its first NFT project, a limited edition of 50 digital twins of the Classics Worldtimer Manufacture 10th Anniversary timepiece in stainless steel, to be awarded to a select group of buyers of the timepiece via a draw. Registration closes on September 30th, 2022, with the draw due to take place on October 4th, 2022, at 5:00 pm (CET).

Source: Frederique Constant


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