Alpina reveals its online community’s top four AlpinerX Alive models
top four AlpinerX Alive models

Alpina reveals its online community’s top four AlpinerX Alive models!

The big day has arrived! After a pre-launch through an online campaign last spring, Alpina unveils today the AlpinerX Alive models that have been highly acclaimed by its community. Indeed, they are now available for sale.

Alpina has once again demonstrated the strength of its online community. On introducing the new AlpinerX Alive between May 3rd and June 2nd last year, the Brand gave fans the chance to customise their own model in choosing from over 1’500 configuration options. Among more than 1’500 design options, 499 configurations were carried out by 48 countries, to develop more than 1’920 AlpinerX Alive timepieces.

A true reflection of Alpina’s spirit

Of these 499 configurations, some combinations have achieved great success: an ultra-sporty red version, a bold and sleek “full black” variation, an urban-inspired design with flashes of blue, as well as a more vintage option combining a black dial and a beige strap. The first two models (€ 995) share a red or black rubber strap and fiberglass case, while the last two (€ 1,095) come with a leather strap and a steel case. Each model will be delivered with an additional velcro strap.

Alpina reveals its online community’s top four AlpinerX Alive models
A true reflection of Alpina’s spirit

The first model, with its sporty red design, features a blue dial, a flange, hands and a red strap. Given its vibrancy and ultra-lightweight fibreglass case, this is the sportiest and most dynamic piece within this product line.  

The “full black” version strives to be more discreet and adaptable, for those who want a connected watch to monitor them at work and during leisure time. Both the dial and the rubber strap are black, just like the hands. The navy blue bezel provides a hint of colour and subtle contrast. As well as being the dominant colour of the third model, blue is one of the most fashionable tones for watches at the moment. Combining various shades, the red touch of the hands and the strap’s topstitching is suggestive of the urban and sporty heritage of this design.

Finally, the fourth model clearly illustrates the determination of Alpina’s community not to let go of the vintage trend. This AlpinerX Alive presents a traditional steel case with a beige calfskin leather strap featuring white topstitching that echoes the hands and index hour markers, in perfect contrast to the black dial – an understated and time-tested approach to a 21st century piece, paying tribute to its ancestors.

Designed for sporty urbanites

The AlpinerX Alive benefits from solid experience with respect to smart watches, from the now famous Horological Smartwatch dating back to 2015, to the very first AlpinerX, released in 2018.

A true reflection of Alpina’s spirit
Designed for sporty urbanites

The “Alive” version includes a new generation heart rate sensor developed by Philips Wearable Sensing, as well as built-in GPS, not to mention VO2 max and hydration. These new features are offered in addition to the perpetual calendar, second time zone, chronograph, activity monitor, sleep tracker and personalised notifications. All now available on a new high resolution AMOLED touch screen. The rechargeable battery provides up to seven days complete autonomy.

A sporting and philanthropic endeavour

As part of the pre-launch campaign in spring 2020, the purchase of an AlpinerX Alive involved donations of 25 Euros being made to the Wings for Life charity, which supports people with spinal injuries, most of whom have become disabled, in regaining all or some of their mobility. As a result, a total of 42,000 Euros was donated to Wings for Life.

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